9 to 5 is the best time to work

 9 to 5 is the best time to work
Most people in western countries start their work around 9AM and finish around 5PM. Thois allows them to wake up not too early, have the time to eat breakfast and help their children to get to school. 5PM still leaves some time to prepare a dinner and do some things before going to sleep. People who start work earlier have to wake really early and people who start working later (although I imagine there aren't many people like that) don't have much time for themselves in the evening.



Suitable time

Yes, 9am to 5pm is the best and suitable time for the Asians too. However, most jobs require 9am to 6pm or 8am to 5pm to work now. A minimum of 9 hours of working per day is the present trend for most offices and restaurants too. Salary had not increased yet but working time had lengthen now.

I prefer to work in the morning but I hate the traffic jams.

Posted by peachpurple on 10-13-2017

Routine is Good

As you can see that routine is good and it keeps you healthy. And another thing is that this sort of time can be good enough in many ways. Here you are forced to do things in that time. And this keeps you focused. If you don't have the time then that can lead to more of productivity issues. And that's something we have to consider very seriously. So routine is always better.
Posted by overcast on 10-13-2017

Sounds reasonable

It does seem like a reasonable time to work for me. You can wake up a bit later and also go out at night and wake up the next day without feeling tired. To me I never had a chance to work this time
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-12-2017

That's right.

I think this work schedule is perfect. But unfortunately, here in my country things don't work that way. Our regular time is (in the vast majority of jobs): 08:00AM / 12:00PM. to 02:00PM to 06:00PM.

Unfortunately, it's a very exhausting routine and this journey should undergo a major reform.

Posted by wiseagent on 10-12-2017


I agree with you, this schedule could help a lot of people. The country where I live, most of the work schedule starts at 7:30 - 8:00 am, we have to wake up at 4-5 am (depends on how far we live from our workplace). Parents suffer a lot because they have to make breakfast for everyone, help their kids to be ready for school and drive them to school. Here, people go out from work until 6:00 pm and arrive their home at 7:00 (if they have an own vehicle) or 8:00 - 9:00 pm (if they use the public transport).
Posted by cubo on 10-13-2017

Balance in all things

Yes i agree with this kind of schedules giving the parents time to prepare lunch and snacks for there kids to bring. here in Philippines we follow that kind of working hours which is nice giving us time at night to bond with our family and still we can help our children with there homework.
Posted by tophew on 10-14-2017


It's better to stick with the schedule where the majority is. Imagine, can have enough sleep because you're in proper time to do everything and anything like going to the mall, bar, and lots of things. But the downside is, You'll be stuck in traffic since it's rush hour and you won't experience night differential. It still up to you but I prefer 9-5 so I can always be present on any events with my family, relatives, and friends.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-23-2017



No it is not

I completely 100% disagree. I work a 9 to 5 job at the moment and I completely hate this schedule! Why? Because it simply leaves you no time for anything else then work! You just wake up in the morning, go to work and spend most of the day there.

I personally would prefer to wake up a lot earlier in the morning like let say 6 AM and start work at 7, work for 8 hours and get off work at 3 PM. That would be perfect for me! 9 to 5 jobs simply leave very little time for family, hobbies, relaxing or just taking care of other business.

Posted by Cristian on 10-13-2017

What About Night Shifts?

If 9 to 5 were the best time to work, the criminals would know what time to get into mischief. The police are only on duty from 9 to 5. :) Kidding aside some people work better on the night shift and some do better on the day shift or the middle shift (3PM to Midnight). Certain businesses have to operate 24/7 and they need people on duty at all time. Anyway ... most Americans have figured out what the best work schedule is for them.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-13-2017


How about working for only 4 hours a day and still have the same paycheck of the average 9-5 job yearly salary in just one week. Yeah, you heard that right, some people don't even work up to 5 hours a week and they still earn more than that. Now that's the best time to work.
Posted by Authord on 10-24-2017

too long

I think people can benefit from having shorter work hours. For me, this time is too long and it's too much to ask from people to spend majority of their day at school when they are young and never get out of that cycle because they'd have to do the exact same thing at work when they are older. It would be better to let people just work from morning until a few hours after lunch so they can finish their duties and still live their lives.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-14-2017


Our culture in the U.S. is rooted what I call an hours mentalityThe 9-to-5 schedule doesn't conform to most people's lives or workflows. Sitting in a chair for eight hours straight doesn't produce results; many studies have established the benefits of taking breaks during work. And the best hours for productivity vary from person to person. Not everyone is a morning person.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-12-2017
In our office, we are advised to take a short break every hour. The purpose is to give our eyes a respite from the computer monitor. But aside from giving the eyes a rest, that break also gives our mind a rest that we feel refreshed when we come back to our table after 5 minutes. What I usually do is to chat with a colleague about the work so it will not really be a waste of time. Walking and talking are good ways of relaxing the mind.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-11-2018
9 to 5 is the best time to work is actually a good timing but it's a little bit too late of a time to start work. The 5 might be good time to close but that 9 is too late to start.

In my personal candid opinion, I would suggest that a work should start by 8, and probably end by 4. This starting by 8 affords the workers to prepare for their daily work activities well before their clients get to their separate offices.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Can't quite agree with this maybe because I've been working for at least 2 years from 7 AM to 5 PM Monday to Saturday, then at least 1 year from 8 AM TO 5 PM when the company adjust the time and removed the break time at 10 and 3. Although what happen is they revert back to 7 AM again as most employees still having break time even though they had time in at 8 then starts to out at 5 which is not acceptable for our employer's HR head. The good thing though is our branch doesn't have to be complied with it as we're kinda a separate company and operating on our own although we rely on the parent's company finance department for the computation of our salary.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-12-2017
I think 9 to 5 Pm work is suitable for working mom at least in the morning mom can still prepare food for her children have time to assist all her children and his husband before she go to work. And 5 pm off to work is good ,mom can still go to market to buy their needs and food before going home and can still cook for their dinner.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-13-2017
For me it is the salary what matters. If a 9 to 5 job offers me a handful of money, then I will choose it for sure. But if, an increase of a few working hours can bring a big difference to my pay scale then I will definitely opt for it.

I'm a kind of person who is not afraid of hard work. I want a good financial status and have big dreams. So for me there is no substitute for a good salary. As far as leisure is concerned, I can always have it at the weekends.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-13-2017
I have worked on day job. And I have also worked on the routine 9 to 5 routine. So I can tell you that those who don't have routine end up getting into the sedentary lifestyle. And that leads to more or less issues in life. I have not much worked freelancing for same reason. people have to keep a job. And get that routine to seriously make money. This is how it will help many to score more proper routine and has less health and mental issues.
Posted by overcast on 10-13-2017
I don't like getting up early in the morning. I prefer something more like a 10 to 4 schedule. Most workers in the US start earlier than 9 anyway. Most have to be at their jobs by 8 or 8:30. They tend to work maybe until 4;30 or 5. It makes for a long day. I just think that alot of people don't necessarily fancy the grind.
Posted by kgord on 10-13-2017
Everything is all about planning how the activities of the day will be like and ensuring that every member of the family sticks to that plan. In our household, we set chores for everyone and plan on how everything should be executed. So, there is no fear of how long the dad works or whether mom comes late or early.
Posted by Barida on 10-13-2017
I really couldn't take a side with this. I know there have been numerous studies done that says working shift work, or working the night shift can take some years of a life. That being said, I'm very much a night owl and never enjoyed the conventional work hours of 9 -5 Monday to Friday. I find I am more productive in the evening and feel sluggish and slow if it is early in the morning. That's just me though.
Posted by Lizzyib on 10-13-2017
It is the best time to work for only people that are working under someone or the government, but if it is your private business then i dont think it is the best time to start and close work.
Posted by babyright on 10-13-2017
Different strokes for different folks for me I prefer this time,it very convenient for me.have time to use a bit of the morning for personal things then come back just in time to make dinner which I believe is balanced enough.
Posted by lovely on 10-13-2017
I have desisted from choosing either. In today's world flex times is what one opts for. It could be adjusted depending on the kind of job one takes up. When timezones is a factor specially in the world of digitization it is not possible to have fixed timings.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-13-2017
It depends on your different schedules, especially your sleeping one. In that case, people can work anytime. However, though, it is true most stuff is open during the day. For instance, if you work at night and sleep during the day, then you might miss certain doctor's appointments and possibly be out of sync with your child's school life.
Posted by jyy on 10-14-2017
I think that it completely depends on the actual job and the person. For some people sure the work times from 9 to 5 work the best but I know many that prefer getting up earlier just so they can finish early and see their families. Most people from my country actually works from 8 am until 4 pm which is how I'm used to it and I prefer those hours.
Posted by Mehano on 10-14-2017
well I wouldn't know what's the right time to work because since I'm a nurse we got pretty changeable schedules and we don't work on the traditional one. Sometimes we work from 7am to 1 pm, or to 1 pm to 7 pm, the last shift in my ocuntry is from 7 pm to 7 am. I usually like to work at nigth or in the morning shift. I hate working in the afternoon because it's usually pretty boring.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-14-2017
I would be okay with that schedule. I currently work 8:30 - 4:30. I think the number of hours I work is perfect, but when it starts/end can be debatable. I guess some people want an earlier start and some want a later start. For me I prefer 9-5, but since I work at a school, that's literally impossible to do.
Posted by kataomoi on 10-15-2017
This 9-to-5 work schedule is the so called day shift. There is a swing shift that starts in the afternoon and ends at midnight while the graveyard shift starts at midnight and ends at early morning. Based on that, we can surmise that the day shift is the best time to work because the body is attuned to the time and maybe to the position of the sun. And although some graveyard shifters in our office say that they are more efficient in that shift, I still would say that the day shift is the best.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-16-2017
This is the schedule that the vast majority of people use for work. Either way, that does not mean it's the best option.

Each person can be productive at a certain time, even at dawn. I, for example, work as a freelancer and sometimes I do not have a fixed schedule to work, that is, sometimes I can work from 9 o'clock and sometimes I just end up doing more at night. I think this should not be a rule, because as I said, each person can work and perform better at a certain time.
Posted by hermessantos on 10-17-2017
Companies and organizations dictate the appropriate work hours for their business and employees have no option but to comply. If you have a business that requires communicating with other businesses to get things done, chances are you'll have to stick to a 9 to 5 schedule as this is the standard working time. If you're a freelancer, however, you can dictate your own work hours. Even then, you'll have to consider your clients' working hours as this is the best time to communicate with them.
Posted by chatbox on 10-29-2017
9am to 5 pm schedule of work is really good, that's actually the standard time to work in a office, But for me, with the shifting schedules, most of the time I really like to work at night, specially the 10pm to 7am schedule. less traffic, and the weather is really good at night. well i'm living in a tropical country that's why. and the other thing is I'm much more active at night, there's night differential in our salary.
Posted by ion on 03-17-2018