YiZYiF Organza Big Girls Ruffle Dress

 YiZYiF Organza Big Girls Ruffle Dress
Little girls have the cutest clothes ever. I love shopping online or in the stores looking for my young nieces. Right now on Amazon, you can purchase this gorgeous dress. The dress starts out at just under $16. The YiZYiF Organza Big Girls Ruffle Dress comes in many colors: watermelon red, blue, sky blue, rose, white, and red. Sizes to pick from include 2,4,6,8,10, 12, and 14. A size chart is provided to help determine what size will be needed: 2 Chest:22.0"/56cm Waist:21.0"/54cm Dress Length:31.0"/78cm 4 Chest:24.0"/60cm Waist:23.0"/58cm Dress Length:33.5"/85cm 6 Chest:25.0"/64cm Waist:24.5"/62cm Dress Length:36.4"/92.5cm 8 Chest:27.0"/68cm Waist:26.0"/66cm Dress Length:39.3"/99.8cm 10 Chest:29.0"/73cm Waist:27.5"/70cm Dress Length:42.0"/107cm 12 Chest:31.0"/78cm Waist:29.0"/74cm Dress Length:45.0"/114.5cm 14 Chest:33.0"/83cm Waist:31.0"/78cm Dress Length:48.0"/121.5cm

This dress is a party dress that has spaghetti straps. The top bodice is accented with faux rhinestones that sparkle. There is a hidden back zipper, and features a big organza bow on the waist. This dress is perfect for many occassions. It can be worn for weddings, pagents, church events, programs, and more. It would be a great dress to wear for a photo shoot.

This dress would look cute with some black or white patten leather shoes. Little girls will feel like princesses. One good idea is for dad's to dress up as well and take their little girl on a date for Valentine's Day. This will make the little girl feel special and loved.

  • right price
  • gorgeous colors
  • many sizes
  • adequate packaging
  • arrived in a timely fashion
  • fashionable
  • little girls love it
  • holds up very well
  • keeps it shape very well
  • perfect length
  • just the right amount of pouf
  • prettier in person
  • just as expected
  • great quality
  • perfect for daddy/daughter dances
  • great for photo shoots
  • makes an excellent flower girl dress
  • stunning
  • would work well for 1st Communion
  • receives many compliments

  • was not as full as desired
  • little girls will not want to take it off
  • not as poufy as shown
  • dresses smelled bad when it arrived
  • cheaply made
  • flower fell off right away
  • too large
  • sizing chart is wrong
  • zipper broke after only wearing it one hour
  • flower was bent in several spots
  • arrived wrinkled
  • fabric is see through



Amazing look

Wow, this dress is stunning! I would gladly buy it for my daughter if I had one. It just looks perfect and the color is nice.

Besides that those ruffles are cute. The dress itself is quite affordable as well. Looks like a high-quality product and any girls dream dress.

Posted by Mehano on 01-16-2018

Red Ruffle Dress

I like the colors more in the red ruffle dress. I mean the other one is fine and they are both nice dresses but I think the red ruffle dress is more interesting and something Ihat is brightly colored.
Posted by kgord on 01-14-2018

This looks great!

If this dress starts at under $16, then it's definitely a good buy. Regardless of the cost, I think this dress looks prettier and it is the style of dress I like. The flower dress looks good too, but I don't really like the the V collar and also different layers. I prefer the ruffle dress.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-14-2018


I love the style of this dress and I prefer this colour. I like things which are very simple and this one is just perfect. I don't like the colour of the other dress. I find it too bright. I also don't like the layers.
Posted by Pixie on 01-15-2018

Looks great

This dress looks great and if I had a daughter I would most certainly buy her something like this. It looks a lot better than the other one and it's something you can make your daughter wear for special occasions or just everyday. I love dresses like this one.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-16-2018

looks more classic

I like this one better because the look is a bit more classic. The other one looks fine too and it is cute as well but this one just seems a bit more put together in terms of design. The AMJ dress looks a little bit weird to me to be honest, although like I said it still does look alright and cute. I just prefer this one because it does not stand out too much but still looks elegant and classy.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-27-2018

Nice dress.

This is the type of dress that you are going to really going to enjoy when you buy it for your friend or daughter. I think that this is one of the ways that you can get to show love to the people that you care about. I also like red dress which is something that you can get to enjoy as a lady since the dress is shiny and attractive to wear.
Posted by Barida on 10-31-2018


AMJ Big Girls Flower Dress

AMJ Big Girls Flower Dress
If you need a little girls dress, Amazon has so many wonderful ones. Right now they are offering this AMJ dress that starts at just under $40. The AMJ Big Girls Flower Dress Comes in many sizes (2, 4, 6,8, 10,12, 14, and 16). Colors available include Black, Burgundy, Coral, Red, Ivory, Gold Fuschia, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Royal Blue, Purple, Turquoise, and White. The dress is made in the United States and are sewn in Los Angeles, California. They are just above the ankle in length. They must be dry cleaned and steamed to eliminate any wrinkles.

This dress is perfect for Valentines day if you purchase it in red. Imagine a little girl having her own princess photo shoot wearing this dress with a heart background, carrying flowers, holding a box of chocolates and more. Simply adorable! It would also make a great dress for weddings, either as a flower girl or junior bride. It can also be worn to a wedding or pagent, a concert, church, and more.

  • arrived quickly
  • fit perfectly
  • adorable
  • many great colors
  • perfect for weddings, church events, holidays, pagents and more
  • much prettier in person
  • little girls love it
  • great price
  • many compliments were given
  • impressive
  • decent quality
  • makes little girls feel like the Belle of the Ball *beautiful color
  • great texture
  • nice material
  • well worth the money
  • great craftsmenship
  • true to size
  • quick delivery
  • description matched product
  • look more expensive then what was paid for them
  • little girls are able to twirl in them
  • flowers are pins and can be removed and pinned on in other locations

  • does not have as much fullness as shown
  • on the long side
    • did not look like the image
    • top layer of dress is lifted up with the flower
    • fits small



Love this one

I really love this one. I love the style of it and the color. It is a really pretty dress and would be perfect for any special event that you are attending. I think that it is so beautiful. I would love to have this dress.
Posted by Sue on 01-16-2018

Looks Great

The AMJ Big Girls Flower Dress looks very good, unlike the other dress which looks plain and normal, this one has a much better design. It's more classy and expensive looking than the other dress.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-31-2018


I like the ruffle dress because of the style. It looks elegant than the flower dress. I always look on the style of dress before buying because for me even if you buy cheap dress as long it looks expensive, the outcomes will still look expensive.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-14-2018
The ruffle dress would be nice on the wearer it will give one a gorgeous looks.the color is another good advantage about the dress because a lot people loves baby pink color. the dress give on an elegant and chic looks.
Posted by lovely on 01-15-2018
Even though the starting price for Flower Dress is much higher than Ruffle Dress, I am choosing Flower Dress. I liked the red and white combination. I might have this dress for my niece who is just 7 years old. The Flower Dress dress looks innovative
Posted by vinaya on 01-16-2018
I agree that a flower dress is nice to look at for little girls. In fact, I remember my clothes when I was in the 1st grade. My mother would buy me colorful clothes so that I can wear it when I go to a party. And during summer when there were so many festivities in the community, the flower dress was the trend during that time. But I know that a ruffle dress was worn by the rich kids on the block.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-27-2018