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Pagan Easter

Pagan Easter vs Christian Easter

What kind of Easter do you celebrate?

17 vote(s)
76% say Christian Easter
Cremation is the best option
56% say Yes
Abolish religion in general

Abolish religion in general vs Merge all religions into one

If there was a need for a drastic solution to solve all the religion problems in the world, what wou

9 vote(s)
56% say Abolish religion in general
Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monster vs Invisible Pink Unicorn

Which parodistic religious figure is more iconic?

7 vote(s)
57% say Invisible Pink Unicorn
Shocking Words on Tee Shirts
Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar vs The Book of Mormon

Which one is the better musical based on religious themes?

6 vote(s)
83% say Jesus Christ Superstar
Lernaean Hydra

Lernaean Hydra vs Cerberus

Which one is the coolest multi-headed creature in Greek mythology?

16 vote(s)
63% say Lernaean Hydra
Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards vs Angel Cards

The mystic Tarot Cards VS Angel cards

10 vote(s)
100% say Tarot Cards

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