Animals in a nature reserve

Animals in a nature reserve
This actually gives an idea as to how animals behave when they are not forced to conform to any routine, or live in a limited space. Most of the animals tend to leave others alone and are rarely violent. They also do not remain confined in one place. Their habits differ from one season to another, and migration is common. While there is a sense of fear because nobody really knows what an animal will do, there is also a sense of adventure as well. The downside of leaving animals like this is that with dwindling habitats for them, some of them might simply become extinct. There are infections to fear and injuries do not help, either.

  1. It becomes easier to understand how animals behave without the human beings affecting them all the time;
  2. Seasonal patterns of behavioral changes can also be noticed;

  1. There are risks associated with viewing animals in their natural habitat;
  2. Animals can sustain injuries.



Animals belong in nature

I do not support Zoos, as they profit from animal suffering. A lot of the time the animals are not healthy, and some will even die in captivity (and yes an animal that is locked in by a fence, or glass is in captivit no matter how you look at it).

I will go as far as never taking my children (if i were to have any in the future) to a zoo. However, I would definitely take them to a state park or a nature reserve. That way the animals are more happier with their environment, and you have more fun.

Things like sea world also set me off a little bit. They profit off the animals, and if you go through news about sea world you will notice that a lot of the animals die because they simply cant live in their tanks. Such as some sharks, they always die in the tanks.

Posted by Everett on 10-24-2017

This is better for the animals

I think that a nature reserve is better for the animals. I have been to one of these and they are amazing. They truly show what the animals look like, and you can get close enough to view them without interfering too much with the animals. I do not think that it is fair to keep an animal caged up all the time just to have for human's enjoyment. Even if the animals are taken care of, it is not fair that they do not have the experience that they deserve out in the wild.
Posted by angie828 on 10-24-2017

seems better

Animals in a nature preserve seems preferable to animals being on concrete slabs and in cages at a zoo. A lot of zoos, I must note, are very nice and are not merely cages. It truly depends on what kind of facility you are visiting. Nature preserves are, of course, preferable since they more closely mimic an animal's habitat and gives them the freedom to roam. They are still captive animals, however, and not living the way they were designed to live in herds, migrating, etc.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 10-26-2017


I don't think anyone enjoys seeing animals that have been caged at the zoo. It's just unfair that we have so many different wild animals that have been locked up in tiny cages especially in third world countries. I read an article recently where a polar bear (I think in India) didn't even look like one because he was in such a hot place and not being fed properly. It's disgusting really.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-24-2017

Nature reserves

I think animals are happiest when they are in their natural habitats. When they are able to roam and enjoy nature. I always find that when you see animals caged up in zoos that they look so sad. They don't seem to enjoy being caged into a small space when they would prefer to be roaming.
Posted by Sue on 10-24-2017

More natural

I do visit the zoo but I feel like sometimes, they have really too small areas for certain animals. You have to always consider how big of a space these animals truly need.

That's why I believe that the nature reserve is the best option and solution for them. They can move around much more and do things that they would naturally do in their environment.

Posted by Mehano on 10-24-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Nature Reserve

Primarily, I love seeing animals in their natural habitats. Zoos don't achieve this, in my opinion, because they're quartering animals that naturally roam vast lands as a trait. With a nature reserve, it's somewhat an open exhibit. You also get to enjoy the entire experience of being in their territory.

Overall, however, I don't really support zoos. It's one thing to house one or two animals for scientific research. But you're taking them out of their natural environment and implementing them into an artificial atmosphere, altogether.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 10-24-2017

Zoos are barbaric

I admit I enjoyed zoos as a kid like most children. However, though, growing up I am now seeing them as being torturous. Well, maybe they're not as bad as chickens being stuck in cages all day, but it comes close. Anyway, why would I want to be involved in such stuff? Therefore, I think nature reserves are better and maybe there should be some way so people can see them up close there and not in a cage.
Posted by jyy on 11-14-2017

Nature reserve

I think wild animals belong in the wild and a natural reserve is much better than a keeping an animal caged up at the zoo. I don't believe animals exist to entertain people and instead they should be able to live their lives freely and roam around as they wish. Even though zoos try to provide animals with a lot of space, it is still very confined compared to the amount of space an animal would have in the wild and many of the animals I have seen at zoos in the past seemed unhappy (such as a polar bear outside in 90 degree weather) to be living in such an unnatural environment.
Posted by lilac123 on 11-06-2017

The Zoo - Caged Animals - A Sad Childhood Memory

The saddest thing anyone can ever see are animals in cages. Especially powerful animals like the lion, the king of the beasts. When I was a little we went to the Crandon Park Zoo in Miami, Florida and I saw a lion in a cage. That lion had no energy. You could tell it had lost its zest for life. It couldn't even roar loudly.

When I grew up they built another zoo in Miami. I went to the amazing Bengal tigers. But there weren't in cages. They were running around freely. Far enough away from spectators so that nobody would be harmed, of course. But I was very happy my kids didn't have to see those magnificent animals in cages.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-02-2018

Free animals

It would be a great thing if all the animals would be free and live in a reservation, these animals would be free and live their lives in nature as it should. We people could go in a reservation and see the animals, not at the zoo, or circus, besides the animals would look much better in the wilderness than at the zoo or circus were these animals are not fed as it should be!
Posted by wallet on 10-25-2017

I like zoos but

I do like going to the Zoo but I think that nothing is better for the animal than to be in an environment that simulates his home as much as possible. And the reserve is just that
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-24-2017

To be free.

No animal was created to live in prison (this wasn't the God's purpose), even if it's for their own good (which in some cases is completely understandable). They deserve to be free and live in their places.

It's a shame that people have not realized this until today (but I don't lose hope).

Posted by wiseagent on 10-24-2017

More space

I understand that living in a zoo may be more safe for the animals because it's difficult to get injured there and there's always a vet nearby. However, the cages might be too small (they usually are, zoos aren't the richest institutions in the world) and those animals don't have enough space for living and end up being miserable.
Posted by felabruno on 10-24-2017


Animals deserve to live in contact with nature, not in a cage. They are living beings just like us and do not deserve to be there like they're part of some kind of show. They deserve their freedom and while I happened to enjoy shows put on by a zoo when I was a child, I know like seeing animals in a nature reserve much more.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-24-2017

Feel at home.

For my opinion, it is better to let the animals in a nature reserve than to caged in the zoo. Like us, animals are living things. Think of that? Are we going to be happy if we are imprisoned in one place? The answer is no of course! It is the same like animals. They feel sad if they are not in their home. They will be happy if they are in nature which is the home of almost all animals.
Posted by blank629 on 11-15-2017

This one!

The animals in a nature reserve is much better situations for the animals than putting them in the zoo cage because they get sick easily if they are in the zoo small space and some animals is not there nature in staying small places like lion , tiger , cheetah needed a big place to make them more healthy. so nature reserve is like they are only living in a natural way, big space. and also all they eat is natural plant trees and grass.
Posted by tophew on 10-24-2017

Animals freedom

Whoever it was that invented cages for animals should be given a lot of sticks for devising such a horrible structure to entrap animals and make it not live as they are meant by nature and God to live as. Animals better express themselves while being free than when they are caged. So I'm advocating that all caged animals to be set free or put into natural reserve.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-22-2018

Nature Preserve

I hate Zoo's because animals shouldn't be caged, they should be free, in their natural habitat but sadly with all the poachers around putting them in a Nature Preserve would be the best alternative.

In a Nature Preserve animals can roam freely and hunt, feed naturally. They are also protected from hunters and poachers.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-02-2018

Natural environment is always better

A natural environment is always something I'm going to prefer over captivity. I think that it's just a lot nicer seeing the majestic animals in a situation where they're not in tiny cages! It breaks my heart when you see animals pacing back and forth in tiny confined spaces.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-01-2018

Animals in there natural habitat

Well, zoos can be a nice place of entertainment for human beings but it is certainly not a good place for the animals that are caged in these zoos. the animals who live in the zoo are far away from there natural habitat and therefore more prone to disease and a feeling of despair. Animals belong to the wild and they will always thrive and be happy in nature.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-02-2018


Animals should not be kept in zoos because they belong to the nature.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-23-2018


Animals caged at the zoo

Animals caged at the zoo
The biggest difference between animals in a zoo and animals in the wild is in their life span. Animals in wild are more susceptible to infections and injuries, which are readily attended to in zoos. But there are many compromises that are necessary for this advantage, such as the animal being isolated from its herd, often even separated from mothers, with whom they share a strong bond. They also have to live in a limited space, eating food that they may not actually be relishing or be bored of. They also have to put up with a lot of human behavior that they do not confront in the wild. The gene pool gets limited, and therefore, there is limited mutation towards evolution. Often they have to live with other species or incompatible companions, which they would not have to do in the wild.

  1. Life span increases because of veterinary procedures;
  2. There are fewer injuries and regular food;
  3. The disappearing natural habitats are more likely to make many species extinct, so zoos may be a good way to help them survive

  1. They have to live in limited spaces, often with other species that they would not live with in the wild, and even if they live with the same species they have to adjust;
  2. Boredom is natural in some cases, and irritation at the noise and behavior of humans.



Nature Reserves And Zoo's Need Different Rules.

I'm voting for zoo's because they help to keep the animals safe and from becoming extinct. The enclosures should be larger though and more like the natural habitat of the animal in question. It is best as well to keep visitors away from being able to handle the animals too as a safety measure for the animals. I honestly think that Zoos and natural reserves should be one and the same thing. Leave the animals to roam free where they are. If an animal is going extinct or needs help for survival, make a huge enclosure and give it veterinary needs with visitors kept at a distance to give the animal peace. Otherwise, let the animal alone to live its life. I wish there was a third choice of 'should the animal be allowed to be free.' That would be my vote.
Posted by JMS on 01-28-2018


Caged animals are having no fun. Thank goodness most zoos now have gone to an open floorplan where animals can be housed in something like their natural habitat. I think it is rather cruel to keep animals in a zoo, and I prefer a game preserve for them so they can roam freely and do more of what comes naturally to them. This is what you can find with animals. They are likely much happier there.
Posted by kgord on 10-24-2017
I agree that caged animals have no fun at all because they are like humans in jail. However, if you will take into consideration the wilderness now with the poachers, I guess the animal is much safer in the zoo. But if there is a wildlife reserve park that can accommodate big animals like elephants and giraffes then maybe it is better for the animals. However, there is an adjustment period since caged animals cannot instantly adapt to the new environment.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-09-2018
I think there are some benefits on caged animals since they are being taken care of especially those animals that are already endangered and those animals that could harm other species. It;s just sad to say that there is "control" in their lives than being free on what they naturally do.
Posted by pandooh on 10-24-2017
I love to see animals in their natural habitat, this will enable one to see and feel animals they way they are not in an altered form like the one in the zoo.The ones in the zoo sometimes I believe have been so termed and they might have deviated from natural state and becoming so artificial, meeting the animal in their natural reserve would make humans see the animals they way they are and should be.
Posted by lovely on 10-24-2017
We all like to visit the zoos but those caged animals are actually being deprived of many things. It pains me at times to see those animals suffering so much. Animals are meant to be in nature. This is their home and they should be left free. We can't deprive them of this right. I wonder who is that person who created zoos in the first place and thought that keeping animals in captivity is fun.
Posted by Pixie on 10-24-2017
gata montes
Difficult to say one way or other - as although somewhat in favor of animals being kept in nature reserves if its done for the sole purpose of - protecting and helping endangered species from becoming extinct - I totally disagree with the practice of keeping animals in zoos - especially as being an endangered species is not generally the reason as to why the majority of animals are kept in zoos.

In fact if I were to be perfectly honest - I would much rather see documentaries and film footage of animals in their native environment than see them held captive at a zoo - as I think it extremely cruel to remove wild animals from their natural habitat and keep them in a captive environment - for the sole purpose of having them on view - so that people can pay money to go and look at them.

Particularly as - I can only think that the animals would probably be pretty unhappy and miserable - in much the same way as a human would be - if held captive and forced to live out their life - in an environment that was totally unnatural to them.
Posted by gata montes on 10-24-2017
As long as the animal reserve, be for sure a protected area, then that's what I choose. Animals deserve to be left alone, to live their life free as always, but sadly money power have made them victims of heartless hunters. I'm against even sport huntress, that is not a sport, that's a shame. You want to do a sport? then work your butt off at a gym, where you kill your fat body instead of an innocent animal. So totally on favor of animal reserves, where they are protected and running free as they deserve.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-24-2017
There are obvious compromises on either end. A zoo has limited space and restricts animals to some extent leading in some cases to sadness and lack of optimal animal care. It would be more convenient for the animals to be attended to in the unlikely event of sickness or any other dangers if they were somewhat restrained within the confines of the zoo as they would be easier to reach. There is nothing more than a natural habitat where animals can be free to roam and run wild as they were meant to. The downside is they would not be so readily accessible in the event of injury or sometimes even theft. Both avenues can be further assessed for optimal applications for the animals.
Posted by Joteque on 10-24-2017
Well animals are caged in a zoo so that kids can learn about these animals by being close to them. Other than that there is no particular reason for caging the animals. Animals are meant to be free. I believe that if we put them in a safari then it would be better for both the ends.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-24-2017
Animals in nature reserve are much better because they have the freedom to move about easily and also express themselves better than those that are caged in the zoo.
Posted by babyright on 10-24-2017
It's a good thing to leave the animals alone where they truly belong to, so they can balance the environment and the food chain. On the other hand, it's also good to put the animals in cages as for their own protection and to monitor their health so we can completely help them recover. Unlike in wild habitats, animals don't have the ability to treat their wounds and diseases, so it's better for us to help them and we have all the things that they need.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-24-2017
I prefer animals in a nature reserve than caged in the zoo. Animals can freely move in a nature reserve because it has a wide space and it's according to their natural habitat also seen in the wild but the only difference is they are interacting with people who take good care of them.
Posted by Scarlet on 10-25-2017
I prefer animals in a nature reserve than caged in the zoo. Animals can freely move in a nature reserve because it has a wide space and it's according to their natural habitat also seen in the wild but the only difference is they are interacting with people who take good care of them.
Posted by Scarlet on 10-25-2017
Whenever I see strong animals like tiger and lion captivated in a zoo, I feel very bad. I don't want to see animals captivated in a zoo, national parks, wildlife reserves are better places for wild animals. I have been to wildlife reserves a couple of times and when I saw animals in the natural habitat, it was very thrilling. Spotting a tiger from elephant back or from safari jeep is very wonderful.
Posted by vinaya on 10-25-2017
I think strong or not, the animals should stay into the reserves. That way things would be lot better for the animals to handle. Another thing is that reserve based animals can be controlled but zoo where they don't have proper environment is harder to control. And it affects their life too.
Posted by overcast on 05-20-2018
I am pro-environment but in this time and age, I prefer to see the animals in cages than in the wilds. Don’t get me wrong. It is the poachers and hunters that scare me. I have seen documentaries of wounded wild animals. In the most recent documentary on tv that I had seen, there was this monkey sanctuary where the patriarch had no tail and only 1 hand. The caretakers said it was due to an accident. Animals in the cage are assured of food and care although I agree that they still need freedom. But still, they are safe in the cage.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-25-2017
If possible all animals, especially endangered ones, should be placed in a wildlife reserve. Where they can have acres of land to live and grow on. Zoos are okay but we all know zoos are for animal display. The cages are only so big, the animals still look cramped in some cases. Also abuse I am sure takes place at some of these zoos, which includes animals not being properly fed or treated if they're sick.
Posted by NickJ on 10-25-2017
Animals deserve to have their own space. Just like we do so I would go with a nature reserve for them. It is super sad when I see them caged at the zoo. They seem so unhappy, they can almost talk to you and tell you they want to get out. Also it is known that animals live longer in free, natural spaces than in cages. Let's just leave them in their natural habitat and let's stop destroying their forests, jungles, beaches, among others.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-30-2017
Yes! I even get sad when I see dogs in a small space so just imagine what Lions and other large animals go through. I think that it is a cruel thing to deprive other beings of their freedom to solely amuse ourselves. Such a shame
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-14-2017
Animals in the wild would be ideal, but for certain animals to remain protected, a nature reserve is the best option for them. Zoos don't allow much room for roaming or keeping up their natural behaviours. Animals often get bored and fail to thrive in such settings. Nature reserves try to keep things as close to being free as possible, which in turn, is better for the animals health.
Posted by Rmarsh1984 on 02-20-2018
Caging animals in the zoo isn't nice, nothing should be held in the captivity of cages unless it's a known predators animals that have actually killed a human being before. When animals are held in the cage, they lose their animal nature and become something pretty different.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-22-2018
I prefer taking care of the animals in their natural habitat, a reserve is ideal and i think will benefit the animals more. Caging and isolating animals should be a last resort for preservation, i only agree in caging if these animals are endangered and needs attention to let them populate again.
Posted by fishbate on 06-04-2018
In my opinion people should stop caging animals, because it is not right and even if I enjoy going to the zoo, I still feel like they should bot be kept in those kind of place and they should be free in their natural habitat
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-23-2018