Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset

 Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset
One of my favorite things to do as a child was play with play-doh. I really do not know a lot of children that do not like to play with it. When I was younger there were very few play sets for play-doh. Now there are many on the market. One that looks really fun is the Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset. It retails on Amazon for $18.93 with free shipping on orders over $25.

This set comes with two containers of play-doh modeling clay to make the ice cream. Also included in the set is 3 cans of different colors of play-doh to make the swirls. Dishes, cones, and spoons also come with the set to provide a full ice cream play experience. The set is made from safe materials and has been tested for quality.

This set will be fun for children that are creative and love ice cream. It is perfect for those that love to build and make things. It makes a great gift. With Easter coming up, any child would love to find the Easter Bunny had left them this.

One bad thing about this is that the play-doh does contain wheat. While it is non-toxic, this could deter some children from being able to play with it.

  • creative
  • fun
  • children love play-doh
  • good stress reliever for adults
  • makes the perfect gift *inexpensive
  • makes realistic looking treats
  • easy to use
  • uses small motor skills
  • just like a real ice cream maker with the handle
  • really functional
  • many play pieces
  • provides hours of entertainment
  • easy to clean up
  • well built
  • arrived nicely packaged
  • durable/holds up well
  • made with quality materials
  • non-toxic
  • great value
  • many different ages can play with this
  • from a trusted company
  • great for rainy day fun
  • can be played with inside or outside

  • tips over too easily
  • very wobbly
  • horrible construction
  • cheaply made
  • hard to crank
  • many pieces were missing
  • flimsy
  • a pain in the behind to assemble
  • play-doh crumbled all over the place
  • Hasbro did not offer great customer support




I would have easily chosen either really but I decided to go with this, the Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset because I'm sure that kids would love to make some Ice Cream from some Play Doh. Whilst, I'm sure the BBQ set would be great as well, Ice Cream just seems like something that kids would love.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-10-2018

Ice cream

I will go with the Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset because I know that I adored ice cream as a child.

This playset looks very realistic and fun. It would keep a child busy for hours and hours! I really like that it allows them a certain level of creativity as well. A very nice product.

Posted by Mehano on 03-09-2018

Good for my child

As a child, I never got to play with play-doh. Maybe these kind of play sets were not available back them, or perhaps they were too expensive and my parents could not afford it. I am a parent now and I wanto buy play-doh for my child. I think my child will like Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset. However, it is still early to buy this for my 10 months old child.
Posted by vinaya on 03-11-2018

Who doesn't love ice cream?

I think this set would be something that kids everywhere would enjoy. I think it would be a thing that all kids young and old would enjoy. It might be one of the fun things to do.
Posted by kgord on 03-09-2018


Summer is coming and both of these options are great, but I'm gonna go with the ice cream here, even though you are not supposed to eat any of these. Play-doh is great, it can help children develop their creativity and they should definitely play with it more.
Posted by manmad on 03-12-2018

I love ice cream!

I love ice cream. I love anything that practice my creativity so it is something that I would buy as a gift for a child to nurture the gift of being creative.
Posted by Scarlet on 03-12-2018

better for me

I think I'd pick the ice cream maker a little more because clay already looks kind of likes ice cream and squeezing it onto cones and cups seems more natural to me than shaping them into burgers. They both look good and probably require similar levels of imagination but I think squeezing clay to look like ice cream is a bit more fun and I think the fact that it's a dessert adds to that factor too.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-08-2018


The perfect twist ice cream playset is one of those set of toys that I really didn't want to stop using while I was a kid and it is as a result of the fun that was involved by using the toy to play. I mean that you get to make your own ice cream and give some time for your friends to do theirs which is truly an exciting way to have fun as kids. Also, I learnt the act of creativity by using this type of toy to play.
Posted by Barida on 03-10-2018

Looks great

I think that my money would be going to Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset. Do you see how creative and good this ice cream set looks? It's absolutely adorable and wonderful. I bet every kid in the world would love to have this kind of fun with this one Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset. I'm not really an ice cream lover but I'm making an exception for this one.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-12-2018


Kids like ice cream and they will love playing with the Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset. The set looks very enticing for kids, even for grown-ups like me unlike the other set which is quite plain. Kids would really love playing with this, they can make twirls of ice cream of different colors.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-10-2018

Like it when I was a kid

This was included in my wishlist when I was a kid. It is just too cute to make clay ice cream in different colors. What I like about it also is that you can make great twirls without putting too much effort.
Posted by mdayrit on 10-09-2018

Love it

I think these two playsets are wonderful for kids. But if I have to choose, I would choose the Twist Ice cream playset. I love ice cream and I think every child loves too. This playset is just perfect for kids. This ice cream maker looks real and has a good design. Playing this is a good bonding of parents and a child.
Posted by superlicca on 10-12-2018

This one.

Children really love ice cream, and they would be happy to use and play something like this when I was a child, I actually envy my neighbor who has an ice cream maker playset an I dreamt of having one.
Posted by theresajane on 11-25-2018


Play-Doh Burger Barbeque set

Play-Doh Burger Barbeque set
Burgers up! For $9.99 with free shipping on orders over $25, you can purchase this Play-Doh Burger Barbeque set. This set has won an Amazon's choice award. This is a very fun set for any time of the year and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Play-Doh is a toy that many have loved over the years. These sets allow children to take creativity to the next level. They can actually see something that they made. I know that when I was younger, if I wanted to make a hamburger, in my mind it may have looked like that. But adults or other children might not see it. With this set, that can be possible. The play is open ended, and is perfect for anyone that wants their children to use imagination.

The set includes the press to make hamburgers and hotdogs, 5 colors of play-doh, tools to make fries and onion rings, plates, and spatulas.

  • cute set
  • comes with everything needed
  • open ended play
  • creative
  • children use imagination
  • fun for adults as well
  • Amazon awarded
  • inexpensive
  • can be used indoors or outdoors
  • 5 cans of play-doh are included
  • plates and spatulas are with the set
  • came on time
  • just what person was looking for
  • easy to use
  • functional
  • very fun
  • encourages children to play together
  • child plays with set for hours
  • just as shown
  • high quality
  • amazing value

  • smaller then expected
  • product and picture description did not match what was received
  • box arrived damaged
  • extruder is hard to push
  • molds did not work as well as hoped



Well, i know this when I was a child

I know this brand of toys. You will never go wrong with them. They made a lot of creative toys. When I was a child I tried playing one of their item. That is why I choose this better than the other toys. I know the quality of this clay toy.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-09-2018

A play doh grill? How fun!

Okay, my kids would probably love either of these, but something to me makes the barbecue set more unique. Ice cream playsets for crafts are pretty common...but a barbecue one is new and different.
Posted by amelia88 on 06-19-2018

Play Clay

I grew up playing clay, and I love the fact that you get to mold them as you wish. It somehow allows kids to make use of their creativity and imagination.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-11-2018


The perfect twist ice cream play set is much better because children will have enough toy to play with and icecream also and it is non toxic and also easy to clean for them.
Posted by babyright on 03-09-2018
I was also playing cook and eat when I was not in school yet. But I had no playmate so I suffice myself in playing alone. And since I had no toys like those products above, what I play with are the leftover from the kitchen like the stem of string beans and excess leaves of cabbage. They served as my toys that I cook using improvised cooking toys. A play set of dishes and utensils was expensive and I couldn’t ask my mother to buy me one.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-10-2018
The play-Doh burger set will be great for children making them be imaginative,manipulative and explorative. Children want to see what their creative mind have been able to make and this set will help them achieve that.Burger set looks cute, easy to use and will be a fun thing to use.
Posted by lovely on 03-10-2018
I would go with icecream. Although I don't have such things like that but I find it really cool if I were to ask. It is also non toxic so I think its safer to play than the other one. When I was young I used to play kitchen stuff toys with my friends but it doesn't have to do with clay or something. It's just plastic made so what we do we used a real can and find some leaves outside. We were going to cook the leaves as if we're gonna eat those, even if not. I missed my childhood days.
Posted by nekonieden on 03-12-2018
Even though I took my preference to picking Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset, but it's good to point out that Play-Doh burger set Ice cream isn't a bad one either. As long as they both satisfy the kids and give them much fun, it's definitely worth it.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-12-2018
The play doh barbeque set is a good buy and would make a great gift, kids would definitely love it because all kids loves making hamburgers. At $9.99 it's a real bargain and it also looks more expensive than that. The other set is more expensive but it looks flimsy and easy to break, while this one looks like it would last longer.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-13-2018
My kids have been using a variety of playing sets using playdoh. I recommend them because it's safe and its great for kids. Playdoh just gives your child the ability to create and practice social behavior and interaction.
Posted by fishbate on 06-28-2018
My kids both love it. Play doh really never fails me. Besides the materials are good I just love the smell so much! If I can only eat it ahaha.. My kids have their own specialty. My boy loves to grill like his dad so he choose the burger set and my girl is very artistic and to mix colours so she choose the ice cream set. They both play like they sell it to the mall and their imagination are starting now like they're entrepreneurs. It helps for me too specially if I need to finish some of my writings and chores at home because those can make them more busy while having fun.
Posted by romy_ter on 09-11-2018
Play-Doh is terrific and you can never go wrong with it, so I'll go with the barbeque set. It would be an excellent gift for a niece or a nephew whose only about 4-6 years of age.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-11-2018
Ice cream playset is nicer I actually dreamt of having it when I was a child because of course, everyone likes ice cream, and it would be lovely to play something like this.
Posted by theresajane on 11-25-2018