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Aj styles

Aj styles vs Brock Lesnar

who will win at Survivor series?

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Team Raw for Survivor Series

Team Raw for Survivor Series vs Team Smackdown Survivor Series

What's your take on survivor series?

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Gothic architecture

Gothic architecture vs Baroque architecture

Which one is the most beautiful architectural style?

1 vote(s)
100% say Gothic architecture
Roman numerals

Roman numerals vs Arabic numerals

Which system of numbering is efficient?

5 vote(s)
80% say Arabic numerals
Chinese characters

Chinese characters vs English alphabets

Which one is easier to learn?

10 vote(s)
70% say English alphabets
Classical Art

Classical Art vs Contemporary Art

Which one is the better form of art?

7 vote(s)
86% say Classical Art
Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting vs Oil painting

Which do you like best?

11 vote(s)
55% say Oil painting
Youtube monetization

Youtube monetization vs Patreon

Which one is the better way for Youtubers to support themselves?

16 vote(s)
69% say Youtube monetization
The Color White

The Color White vs The Color Black

Which Color is Better White or Black and Which Color do You Like More?

21 vote(s)
76% say The Color Black

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