Alex Spa Glitzy Locks Hair Sparkle

Alex Spa Glitzy Locks Hair Sparkle
I love giving gifts that people will truly want to use. My nieces love anything with hair, so this year I did pick up this Alex Spa Glitzy Locks Hair Sparkle. It is selling for $9.97 on Amazon. It will ship for free on orders over $25. I only ordered it a few days ago and it is already here! Very fast and prompt shipping is so nice.

This kit comes with the Glitzy locks applicator, as well as the storage base and stand, and 180 glitter sequins. Plus it has a comb and instructions. My niece is 7. It is recommended for those ages 6 and up. I knew that this would be the perfect thing for her as she loves anything to do with salons and spas. I am sure that when we are at family functions this year she will have it with her to do all of our hair. She has done that in the past with her hair chalk.

Now since this is a gift, she has not used it yet. However, reading reviews and the description, it looks like it is fairly easy to use. Simply use the applicator to place the sequins onto the hair, and press the button. Plus it sounds like you can just comb the sequins out of the hair when you are done. Easy Peasy!

  • makes a great gift
  • amazing for slumber parties
  • fun
  • easy to use
  • inexpensive
  • works on all hair types
  • sequins comb right out
  • sequins can be used over and over
  • great for adults hair as well
  • bigger gems stay put on top of hair
  • pretty
  • sturdy
  • great to add some pizazz to your hair
  • can be placed on braids or ponytails and more
  • no residue is left in hair

  • gems may slip off hair
  • may be a choking hazard
  • sequins could be placed up young children's noses if you are not watching
  • there is a lot to clean up if you make a mess
  • older girls may think this is too childish


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Alex Sketch Sparkle Tattoo Pen set

Alex Sketch Sparkle Tattoo Pen set
I don't know about you, but kids here just love tattoos. The temporary ones are nice but sometimes they just do not offer enough creativity for those that crave that. Here is where this Alex Sketch Sparkle Tattoo Pen set comes into play. For only $6.89, you can purchase a set. Free shipping is given on orders over $25. This temporary tattoo set comes with gel pens and stencils. These stencils stick onto the skin for easy designing. The tattoo ink easily washes off with soap and water, which is nice.

I think that this set would be great for girls. Anyone crafty would enjoy this. The pen colors are gorgeous in colors of blue, green, pink, purple, silver and orange. Girls can either use the sticky stencils or design whatever they wish on their arms and legs. This is perfect for birthday parties, not only as a gift but as an activity for the girls to do.

  • very inexpensive
  • comes with 6 different colored pens
  • stencils are sticky to stick to skin
  • worth the money
  • fast shipping
  • perfect for slumber parties
  • easy to use
  • promotes being creative
  • works great
  • easy clean up
  • pretty colors
  • colors are bright
  • keeps children busy for a long time
  • pens were 100% full
  • washes off with water and soap
  • lots of entertainment
  • decent staying power
  • fun to use
  • great rainy day project
  • sparkly
  • promptly received
  • just as described
  • creative
  • dry quickly
  • do not smudge once dry
  • have a small tip for detailing

  • stencils only stick on skin once
  • two pens arrived dried out
  • ink did not show up well on skin
  • ink pen was not completely full
  • stencils are not gentle on the skin
  • ink contains aluminum
  • ink came right off
  • not very pigmented
  • ink does not last long



Tattoos seem more cleaner.

While I am all for children decorating their bodies in a fun safe way, however I am not someone who likes things that are messy. The tattoo pens seem to be more mess free than the glitzy product. However, tattoos seem to be an expression piece only and will fade away quickly (depending on the tattoo pen ink quality). I also love how the tattoo washes off with soap and water, and hopefully it comes off on the first scrub. Some tattoos take a couple of days to get off however hopefully this tattoo washes right off. So for cleanliness I would definitely choose this product.
Posted by Everett on 11-09-2017

Great for any age

I would go with the tattoos. My God-daughter also likes hair tools, but eventually she gets bored with those, but tattoos never get old, they always work! So, this will give her hours of entertaining, the mess will be cleaned on the shower, she can put those wherever she feels she wants them, and she can match with her BFF and that will make her day.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-09-2017


Alex sketch pen set will be nice to have,at least any day one needs some drawings that would be wipe away soon on the body then one can draw that on and get it removed when needed.I love temporary tattoos because I get easily bored with them,so I will like this one it will help me have new style and design of it on my body all the time.
Posted by lovely on 03-01-2018
Can I have both? I don't think I can actually choose one of these products. I think Spa Glitzy Locks Hair Sparkle and ketch Sparkle Tattoo Pen set, both are good items. These items have a different purpose, you can use hair sparkle when you want to dress your kid for party and tattoo pen when the kids are in the fun mood.
Posted by vinaya on 03-09-2018
Pardon me for this comment but I am against the tattoo even if it is just temporary and only for fun. That tattoo pen set will orient the children on tattoo that later on they might be longing for the real tattoo in thinking that they were using the temporary. In fact, one of my nieces loves that temporary tattoo that we call henna but my sister is always reprimanding her daughter to stop availing of that tattoo service in the beach resort. I agre with my sister that the tattoo is not good for the children.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-14-2018
If my little cousin has to choose, she will go with the tattoos all the way! She loves the ones that have glitter, that you can put in a bracelet shape. Those are kind of hard to take off, and you also can find glitter all over the house while she's having it, but at least she really enjoys it. A good idea is not to give kids a whole big lot of tattoos, so you can extend the fun, and they don't look like some living human exposure, because they want to put them all at once.
Posted by ballyhara on 09-19-2018