4 things that happen with your career after you have a baby

4 things that happen with your career after you have a baby
Having children is great, but when you have to get back to work, things can become complicated. I personally got three weeks off when my son was born. It was a great time to be around the newborn and help my wife when he needed me the most. But all good things came to an end, and I had to get back to work.

Here are four things that happen with your career after you have a baby. All parents go through this:

  1. Your mind will be at home, with your kid and loved ones. Depending on how much time you spent away from work, your mind will probably be somewhere else in your mind the first few weeks you come back. I had a similar experience where all I could think about was my son and my wife back at home, the 10 hours I was away every day seemed like an eternity.

  2. You may want a different job and that's ok. Giving the fact that you now have a kid to take care off you may want to earn more money and if your current job can give you more, it is ok to find a more suitable place you can grow in. On the other hand a lot of the times people will want a different job for completely other reasons, maybe some parents want to spend more time with their kids so they'll switch to less working hours jobs or less stressful environments.

  3. Taking care of a kid is a job all on its self. Some families may decide one of the parents should stay home taking care of the kids. This can surely happen if one of you earns more than enough to take care and cover all the financial needs of the family. Most of the times the mother will stay at home while the father continues on with his career but roles are reversing and more progressive families had demonstrated that fathers can stay at home as well.

  4. Don't feel guilty for having a kid. Depending on your work environment you may feel guilty for having a kid and being away for a long time as well as having special needs and taking more time off from work compared with colleagues that don't have children. Just don't! It is perfectly normal, you are raising the next generation, don't be ashamed.



Lucky to have always been a work at home mom...

I've always been blessed/lucky to be a work at home/stay at home mom since my daughter was born. I worked in a family owned business before then also. So it was just a natural choice to continue working from home in either my own home business or family business. At some point, I start writing and 'working' online and it started taking up way more time than a regular job. And, I found that being mom to a toddler and working online as a webmaster/writer was not very compatible. And, for awhile, I gave it up. Now that she's older, we are in our regular schedule and it's easier to have family time while still being a work at home mom and we see plenty of each other now. I agree with your points, though technically, I don't work outside the house. I'm not opposed to doing that, but just haven't needed to so far and haven't taken that path. Still, I identify with what you said about your mind being on the child/family at home when you are away at work as it's always been the same for me. When I had to work long hours at my freelance writing job, I would still find myself thinking of her. Though I was luckier than most, being able to actually just get up and go to the other room to see her, rather than having to wait till the end of the work day for family time.
Posted by Beverly on 11-26-2017

So many changes will happen.

There are so many things that will happen in your career after you have a baby. First is, you must not do overwork because you must go home early to take care of your baby. Second, you musy earn more money than before because you are not the only one eating now. Third, let's go on the positive things this time, you will get inspired to work harder tha before for your baby. And fourth, babies can become your motivation to continue your career.
Posted by blank629 on 12-02-2017



Nothing happened to my “career”

I don't really disagree with what you've said. It's just that I'm approaching your topic from a different angle.

Nothing happened to my “career” after having children for the simple reason I never had a career. It was always just a job. It was work with a steady paycheck. That's all. I was never set on an upward path of getting that “office with the penthouse view”. I was a dedicated and loyal worker or employee. But if I needed to walk away from the job I could do it easily. When people have a “career” they have a lot of time invested and often when children come into their lives, that time has to be divided or allocated. Anyone who has a child and didn't get that “memo” is going to have hard time making adjustments.

Posted by foxchannel on 12-09-2017


When you have a baby definitely you will need some time to take proper care of the new born child and it will be even better if someone has his or her own job to do so that you will know how to organise your schedule of work to accomodate the time to take care of the child.
Posted by babyright on 11-24-2017
Certainly going back to work after a baby is born sand still very tender is never easy for both parent because ones mind would always drift away to be home to take care of the baby because that's the right time for both the parent and the body,so one need to focus a bit at work but try to get home on time to have the bonding time with the baby and everything would balanced out.
Posted by lovely on 11-24-2017
It is very difficult to leave your child and go to work. I know someone who actually took a year's leave to look after her newborn. She was lucky because her company granted her this leave. However, most of us have to go back to work. It may become difficult for you to cope with your professional and personal life. You may not get enough sleep if the baby wakes up too often at night. This may make it difficult for you to concentrate at work.
Posted by Pixie on 11-24-2017
It is never really easy to go back to work after having a baby. I was lucky to be able to go back slowly and did not have to work full time almost as soon as my son was born. I wish I would have taken off less time before he was born though and more time after. You never get that time back.
Posted by kgord on 11-24-2017
My baby is 6 months old. My mind is always at home, I need a job that gives me more time for home activities. I don't feel guilty of having a baby, instead the baby inspires me to work more, earn more. Yes, taking care of baby is a job itself, only difference is you don't earn, instead, you spend.
Posted by vinaya on 11-24-2017
I was a working mom amd it was very difficult. I had to work to provide for them. To give them a roof over their head and food to eat. I use to really envy stay at home moms. I would have loved to have had that opportunity. Kids grow up way too quickly and you miss so much when you have to work outside the home.
Posted by Sue on 11-24-2017
When you already have a baby things change a lot your mind always at home thinking your baby and when you at work you always in a hurry to go back in your house because you are so excited to see your baby and what he/she is doing. That is the magic of love, loving your new born baby is like a heaven suddenly all your dreams will suddenly change all are for the baby’s future. All we can do is balance our time and emotion and time management.
Posted by honeybabe on 11-25-2017
I have no kids of my own, and so far my career has been the first cause. Socially, having a kid is somehow a "must", but that's a personal choice, so for some of us, is not a priority. I love my career, and be successful on it, and I can't imagine to left everything in a snap. So, I do admire those people who are brave enough, to sacrifice everything to attend and raise a kid, specially a working mom that's providing for her kids day and night. You guys are the real heroes.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-25-2017
Exactly, I'm glad there's someone else out there who says the same thing I always say. Everyone talks about having a baby like it's a must, a personal realization that you need to reach in your life. But what about our careers? Our jobs? Everything gets harder with a baby and your schedule will suffer a lot from it. Having a baby looks terrible on paper. I'm pretty sure there's a good feeling behind it, but I can't quite understand that.
Posted by Tania997 on 11-25-2017
I agree with you, when you just had a kid it is hard to stay focus on work, especially for the mother, I don't have kids myself but I do have friends who had a baby an a week later were at work and they just weren't the same after that, they were constantly talking about how hard it was to leave your kids with someone else, I'm not saying it's not hard for the father too but when your kid it's still a newborn the bond it's just stronger with the mother because of the breastfeeding.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 11-25-2017
When I had my first baby, I was fortunate that my father-in-law was willingly to take care of her. However, when my baby grows up, I became worried for her meals, her upbringing, her safety and her education. It is not easy to leave a child behind under older folks care. If I could afford a baby sitter or send my toddler to the childcare centre, I would feel secure.
Posted by peachpurple on 11-25-2017
I wanted to care for my child for a year after giving birth and I had to quit my job to do so. My career took a backseat for a while but I didn't feel guilty about it. I took on a part time job as a college instructor which helped paid some of the bills. I started a small home-based job at the same time which helped augment our earnings. I got back to work at a different company a year later. The lull was quite easy to explain to my new employer and it just made me more enthusiastic about my work. I was an emotional wreck on my first day away from my son but I knew I had to work to give him the future he deserves. That has always been my motivation for working hard.
Posted by chatbox on 11-25-2017
I don't have any kids yet but I do want them in the future so this thread is really informative.

I definitely want to keep working after I give birth and the little one is old enough that I can do it. I just love my career and I want to not quit it completely.

I can imagine how challenging it must be though. Juggling a newborn and going back to your job... The first months are probably the hardest and most exhausting. This is why I admire all mothers.
Posted by Mehano on 11-25-2017
When I was young and single, I thought having a great job with a good salary is all I needed for a family. So I finished a course and aimed to get a job. Now that I have my own family, I realized that having more than to spend with the family is great. You can be with your family any time they needed you. Currently I have a regular job but I'm looking ways to have other source income that will help me to quit my regular job so that I could spend most of my time with my family.
Posted by vhinz on 11-25-2017
From what I have seen with women in our family, the career has to take a backseat when the baby is born. But that’s temporary only since women now have their careers unlike before when women were just plain housewives. After giving birth, it is customary for the mother to bond with the baby. That is the reason why the government is giving at least 45 days of vacation for the women employee who give birth.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-25-2017
My wife started working part time after the baby was 2 months old. Since I worked from home and our mother lived with us, it was easy to look after the child when wife was away. Now the baby is 16 months and my wife works full time. My mother still lives with as and it has been quite easier to take care of the child. Had there not been for our mother, my wife would have never been able to work.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2018
When you have a baby, things get more complicated (there's no denying it)... But at the same time, I think everything is more pleasurable because of the challenges of having to fight harder for things to become real.

Feeling life on the move is a gift.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-27-2017
It is normal to have postpartum blues but we mothers must overcome these and set our minds straight of what the future lies ahead of us. As long as we are still breathing and knowing that we have a heavier purpose in life since we already have kids now, we need to be more objective, responsible, brave and happier in life.
Posted by tiffiecute on 11-28-2017
Luckily in my country, if you are an employee you are entitled to three months paid maternity leave and an additional three months unpaid. This is ample time for you to spend time with the baby. Men are also entitled to two weeks paid paternity leave. I have decided to take care of my babies myself. I have decided to start my own business and stay home with them. I know if I was still an employee having a child curtails your career progress. In this way, I am lucky and blessed.
Posted by jaymish on 11-29-2017
That depends on your financial situation. If you can afford it, then by all means take a break from working in a regular 9 to 5 job to look after the baby. At least for the first three years. According to some studies, half of what we know in our entire lives is learned by the time we are three. So the first three years is a critical stage in our lives. That's assuming you can afford to take a break. If not, then you will just have to get back to work and look after the baby as best as you can. If you have parents or in-laws who can help out, that would be great.
Posted by Aree on 12-02-2017
Working is not only about finance. MY wife continued working after she had the baby. For a few months she worked part time and now she is working full time. She works not because we are financially unstable, she works because she wants to develop her career.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2018
Having a child is God's greatest gift because not all can have children. If God given you a child, it is your responsibility as a parent to nurture and raise them well because you are just chosen to be God's care taker of them and you don't own them but God.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-06-2017
I agree with the statements above. Having children seems like a thrilling and chaotic time but I also think it is beautiful. These expectations are accurate and relevant to what pregnant woman will actually have to experience. Great job!
Posted by Zellis55 on 12-07-2017
I totally agree with the points here. Having a kid will need you to sacrifice most things you love doing and this can include your job. You need to attend to your baby, yourself and your partner. 24 hours is not even enough.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-09-2017
All of your points are well taken. All of those things happened to me after I had my kids EXCEPT that I didn't want another job. The job I had paid well and was exactly what I needed to achieve my “family-building” goals.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-09-2017
I agree with your points. After having a child, I feel like forcing myself to always go to work and have a hard time saying goodbye to my baby. I check on him once in a while not because I do not trust the person caring for him but because I just want to know what he's been doing. Of course it is just sleep and milk that time but I just wish that I was there and doing all those stuff with him. As soon as work is done, I rush back home. It feels like I've been away for too long from the baby. The smell of the baby relaxes me after a long day at work. Now, I am self-employed and work at home. I can say that I am lucky that I am able to spend time with my 2 kids aside from doing a less stressful job than before.
Posted by mdayrit on 07-10-2018
Parenting is a great responsibility. Therefore, when you decide to have a baby you have to think about a lot of things. Finance is one primary issue that you need to be very serious. During the pregnancy stare and after delivery of the child, your the female will not only be unable to work but also you have to spend more money on diet and health check ups. If you do not gave a strong financial back up you should never have a child.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2018
It is like it was written for me. Very well said. It was like reading what exactly I had gone through. Especially the dilemma of not being able to leave your current work but wanting to stay home.
Posted by emiaj55 on 11-25-2018