Anti cancer is everywhere

Anti cancer is everywhere
After proclaiming some herbs to be anti cancer, it is now the turn of fruits. I don't know how to call those adherents of natural medicine. They are the people who spread information that a certain herb or fruit or vegetable is anti cancer and can prevent cancer. Soursop is reputedly a good prevention for cancer. This I heard on the radio interview of a female physician. The fresh soursop, eaten as dessert is it. Another fruit is the dragon fruit that can also prevent all kinds of cancer. Based on my personal research, half of the fruits that we eat are anti cancer. Included in the list is the cotton fruit, star fruit, passion fruit, etc. Now this question, natural medicine is tempting since it is cheap and desirable to eat but do those fruits and herbs and vegetables have proof of their efficacy against cancer?


I don't know if these fruits have really been tested and had positive effects against cancer, but I do think that if we consume natural products (any food, vegetable or fruits), it may prevent us from making cancer. On the other way....the pollution, foods change genetically, the junk food, the additives and the chemicals, all of these we consume every day and this is what makes us make this disease. I think the battle against cancer is already lost, there is nothing bio or natural in this world all is fake, and we all will end up dying of cancer! In my family were 5 death of cancer until now, and my father in law is sick with cancer, the doctors told him that he will live only 3 months....
Posted by wallet on 08-30-2017
My fiance was diagnosed with Cancer so this topic is very relevant to me. How I wish that my fiance will survive this recent challenge in our lives. We are trying all kinds of way to make my fiance cancer free by eating organic fruits and vegetables, and of course the chemo which is very much needed to destroy the cancer. We are talking about Cancer prevention here, sad to say Cancer has been in the blood line of my fiance's family, so I think my fiance is more naturally to have this. What we do now is try to prevent the Cancer from mutating really fast or if it's God's willing, kill the Cancer so we could have a better life together. Now about the main question, if the fruits, herbs and vegetables mentioned in your article have proof of their efficacy against cancer. Let me tell you this; when your love one is very ill and you wish him to live longer , you would do and try anything whether it is scientifically proven effective or not, as long as it would not be harmful to the patient. It's like putting your last bet just to save your love one from death. It's really hard...really,really hard.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-30-2017
They might not be a clinically tested method but I'd rather take a natural plant than a chemical. Both of them will still have unknown effects and with the plant, I know that the chance of having a side effect is much smaller and even if it does happen it will probably be something way easier to handle.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-30-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Agreed! I grew up in a household that always chose the homeopathic and medicinal methods over any clinically tested chemical products. Because of that, I'd easily be willing to try these anti-cancer fruits and herbs before any chemical medicine prescribed by the doctors. At the end of the day, any natural technique towards preventing cancer is a step in the right direction for me.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-30-2017
I have heard different claims of the wonders of these fruits and herbs as cancer treatment and I think It really helps a lot. It may not be a total eliminator but at least it help in alleviating cancer and the pain that comes with it. My co-worker's wife has been diagnosed with cancer yet they eliminated the possibility for radiation or even chemo therapy since it is very expensive. Then, they began to switch to alternative medicine. They tried using Sour sop for quite some time now and they claimed it to be effective. They have also tried drinking freshly juiced carrots and also boiled Paragis Grass or goose grass.
Posted by Istine on 08-30-2017
So great! if that will be proven that can help minimize cancer risk why not we make it as a medicine as of now its really hard to find cure for cancer i don't think so other herbs can cure cancer if not yet scientifically tested or conducted a research to find out. i heard some doctors says prevention from cancer is also good like staying away from food that can cause cancer.
Posted by tophew on 08-30-2017
gata montes
Nope - there isn’t even a shred of proof - let alone any credible scientific evidence to support any of the many outrageous and misleading claims made about certain foods or herbs having the ability to prevent or cure cancer or any other disease for that matter.

However - as there is very conclusive, verifiable evidence to confirm that - as yet - there is no one specific food that will either cause, treat or prevent cancer from occurring - and that - as cancer is normally triggered by genetics, environmental or lifestyle issues - the best and most effective way of trying to protect ourselves from this terrible illness - is at present - to make sure that we lead a healthy lifestyle - meaning - getting plenty of regular exercise and eating a nutrient rich healthy balanced diet - consisting of a wide variety of natural unprocessed foods - rather than the overly processed “ foods “ that the majority of the population eats on a daily basis.

Following the advice of latter would for sure be the better option - from a health point of view - particularly as - the majority of these wildly misleading, unsubstantiated claims promoting miracle foods, herbs and a whole host other things as the answer to treating, curing or preventing any number of diseases not just cancer - are not made to benefit of the health of the consumer - but are nothing more than underhand marketing tactics - used solely for the purpose of boosting sales and lining the pockets of those who stand to benefit from the increased sales of their product or products.

All of which can be verified at any one of the on-line sites - which as they are available specifically for use by the general public - usually explain things in an easy to understand way.
Posted by gata montes on 08-30-2017
I don't really trust these kind of things because it seems in our period of time almost everything is anti cancer, but people are still getting cancer left and right. I lost some people who were very close to me to liver cancer and honestly I don't know how to feel about all of this. I really hope it works and so many things are anti cancer like they say because it is something we need to eliminate.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-30-2017
Fruits are loaded with good vitamins and minerals which can help to keep us in good health. I heard that many fruits can help in the prevention of cancer but however I have never heard that someone got cured simply by taking those supposedly anti cancer fruits. If those fruits would have really helped to cure cancer then doctors would have suggested their patients to take those fruits rather than taking medicines and undergoing chemotherapy.
Posted by Pixie on 08-30-2017
Maybe they are actually effective and can prevent cancer. But I don't trust any of these things to be honest. A lot of these anti-cancer articles and information have just been spread by people that think they can make more money by spreading fake cures etc. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm sure there are some fruit out there that may prevent cancer but I wouldn't trust any natural things. Hopefully one day they can find some sort of a cure that is not dangerous or painful.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-30-2017
This is not simply wrong, it's dangerous. Suggesting foods and random plants can cure cancer compels the gullible and the desperate to eschew the aggressive medical treatment it takes to give them a shot at beating these horrid diseases. There is almost nothing you can ingest that will deliver a pharmacologically relevant dose of any substance, suitable enough to cure cancer. Ingestion is not even a viable solution. If it were, we'd drink our chemo instead of having it injected. There are no smart delivery mechanisms for anti-cancer compounds.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-30-2017
I have read somewhere else that, cancer real cause was a deficiency of B12, not a disease. Also, I read some news article that, another reason of having too much stress, and depression. I don't know, if this is true, or not. But, I simply follow them, and recreate some experiment to prove it, otherwise simply just a plain theory.

I believed, such things are just simple cause of deficiency of our body, and need some sort of important diets, or nutrients. It was just my mix information that, I jump to conclusion that, this might be true at all, at least, the information I have will solve problem, one day.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-30-2017
I have recently watched a documentary series about cancer (The Truth About Cancer), it seems like there are many cancer survivors who have healed with all these natural remedies. Besides herbs and fruits, I read about some vegetables such as Kale, broccoli are good for preventing or curing cancer too. Frankly speaking, I'd prefer to believe in these remedies which are much less expensive and natural than the chemotherapy. First of all, I guess it's good for us to start taking good care of our health from now onward.
Posted by kaka135 on 08-30-2017
There is no such thing as a single cancer cure - not a drug or a vitamin. Instead there are foods and natural compounds that can affect each of the 20 steps of the process. Curcumin, ginger, and omega-3 can stop inflammation, garlic can reduce the formation of blood vessels to a tumour, indole3carbinol can convert aggressibe oestrogen to a weaker form, and vitamin D and anthocyanins can even kill a cancer cell. Astragalus, cat´s claw and echinacea can boost your immune system, while glutathione-rich vegetables can help re-oxidise your body.
Posted by Authord on 08-30-2017
These magical cures remind me of those charlatans from Wild West who used to sell snake oil to desperate people. It is very sad that quackery is gaining momentum in the 21st century.
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-30-2017
Until it has been proved through a lab research I will never believe in such things. Just like Soursop, there are many herbs that are said to cure cancer or lessen the risk of cancer. One of the herbs that I hear has anti cancer properties is turmeric. However, I have many relatives who took turmeric all their life and died from cancer. I don't know anyone who took turmeric and cured cancer.
Posted by vinaya on 08-30-2017
This is a good news for all of us. thanks to a lot of research in the past until now as a result we have a lot of choices and we can already have some prevention of cancer.Theres a lot of super foods that was already proven and clinically tested that fight cancer .
Posted by jeiyyy on 09-01-2017
It is in a health show on TV that eating fruits and vegetables can really help eradicate cancer. Specially, when vegetables are eaten raw. Ugh! I think that the nly raw veggies we can eat are lettuce, cucumber and radish. Since some veggies are not good in taste when eaten raw, they then are blended with honey and lemon. In fact, lately when we ate at a Seafood restaurant, we were given camote tops juice with honey and lemon and it was so delicious. The juice was a bit pinkish. You will not know thatits of camote tops until yu taste it. And camote tops is nutritious.
As to soursop, we boil 40 leaves in a liter of water. You drink that in a day, everyday and it is said indeed that it is an anti- cancer drink. My father who has prostate cancer always drinks it and his PSA went down that it is already 1 , when the normal is 4 i think. But then, along with drinking that he was taking then his anti-cancer pill. But we really think the soursop helped.
Posted by SimplyD on 09-01-2017
I don't think cancer can be cured by eating certain herbs, fruits or plants. cancer is a condition when there is a rapid growth in cells. This generally happens in old age or for a person who eats carcinogenic items. I have never read any authentic research related to curing cancer through herbs or fruits.
Posted by vinaya on 02-16-2018
I have heard and read about this fruit preventing cancer.I believe that some natural fruits and herbs are medicinal and they have the properties to cure some ailment.We should always remember before the advent of drugs.Alot of people survive on herbs.
Posted by lovely on 09-02-2017
I have heard this about different foods but I think that cancer has a lot to do with your genes more so then what you eat. It doesn't hurt to eat these fruit as a preventative measure but there is no guarantee that you won't get cancer because you eat it. If you have cancer in your family then your risk is higher of getting cancer.
Posted by Sue on 09-02-2017
I think the cure for any cancer (or any disease) can be found in nature through plants, roots and fruits. I think natural medicine has a much greater power than traditional medicine. I think these plants and fruits that cure cancer are little publicized as this would harm the pharmaceutical industry.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-07-2017
In as much as we cannot say that the taking of these fruits and plants can help cure cancer in the long-run, I am of the opinion that they are good anti-cancer food for the root of mankind can be traced to fruits and vegetables which makes it important for us to always take these fruits and food for a healthy living. The drugs sector are afraid that publicizing about the cure and/or prevention of cancer by these plants would arm the sale of their medicine, and I must say that it is through the use of the plants that most drugs are being manufactured.
Posted by Barida on 09-18-2017
I think cancer has no cure for now at least, all these said fruits and vegetables even herbs included that are said to cure or reduce the effects of cancer are just wasting of time, money and energy to me. It even serve as giving false hope to me.

The only treatment that I know of that is being used for cancer treatment is chemotherapy and although it's not 100 percent success in curing cancer but at least it goes a good way in reducing it. Although the cost of undergoing a chemo is very expensive and it's not a pleasant treatment procedure.
Posted by Heatman on 09-27-2017
I don’t think chemotherapy is the cure for cancer. It just makes the body weak hence the cancer cells die. But not in all cases because there are patients with cancer cells recurred even after chemotherapy. Well, maybe there is no real cure for cancer right now and I hope there will be a cure in my lifetime.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-01-2018
There are a lot of leaves that can also fight cancer, not only a chemo therapy.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-08-2018