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The Color White

The Color White vs The Color Black

Which Color is Better White or Black and Which Color do You Like More?

21 vote(s)
76% say The Color Black
 Black Cat Wreath

Black Cat Wreath vs Skeleton Heads Wreath

Which wreath is better?

5 vote(s)
60% say Skeleton Heads Wreath
 Foam Halloween Pumpkins
80% say Pumpkin Funny Face Hanging Door decoration craft
Zombie Mason Jars

Zombie Mason Jars vs Mummy Mason Jars

Which Mason Jar Craft Is Cuter?

8 vote(s)
88% say Mummy Mason Jars
Capuchin Crypt (Rome)

Capuchin Crypt (Rome) vs Sedlec ossuary ( Czech Republic)

Both full of bones and skeletons, but which one is more atmospheric?

2 vote(s)
Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet Ghosts

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet Ghosts vs Spooky Hands Spider

Which Halloween Canvas Would You Like To Make With Your Kids?

8 vote(s)
63% say Spooky Hands Spider
Frankenstein Pumpkin

Frankenstein Pumpkin vs Mummy Pumpkin

Which decorated pumpkin is cuter?

5 vote(s)
100% say Frankenstein Pumpkin
Is cooking an art?

Is cooking an art?

36 comment(s)
Googly Eye Wreath

Googly Eye Wreath vs Glow in the Dark Eyeballs Wreath

Which DIY Halloween Eyeball Wreath Do You Prefer?

8 vote(s)
100% say Glow in the Dark Eyeballs Wreath
Terra Cotta Witch

Terra Cotta Witch vs Scarecrow Candy Dish

Which homemade Halloween decoration would you rather make?

13 vote(s)
77% say Terra Cotta Witch

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