Foam Halloween Pumpkins

 Foam Halloween Pumpkins
Lets face it. Kids love crafts. And crafts are important in a child's life because they help them become very creative. This is why I love the Foam Halloween Pumpkins that Amazon is offering. A package of 24 sells for $10.99 with free shipping on orders over $25. All of the pumpkins are orange and measure 8 inches. They are all blank and do not come with anything to decorate them with. This will need to be supplied by the buyer.

Every year we have a Halloween party and every year we have at least 1 craft for the kiddos to do. I purchased these two years ago and set them at a table with permanent markers, Halloween stickers, and glitter glue tubes. The kids had so much fun decorating them. It was a fun way for them to get creative. Kids can use them to write their name on them, place a Jack-o-lantern face, or simply place stickers on them. Other embellishments fun to glue on would be Halloween craft foam shapes, small plastic spiders or jewels. Kids can use paint on them as well. They are also fun for adults to make games for kids with. Match the pumpkins, find the pumpkin, scavenger hunts, and more!

  • inexpensive
  • package of 24
  • qualifies for free shipping
  • lets kids get creative
  • can be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving
  • cute
  • perfect size
  • great for kids of all ages
  • kids love them
  • artwork can be kept year to year
  • great for making a banner with
  • glue sticks well to the foam
  • great quality
  • pumpkins look like image

  • can only use one side as the other side has a stamp on it
  • can rip easily if one is rough with them
  • pumpkins arrived with small pits or creases in them
  • more expensive on Amazon then Oriental Trading Company



Traditional pumpkins

I like the more traditional Jack-o-lantern designs, myself, so these decorations are right up my alley. It's always nice to find these types of ornaments with the family's name on them, too. The kids especially like this sort of acknowledgment.
Posted by JaiGuru on 10-09-2017


I would be pitching with foam Halloween pumpkins as a result of the fact that it is of quality which means that it is going to last longer. Also, the perfect size will make it a better option for my household during the Halloween celebration and the fact that it is cute is what makes the biggest difference for me.
Posted by Barida on 10-09-2017


Pumpkin Funny Face Hanging Door decoration craft

 Pumpkin Funny Face Hanging Door decoration craft
If your kids love to decorate pumpkins and do crafts, they will love the Pumpkin Funny Face Hanging Door decoration craft offered on Amazon. This kit sells for $6.49 with $5.99 shipping and is sold by Baker Ross. Each kit includes 6 pumpkins with various facial pieces to decorate with. There are also ribbons included to hang the pumpkins with. No glue is needed for this craft, as the pieces are self adhesive. The pumpkins are 3.9 inches wide. The pieces to be stuck on the pumpkins make a vampire, cat, monster, witch, spider and werewolf.

I really like this set as no glue is required. Sometimes children are in a hurry with projects and can not wait for them to dry. With this kit, the child can immediately hang up their creation. And adults do not need to worry about messy clean up or having the child use too much glue.

  • looks like image
  • cute
  • affordable
  • no glue needed
  • makes 6 designs
  • adorable
  • kids love to make them
  • perfect for Halloween
  • nice for children to practice using fine motor skills
  • easy to use
  • comes with everything needed
  • fast craft
  • nice for rainy days
  • can hang up right away
  • younger children can learn facial placement

  • shipping makes these more expensive
  • if they use the pieces as they are intended to be using, not much creativity is used



Brings Out Your Child’s Imagination

There is more to this kit than the other. Your children have more of a variety to choose from to make more designs. It’s aleays good to give your child a lot of choices while finding the artist within them. Kids LOVE to express themselves. While I do love a classic Jack-o-lantern, I believe finding a work of art many years later while looking through old memories is much more enjoyable.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-09-2017


I think that if you are having a kids party especially for little kids then this option is much better as the funny faces on the pumpkins are quite nice to look at. The fact that the foam Halloween pumpkins are also more expensive than these pumpkin funny face hanging door decoration set is a huge put off as well.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-09-2017

Overall better

Both products seem good but I believe that this Pumpkin Funny Face Hanging Door decoration craft is a tad better because it has way more things to work with.

Children love to have the chance to choose and with this set they really do! Just look at all those different facial expressions and ribbons that they can use. That's why this decoration craft is the winner for me - a bigger variety.

Posted by Mehano on 10-09-2017

Funny Face decor

I would go with the funny face decor because it costs less than the other. It is just one of the things that you can use when you are decorating your place for Halloween. It is a decoration you might be happy with.
Posted by kgord on 10-09-2017


I think this one is cooler because of the fact that you don't need any glue. kids can be really impatient when it comes to crafting and sometimes they end up ruining the decoration just becuase they are not able to wait, so this solves the problem, also its waaay cheaper than the other one, so that's a plus for me.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-10-2017


It looks nice, and since it needs no glue, then the kids are save from the hazards that are usually caused by glues, which is dangerous to play with. So with glue absent in this, then it is the best bet for me, kids can play with it and improve their skills
Posted by Authord on 10-22-2017

Cuter and More Fun

I think this one has more variety, is cuter and more fun to be honest. Children like variety and they also love being imaginative. The other set seems way too impersonal and pedestrian with just leaves and writing their name on it. Like really? Where's the fun factor? This set has the ability to make Monster Pumpkins or just whatever else types they want. Let their imaginations roam!
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-08-2017

Funny look

I choose this one i know my kids would love this kind of decoration the pumpkin funny face/ putting them in the door would be nice it looks a lot of fun no scary feeling for this design of pumpkin.
Posted by tophew on 10-09-2017


With the description there, I think the funny face pumpkin will thrill my kids and it that I will go can like to decorate so getting those faces will add more fun to their decorating sessions. I love the fact that it can be glue to things on it own.I think it cheap would really love to use them.
Posted by lovely on 10-08-2017
I think both of these are good choices and that kids would have fun making them. They are both very cute and inexpensive which is always a bonus. I like when children get to be creative and use their imagination to create their own designs. It is such a pleasure to view and display the end results. I think I would purchase both of these.
Posted by Sue on 10-09-2017
Both of those Halloween decorations are good in my opinion. They both look cute and are perfect to have for Halloween. Moreover the prices of both are reasonable. The kids will definitely have lots of fun with those decorations. I may buy one among those two. I will ask my nephew to choose one as I find it quite difficult to make a choice here.
Posted by Pixie on 10-09-2017
Both of those Halloween decorations are good in my opinion. They both look cute and are perfect to have for Halloween. Moreover the prices of both are reasonable. The kids will definitely have lots of fun with those decorations. I may buy one among those two. I will ask my nephew to choose one as I find it quite difficult to make a choice here.
Posted by Pixie on 10-09-2017
We knew about when it comes about Halloween so there are many scary things. To make it different I will choose this pumpkin funny face hanging door decoration craft rather that foam Halloween pumpkins. Instead of celebrating scary things, just celebrate it in fun things for the kids.
Posted by mar06 on 01-20-2018
I cannot fully imagine the foam pumpkins. There are 24 of such foam pumpkins but what to do in making it a genuine decoration? I understand that those foam pumpkins were made and designed for the use of children but again, I can’t see how they are going to make it look like real decoration for the season. Unless the child has an artistic inclination who can draw then that is good otherwise the children will just play with the foam.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018