Anki Over Driver: Fast and Furious

Anki Over Driver: Fast and Furious
We all remember the old Scalextric car racing games we use to play as a child. Well, this is similar but with a huge difference. The cars don't slot into the tracks and you control the whole lot with your mobile device with the use of a specially created app on your mobile phone - cell phone.

You can choose and configure the track to your benefit and just how you want it. It is also themed around the Fast and furious movie. This overdrive package also as an endless upgrade and expansion so you can get even more to go with it as you go along. You connect up the magnetic track with the choice of 8 different versions of the track.

You then start to use the mobile app on your device which also controls the cars and gives you the tutorials on how to play. So you can start straight away, this will be heaps of fun at Christmas for the lads out there oh and most likely the adults as it is some great tech equipment here.

The great feature I love about this is driving well controlling the Doms ice charger which has been built for speed as you zoom around the track at speeds. You can also shoot at your rivals and many more in-game features with this overdrive package.

Upgrades system Track configuration and set up Time trials and battles

Cost of the product is pricey cost of items to expand and upgrade




Both of these are expensive, so commenting on the price shouldn't be a factor. I like the Anki one, because it can involve a lot of creativity, because as kids everyone has played around with toy cars and have done some crazy stunts, but now being able to control something like it from your mobile phone is amazing, it can also help your children to grow up with new technology so that's a cool factor too.
Posted by manmad on 12-15-2017

seems more fun

I feel like I'd get tired of the robot dog a lot faster. This one I think I can play with a little more. If I wanted a pet I think I would rather have a live one instead of a robot anyway. Maybe if I get to experience the robot dog in person I will change my mind but on face value alone I feel like I will like the cars better.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-16-2017

Better for kids development.

In as much as I agree with the reason that the Anki over driver : Fast and Furious is quite expensive and all that, as long as it is going to contribute better to keep the kids busy and learning new things, I don't see any reason we can't get it for our kids. Also, the other option is not that cheap, so there is not worry for me when I'm taking the car option as a choice of toy for the kids.
Posted by Barida on 12-17-2017

Anki Over Drive

I've seen this on Youtube and they're super cool. The racetrack, I believe, has a magnet so the Anki will automatically follow the path of the racetrack by itself and doesn't need any barrier so you wouldn't have to worry that your car will be out of racetrack. You can also customize and make your racetrack way longer than ever and the car itself is super fast. I do believe that my kid cousin will definitely love this toy.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-25-2017


WowWee Chip Robot Dog

WowWee Chip Robot Dog
Chip is the loveable robotics toy dog, your children will play for hours with him. He responds to voice commands and by touch. He also plays fetch games which any animal will love him for.

Chip will get into action from the moment you switch him on and his eyes light up blue. All is limbs move and head turns and is a very clever dog which you can have fun with the adorable chip. With little tiny wheels under the paws enabling chip to move at speeds. Backwards, forwards and often at times sidewards.

He is filled all over with sensors, a sensor to track where he his and objects with is an infared sensor. A sensor on his head so he can see and sense with touch with also gestures you perform to him. With the audio sensors, he can respond to your voice and sounds such as clapping and any other audio.

He is a very smart robotic dog, tapping his head will allow him to sit or lay down. Also, stroke his head back and forth and he will make adorable noises which any animal pet lover will adore him for. Simple speech like "yoga" will get him on his front paws while you use "lets dance" he will play a tune while showing of his dance move.

This is an awesome toy for your child this Christmas which also pet lovers will love Chip also.

Great for animal lovers Can charge it very easily Responds to voice and touch commands

Very expensive for this around 199.99 Sometimes doesn't recognize voice at higher tones




Personally, I am more into dogs than things like racetracks, but it is really up to your child and what they prefer. Sometimes kids really want a dog but can't get one do to living situation so in that case, a robot dog might be the best thing.
Posted by kgord on 12-16-2017


These are both great and I'd like very much to have either one of them. The problem is the price, they're very expensive and not something that I'd buy as of right now because Christmas is coming. If I had to choose and if I had some money to spend on items I don't really want, I'd choose chip. I really like the fact that he looks like a dog.
Posted by Tania997 on 12-15-2017
Both are pretty expensive and dependent on the use of apps to work to their fullest extent (which can be a concern for younger children or those who don't have dedicated devices for toys), but to me, I also feel like that this otherwise compares apples to oranges, in that some kids are going to like animals more than cars, or cars more than animals. Given the few kids I know, I would probably choose the car over the dog (I don't want either of these for myself). But when it comes to gifts, always consider your recipient.
Posted by Linen on 12-17-2017
I will like fast and furious because I like games that put my strength in overdrive. I like being in control of a fast pace car and this would be exciting for me.The price for this huge but I believe it worth every bit of it.
Posted by lovely on 12-17-2017
I have a baby boy. He likes animals more than the cars. Therefore, I think my baby will be happy with WowWee Chip Robot Dog than Anki Over Driver. My baby is also too young to appreciate racing games. However, he already enjoys playing to interactive animal toys.
Posted by vinaya on 12-18-2017
I agree that the Robot dog is very expensive at almost $200 which is already a fortune over here. But I have been attracted to it and I really want to buy one. Think that I can make it fetch? Gee, my dogs wouldn’t do that for me. And it’s an interactive which means it’s like having a life and a mind of its own. That’s why I said that I like it because I am a dog lover and I wonder how my dogs would react when they see a robot dog that obeys my command. For sure, they will be jealous of that robot dog. And for the meantime, I guess I have to save money for the cost of that robot dog.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-15-2018