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Chinese characters

Chinese characters vs English alphabets

Which one is easier to learn?

35 vote(s)
77% say English alphabets
Classical Art

Classical Art vs Contemporary Art

Which one is the better form of art?

9 vote(s)
78% say Classical Art
Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting vs Oil painting

Which do you like best?

15 vote(s)
60% say Watercolor painting
Youtube monetization

Youtube monetization vs Patreon

Which one is the better way for Youtubers to support themselves?

18 vote(s)
67% say Youtube monetization
The Color White

The Color White vs The Color Black

Which Color is Better White or Black and Which Color do You Like More?

22 vote(s)
77% say The Color Black
 Black Cat Wreath

Black Cat Wreath vs Skeleton Heads Wreath

Which wreath is better?

5 vote(s)
60% say Skeleton Heads Wreath
 Foam Halloween Pumpkins
80% say Pumpkin Funny Face Hanging Door decoration craft
Zombie Mason Jars

Zombie Mason Jars vs Mummy Mason Jars

Which Mason Jar Craft Is Cuter?

8 vote(s)
88% say Mummy Mason Jars

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