Little kids should have a pet to take care of, especially if he/she does not have siblings

 Little kids should have a pet to take care of, especially if he/she does not have siblings
A child is curious and is eager to explore his or her immediate surroundings. Is it enough for him to be just looked after very carefully by his loving parents? Is he ready for a companion to begin a friendly relationship? Who is ready to give him the right kind of company? Who can fit into this role easily?

Once you ask these questions you will understand that a child, even as an infant is ready to learn everything about his environment with little or no help from humans who are much older and have little time to accompany him on his exploratory journey. The child will develop his personality based on how he learns to interact with adults, other kids and animals. How important is his interaction with pets? – Very!

Let’s take a dog for example. The dog is a pack animal and regards the human as the leader of his pack. So, a child who is allowed to grow up with a pup will learn how to lead from a very early age. As a parent, you can follow your child’s progress as a leader. The role of a leader may not be available to a child when he is interacting with children of his age or with adults. If he does display leadership qualities, he will be challenged by his peers and adults who may not allow him to lead. With a pup his leadership will never be questioned. The pup is a loyal follower and would love to be trained by his ‘pack leader’, even if the pack leader is not in control of his own bowel movements or his bladder! The child feels in control as the pup will never dare to go against him or disobey him.

The pup will join the toddler in all his adventures and will be available at his beck and call. The infant can enjoy this leadership even as he is learning to interact with human beings. How do you think an infant who is living the life of a leader, will interact with his peers or adults? He will interact from a position of leadership, in a sense that there will be no hesitation, doubts, delay, confusion because he will be very confident of himself. Don’t be surprised if he takes the leadership role quite easily, when in the company of infants of his age. He is bound to surprise adults with his confidence, maturity and independence. He will also tackle challenges in a spontaneous manner. Spontaneity is a trait which cannot be taught to an adult but a child who is naturally spontaneous will never lose it if he is allowed to practice it first with pets and then it will become his habit when he encounters other children and adults.

In answering the questions raised at the beginning, the benefits of a pet in the life of a child are well evident. Parents should seriously consider getting a pet for their child, especially if he/she is an only child. There is really so much to be gained! On another note - before adopting a pet, do take a serious look at issues related to playing space, health, and the responsibility required to take proper care of the pet.



Yes I agree

I agree that kids need to have that experience, especially if they are an only child. The pet can be a new member of the family, sort of like their brother or sister. They can play with it, learn how to take care of it, and have fun together. A simple caress means wonders, as so much love and bonding can be built. Besides kids also learn to be responsible as they understand the need to feed the pet, clean its kennel/cage, and other important duties. Obviously this depends on the type of pet. I do not agree that there should be very large dogs in a home with little kids. It is important to choose wisely. Besides it does not have to be a dog either. A bunny, a hamster, or a bird can do the job well too.
Posted by sspi on 01-05-2016


I do think that pets are wonderful for children to have. They help to create a responsibility for the child. If you are allergic to pets or do not have time to take care of them, then consider at least a fish where the child can still learn to take care of it.
Posted by Avery on 01-05-2016
Yes, I agree with you. Even a tiny pet can make a big difference, like a fish in a little bowl. There is no need to go for a dog or a cat if there are space problems or other concerns.
Yes fish are great pets to have. They do not cost a whole lot to feed and are very soothing. This will teach the child the responsibility of keeping an animal alive and how to care for someone else. It is a great responsibility.

Pets are amazing

I cannot recall a time when I didn't have a pet. When I was little, I loved animals so much. I was always bringing home strays and while my parents rejected them at first, they eventually gave in. Having a pet is a very special thing, which is why I will try to get my kids to see that as well. However, I will not force the responsibilities of taking care of a pet on my child because that kind of need has to come naturally. I will try to be patient and loving and show my kids how special pets can be.
Posted by Cloverz on 01-12-2016


I think all kids should have a pet, or at least have a family pet that they can have part in taking care of. It will help them be more independent and also teach them responsibilities. They will also learn compassion since a pet relies on you in order to survive pretty much. Not every dog or cat can open the food bin and feed themselves :D

A pet is such a great thing to have and everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. Hopefully that one time isn't a bad experience :D

Posted by Razzy on 06-25-2016

Pets are important!

Yes I agree with this.

I grew up with lots of pets and it was amazing. We can't have a dog at our current property and my husband is allergic to cats.. so I got each of my kids a rat. They feed them, give them water and clean the cage each week.

They are learning how to treat them well and take responsibility for them.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-28-2016



Maybe they can not afford it

Don't get me wrong. I love pets. I have many. But for some families, they just can not afford to feed another mouth. So that may be the reason as to why they only have one child. Pets are very expensive, and you have to be able to fully take care of them. That does not mean just food. It means shots and updates, vet visits. They also get sick. They need daily interaction, with toys and love and exercise. For some families, this is just not a great idea. Children would benefit from pets, yes that is true. But Pets are not for all families.
Posted by angie828 on 01-06-2016
Certainly a valid comment. I also have pets and fully agree with you that it is expensive to take care of them as there are various costs involved. In the case that they cannot afford to buy a dog, or a cat, then it could be that they can opt for a goldfish or a bird. These do not come expensive as they are neither costly to buy and no vet care is involved. They eat little and the food is not expensive.
I too love pets but they are not for everyone. And it is not fair to make a pet suffer just because of some of the points you have made.

Forced Spending? Taxation?

I do not think that this would work out in reality, some people do not have the money to buy a pet for their child and in my opinion it is not fair to force them to buy a pet. I personally think that if this was to be instated we would have to provide government support and I think that many parents might not actually want their houses to be potentially damaged by having a pet and so they might resent the animal. This could lead to an increase in stray, abandoned or even abused and dead dogs and pets on the streets which would further cost more to deal with.
Posted by Natty on 08-02-2016

Maybe Not

Pets might be good for some children, but certainly not all. There are kids that beg for a pet, but are unable to take care of them and get tired of them after a few days. Taking care of a pet is a lot of responsibility and it's also very expensive. Not to mention some people just don't like animals. People should be able to decide by themselves if they want pets. We shouldn't say whether someone should or should not have a pet because we do not know the circumstances in their household.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-21-2017


When a child had a sibling, he will always have a playmate, a companion, someone to hang upon when in distress. For some reasons, some people only have one child. A single child is likely to grow alone and sad. Therefore, to avoid this situation, parents need to have a pet. A pet is just an animal, however, kids no no care as long as the animal is friendly towards them.
Posted by vinaya on 09-11-2017
I totally agree,this was what my grandmother did siblings didn't come forth in years. She bought a puppy for me and I became very fond of it.We play together, sleep together, went Everywhere together I never really felt the loneliness because I had a friend in my puppy.
Posted by lovely on 11-14-2017
I grew up in a city apartment and sometimes we had a dog that is tied in the garage. It is there as a guard dog. During those days, I had not idea that I would be a dog lover someday. When I was 30, I had my first dog that taught me how to love a dog. Looking back, I think it would have been to my benefit if I was taught how to take care of our dog then. As I said, we treated our dog as a guard dog only in the garage while I treated my own dog as family. There’s a big difference. If I were a little girl with that attitude of loving a dog, I would be kinder and more mature maybe.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-10-2018
For those who have no siblings it's really good to have a pet. I read an article that in a psychological way, a pet makes a child responsible and caring. The child will learn that it's his or her responsibility to take care of his pet well-being.
Posted by Scarlet on 02-05-2018