6 Foot Life Sized Mocha Sunny Cuddles Plush Teddy Bear

6 Foot Life Sized Mocha Sunny Cuddles Plush Teddy Bear
Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Want something that says you love them beary much? Then how about the Plush 6 foot mocha colored Giant Teddy Bear that is Sunny Cuddles?

This is Sunny Cuddles, the life sized 6 foot giant life sized plush teddy bear with a huge bear heart and huge bear parts! He'll make one of the best giant teddy bear gifts you could give someone as a gift on Valentine's Day!

Big in size, and big on cuddles! If you know someone who loves their teddy bears and loves their snuggles and cuddles then Sunny Cuddles the giant life sized teddy bear will be there every time to give and get cuddles from!

Imagine the giant reaction you'll get when you give this giant sized teddy bear that shows your giant amount of love that you have for whoever is lucky enough to get given him as a gift this Valentine's Day.

Normal small sized teddy bears are cute, but giant, life sized teddy bears go above and beyond the same old same old usual sized teddy bears and show your love for a person in a BIG BIG way with th Sunny Cuddles AmBEARssador.

With true to life, life like features from the soft plush fur to the big brown eyes, this giant teddy bear has been made to the highest quality and construction and made with only the best materials that are bear approved.

Unmatched in quality and authenticity, this is the real deal of all Giant Teddy Bears made in the U.S.A. by Giant Teddy. He'll always be there for hugs and cuddles whether you're hibernating with him or ever in need of a hug!

With a smile that melts hearts and cute brown eyes that reflect the light and love back that you show to him. He has all the other bear like features and characteristics that make him so unbearably cute to behold, hold and hug!

  • Giant life sized teddy bear that's made to the highest quality and will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone that loves hugs and cuddles!
  • He stands at 6 feet tall from head to toe when stood up. Although he mostly likes to sit and and just cuddle up with someone all day long.
  • Great realistic bear like characteristics like brown eyes and a smile that can melt and warm most hearts.
  • Great gift for a young one like a child but also for an adult or someone else as a Valentine's Day gift.

  • He has rather large for a teddy bear so he'll probably take up quite a lot of space. Like a whole chair or corner of a room.
Giant Teddy brand 6 Foot Life Size Mocha Brown Color Big Plush Teddy Bear Sunny Cuddles (With I Love You Heart)

Ad: Giant Teddy brand 6 Foot Life Size Mocha Brown Color Big Plush Teddy Bear Sunny Cuddles (With I Love You Heart)

It is stuffed in California with love & high quality polyester fiberfill that is never recycled.



Big but cute

I prefer this one. It looks it is of a better quality and I prefer its dark brown color and sleekness. It is a gift that will certainly bring a smile to one's face, as well as make her be amazed at the huge size. One must hope that she will find room for it though, but other than that it is really sweet even though it is enormous!
Posted by sspi on 01-18-2017

boy o boy

This doll looks massive and attractive , wow ,wow , wow. Come to think of it, who is the perfect person to receive this gift ? , Should I send it to my male pals ? What massage will they receive? Or should I send it to my female friends ? I'm not too sure right now. This dull is a huge companion and will make a very good friend.

Many will receive this doll with delight but hope it doesn't scare visitors over time. Imagine a friend visiting and not aware of the doll, bump into her suddenly, wow. I don't have an issue with the doll , I think she's really cute

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-11-2017

sunny curdles

What a lovely baby we have here, great hug from a cutie, soft and hairy doll. To stay warm all night, just rap your arms around her , very comforting. Em let me think for a while, who will buy this doll for me as a gift? I'm not sure yet, this is the mighty jeo Young. A special gift. Dazzling cutie.
Posted by Trisha on 01-13-2017


5 Foot Dough Brown Giant Smiling Teddy Bear

5 Foot Dough Brown Giant Smiling Teddy Bear
Another giant sized teddy bear that would make a great and unique Valentine's Day gift would have to this 5 Foot Dough Brown Giant Smiling Teddy Bear who is very very large and very very soft and loves to be cuddled and hugged.

From head to toe, the Giant Smiling Teddy Bear in a cookie dough brown color and with his with Bigfoot Paws, he stands at 5 feet tall. And almost as much around the waist as well! He's big enough to bear most hugs and cuddles.

Made with a lot of attention to detail in an adorable design with love, his soft cookie dough colored brown fur is super soft to touch and feel as you stretch your arms around him to carry him or just snuggle up for a big hug.

Yes there will surely be lots of hugs and cuddles happening and that's why he'd make such a great Valentine's Day gift for anyone that loves hugging and being hugged! He's filled with super soft polyester filling inside him.

He'll make someone a big ol companion and friend, and makes for a great giant sized pillow or even a bed in an emergency situation. With his padded paw imprints and classic teddy bear look and appeal he's your usual big ol' bear!

So if you're looking for that perfect gift for someone, to show how much love you have for them, in a beary big way, then 5 Foot Dough Brown Giant Smiling Teddy Bear is the gift that you need to give to show just that!

He comes delivered in a box much bigger than a shoe box! And will surely catch the eye and attention and heart of the special and lucky person that you're sending or giving it to.

He'll show your love big time and will be loved back just as big by anyone that loves their teddy bears, or giant sized teddy bears like the 5 Foot Dough Brown Giant Smiling Teddy Bear .

  • Giant life sized teddy bear that stands up at 5 foot tall from head to toe. But he mostly likes to just squat and hang out like most bears do!
  • Made to the highest in teddy bear quality and made for hugging and snuggling up to. Or as a make shift pillow or even bed for the night!
  • He will make a BIG impression on whoever is fortunate and lucky and special enough to be given him as a gift this Valentine's Day.

  • It's said that he can sometimes shed some of his fur and small tufts of hair fall off very easily and the stitching doesn't appear to be good quality.
5 Foot Very Big Smiling Teddy Bear Five Feet Tall Cookie Dough Brown Color with Bigfoot Paws Giant Stuffed Animal Bear

Ad: 5 Foot Very Big Smiling Teddy Bear Five Feet Tall Cookie Dough Brown Color with Bigfoot Paws Giant Stuffed Animal Bear

*NOTE: BIG PLUSH Wants You to Be Satisfied and Wants you to Receive Only the 100% REAL AND AUTHENTIC Bear That is EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS, and is Shipped inside of the Authentic Giant-Size BIG PLUSH BOX. *ONLY* Amazon Seller *BIG PLUSH* is Authorized to Sell This Bear From Within This Listing.


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Will go for the 5-foot teddy bear, my aunt will be the right person to own that, her love for giant life bears.It gives her life from all the hugging and snuggling.I just like the giant size of 5 foot I don't think it will be too bogus like the 6 footer at least with 5 foot it would be a little cute and pleasant to the eyes.I love the color in the image and if one bu same it will be alright, because it looks attractive already.
Posted by lovely on 12-01-2017
My wife is around 5 feet, giving a six foot Teddy will be kind of interesting. I think 6 Foot Life Sized Mocha Sunny Cuddles Plush Teddy Bear will be a great gift for her this Valentine's Day. The description does not include the price. I hope it is affordable.
Posted by vinaya on 12-16-2017
I wonder how you will manage that giant of a teddy bear. I have my own teddy bear that is 3 feet, I think, and it’s already a burden when I place it beside me on the bed. That 5 feet high teddy bear is a giant that can fill the entire bed. Maybe that is much too big for comfort unless you have several children to own it in their bedroom.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-03-2018