Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter

 Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter
Cold winter weather is here and that ususally means one thing..dry skin. One really good thing to get rid of dry skin is body butter as it usually has a thicker, creamier texture then regular lotion. Consider looking into Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter from Amazon. Retailing for $11.85 with free shipping on the standard $25 order, this body butter is made from shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

This body butter makes a great gift for anyone that loves to be pampered. It would be great for a birthday gift for any age, for someone that is in the hospital just after surgery or other illness, or a great addition to a bridal shower gift or bridesmaid gift. The body butter is creamy and smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. It makes the skin feel soft and supple and never greasy.

  • very effective on dry skin
  • not too greasy or oily
  • smells nice
  • decent price
  • easy to apply
  • absorbs into the skin nicely
  • great texture
  • makes skin feel smooth
  • moisturizing
  • great gift
  • buttery smooth
  • pleasant
  • promptly arrived
  • silky
  • great for after showering
  • hydrating
  • smells like summer
  • great seller
  • smooth
  • great for massages
  • works well on eczema
  • thick
  • a little goes a long way
  • luxurious  *leaves skin flawless
  • perfect for stretch marks

  • smelled old and rancid
  • too expensive
  • too strong of a smell
  • made individuals cough and sneeze
  • arrived expired
  • had a dollar store quality
  • smells like play doh


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Bliss Long Lasting Moisturizing Body Butter

 Bliss Long Lasting Moisturizing Body Butter
If dry winter skin has you screaming, reach for the Bliss Long Lasting Moisturizing Body Butter on Amazon. Retailing for $26, this cream is paraben free. Packed with shea butters, antioxidants, and coconut oi, this body butter will instantly restore moisture to dry, flaky skin. Rough skin can be a thing of the past when used on a daily basis. Skin will be soft and supple and skin will be protected from aging.

This quick absorbing body butter will never feel greasy and is perfect for parched skin. Bliss truly offers a spa experience. Skin will glow while the skin is completely nourished. It is best to use this body butter after stepping out of the shower. To really moisturize the skin, consider exfoliating it first and then applying the body butter.

  • smells heavenly
  • does not leave a residue
  • spa quality
  • seals in moisture/hydrates the skin
  • protects skin from aging
  • can make skin glow
  • full of shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil, and antioxidants
  • highly recommended
  • is not greasy
  • great for those that wash their hands often
  • easy to apply
  • thick consistency/ nice texture
  • emolient
  • absorbs quickly
  • does not have a sticky feel
  • skin feels like silk
  • makes a great gift
  • perfect to have in guest bathroom
  • soothing
  • pleasant *rich and creamy
  • a little goes a long ways
  • stays on all day/ works all day to deliver moisture
  • high quality
  • cleared up bumps on the back of arms
  • pleasing

  • never received the product
  • did not smell like anything
  • did not penetrate the skin well
  • was watered down
  • seemed to be a knock off version of the real brand
  • small tube
  • overpriced
  • had a strange scent
  • smelled like plastic



The Scent is Not Over-Powering

This skincare product gets my vote because even though coconut oil is very good for your skin, the scent can be kind of over-powering. It lingers for a long time.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-05-2018

Shea Butter is Fabulous!

I like this one because it has shea butter. There was once a time when all I ever heard about was how great cocoa butter was for your skin. But I don't really care too much for it. What I like about this product is that it doesn't feel greasy. I already know it makes your skin feel silky smooth and soft. It's also not very expensive.
Posted by foxchannel on 01-25-2018


I think that the Trader Joe's product is the one I would buy. It is significantly cheaper than the Blistek product and I am sure that it works equally as well. I don't have 26 dollars to spend on a body butter, especially one that smells like "plastic."
Posted by kgord on 12-30-2017
To be honest, I've not used any of the products and that's the reason I can't give an unbiased difference between them. However, I think both products are simply good for those in the weather of harmattan.
Posted by Barida on 12-30-2017
I have not used these brands and products. To tell you the truth I am not interested in trying any of these. These products are heavily priced. paying $11.85 or $26 for a body cream is beyond my budget. I use Vaseline moisturizer and it cost less than $5.
Posted by vinaya on 01-01-2018
The Bliss long body butter will be perfect moisturizer for the body, I love any goof moisturizer and it like this will be a perfect solution to any cracky dry skin,from the description above one will need to try it out at least less then $25_ one can get one to try out ,it quite affordable. love the fact it will keep away blemishes, wrinkles and dark spot from the body.
Posted by lovely on 02-24-2018
This reminds me of the December in the past years that the cold weather caused dry skin and scalp. At night, I would be scratching my scalp no end until I discovered that a simple coconut oil that is applied on the itchy scalp will calm the scalp. And for the drying skin, yeah, a moisturizing lotion is also needed especially in the morning when the cold had seemed to permeate the skin. But last December, it was not cold enough that maybe it is the effect of climate change. It’s not too cold anymore.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-25-2018