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Additional benefits for employees make them more satisfied with their job

Additional benefits for employees make them more satisfied with their job
Additional benefits for the employees are a thing now. "Just" the salary isn't enough and many companies give their employees additional health insurance, cinema tickets, gym cards and other small gifts. It is said that people work better if they see that their employer takes care of them. Those benefits might not be worth that much but it is better to buy them for the employees so they see that the company treats them right.




Over here it's difficult to find a company that pays benefits to its employees which is a really bad thing because a happy employee is also an employee which will work harder and better
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-07-2017


Some of the most successful companies provide significant benefits for their employees including free food. I think that it's important to respect your employees and invest in them, their health and even their happiness, to make sure the company continues to get satisfactory work and to improve employee satisfaction.
Posted by anna on 11-06-2017


How can you disagree with that? Haha... I mean, it's only natural - and kinda logical - that with more types of earnings (even if it's not cash) employees will work better and happier. But you need to know how to maintain those benefits and not relax while performing your tasks.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-11-2017

I will definitely work hard!

Additional benefits for employees is a great idea to make them more effective and efficient. They are willing to give more of their talents to the work than before. It is hard to find a job nowadays that offers good benefits. Sometimes employees work hard but they didn't get what they must receive. So proposing to have an additional benefits is a great idea. It will be more fun to work than before.
Posted by blank629 on 11-15-2017


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I guess so! It is the human instinct to be more motivated when there is the possibility of having an additional reward. I support this additional bonus culture and I think this is key to creating a better relationship between company and employee. Surely if I have an employee one day, I will give them additional bonuses to keep them motivated and more productive.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-03-2017
It depends on what country you are in, because in the USA what healthcare plan you can get is worth more than the actual salary. Many people stay in a job just for that. I do think things like holiday pay (which is commonplace) is important, but more companies are trying to get out of paying. One company I worked for has a scheme, once you have worked 25 years they give you a year paid sabbatical. Not many do that, but it would garner loyalty without a doubt. Maybe if they did shorter ones like 3 months after 8 years, and 6 months after 12 years then it would help people see jobs as careers.
Posted by Alexa on 11-04-2017
I have a brick and mortar business. It is a vehicle tyre store. I have two employees. The boys have been earning flat salary since the establishment of the store. Of late they did not show any enthusiasm. Then I told them that I will give them 1 percent of the total sales as a commission. The boys were so encouraged that began working hard and new customers fluctuated.
Posted by vinaya on 11-05-2017
This can work as well in boosting the desire of the employees to put in their best in what they do at the firm. They must have calculated how much they are going to make bringing in extra sales which pushed them to increase their passion for the work that they do for you at the work place. I hope it gets better for you.
Posted by Barida on 11-08-2017
I have always believed that non-monetary rewards are important. You need to make your employees feel valued and show that you care for them. This will, in turn, motivate them to work harder. It is not always about money. At my previous job, the company used to give us free vouchers for our birthdays. Moreover, we could organize at least two outings per year and the costs were covered by the company. All the employees were entitled to a free medical check-up yearly.
Posted by Pixie on 11-07-2017
There are ways that employees can feel valued at the firms that they work for. Such situations like ensuring that their salaries are paid on time is one way to show that you truly care about those that work for you. Also, appreciating their work no matter how little it is can go a long way in ensuring that they put in their best with the mind that the management appreciates their work.
Posted by Barida on 11-08-2017
I work in a big company in the managerial position. I have seen how struggling employees appreciated the benefits given by the management such as extra bonus in the form of gift certificates during the rainy season, the 2-month Christmas bonus aside from the midyear bonus of 1 month. We had bought our home courtesy of the housing loan from my husband’s company and our car from my car loan. Truly, we become satisfied when there are more benefits.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-11-2017
When employees are given good additional benefit it gives them good motivation to perform better in their place of work.
Posted by babyright on 11-11-2017