Barbie Wonder Women Paradise Island Gift set

 Barbie Wonder Women  Paradise  Island Gift set
Growing up I loved to play with Barbies. I could play for hours by myself or with my sisters. It did not matter if we had play sets for them or not, I could easily make my own fun. I always loved seeing the outfits that they were dressed in. Which is why I love the Barbie Wonder Women Paradise Island Gift set. This is an Amazon exclusive and retails for $109.40 with free shipping. This collection commemorates when Diana, princess of the Amazons, meet Steve Trevor. Steve's plane crashes on Diana's Island and tells her about the massive outbreak of conflict that is raging, she flees in order to stop the threat. During this time, Diana will discover all of her powers and her true destiny.

This collection includes doll stands. Both dolls are fully articulated and sculpted, in full costumes from the movie. Steve wears World War I attire with boots and gloves while Diana wears a beach training outfit that is completed with braces and gladiator styled boots. They are boxed with a diorama that recreates the scene were the two meet.

  • perfect for doll collectors
  • free shipping
  • great detail
  • comes with a diorama of the scene were the two met
  • impressive
  • arms are very muscular
  • outfits are on point
  • well packaged
  • from Mattel, a trusted company
  • awesome
  • Amazon exclusive
  • braids on Diana are just like in the movie
  • gorgeous
  • high quality
  • full range of motion and movement
  • Steve has real hair
  • great display piece
  • outfits feel nice
  • eyes are sharp
  • well painted faces
  • Steve has a fleece collar
  • a must for Wonder Woman fans
  • stunning
  • fantastic packaging
  • multi jointed
  • features are realistic *phenomenal

  • neck and head on Steve are stiff
  • Steve does not look exactly like the actor that played him
  • his gloves do not come off *Steve looks upward
  • one eye was defective on Steve
  • Steve looks insane
  • dolls are cheap looking
  • eyes were unevenly applied
  • her skirt is too full
  • Steve's clothes are not that great




I think many people, including myself, are a bit sick of the traditional Barbie and Ken. The stereotype they portray of happy go lucky, entitled, white Americans is not something I want to perpetuate or encourage my kids to emulate. I like this Wonder Woman set much better. Wonder Woman is a great example of strength and Steve portrayed true love to her through sacrifice. Their outfits are just great and they are extremely unique and cool.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 02-11-2018


I went with this one because I love how they look different and it looks nice. I think most people will have gotten used to the usual Barbie and Ken look but this Paradise Island gift set gives a unique look to the two characters. I'm not surprised that they look cheap, they are probably made quite cheaply.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-18-2018

Not traditional

I like this one better because it is not the same compared to most models of barbie and ken, and I also like Wonder Woman in the movies.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-12-2018


Barbie and Ken 2 Pack set

Barbie and Ken 2 Pack set
Peanut butter and jelly. Ketschup and mustard. Paper and pen. Cookies and milk. Barbie and Ken. All of these things go together perfectly. Which is why I love the Barbie and Ken 2 Pack set on Amazon that retails for $26.11. With free shipping, this set features Barbie wearing a bright pink shirt, a skirt with a graphic print and adorable shoes. Her long blond hair falls freely. Ken is wearing a collared blue shirt, blue pants, and bright orange shoes.

This set is perfect as Barbie and Ken are a true couple. They look so cute together. This is a great set for anyone child that loves to play with this iconic pair. It is reasonably priced and the free shipping makes it even better. It would be an ideal birthday present for a young girl.

I love Barbies because they really do help a child with imagination. A child can pretend that Barbie and Ken are camping or going on a date. They can have the couple driving in a car or working on a ranch. There are so many possibilities. Plus when a child plays with Barbie and Ken, they are able to use their words, which helps them communicate better.

  • great price
  • free shipping
  • 2 Barbies included
  • makes a great gift
  • children are delighted with them
  • promotes imagination
  • arrived quickly
  • satisfied
  • looked better in person
  • fun to play with
  • promotes communication skills
  • long lasting
  • fun
  • adorable
  • just as described
  • great quality
  • great value
  • perfect
  • just as pictured
  • larger then expected
  • classic

  • Ken is not very flexible
  • cheaply made
  • were made from very hard plastic
  • arms kept falling off
  • arms and legs did not move
  • legs do not bend
  • clothes were coming apart at the seams
  • low quality



Good price.

One of the things that I ensure that I don't get cheated on is the price of things that I buy and that's the reason I would have to say that this is the one that I should go for considering the price which is simply less than $30. Another thing to note is that some of the ones made cheaply can last longer when compared with others that are not made in such manner.
Posted by Barida on 02-11-2018

I'll Stick with the Memories of Yesteryear

I am not sick of Barbie and Ken, even though they aren't a “politically correct” couple and they are responsible for low self-esteem in young girls, etc., etc., etc. They are and always will be a childhood memory. I know they are far away from my real and true life. But if I have to choose between the old school PB&J Barbie and Ken versus the Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor dolls, I'd go with the traditional. I never associated Wonder Woman with Barbie or Steve Trevor with Ken. (O.o) Why start now?
Posted by foxchannel on 03-08-2018


I love barbies and this looks great and fashionable.I wouldn't mind the Barbie wonder women paradise island gift set , it will be endearing to have it and the pricing is great for it and of course with free shipping from will be fun for doll collectors to have this in their collections.this looks awesome and impressive worth having them.
Posted by lovely on 02-12-2018
My elder sister had a Barbie. I was never attracted towards Barbie because I considered it to be a girly thing even when I was a child. However, I understand a girl's fascination with Barbie. I have a 6 years old niece and she loves Barbie. Therefore, I will consider buying Barbie and Ken 2 Pack set. My choice is based on pricing.
Posted by vinaya on 02-12-2018
Well, as a 45 year old man, I do not collect Barbies, and my daughter has already outgrown her Barbie stage. However, that being said, if I were still buying toys like this for her, I would most likely choose the Wonder Woman themed set. I think that this comes with a better "narrative" behind it than what the typical Malibu Barbie and uber-upper-class Ken dolls represent. I was always somewhat offended by the classical Barbie's political and economic indications and the message that that sends to young girls. Just my two cents here!
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-15-2018
For a little girl, I guess the gift sets that are featured in this discussion are pretty expensive unless that little girl is a favorite in the family. I am not really being a cheapskate because I have been getting frugal when it comes to gifts for children. They grow so fast that the toys last for only a year or 2 and then what? They are just kept in the store room unless there is a little sister coming up. I grew up with dolls although there was no Barbie yet during that time. And if the little girl will keep that Barbie doll in her bedroom until she gets married then that’s fine and worth the cost.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-01-2018
At least I like the fact that they also make ken dolls. Gone are the days when dolls were exclusively for girls. I also don't approve of the barbie dolls because they teach our children that this is the ideal way to be us a woman. They should have black, brown, fat, tall and short barbie. What we tell our children is really important and determines what kind of people they grow to be. I however don't see the difference between these gift sets.
Posted by jaymish on 12-12-2018