A person should live away from his parents once turned 20

A  person should live away from his parents once turned 20
Life, especially in Africa where I come from is one in which most parents try to train their kids in a way they feel those kid s should live their lives. this involves having the kids live with them till they feel ready to live alone in a different area and take personal decisions that shape their lives. While the kids are still with the parents, the parents ensure they watch over what the kids eat, drink and the type of friends they go out with.

My female friend is already 24 years old and still living with the parents, and always plead with me to help find a job for her. luckily for her, we had a vacancy at the firm I work with and when she applied, she was employed. All of sudden after working for 5 days, she stopped coming and when I contacted her to know if she fell sick, she told me that her parents told her to stop the work. I felt bad because doing that work would have assisted her in a great way in providing some necessities for herself.

After then, I started telling her that she should be making plans already to live alone where she can take better decisions on how she lives her life. I am of the opinion that when a kid turns 20, he/she should already be catering for his/her needs which include what the person eats, drinks, and the friends that come around. this is because we have our lives to lives and at a stage, we have to make decisions for ourselves.



I agree!

I agree because when our kids grow up they must become independent and live their life. Staying with parents over the age 20 is not healthy for their psyche. Anyway if they need help they know where to come, and we the parents will always help as much as we can!
Posted by wallet on 08-26-2017
I don't see anything damaging to someone's psyche if they live with their parents for a little longer than 20 years. What would REALLY be damaging is if they were forced to move out at 20, before they may be ready, and totally crashing and burning in their attempted independence, before returning home "beaten and bruised" by life if you will.

A lot of people don't finish their college education until they're nearly 22 or 23 years old, and if you're on scholarship or taking a large course-load, it can be difficult to work enough to support yourself and go to school.

Hence the reason it's not a bad idea at all if allow your kids to live with you past the age of 20. It's all dependent on their position in life and whether they have means to support themselves at the age of 20.

Place in life.

It's not really necessary to literally just go away and not return to your parent's house, however when you turn 20, you are at the point of life where you'll be studying in university or working a job, so you'll have enough reasons to be living in a place of your own even if it's on rent. You shouldn't really move away until you can settle comfortably and earn decent income, however you should try to at least live on rent for a certain period of time to get used to this type of life.
Posted by manmad on 08-25-2017
I agree on what you say that a person should live when they turn in 20. At the age of 20, one must start to try to live on their on and discover new things. A person must go out on what we called "comfort zone". I try it myself and I think I've made the right decision. Now I can do things on my own and I can help now may parents in problems they can't face on their own only. Living outside comfort zone makes you realize on how to live in this world.


Once you reach 20 it's time to move out. Parents gave you everything they could when you'll reach twenty years of age, and you shouldn't live with them anymore. The only time you should stay with your parents is if you live in a bad country with no jobs and you can't afford moving out.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-25-2017
What if you live in a good, stable country but also can't find a job or afford to move out? Depending on circumstances, maybe they're going to college under scholarship and don't have time to work in order to live away from home, or living with their parents would be the best financial choice until they finish school.

I moved out at 20 to go to school in another city from my parents, but believe me, if there had been a 4 year university in my parent's town and I attended it, I would have lived with them until I graduated. If the parent's don't have a problem supporting their child for a longer period of time than 20 years, there's nothing wrong with that.


Our culture demands a person to have moved out o f their parent's house once they are deemed to be mature enough to be earning, mostly when one is 20 years old and over. When you move out early you get the independent mind to depend on your own thinking and end up exercising your freedom.
Posted by williamk on 08-25-2017

Yes living on your own is great

I myself left home when I was 19 years old and I have never looked back. Having said that having your own place is a lot of responsibilities. If you don't have the monetary means to support yourself you're going to be in big trouble. Also keep in mind you're going to need a emergency fund for unexpected surprises
Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-25-2017
The latter part of your comment is the exact reason I think it's okay for people to live with their parents past the age of 20. I moved out at 20 and had a stable job to support myself and attend school, but I know that's not the case for everyone. It would have been a lot easier if I'd stayed at home an additional 2 years while I finished school and saved money living with my parents before making the plunge into getting my own place.

We can't make our experiences generalizations for how everyone else's experiences should be, which is why I don't have a problem with people living with their parents past 20 years of age.

Sooner the better

If you are 20 and have a job , and managed to save enough money to buy or rent a house then do it. I'm still not 18 and i do not know how to find the money for a house but that 's my way of thinking when it comes to moving out of your parents house, the sooner the better.
Posted by MatejaBogunovic on 08-25-2017
*the sooner the better
Pretty much bro. I have been struggling with this for a couple years now. Unfortunately I have not been able to move away yet but I will soon

I don't think so

I am living in a country where no rules such as this is agreed. And I think it depends on the culture. However, the person who is 20 years old or running, he/she would be matured enough to face life without depending their lives to their parents.
Posted by Jenien on 08-26-2017


Once you reach 20 it's time to move out.You just have to earn your money alone and not rely on your parents anymore. This is what i did, but at 18 years old.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-26-2017
That's very great that you were able to make a living for yourself at the age of 18. However, your experience on its own is not something that can be taken as a generalization as to what everyone that age should do.

Simply put, I disagree with you. Reaching the age of 20 does not mean it's time to move out. Everyone is in different situations at that time in their life, some of which may not be conductive to living on your own.

I left at 20, and I was lucky to have found a steady job while I attended college, but I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I was. If my parents had lived in the same town as my university, I would have lived with them several years past the age of 20, and they would have been perfectly fine with it.

Independence and Responsibilities

Some people fear of living alone while some are eager to have their independence. I think 20 years old is just an appropriate age to have an independence, to have your own flat, to feed yourself, to pay your bills and to be responsible for your self. At this age, you must have some College, and you were already in the run for some employment. This will make a person a responsible for his future actions and decisions. It is vital that we learn how to stand for ourselves, know our capacity, act on our dreams and be the man we want to be. Our parents will never be there forever, they have done their part and contribution to us, so it's just necessary that we take in charge and be the captain of our ship. Our parents will always have good words of advice for us and they will always check on us, but we must also know that every parent would be proud to see our achievements in life. It's about time to make our parents proud of us!
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-25-2017

New Perspective

Independence is a Decision that we make in ourselves. Living alone away from your family makes you realize of life’s Pros and Cons. If all your life you have been dependent on your parents for food and money, then it will be a struggle.

I moved away from home when I was 20. Good thing is that I totally saw a better perspective of what I wanted to become and what I wanted to achieve in life. Living alone opened door for me to persevere and step out of my comfort zone. It ables me to become a wise decision maker and have a positive outlook in life.

For me, moving away from home is a sign of courage. It opens up to a perspective that we can face endless possibilities in preparation of an unknown world ahead of us.

Posted by Istine on 08-25-2017




Independence is needed, but there is not a set age for that.

I believe the whole "get out before you're 20" is an extremely american-centric point of view that doesn't take into consideration multiple variables.

How is the economy of the country? Is it possible for the kid to find a job that provides enough to subsist? Can the kid pay rent with what they make? What about the parents?

Independence is important, but timing is related to outside circumstances more than a simple age.

Posted by VintageRose on 08-25-2017

It is a personal choice

It is a personal choice for one to decide when they are ready to move away from their parents. Granted, I am not saying that someone should live with their parents until they are 40 (although I have known a few that have done this). I am merely saying sometimes it is not feasible for a 20 year old to move out.

Take me for example. I loved living at home and I did until I was 21. I lived at home until then because I went to college after high school. While in college, I did not have a job. So money was tight for me. Living at home allowed me more freedom, as there was not a way that I would have been able to afford food, gas and rent, plus all the utilities. I was ready to move out when I had a full time job and knew that I could fully support myself when I was 21.

Posted by angie828 on 08-28-2017

Everybody has a choice

Dude, you can live with your parents for as long as you want regardless of your age. If your parents are already sickly, will you leave them once you turn 20??? If your parents have nobody to turn to, will you leave them?

Yes, living away from your parents can help you grow. But that doesn't mean that you won't grow if you're living with them.

But, if you're living with them just so that you have an excuse not to look for a job because they're taking care of you, well shame on you. You should be able to stand on your own two feet by this time and start helping them in their needs.

Posted by limberg on 08-26-2017

Not Necessarily

I think this depends completely on someone's position in life. Independence from living with your parents is truly a liberating feeling, and I think a lot of people jump into it too quickly. It's important that you have a stable foundation before you start out on your own, and for some people, that might require they live with their parents for a little longer than 20 years.

I moved out when I was 20, yes, but I'm grateful that my parents let me live at home while attended community college, rent free, so I could work and save money while I was preparing to move out.

If my parents had lived in a city that had a four year university instead that I had attended, I would have fully intended on living with them until I finished all four years instead.

Posted by TheArticulate on 08-26-2017

It completely depends

I have to disagree. I don't think that it is needed at exactly twenty years old. We are all individuals and we grow up differently. Some grow and mature way faster than others. Also, why move out if, for example, you only have your mother and the house is huge? You can stay with her, help her with the chores, work and also add money each month for the expenses. You don't need to move away to become independent and responsible.

I have friends that moved out from their parents at 18 years old and some at 25, it does not matter in my eyes.

Posted by Mehano on 08-26-2017

It depends

Not really. With this way of thinking, anybody aged 20 should get kicked out from their parents' home. The thing is that not everybody will be ready for it: 20 years old is still pretty young, and I know people that are not mature enough at that age to be fully self-sustained (and I know more mature people even younger). The same applies for the parents: they might need some help at home: maybe with the house, maybe with their health, maybe with some money and a part time (or even full time) job to start. Situations can vary a lot, so this can't be a rule.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-25-2017

Depends on the situation

It really all depends on the situation. If a person is 20 and still in college then they may not be able to afford to move out on their own. My children were always welcome to stay with me as long as they needed to.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-25-2017

Not necessarily

Although I think people should learn to live independently once they reach adult age and this means being able to support themselves financially, I don't think it necessarily means they need to move out of their parents' house. If they can contribute to rent or other areas of the household or if they have significant student debt and can't afford to move out at the moment, I think it's fine for someone to live at home if the parents agree to the arrangement. It's not my place to dictate what a person should do just because they've reached a certain age and their decision doesn't affect me at all so I don't think I should judge them for it. There are many reasons why someone might choose to live at home after reaching adult age and it's not only because they can't support themselves.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-27-2017

There's NO NEED to Move Out

I disagree. Especially for females. Sure! Kids may WANT to move out on their own. But I don't see any NEED for sons or daughters to leave home just because they are legal adults. Your parents are starting to wind down and approaching retirement age. My friend's daughter stayed home and paid her parents rent money, while she attended college. Once she got a job she moved out but I think it was because the job was not near her parents' home.

Why should kids move out, when they can stay at home and contribute to their parents' retirement income? Why give rent money to a landlord who will put you out on the streets or charge you extra fees if you're late or miss a rental payment? Your parents won't kick you out! It's a win-win situation for parents and child financially and in many other ways.

That's just one of the reasons. But it's a good reason huh? :)

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-25-2017

Not necessary

Unless you are out for work. it's better to stay with family. Because staying with family keeps you social. Living away from family and living alone does not really help much. So it all depends on how the people are taking the self development and the social development. It's not always a good idea to stay without family.
Posted by overcast on 08-26-2017


I don't think that a person must leave his/her parents house once he/she reaches 20. You can still be independent and work while you are living at your parents place. I am still living at my parents place and I am free to do whatever I want. I think it all depends on the type of parents that you have.
Posted by Pixie on 08-26-2017
rose thornes
I'm working and still living with my parents too. I see nothing's wrong with it. I can still have freedom to do things I want. Mostly the traditions here is to live with your parents until you get married.

Age is just a Number. Circumstances will determine

There's no set rule of thumb where a decision such as deciding to move or stay with parents at a certain age is concerned. It depends on a person's economics and also on the parent's situation at the time. There are some cases where children have moved out and still depend on their parents for essentials just as if they still live with them. Other cases may be that the parents may actually depend on the children to take care of them which involves children staying home. Financial issues on either side may be another factor. One way or the other, circumstances will be the determinant factor in this one.
Posted by Joteque on 08-26-2017

Reality over ideology

Independence is a meaningful part of life that should be sought reasonably. But, society is not a fair place and there is increasing economic need for families to seek multi0generatonal solutions to their economic needs. It is finances which should dictate this, not some hackneyed ideology.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-26-2017

Yes and No

I don't believe there is necessary a magical age for everyone which serves as the boundary to set out on your own, but there is definitely an age range in which people should establish themselves as adults which includes moving out of your parents' home. In some areas, it is extremely difficult for financial or even safety reasons for young adults to move out on their own. There is also sometimes the consideration of the young adult helping out their family by contributing financially or helping to care for younger or elderly relatives in the home. There are just a lot of considerations to take in. However, whether still living in the home or not, young adults should definitely begin taking responsibility for themselves, their finances, decisions and overall life.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-25-2017


Is there a certain way to stop living with parents? Certainly not.

This was an imposition created by society as a way to make teenagers more responsible. Of course there is nothing wrong with that (after all, everyone has to become responsible at some point in life), but it can't be a forced process.

Age defines nothing, but the cultural question may be strongly related to it.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-25-2017


20 years old is a good age to start to independent ourselves but most people at that age are in the college so, it's difficult to earn enough money to live on their own because they have to work and to study at the same time. Also, their parents prefer to support them economically while they are studying at college.
Posted by cubo on 08-26-2017

It is a bit cruel

Kicking somebody out at the age 20 seems a bit too cruel to me. I understand the whole "need for independence" thing but if the circumstances don't allow it, I don't see a problem in staying with your parents for a few years longer.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-25-2017

Family first

I don't think family matters should be subject to any logical theory, if the person has to work, so be it, if not, it's better to stay home, I have traveled a lot before even I reached 20 years old, and I haven't got what i was looking for, and family is meant to stay together.
Posted by joey98 on 08-26-2017

Is not like that everywhere

I think this point of view is somewhat anglosaxon an its definetly related to culture. In many Latin American countries people do not leave their parents households until they marry. Saying there is a right or wrong way of starting the sense of independence does not considers how people interact with their families regarding their cultures. I agree people should sustain themselves by then or at least have a job so they can chip in, but live why whoever you want!
Posted by DoveWithGlasses on 08-28-2017

Disagree with it.

I disagree to a person should live away from his/her parents once turned 20. For me, I will choose to stay with them. I want to cherish the moments with my parents. I want to be the one now who will care and protecr them like they do when I was a kid. It is not bad to go out to the comfort zone for you to experince something new. But we must make sure to put some time with our parents.
Posted by blank629 on 10-06-2017

Absolutes are never good. (lol)

People are complicated. Everyone has a unique perspective based upon their biology, their upbringing, their troubles, etc. There is no such thing as a universal life path that everyone follows.

Some people can move out at age 20. Others need to stay at home to finish out college, or to get a more stable career. Some people are AWAY at college at this age. Some people moved out 2 years prior.

It all depends on the situation and context of the move. I believe everyone should strive to be on their own, but there is not a universal deadline or rush that applies to everyone.

Posted by leaf on 08-27-2017

To Each His Own

I guess the answer will always depend on a person's circumstances.

My family is really close to one another and I see no need to move away and I'm 27 years old already. My parents need me and I will sleep much better at night knowing that I'm the one taking care of them and not some stranger.

Posted by yieesh on 08-28-2017

home sweet home

I don't think so, it actually depends in circumstances of situation.Im already at the legal and and was already working but I don't have any plant to move out from my parents home unless some circumstances pushed me to move.I can save a lot of money from staying and can help my family about money matters.It's more comfortable to stay in my parents house and stay with the people you love.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-26-2017

no no no

I don't think so! because there are different kinds of people and they have a different kind of beliefs in life. what if she only has 1 parent left? Do they have to separate even their parent needs them. you can prove you're being independent without separating with your parents. and there are so many reasons to consider by doing that.
Posted by jayken on 08-26-2017

Too early

There is no rule on what age you should live away from your parents. If you want to live with your parents together with your kids and wife and your parents are cool with that then I don't any problem with it. If you're unable to live by yourself and you are broke by age 20, then don't move out. The time will come when you will eventually have to buy your own house and move out but I think age 20 is too early. I think when you get married is the right time to move out of the house.
Posted by Xyruz13 on 08-30-2017

when ready

It depends on the situation and kind of family. Like in my situation my parents and my child we live in the same house until now. I can’t leave my parents because no one will take care of them. It is my obligation and responsibility. I have a child now and I don’t want to move out in our house at the age of 20 and that age still not mature enough. I’m still worried if she will move out and do her own by herself. Time will come and when I see that she already ready to live by her own that’s the time I will allow her.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-20-2017

Depends on the country's culture

I do not agree that a person should live away from his parents' house at a set age. He/she can choose to live with them or not at all. It also depends on the country's culture. In my country, we want to live with our parents or our children when we have children of our own.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-16-2018


I agree that a person should live away from his parents when he or she is 20. It is okay like that if the adult person has a good job he or she is doing. If the person can stand on its own without the parents help then he or she can live alone from his or her parents.
Posted by babyright on 08-25-2017
What if the person is more than 21 and he still has no job? Maybe it would depend on the reason why he is jobless. But if he is just lazy then he should probably be thrown out of the house to fend for his own survival. However that is not the case in our culture because parents, by tradition, are kind and helpful to their children that as long as the child depends on the parents then the parents should provide.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-30-2018
I will absolutely support this if the said person is working, without money staying away from home can be a disaster. I'm saying this from a personal experience. Living alone without any source of income isn't advisable.
Posted by Frank on 12-13-2018
Everybody can't be the same and definitely parents are not the same I think it depends on parents.Like my parents when once you turn 18,you can take decisions on what affect you.My parents can only revised your decision not giving a final say.I think you can only leave your parents house when you're comfortable not because of pressure.20yrs to me is still not a good time to leave one's parents unless it very important
Posted by lovely on 08-25-2017
Definitely, you're right it shouldn't be able the age but when one is comfortable to move out. Becoming 20 or 25 wouldn't give one money but what will us work. It better what finish school, get a job very important before moving out if the house.
Posted by Frank on 12-13-2018
for my opnion it depends on the culture. me i live in south east Asia and at the age of 20 most of us still leaves with our parents because we believe that we should help our parents take care of them when they grow old and some responsibility to do as part of the family but some are rich and they can just go alone at age of 20 if they have good job or enough money to seperate why not but don't for get to visit his/her parents because they are the one who rise you up :)
Posted by tophew on 08-25-2017
I think if you can afford to living away from your parent as an adult is the best thing to do. I think it is healthier for parents and children to separate after a certain age. I think after 25 or 30 continuing to live with your parents is socially isolating and causes too much dependency, but it is probably comforting for some parents and children to live together. Every family is different, but parents and children can both develop themselves more if they don't live together.
Posted by kgord on 08-25-2017
I don't totally agree with the idea that you live away from your parents once turned 20. I love my mom and I always wanted to live with her forever and take good care of her for the rest of her life. And if ever I get myself a family, I would bring her with me because it's my duty to take care of her. I really can't imagine myself living without my mom.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-25-2017
Well from my perspective I totally agree that are some age limit one should attend and make plans to leave his or comfort zone being the parents home and fend for himself. In as much as I agree with you on this note, I think 20 years is too early to take that step.

At 20 years in my country Nigeria, most people are yet to conclude their education talk more of finding a job to be able to fend for himself. And also situations of one's country plays a huge role in one's capability of leaving the parents home to live alone. Getting a job here in my country is almost an impossible task, you either have contact in high places or enough money to pay before getting a job and without either of these two options, getting a job that would be able to help you stand on your own feet is not something easy.

I would say between the age of 25-27 is perfect for one to seek leaving the parents home and fend for himself. At least within that age range, the individual would have finished with school and focus on finding suitable job to fend for his needs.
Posted by Heatman on 08-25-2017
I agree with you, but this depends on the culture because not in all countries think the same way. In my country, you don't see kids with 20 years old living alone. One of the reasons why is because in my country there is a lot of insecurity and right now we are living a social, economic, and political crisis. With the basic salary, you can not buy the Basic food basket which contempt principals products you need to survive. You can not afford anything for your own. A lot of people are starving because with the job they have the can not afford to eat. In case you don't know what country I am talking about is VENEZUELA. In another country with a good economy, you could live alone having 20 years old.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-25-2017
I agree with this a hundred per cent. The natural life cycle includes growing up and moving on. Once we get past a certain age we need to leave the family that we were born in and move on to form our own family. It's just how things work. Plus we need to stop depending on the money of others. It's past time to give the people who paid for your bills their entire life a break.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-25-2017
Moving out of your parents early gives you the freedom to do your own thinking and making your own decisions. I would encourage young to start having an independent mind early in life so that they can be self-reliant early on their own.
Posted by williamk on 08-25-2017
There is no actual law that states at what age children can or cannot be left alone, but the law is clear about the responsibility of parents to look after their children. In many cultures it is usual for children to care for brothers and sisters. While different societies have different customs, in Australia there is a legal obligation for parents to make sure that their children are properly looked after.

Parents are expected to provide food, clothing, a place to live, safety and supervision (Family Law Act 1975).
Parents can be charged with an offence if children are left in a dangerous situation and are not fed, clothed or provided with accommodation (Crimes Act 1900).
Care and Protection (part of the ACT Office for Children, Youth and Family Support) can remove children from situations where their immediate safety is in serious danger and there is no responsible adult or guardian present (Children and Young People Act 2008).
Posted by Authord on 08-25-2017
What a short sighted view the posters and OP have here. While many children want to move out as soon as possible, it's often not financially viable and those who do, end up back home if they run into financial difficulty. In many countries, people graduate from university at the earliest at 21 years of age, and the age of majority where people can get loans is 18 or 21 in any case, therefore it would be hard for anyone to buy a place at that age unless they had an inheritance.

Rent money is often wasted money, so while one may wish to live alone it comes at a cost. The OP's view maybe suitable for those in Africa, but pretty much in the western world those who leave home early are usually living in squats or council homes which aren't exactly desirable.
Posted by Alexa on 08-25-2017
Yea, different strokes for different folks. One which always weigh all the corners of a decision before taking them. What works for A might never work for B. I don't see any reason why one should be hurrying to leave the home if the parents are civil enough. No need paying additional rent when the rooms are vacant in one's family house. We should search and weigh all options.
Posted by Frank on 12-13-2018
I think that's one of the best decisions you could make in you life. It's a big responsibility to live on your own but as well it has its perks such as privacy and freedom. This is a very complicated goal to achieve if you live in a third world country as jobs don't pay enough for you to be able to pay everything you need for living and it will require more time to be in the position of thinking of moving out. I know kids in Scandinavia move out as soon as they turn 18 years old and start to have their own lives and make their own decisions and I honestly wish this was possible to do everywhere.
Posted by felabruno on 08-25-2017
We live in a country wherein family bonds are strong and that it is rare for people turning 20 to move out of their houses. Family relation is strengthened here and it is a huge part of tradition that a person will only move out of his house if he is getting married. I even know people that haven't moved out despite having spouses. I used to want to move out back then as I have been looking at the aspect of freedom but I just realized that it would be very hard for me as I have found importance to my parents and siblings. I wish to help them first before I move out. I would only move out if I am already able to save up for my own house. Moving out would be a great opportunity for everyone but it can be very difficult at first.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-26-2017
Not necessarily at the age of 20, like in some other countries, most people during that age were certainly still on the pursue of their studies and will never make it until graduation if separated from patronage of their parents or maybe the government. Although most of those probably think it can be a great idea to be on a separate house with their parents to make them look cool, but how many of those kids are influenced by their peers and turned out to be problematic members of the society.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 08-26-2017
Luckily, I am living in a country where being far with your family is really the most hardest decision and challenge you shall face. Even when you are matured enough and can stand and build with your own family. It is really our tradition to stick with our parents and loved ones. Mostly all of us, cries when a member of a family move out of the house especially when he/she is married. Family and relationship is very important to us no matter what your age might be.
Posted by Jenien on 08-26-2017
I somehow agree with it. I was told by my mother to live my own life, become independent and learn. At first I was having a hard time. I missed them, doing things all by my self is pretty rough and worst is when I'm depressed I have no one to share my tears with. But It helped me a lot. Learned to be responsible, to know what is important and not, to be serious with my life, to work hard for me to live and lots of stuffs. I think some people should not think about it like they we're kicked out by their parents or they were cast away. Our parents just wanted us learn the biggest lesson in life and that is to decided on our own free will.
Posted by clife on 08-26-2017
Probably depends on how well your family is doing. Like for instance, if you have a rich family who doesn't have problems with money and food and shelter, then you can probably live without them specially if you are 18 because you would know that they are always safe and have everything that they need. But for us not so rich, we always think about our families specially our parents if how they are doing today, if they are feelign something bad because sometimes parents don't tell their kids if they are feeling something inside of them because they don't want their kids to worry, and they would think that they are old and probably it's a waste of money. Parents are so humble as they grow older. I tend to live with my mother and try to care for her for as long as I can.
Posted by galegatling on 08-26-2017
Our country is known of strong family ties. We are not force to move out of our parents house at a certain age. 20 for us is still young cause some are still in college and some just started to work. And starting a job here usually pays minimum and renting a house or apartment is really expensive. So parents still gladly assist their child in building their independent life. If you can afford to have your own place to stay then that's the time you can tell your parents that you can leave their house. There are some parents who don't even want their children to leave their home even if they can already afford it specially the girls. They just allow them to leave after marrying. And others even stay in their parents house even of their married. And others even decide to construct their house in the vacant lot of their parents home. That's the way we live here in our country. We always see to it that we still help each other in the family as long as we see they still need assistance.
Posted by zheh on 08-26-2017
It depends on your family. Just because they turn a certain age does not mean that they are automatically ready to live away from their parents by moving to their own place. A person that is 20 can still be considered quite young, to be honest. I know that over here in the UK, a lot of people actually move out once they turn 18 because they go to university and want to live by themselves. It all depends on what the person wants to do and if they are prepared to live by themselves, then the parents should allow for that especially since they are at an age where they can make their own decisions
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-26-2017
I cannot say I agree or disagree. It all depends on how the person get comfortable or feel happy living with his/her parents. There is no force in life, if you don't feel comfortable, you find your way out of their residents, so far as you can cope or make it on your own
Posted by yunken on 08-26-2017
Our relatives in the US say that 18 is considered the legal age so children should move from their parent's house and become independent. But in our culture, children are welcome to stay in the home of their parents even when they are married. Age doesn't matter, yes. I remember my older siblings who were around 30 years old with their family still depending on my father for their living expenses. In effect, they became lazy. I have to say that being on your own when you reach 20 or 21 is a good way of learning life. When you are on your own, you become responsible and that's the most important for an adult to learn.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-27-2017
My wife and I are living with my parents. There is nothing wrong in living with parents, in fact it helps you. When we we had a baby, my mother was by our side, she even took a great care of my wife and baby. My father is always by my side and it gives a great emotional comfort. Separating with parents do not depend on age, but on circumstances. When I was in teens, I was away from my parents because I was in the city and my parents lived in the farm.
Posted by vinaya on 08-27-2017
Nothing wrong on both decision as long a person is responsible. Living with parents as an adult while working is a sign that a person is responsible but living with parents without having a job is a sign that a person is irresponsible. Whether you live alone or live with your parents, you need to find a job to support yourself because you are already an adult.
Posted by Scarlet on 08-28-2017
rose thornes
I think one can leave when he or she's ready to live alone. I live in a country where family is important. No one is forcing their children to move out at a certain age, they leave when they're ready. Even when the children already able to live alone and can have their own house they still prefer to stay at their parents house until they get married and after that they move out but mostly still near a their parents house. I think this all depend on culture and family traditions in each country.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-11-2017
Here in our country we give high value to the family. We are remarkable for being close to each other and never oblige a family member to leave the house when he/she reaches the legal age or even gets older. We have been brought up with strong family ties. We love to be with our family and relatives on especial occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new year’s eve, and other important events. Most of the parents don’t want their children to live far from them even they’ve got married already and have their own family. And there are parents that lets their children live with them together with their own family. Parents love to look after their grandchildren.
Posted by vhinz on 10-13-2017
The family is very important in our culture. Splitting is generally frowned upon. Even though the members might be living apart because of education or jobs, but gathering during the holidays and festivals are recommdned. When a person decided to leave his parents and live alone, the society will try to outcast this person.
Posted by vinaya on 12-15-2017
I think 20 years of age is still not enough to provide their own living. I am 20years old right now and I still depend on my parents. Eventhough we can apply for a job already, we are still in the stage of curiousity and it may bring danger to other people since they can be easily influenced by their friends. I think the ideal age for separation is around 23 years old. Mostly, people in the age of 23 years old and above have their degree now and they can use that as their passport for their independence.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-12-2018
Being independent is important but there is no age for that. It is a personal choice for the person to live away from their parents. In addition, being independent doesn't define your age, I met people younger than 20 can stand on their own and there are older than 20 but still need some guidance from their parents. You can't force a child to leave his/her parent's house if they are not ready yet.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-06-2018
If a child is independent enough, there may be nothing that parents can do as soon as the kid reaches the legal age. After that, parents don't have any legal authority over their child due to the fact the kid is an independent entity and makes personal decisions.
Posted by jetselle on 11-21-2018
I agree that it depends on the Country and Culture. I also think that if asked most kids would want to live away from home and be independent, however most of the times economic circumstances don't allow for this. I would hate to move out of home as a 20 year old and move back a few years latter because I can't pay my bills. I don't know what the author is talking about. In most African Countries its hard to move out of home when you are still in your twenties. The situation with unemployment is dire.I don't think young people stay at home because they want to, it is their economic circumstances that force them.
Posted by jaymish on 11-24-2018
Leaving home early or late is inconsequential what is important is the comfortability at the particular time. If it is okay by the person involved then so be it. But it will hard folly to leave home when one is yet to have a stable income.
Posted by Frank on 12-13-2018