Barnett's Holiday Chocolate Oreo Gift Basket

 Barnett's Holiday Chocolate Oreo  Gift Basket
Love sweets? Or know someone that does? Barnett's Holiday Chocolate Oreo Gift Basket on Amazon retails for $23.99 with free shipping when a minimum of $25 is spent. This box contains 12 Oreos covered in rich chocolate. Each one is topped with high quality ingredients that give each cookie a unique taste. Each set of Oreo cookies is packaged in a gift box stamped with the Barnett's logo and wrapped with gold or brown ribbon. This sweet box would make a perfect thank you gift, birthday present, or Christmas gift. Each Oreo is dipped in white or milk chocolate, and then drizzled with chocolate or topped with dried fruits, nuts, or other kosher ingredients.

This gift box is tasty and delicious and will not last long once opened. The recipient will be amazed at the high quality taste and the presentation is equally impressive. Each box can be personalized with a gift message.

  • high quality ingredients
  • kosher
  • sweet
  • delicious
  • great as a thank you gift
  • perfect to give to daycare providers, teachers, clergy members, neighbors, and more for the holiday season
  • can be personalized with a gift message
  • creatively designed
  • beautifully packaged
  • great with coffee
  • freeze well
  • fresh
  • economical gift
  • ship well
  • shipped with ice pack
  • well insulated during shipping
  • classy looking
  • melt in your mouth taste
  • elegant and decadent

  • did not realize they were just Oreos covered in chocolate
  • poor quality
  • can not eat just one
  • were very dry
  • arrived stale
  • packaged arrived crushed
  • made with Palm oil
  • do not look as elegant as the image
  • did not have much chocolate covering
  • arrived with no nutritional information
  • pricey




I love oreos so this would be the obvious choice for me. They would be so good and such a special treat. I like the packaging and I think that it would be a wonderful gift for a family to share. I would prefer homemade goodiex but these would be an excellent choice if you did not have time to cook sweets for your guests.
Posted by Sue on 11-15-2017


Just looking at this picture got me hungry and wanting some Oreos. This gift box looks so delicious.

I love how attractive they have made the actual Oreos look. They don't look plain at all and that makes me want to try them even more.

Posted by Mehano on 02-12-2018

OREOS for me

This Oreo gift basket looks delicious! Don't get me wrong--I totally enjoy Biscotti treats and dipping them into my coffee, but I have loved Oreo snacks and products ever since I was a kid, and this box looks like it is full of exotic cookies and treats. I was a bit disappointed by the cons listed for the Oreo product above, but I would take a chance on it anyway and make my own personal judgment. I have brought home the other product before only to find when I opened the can or the box that all of the pastries had crumbled or shattered.
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-12-2018


Biscotti Gourmet Gift Basket

Biscotti Gourmet Gift Basket
If you have a love for Biscotti cookies, you will want to look on Amazon. This Biscotti Gourmet Gift Basket sells for just under $30 with free shipping. Biscotti has met its match with dark chocolate here! Candy accents are delicately sprinkled onto each biscotti piece after being dipped in chocolate. Every ingredient is kosher certified. Each box contains 18 full sized biscotti cookies.

Biscotti is great when enjoyed with a cup of coffee. They make a great breakfast on the run as well or an easy snack. They go well with milk or tea too. This gift box would be a perfect gift for anyone that loves crunchy sweets as they are baked twice to perfection. They not only taste amazing, but look amazing as well.

  • great presentation
  • tasty
  • crunchy
  • made with dark chocolate
  • taste amazing
  • go well with coffee, milk, cocoa, or tea
  • beautifully packaged
  • delicious
  • perfect to give as a gift
  • lots of variety
  • sealed well for freshness
  • great value
  • tasty toppings
  • nice texture
  • sweet, but not too sweet
  • elegant looking
  • great for after dinner dessert
  • look just like image
  • high quality ingredients
  • lovely appearance

  • may be hard for people with weak teeth to eat
  • messy as they do crumble a lot
  • a bit pricey
  • arrived broken
  • did not taste as expected
  • stale
  • arrived dried out



something new

I like Oreos too but I have eaten them enough throughout my lifetime whereas I don't get to eat nearly as much biscotti so I'd just choose this one. I also like that Biscotti is not as sweet and because of that it goes very well with sweet coffee or hot chocolate drinks. I realize there are a bunch of different chocolate toppings and dips in these already so they might be sweeter than ordinary biscotti but at least the insides won't be whereas the Oreos will surely be sweet from the outside to the inside.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-13-2018


It's really a bit pricey for me and it's just an oreo/biscotti that has filled with different kinds of chocolates. I can enjoy a good quality chocolate treats at that price or less with more than just a 12 pieces. With these chocolates, 12 pieces are not gonna be enough for you and for your family so might as well buy chocolates that have a lot more to offer for the same amount which will you truly enjoy.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-02-2018
I love Oreo and it is a hit with the family. But Biscotti is a hit with me. I’m not being funny, I am serious that I love Biscotti pastries. However, the gift basket is expensive not because of the product itself but with the trimmings. And the basket also costs a lot. It is all right for giving but in buying for myself, I don’t think it is practical to buy a gift basket that you will consume the contents. Maybe I will just buy a pack of Biscotti and I will be satisfied with the price tag.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-13-2018
I love Biscotti cookies, it's texture is harder than Oreos but it has a distinct bite which I like. Eating Biscotti cookies is a treat for me and I'll choose it over Oreo Everytime.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-11-2018