COBI RMS Titanic

 COBI RMS Titanic
If you have a child that is into history, then you may want to take a closer look at the COBI RMS Titanic. Retailing on Amazon for $46.53 with free shipping, this toy is part of Amazon's holiday toy list. This set contains a full 500 pieces. Best of all, the COBI brand is compatible with other building block sets, such as Lego. It includes pieces to build not only the ship but also an iceberg. The iceberg pieces are white and transparent blue blocks. This piece would make an exceptional piece to display once it is fully put together.

This is a gift that is an amazing value. The number of pieces in the set is great for the price. This ship features 4 chimneys, masts, lifeboats, numerous decks, and rotating turbines. You can also install wheels if you desire so the ship can be played with on the floor. Once it is fully built, it will measure about 6 inches high and 22 inches long.

  • amazing value
  • 500 pieces
  • compatible with other building blocks
  • authentic looking
  • great quality
  • detailed
  • directions are precise
  • fun to put together
  • makes a great display piece once put together
  • perfect for anyone who loves building or the Titanic
  • almost 2 feet long
  • fit together nice and tight
  • beautiful outcome
  • great family bonding time
  • solid once built
  • impressive design
  • well worth the price

  • missing 4 pieces
  • a few of the pieces were melted
  • box arrived torn open
  • directions were missing
  • smokestacks were missing
  • did not stick together very well
  • over 60 pieces were missing



This one

Personally, I would probably not choose either because of how expensive both are and the fact that they are not even by Lego. But I chose the COBI RMS Titanic because of the fact that it was cheaper. $77 for the Oxford Titanic Building Block Set is just a bit too expensive for what it is
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-06-2017


Oxford Titanic Building Block Set

 Oxford Titanic Building Block Set
If you have someone on your list that loves building blocks, check out this Titanic Ship. The Oxford Titanic Building Block Set sells on Amazon for $77.77 with free shipping. These blocks are compatible with other building blocks on the market today. They are high quality and made in Korea. This set is for children ages 8 and up. Detailed colored instructions are included with this 907 piece kit.

Once the ship is completely built, it will measure 26.75 inches. It would look great sitting on a shelf or mantle to display all the hard work that went into making the ship a masterpiece. Perfect for anyone that loves ships, the Titanic, history, or building blocks.

  • 907 pieces
  • 26.75 inches long
  • great for those that love building and have an imagination
  • sturdy
  • looks amazing once together
  • amazing model
  • well worth the price tag
  • highly recommended
  • outstanding ship
  • fun to put together
  • great quality
  • easy to follow directions
  • deep colors

  • not as nice as lego
  • do not fit together as tight as wished
  • arrived with pieces missing
  • line on top keeps falling off
  • slides off the base easily
  • pictures are hard to follow


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I never had any of these playsets. However, I might buy one of these for my child. My child is still too young to have a playset, and I will have to wait for another full year so that he can play with things like these. I don't know how these items compare, however, I see people have voted for COBI RMS Titanic, therefore, this item is my ideal choice.
Posted by vinaya on 12-06-2017
I do love to build one of these because this is really a challenge and I do love challenges and complicated things. What I like about COBI is it has 5000 pieces so that would really take time for me to build this when I have one. I want this kind of toys and then display it to my home. It's also cheap so I definitely love this to buy.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-27-2017
A puzzle of a building block with 500 pieces huh. That will surely stump any adult. But you can try it on the kids and I’m sure it will be easier for them. However, that one with more than 900 pieces is not easy thing because that is double the difficulty level of the first product that is offered in this thread. I wonder why the theme is Titanic for both products. Maybe the maker is fond of history particularly on the luxury ship that sank on its maiden voyage. That is one failure that became popular.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-13-2018
I will love to get the Oxford Titanic building block set for my girls, they love building blocks and they wouldn't mind to have of it to play and build. it always fun for them and brain tasking as well to put those set together and being to reality what it really is.Will try to get this Titanic building set for them to build and have fun with.
Posted by lovely on 03-14-2018