Family Friendly Skeleton and Ghost Corrugate Yard Stake Signs Halloween Trick or Treat Party Outdoor Decoration

 Family Friendly Skeleton and Ghost Corrugate Yard Stake Signs Halloween Trick or Treat Party Outdoor Decoration
Who loves Halloween raises their hands! I can imagine a lot of hands raised (and some not, but we are not talking about haters here) and I can imagine that many of those hands belong to children. Kids love Halloween for many different reason: maybe the candy, when each year for one night they can eat whatever they want, maybe for the costumes, since they can be whoever they want, from princess to superheroes, from horrible creatures to funny looking weird aliens. Who knows? And of course they love the decorations: skeletons, bats, witches... But Halloween is a difficult day. It can be scary, and some very young kid might not appreciate your new spooky realistic skeleton, or that creepy dog that jump out when you pass nearby, or that zombie in your yard... Luckily, there are some family friendly decorations around that are good, funny and suitable for every age. Like this pack of six different decoration, sold on Amazon for 23,38 dollars. As you can see from the picture, a few different things are included. First of all, a ghost! It's not one of the spooky haunting one, rather a smiling one, maybe relative of Casper the friendly ghost? It measures 20''x16 3/4''. If you prefer something more physical but still dead, this pack includes also a skeleton with a rather funny looking face. It measures 14 5/8 inches X 12 7/8 inches. And of course pumpkins, a lot of pumpkins - or Jack O' Lanterns if you want to use the proper term! They can't be missed in a Halloween decorations! To be precise, there are four of them and they measures 6 1/4 inches X 4 3/8 inches. If you want a family friendly home for Halloween this is absolutely the right choice.

  • Nice and cute
  • Looks great inside and outside
  • Small poles and stakes included to put them in the ground
  • Amazing price
  • Waterproof
  • Good for children
  • Looks like picture

  • A bit small
  • Really thin
  • They aren't that great if you prefer classic Halloween spookiness
  • Some of the poles don't stay in
  • They look like just simply papercut



This looks best

This looks much better then the other one. More pleasing for the children as well and makes your house stand out from the others. Love Halloween lol
Posted by moneybags82 on 10-12-2017

Nice looking

I would definitely prefer this decoration over the witch one because that one looks a bit weird and not that good.

The skeletons and ghosts look very adorable yet somewhat scary so it's perfect for a family with children. Just set it up in your front yard and you're all set for Halloween! The trick or treaters will also appreciate such a good decoration.

Posted by Mehano on 10-12-2017


The Crashing Witch is not a decoration that I will love to have for Halloween. It is too small and there are some bad reviews about this on Amazon. The Family Friendly Skeleton is the perfect decoration to have for Halloween. I am sure that my nephew will love them.
Posted by Pixie on 10-12-2017


These looks super cute and fun and I'd love to have them! Too bad I don't have a front lawn where people could see those decorations but if you have one, go for it! The witch decoration doesn't look good, it looks like some old clothes hanging on a tree.
Posted by felabruno on 10-12-2017

Looks great

This one looks great and children and adults will absolutely love it. It has a better design than the other one and I've always loved outdoor decorations like these. Everyone always puts big things in their garden, but even something small like these guys can work perfectly.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-12-2017


It looks quite funny and quite at the same time. I would go for this, I Love the concept and the people that did that, really did a good job, the design is sleeks and the color combination is very beautiful. It is just cute.
Posted by Authord on 10-24-2017

This is a cute one.

I want to use this one in upcoming halloween. This is so cute and for sure kids will love it. And the perfect place to put is in our yard. It could be memorable for the kids. Skeletons and ghost are scary for sure. But if it is made with this one, kids will have a different prospects to halloween.
Posted by blank629 on 10-12-2017


Halloween is one of the best thing that I have ce to see in our world today for we use that period of time to spend good and quality time with our family and friends and even go as far as getting to feel the good wishes from them. This is one of the things I don't easily forget when Halloween period is involved and looking at this type of Halloween costume, I would have to say that it is quite cheap and beautiful in our eyes and for that reason, it is the choice that I will be making.
Posted by Barida on 05-25-2018

This one

I will choose this one first, because I like the design and the color is very beautiful its very nice for the halloween. Children will like it and even adults. Its a little pricey than the other one but I'm sure that its worth it to buy. I also like the quality of the product and we can use it wether outside or inside the house because its water proof.
Posted by jayken on 10-12-2017


This one captures my taste the design are just exactly what iv'e been looking for. this is great to decorate in the garden during kids Halloween party they will love this one funny spooky decoration.
Posted by tophew on 10-12-2017


This looks really interesting to have especially on Halloween as your decorations in your front yard when all the kids will come to your house. I know that it's not as spooky as other decorations but this will truly brighten up your Halloween because of decorations like this. Great concept and design, I must say. Thanks for the tip. :)
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-31-2018

A lot better

Family Friendly Skeleton and Ghost Corrugate Yard Stake Signs Halloween Trick or Treat Party Outdoor Decoration looks very interesting and more cool. When you compare the two costumes this one looks better, so I'm definitely going to get this one probably in the next Halloween season because Halloween is over for now.
Posted by Martinsx on 05-25-2018


Betty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration

Betty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration
It's deep in the night, and there are no stars in the sky. Just the moon, big and shiny in all its glory. A owl screech in the distance, and a wolf howl at the moon... Suddenly, a shadowy figure appear! Her shadow can be clearly seen on the moon, and there are no doubts. She's a witch! What wicked plan she have in mind? Hide your children, lock your houses, hide yourself, because witches aren't someone to joke with! The witch fly nearby the house, and suddenly she picks one. That's probably going to be her victim, she gain speed, she is closer and closer and... A loud noise, and it's all over. The witch just crashed on a tree! What a hilarious scene! This would be the premise for this extremely funny looking Halloween decoration, featuring Betty Bash, probably the name of the tree, splatted onto a tree - with her broomstick still under her. It's a extremely well done Halloween decoration with some nice details: the nice hat, those weird socks, the creepy green hands of the witch... Such a great addition to your Halloween house can be made by purchasing this item on Amazon, where it's sold for 17,99 dollars. Made in fabric, the total measures are 24 inches - if we count from the very point of the hat to the end of her magnificent black cloath. Comes included with some ties to wrists and ankles so you can put her on a tree, or something else, and make fun of her accident. If you want everyone to have a laugh, this is the right choice!

  • Funny
  • Nice details
  • Work well as a original Halloween decoration
  • Cute and not too scary
  • Easy to put up
  • Well made for its price

  • Very tiny
  • From the distance it's hard to see her
  • Cheap material
  • Ripped quickly
  • If you don't have a tree or pole of the right dimensions she might not look that good
  • Arrived with the head broken



This one

I prefer this one much more, to be honest with you. I really like the idea and the design of it. The fact that it is also much cheaper than the Family Friendly Skeleton and GHost COrrugate Yard Stake Signs is a huge benefit. I really like how they have designed this crashing witch and it's quite funny. I'm sure whoever sees this when they pass your house will love it and have a little chuckle.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-12-2017


I think that I already voted in this post before. I remember I said that it was a waste of money buying one of these Halloween decorations because they can be made with recyclable materials and paints. These decorations are not too difficult to make, they are pretty simple.
Posted by cubo on 10-12-2017
I like the Family Friendly skeletons. I think they would be great if you have little kids. You would not want your little kids exposed to scary things and I think that the way to do this is to make sure that you have the options that you are looking for. Not all Halloween decorations have to be scary and hurtful.
Posted by kgord on 10-12-2017
Halloween is not a part of my culture (I am a Hindu), and I have never celebrated Halloween (I lived in a neighborhood where everyone is a Hindu). Therefore, I have never used anu of these ideas. However, we have some festivals where we use creepy imagery for house decoration. If I want to scare my friends and families, I will use out door decoration. Tree decoration is also nice idea but only few people will spot what's hanging on the tree.
Posted by vinaya on 10-12-2017
I am amused in seeing little children wearing scary costumes and walking in the street with their baskets and bags. It’s such a nice sight to see that I don’t mind spending for the treats that I give them. And the treats are usually in a loot bag that comes complete with candies and chocolates plus fruit juice in tetra packs. That’s why parents who accompany their children are always expecting a bag from us. Yeah, we also give the parents their own bags.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-28-2018