Martial Arts for children

 Martial Arts for children
In this age of technology and workout, it seems that martial arts is hugging the limelight. Most youngsters in our community are either learning tae kwon do or karate. One nephew is into kung fu and yoga. But is martial arts beneficial to the children? One karate instructor explained to me that martial arts is not just for fighting. In fact, he emphasized, that martial arts is to develop the confidence of the person. Even those timid guys would have a new outlook after engaging in martial arts. It’s not only the physical aspect and the fighting aspect that are developed by martial arts but also the self confidence that make you a decent person who can face the realities of life.


Any kind of art is good to learn. And martial arts is a real great form . It is not only about fighting that will make the arms and the legs strong but it works on the overall physical, spiritual as well as mental growth of the child.

It enhances the ability to stay focused and respond immediately even to a minimal stimulus. The self defense ability boosts the self confidence manifolds. I think this is a kind of perfect art that can go a long way in preparing kids for their future.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-18-2017
Yes it is , the crime rate is at a steady rise over the past decade , so it is important for to give some priority to self defense arts and as far as self defensive arts , martial arts is the best in my opinion so , I would let my children learn Martial arts.
Posted by wikifarmer on 06-18-2017
It's good for kids to learn some basics of karate or taekwondo. It will be a good experience for them.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-18-2017
Yes, most definitely! When I was a kid, my cousins and I used to do Judo on the weekdays and weekends. I made tons of friends whom which I still am in contact with till this day and fond memories that will last a lifetime. It's also more than helped me in quite a few fights that I've been in because people can be assholes that need to be taught a lesson. All violence aside though, it helped occupy your child in a positive way while keeping them away from all the other things that are sure to come if they aren't occupied (partying, alcohol, sex, cigarettes, drugs etc.). Invest in your child's future.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-18-2017
Haha, really? I used to do Judo as a kid as well. I absolutely loved it. In our country, Judo isn't as popular compared to other martial arts like Karate or Tae Kwan do but I signed into the Judo club with my best friend. We both trained there for almost 4 years. I had to stop due to constant injuries though - broken my leg and my toe at a tournament.

Regarding the martial arts and children - I think that they are amazing. Not just to teach them how to fight and defend themselves but also to develop love and respect for such art. I agree that they will learn to be confident and it will definitely show later on in their development. I think signing kids for martial arts is a really good thing.
Posted by Mehano on 06-18-2017
Ah yeah, I had a friend named Casey that had the same problem. He stopped Judo because he broke his leg at a tournament. I went to a club named Wahadachi Judo Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. What was your club's name?
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-19-2017
In my boy's school, martial art is not a compulsory activity to participate. In addition , pupils had to pay $80 per month for the instruction fees, 4 times a month. It is not free. Hence, most parents are reluctant to pay this extra expenses. If it is free, I am sure that all pupils are willing to participate this sport activity because it is a good exercise for kids to release their stress from homework and pressure. In addition, it builds the self -confidence, strong body and flexible muscles of the pupils.

My son wanted to join Karate but the fees are too high for us to bear and the uniform is really expensive.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-18-2017
That is a must for me. That teach them discipline ans self control. Plus now a days its better to be prepared rather that waiting for someone to help if your in a tight situation. That is also another form of exercise so that will be beneficial for them. Rather than being in front of the TV or computer.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-18-2017
Martial Arts, tae kwon do, karate, kung fu - any of these are great for children. Now a days children are glued to technology so it would be good and a forum of preparing themselves encase someone tried to attack them or they'd need to use their learning skills.
Posted by simplym on 06-18-2017
I believe that martial arts are very beneficial for children in many ways. I think they are physically beneficial and help fight sedentary lifestyle and obesity. In addition, martial arts helps children learn discipline and relationship and respect with peers. Martial arts helps children understand that fighting is not good for society and this can help create a better and more peaceful world. I think that in all countries martial arts should be adopted in schools as a discipline. I think this would be of great benefit to everyone.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-18-2017
A martial artist is taught to see, feel, and listen - both internally and externally. Tapping into intuition, fear, and courage are examples of being able to put the physical together with the mental. How often have we heard the phrase “being paralyzed with fear”? Being able to combat such a thing is what you learn in the martial arts.
Posted by Deen on 06-18-2017
My parents forced me to do karate when I was a kid and I hated it but I can understand how it can boost self-confidence and also give children some exercise. If you want to let your kid to martial arts then I would ask them if they wanted to do it first.
Posted by lexcion on 06-18-2017
I think martial arts play a vital role in children's life. They can learn new skills in their life. The main reason why martial arts are necessary for children is for self-defense. you never know when you should face the difficulty in life . so you should always be ready to defense yourself . I think children can learn discipline from there too.
Posted by milan009 on 06-18-2017
I've always seen martial arts exactly as how your instructor said it. It's basically just an art for me, maybe you get to learn a few moves you can actually use in an event of a street fight, but I doubt all of them are as accurate as the instructors make it seem. It's just that when the instructor does it, the man who plays the dummy is obliged to move according to how the teacher wants him to, but in an actual street fight the moves are unpredictable. Often times you won't even get to execute those huge chain of combos you've been practicing, but I agree that it definitely helps with confidence and determination.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-19-2017
Hello Have a wonderful day.

Martial arts is a game or play or physical exercise which makes child stronger in this world. Its a fine matter if any child started to learn from early stage. Day by day the child will become more strong .

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 06-19-2017
When I was in school, I attended martial art class. I had to give up after three weeks because I got injured and it took a long time to recover. I strongly believe that children should be taught martial arts. SOme of the benefits of martial arts are: helps to stay fit and healthy helps you to defend you when you are in trouble Helps you to keep motivated.
Posted by vinaya on 06-19-2017
I would love to get my kids involved in martial arts. I would like them to have some idea of how to defend themselves, and I can totally understand why the sport would build confidence. I also think it would teach self-discipline and commitment to a goal. I can't really see a down side to getting kids involved in martial arts!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 06-19-2017
I think any sort of sport is good for kids. It gets the child involved in the community and teaches them a new skill. I especially think martial arts is beneficial to young ones, because it teaches them discipline. It's not about beating people up or doing karate moves their friends. Martial arts teaches you when and how to react to different situations.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-19-2017
Learning martial arts is tantamount to learning mental and physical discipline, wisdom, and greatness. I would love my child to become the best person he can be at the earliest time possible. I hate what I'm seeing in the world today. Kids being loud, undisciplined, ill-mannered, arrogant, insolent and unruly. They sometimes confuse these attitudes with strength and they believe that they are being strong that way. A martial artist is calm, wise and reserved. Patient to provocation and wise enough to be fair and just in their punishment.
Posted by missionreport on 06-25-2017
I always watch the Chinese Kung Fu movies and the masters always said, learning Kung Fu is not for fighting, but for protecting ourselves and the loved ones besides getting healthy. I believe if the master is good, the students do not only learn the martial art itself, but also the attitude and mindset will be good as well.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-27-2017
I think marital arts is one skill that is good for both mind and the body. I have seen some of the kids having more control over the stress by practicing the martial arts. You can see that some of the time people who are into the arts, also make use of this skill for self defense. As that option is more likely to let go of our anxiety and other passive aggressive emotions. I have seen people making use of it that way.
Posted by overcast on 06-28-2017
Hi, Corzhens, I think that martial arts are beneficial to children because this is a sport, and playing a sport will make our kids healthier and confident in their strengths.Here in my country, most kids learn karate, and I have seen good results in their behavior, and body building.
Posted by wallet on 07-02-2017
Aside from the fact that it depends on the martial art the kids are practicing (some might be too violent for little kids in my opinion), practicing martial arts are a wonderful way to build character and discipline. I practiced several forms of martial arts when growing up (tae kwon do when I was 7, Karate at 11, Aikido at 13) and I never knew of any kids being violent towards another (I did get a lot of bruises and cuts, which looked hideous in a little girl as myself). That's why It is important that teachers and parents stress that bullying and picking on fights are not acceptable. Overall it is a great way to keep a healthy mind and body, make new friends and learn how to defend yourself in case you ever need it.
Posted by Self on 07-02-2017
Well, this appear to be a complete turnaround from the impression that the youth of today are too obsessed with the internet that they hardly have time for anything else. Even then, I will not allow my son to attend martial arts classes as long as he's a minor and under my responsibility. I hear you when you say that it doesn't teach violence at all but I say that no one knows what's in the mind of another child and I won't risk that. There are other non-contact sports and physical activities where you can achieve the same benefits without risking injury. I don't want my child to learn martial arts and become too confident that he would try to be a hero against a hardened, gun-toting criminal.
Posted by chatbox on 10-30-2017
I think this is a fantastic idea. It gets the kids to do some physical exercise while also teaching them to defend themselves against bullies and also discipline honour and other values that are important in adulthood
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-30-2017
It's always better to teach your kids about martial arts so they can learn discipline from the beginning and how to defend themselves so no one can bully them. It's a better way to exercise as well. You should expose your kids not only martial arts but also the other sports activities like swimming, dancing, and other activities to obtain a healthy physique.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-26-2017
I do believe that a person who knows how to defend and protect himself has a better survival ratio than that of a person who has no defensive capabilities or training.

I live in the Philippines and here when I was a student in grade school Single Stick Fighting or Arnis de Mano and Karate was taught in most schools as part of P.E. Class, but that's just the basics or white belt then if you want further studies then you have to pay for it, but what's good is they have trainings inside our campus. Theres also Fencing and Taekwondo but they don't give out free lessons at school, if you want to learn, you have to enroll at their dojo. So I and my friends trained in stick fighting and karate because it's done in campus. I graduated high school with a Blue Belt in Shotokan Karate and a Brown Belt in Stick Fighting.
Further studies in different martial art forms while in college gave me the chance to enter competitions and later on to become a Junior Instructor .

So most students here in the 70's, 80's and 90's do have martial arts training and are capable of defending themselves. And I think that learning Martial Arts is an important part of growing up.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-15-2018