11 ways to learn & memorize Spanish Verb Conjugation

Conjugations are one of the hardest things to memorize/learn in Spanish, especially with the endless amount (present, present perfect, imperfect, preterite, future, etc) that baffles your brain. Learning them is essential though and will expand your ability to converse, read and write by multitudes. Below are 10 ways you can study and learn verb conjugations. Which one is your favorite or has worked best for you?

Poll Options

  Buy a conjugation book and complete the workbook exercises (may require repeated reading/completion). Vote
  Get a conjugation app, there are many great apps online that test your ability and train you. Vote
50% voted this
  Use flashcards endlessly until perfected which is a great method for rote learning. Vote
  Read/memorize and then write the conjugations out until perfected. Vote
16.67% voted this
  Repeatedly write them out (IE: just copying them over and over) until they are engrained into your memory. Vote
  Get a tutor who will make you perform various conjugation exercises to remember them. Vote
  Recall conjugations while idle (for example, while driving down the road and you see someone speaking - hablar) Vote
  School/class/education - you will undoubtedly be required to learn them here. Vote
16.67% voted this
  Just reading, with enough reading you'll eventually pick up the different conjugations but it might be difficult Vote
  Listening and repeating, eventually you'll be able to conjugate at least in sounds. Youtube is great for this! Vote
16.67% voted this
  Play a conjugation game! These can be apps, group games, or any other form of verb conjugation in game form. Vote
Total Votes: 6


Whenever I have chosen to learn a new language I always find learning online to be best. I find that I can work at my own pace and also on the go if I wish. Being able to learn at your own pace and go over things as much as you need helps things stick in your head and you are more likely to learn and remember that way. Having an app on my tablet or on my phone that I can learn Spanish on would be the best way for me to learn, I could still get on with my tasks for that day as well as learning a new language.
Posted by Shortie on 03-26-2017
Yes, online learning is the best but this poll is for conjugation and the best way to learn how to conjugate. Many of the methods above can be used/done online. Which method above do you prefer for conjugation memorization (cast your vote above to the right of the option - the green vote button).
Posted by Lop on 03-26-2017
It would be the same for me, learning online is best for me because of the different ways of learning. Conjugation is as you say the most difficult especially to memorize but having the ability to have an app with you at all times and to test yourself helps you to memorize but also keep track of your learning so you can go back to things you are struggling more on.

Repeatedly writing them out would also be another option for me, mixing the app and writing them out would better to help me remember them which is always the most difficult part of learning however with writing them out you can't always keep track of your learning and that is where the app would come into play when mixing the two together.
Posted by Shortie on 03-26-2017
Read/memorize and then write the conjugations out until perfected.

The catch words here is memorize. There are three major verb groups for regular verbs -ar, -er, -ir and and some important irregular verbs and each of them have different conjugations/endings depending on the person, mood, voice, and tense. You can't just watch Youtube and expect to pick them up. You have to consciously take time to learn/memorize the endings before you can practice using them on an app.
Posted by chatbox on 08-08-2017
Get a conjugation app, there are many great apps online that test your ability and train you. There is nothing that technology haven't really done for us today, there are several applications with both online and offline facilities of allowing us to learn one thing or another and in learning Spanish language is not any different. So therefore, I think that getting a conjugation application would go to a great extent in testing your ability and train one in Spanish language.
Posted by Heatman on 10-03-2017
Long time ago, before there were apps, we had human teachers and a foreign language was a required course. If you couldn't conjugate you would not pass the class. If you didn't pass the class you might have to attend summer school and take the class all over again, until you did! But that was school. If I were just learning the language on my own, an app or a free online course would probably be the easiest way for me.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 01-29-2018
I had 4 semesters of Spanish during college and I passed them all with good grades. However, since the language was not largely spoken here and all I had were lessons on the notebook so I had forgotten almost all that I have learned. It’s really sad because I should have been good in Spanish if only I was able to practice in speaking it. Some families here speak Spanish though and their children are lucky to be multi-lingual.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-08-2018