Royal Peony Spa Gift Basket Set

 Royal Peony Spa Gift Basket Set
If you are looking for a great gift for a lady on your list this year, consider this amazing gift basket by Freida Joe. This Royal Peony Spa Gift Basket Set retails for just under $30 with free shipping. It includes many great products:

  • one hard box decorative case
  • 270 ml shower gel
    • 270 ml bubble bath
  • 100 ml body spray
  • 90 ml body lotion
  • 120 g scented potpourri
  • 6 pink soap flowers
  • 100 g bath salt
  • 150 ml body butter This gift set has a lot of material in it. I love the scent and think that the gift box, which is reusable, is gorgeous. After spending many hours shopping for others and wrapping gifts, it will be nice to have this small at home spa to pamper yourself with.

  • lots of products
  • gorgeous box
  • box is reusable
  • scent is wonderful
  • decent price
  • free shipping
  • great gift for teachers, wives, sisters, aunts, cousins, day care providers, and more
  • relieves stress
  • easy to use
  • pampering
  • softens the skin
  • moisturizes the skin
  • body butter is rich
  • scent is not too overpowering *decent quality
  • highly recommended
  • beautiful
  • great presentation
  • fast shipping
  • arrived just as expected

  • box is flimsy
  • box did not last long
  • does not smell enough
  • arrived dusty
  • lock on box was rusted
  • sharp bits of plastic were found in lotion
  • arrived damaged
  • came opened



Floral for me

I think both of these items are great. I would go with the floral option though. I think this is the one that we might want to enjoy. they would both be great options for holiday gifts. I think they are awesome to be honest.
Posted by kgord on 11-13-2017

My preference

Although both are nice sets that would make wonderful gifts, I strongly prefer the floral designs and scents offered in this set.
Posted by anna on 11-09-2017

looks cuter

I pick this one because I think it looks cuter and looks a bit more festive. I think the brown theme and color of the tropical milky coconut bath makes it look a bit too ordinary to give as a gift or even receiving it. I would be fine with receiving the coconut themed bath products as a gift but I think I'd feel more excited receiving this one as it is more colorful and I'm not that into coconuts and coconut products anyway.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-16-2018


Tropical Milky Coconut Bath and Body Spa Gift Set

Tropical Milky Coconut Bath and Body Spa Gift Set
Anyone that loves the smell of coconut will go nuts over this great gift basket. This Tropical Milky Coconut Bath and Body Spa Gift Set sells on Amazon for just under $27 with free shipping. Included in the purchase are:

  • a natural wood liquor caddy
  • 200 ml shower gel
  • 200 ml bubble bath
  • 260 g bath salts
  • 200 ml lotion
  • 200 ml body scrub
One reason that that gift set is so popular is that it comes with an amazing scent. Coconut is tropical and will give anyone a feeling of being on a tropical island. The wood caddy is very nice as well for reusing in the bathroom, craft room, kitchen , office, or more.

This set is perfect for getting smooth skin. Use the body scrub to remove dead skin, then soak in the bath salts to de-stress. Use the shower gel or bubble bath to get clean and then slather on the lotion for the ultimate feeling of softness.

  • great deal
  • pretty reusable caddy
  • wonderful scent
  • lots of product
  • subtle fragrance
  • nice packaging
  • just as described
  • makes a great gift for wives, teachers, sisters, aunts, cousins, babysitters, and more
  • full sized products
  • outstanding
  • better then expected
  • scent is calming
  • makes skin feel soft
  • shipped fast
  • scent is not too overwhelming
  • cute
  • basket is adorable
  • well made
  • nice presentation

  • texture is off
  • smell is not what was expected
  • cheaply made
  • scrub does not have enough grit
  • soap does not lather enough
  • not as big as expected



Looks classier

I love the smell of coconut - it reminds me of a beautiful tropical vacation! I also love that the caddy for this one is made of wood - I feel like it just looks much classier and better for gift giving.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-12-2018


The Royal spa box it is for me.So much content in there. I love the fact that it can be reuse it shows it durable and long lasting.The scent would be lovely for the will help put the body in a good state from.moturizing to softening and giving the body the freshness it needs. Free shipping and fast shipping crown it up.
Posted by lovely on 11-10-2017
To be honest, whenever I would see a gift basket or personal care items like shampoo or body soap, I always have the urge to order and see for myself if the products are really that good based on the description. However, ordering the product just for the purpose of checking is not practical anymore. What I usually do is to ask around my circle if they had experienced buying such a product.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-16-2018