6 Foot Thanksgiving Inflatable Scarecrow + Turkey + Pumpkin

6 Foot Thanksgiving Inflatable Scarecrow + Turkey + Pumpkin
Thanksgiving is for giving thanks, is to love each other, be good friends and a good family. It's a day of love and a season of share, and deserves some theme decorations that not only say "Hey, it's Thanksgiving!" but also can prove the love that we could all give each other during this time period. This inflatable decoration is perfect for that, with its colors, its details, and the fact that it features basically a hug between two symbols of Thanksgiving and autumn. Being sold on Amazon for 82 dollars, it have everything you need to inflated it. There are lights, a internal fan and it's easy to store when it's not inflated, so you can put it away during the rest of the year. Sure, some assembly is required but just a quick look at the picture will prove you that it's absolutely worth it! The main protagonist is, as usual, the turkey: a big brown bird, with colorful legs and beaks, and a big nice tails. He also wears a nice orange hat - it's not the classic pilgrim hat that you see all around during Thanksgiving, but it's nice anyway. THe turkey is sitting on a pumpkin, that for some reason appear to be a Jack O' Lantern, a Halloween pumpkin. This way you might put the decoration out earlier, just during Halloween, since it features both symbols of both days, but it's a bit confusing. Maybe a simple pumpkin would have been better. Next to the turkey, there is a smily scarecrow extremely colorful: dress in blue and green, with a green shirt and a orange-ish.. skin, or whatever is it. It also wears a similar hat like the turkey, but blue and not orange. If you love autumn, if you love Thanksgiving, this decoration is the perfect choice for your house.

  • Very nice
  • Colorful
  • Full of details
  • If features both Halloween and Thanksgiving symbol
  • After the fan burned out a replacement was quickly received
  • Look as picture
  • Arrived quickly

  • Motor stopped working quickly
  • Won't stand up easily
  • A bit smaller than expected
  • Night lights aren't very bright




This inflatable is very cute. I think that what draws me to it the most is the scarecrow. I think that scarecrows are neat looking and very cute. They just remind me of fall time and make me smile. Plus it has the turkey and the pumpkin, so it is a great decorating piece for fall time.
Posted by angie828 on 11-16-2017


6 Foot Tall Happy Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey on Pumpkin

6 Foot Tall Happy Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey on Pumpkin
The decoration with the pumpkin, the scarecrow and the turkey sure looks nice, and sure looks full of details, but I know that for many people too much is... well, too much. There are too many details, too much going on, and like I said the inclusion of a Halloween pupmkin is pretty weird. If you follow this reasoning and don't like that decoration, don't worry because you won't have to renounce to have some Thanksgiving atmosphere in your house (or outside) because you can choose this much simpler, but still nice, inflatable decoration! This time there aren't characters everywhere, it features just him and him alone, the turkey, the protagonist of Thanksgiving, the symbol of this glorious day and in any case a funny looking bird. Sure this is a cartoonish version so it's even funnier, with round shapes and bright colors - the usual brown body, a very yellow beak and a tail with typical yellow and orange autumanl colors- but even actual turkeys look funny, after all. Sure they will hardly wear a pilgrim hat, like this turkey is doing - and a turkey with a pilgrim hat screams "Thanksgiving" more than anything else. The decoration features not only a turkey, but also a big round orange ball (that you might consider like a pumpkin, like the name of the item suggest, or simply like literally a round ball where the turkey is sitting). It's not totally plain, because on it there is written on big white letters "Happy Thanksgiving!" in case the item wasn't clear enough on what day we are celebrating. If you absolutely want this nice turkey with you, there is little you need to do: just go on Amazon and grab it! Here it's being sold fro just 69 dollars. It's extremely quick to setup: as soon as you plug it into a outlet, it will inflates itself in a few seconds! And during the night, it lights up! Nice, simple, amazing!

  • Simple but nice
  • Looks like picture
  • Amazing at night
  • Colorful
  • As described

  • The electric cord attached to the fan broke in few weeks
  • Really loud
  • Maybe even too simple, without too much details


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I wonder how our home will look when I put up those giant inflatable decorations in the front door or in the front yard. The products that are featured in this discussion are extra large that will fit big houses only. For a small house like ours, the inflatable decoration may cover the whole frontage of our house that what people will see is only the inflatable decoration and not the door anymore.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018