Antifa may had orchestrated the Las Vegas attack

Antifa may had orchestrated the Las Vegas attack
This is just a theory, I do not have any sources to back my statements up but I personally think that Antifa (militant political movement anti-fascist group) basically far leftists or communists had orchestrated the Las Vegas attack, backing Stephen Paddock, the actual shooter of the attack.

Why do I think such a thing? Well, because I believe that this shooting is a direct response of the extream left for the Charlottesville happenings. This is clearly not an Islamic attack, the mass shooter hadn't any police record, he was a 64 old white male with no clear affiliations to any extremist groups and the fact that this was a very well planned attack tells me that the actual target was also really well chosen.

Country music is usually associated with white southern Americans and not with minorities. This group is also traditionally more to the right aka republicans aka voting for Donald Trump. I think it makes sense if you think about it and tries to see things as they are. Let's not hide behind the curtains here, the attacker had a motive and selected his target carefully, the actual target tells me a lot about his political and social views, we all know that Antifa, in general, hates Republicans and despise Donald Trump as well as any white folks.

I'm a centrist, I'm on nobody side but this is my take on the Las Vegas atack. At least 58 people died in this attack with hundreds of more victims, I refuse to believe there is no reason for this attack!

What do you think? I would love to know your take on this.




Posted by Anonymous on 10-02-2017

Yes Indeed...

I'm in no way a big fan of Alex Jones, but he put out a video last Friday, Sept 29th that speaks about their near future plans to start attacking groups of white people...Is it just a mere coincidence that the mass slaughter of innocent (mainly white people) followed only two day's later. Antifa is an extreme Hate group that is sponsored & owned by the Nazi communist George Soro's. If you're not informed about this group... Do some research...And if they are responsible for this horrible tragedy, be prepared for their next attack!! AND PLEASE STOP listening to the main stream media, they're NOT going to tell you the Truth!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 10-05-2017



For now, no.

" This is just a theory, I do not have any sources to back my statements up…"

I don't mean to sound hostile but that is a terrible way to start such a strong argument. Mere speculation isn't good enough to support such an idea, and at this point that is just spitballing. In order for it to be considered a proper "theory" you really need some sort of legitimate evidence. If you don't have any official statements or some sort of manifesto from the shooter, any point you make is basically moot.

That being said, no I don't feel that there was any sort of political motivation behind this, for the time being anyway. Until I get some sort of further proof or some organization starts taking credit for the event, I'm just going to consider it some psycho who snapped and went on a rampage.

Posted by Denis_P on 10-03-2017

conspiracy theories are idiotic

You know what? How many conspiracy theories turned out to be true? Not many of them I guess. If you have no proof whatsoever then maybe it is better to use your imagination to write books than share idiotic theories with people. The attack was a terrible thing and it isn't right to use it to promote your political opinions.
Posted by felabruno on 10-08-2017

Tinfoil Hat

No. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Antifa and to lay blame on them without any facts is juvenile and despicable. You don't have to like them, I don't like them but as far as theorizing it was them, no. You're just grasping at straws and politicizing a situation that investigators are trying to figure out what's going on. So until facts come out about why the shooter did what he did, don't shove your political views into it. It's demeaning to those who were injured, those that died and the families that are suffering from the aftermath.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-02-2017

I totally disagree.

There is no credible evidence anti-fas did it, anymore than ISIS, a group which, of course, claimed responsibility. It's just a crazy nutball with a semi-automatic weapon. Who knows what triggered it? Maybe he got into some fight with his wife or something.

Anyway, this whole thing is being politicized by the alt-right, a racist group, simply cause they're hateful people. Also, the far left is taking a shot at gun control when in reality, easy access to guns wasn't the problem.

Posted by jyy on 10-02-2017

We Still Don't Know Who Killed Kennedy

I don't think we will ever know the full story behind this shooting but to blame the "Antifa"? That's a stretch. Somehow I just don't think they would have picked a country music show.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-07-2018


ISIS has taken the responsibility. Though it's possible that the ANTIFA and ISIS are working side by side. And there does seem to be the case with the freedom of speech issues. And they have used to be something about the communist people doing it. And this time the issue could be communist people leading to more of an issue in due time. As you can see that ANTIFA is going to cause more issues.
Posted by overcast on 10-03-2017


I never heard of Antifa before. I know nothing about this. I might do some research on it though. This is the second attack by an older white man with no criminal record and no record of anti social behavior. It is extremely scary. It makes you wonder who you can really trust? Fortunately, most people are not psychopathic enough to pull off an attack like that.
Posted by kgord on 10-02-2017
I am also wondering why a decent man with no criminal record would do a crime like that. Perhaps he had a big problem that was bugging him and instead of a suicide, the attack came to his mind out of delusion. Sometimes our preoccupation with a problem can cause us to snap and do something that is unimaginable. But to kill people, I don’t think that is a natural reaction to a problem that is bugging you.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-15-2018
I didn't even know about this group, I've only heard of them and the name didn't sound like something dangerous.. I looked up some of the videos and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, these guys just go and attack anyone who doesn't agree with them.. Based on their train of thoughts, it could be possible they orchestrated this attack, but I'm not sure..
Posted by Tania997 on 10-02-2017
Since Antifa hates the republicans that belongs to Donald Trump , then he must have an actual target of the people he wanted to eliminate in Las Vegas, but that is when it has been proven to actually be true.
Posted by babyright on 10-02-2017
I don't know the reasons behind this attack but is just not right. However planned this and used this guy for it is completely crazy, or even if this guy was a lone wolf as the authorities says is just not ok. This has to stop, and I believe strongly that the US goverment should regulate the weapon sales, or have very strict laws about this. Many people died today, many people got injured and many people are suffering because of this. Doesn't matter who planned it, doesn't matter who did, this is just terrorism.
Posted by felabruno on 10-02-2017
I find it unhelpful to speculate at this given time where many people have lost their lives, or their injuries will change their lives forever. Whatever the motive for the shooter, one must look at the other factors such as gun laws. Yes, he may have gotten them illegally if the laws had been tightened, but it is he who chose to buy them and pull the trigger. One must face the fact that the USA is very divided in society and not only in race but attitudes. It is anything but united, where a sector want peace, freedom, and democracy and others wish to impinge on the rights that the founders had fought for.

I'm sure the ongoing investigation will take time, but what it does indicate is that the USA has a gun problem and they need to face that reality. I know all this talk of the right to bear arms and protect themselves, but from what exactly. Why does a mom with her toddler shopping in the mall need a gun in her purse? Who is she going to shoot?
Posted by Alexa on 10-02-2017
It's a bit overboard to accuse one group or another but I do think the attack had some political motivation given how it was planned and carried out. The political scenario is troublesome in the US right now and I don't think Islamists are to blame but are rather trying to attract attention to their cause
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-02-2017
I definitely don't think so. I think that I have seen reports where ISIS have taken responsibility for the bombing. Personally, never believed that it was far from them. Religious extremists is one of the major problem the world is facing today. They have grown so much they have spilled into several aspect of our human society and if care is not taken, they would still keep recking havoc to our society in destroying lives and properties.
Posted by Heatman on 10-02-2017
There are some of the speculations. And it seems like ANTIFA are making use of the feminists and the normal women to put on the fight against the govt around the world. And this seems to be an attempt at spreading the communism around the world. So a lot of theories are being thrown on that part. I am guessing that people who are into ANTIFA. They need to be found out and need to be behind jail.
Posted by overcast on 10-03-2017
I think it is too early to decide about that. There is not much information available about Stephen Paddock and according to his brother he was just a normal person. I am curious to know about his motive behind the shooting. I hope that we will get an answer to this soon. I feel so sad for all those who have lost their lives. It must be so hard for their families. I don't think that ISIS is behind this one as I read that the FBI could not find any link between Paddock and ISIS.
Posted by Pixie on 10-03-2017
So far, the investigation has not shown any relation of the shooter with any organization or group, which is kind of frustrating, because now the guy killed himself and we'll never know for sure what was happening in his evil mind. Isis says they are responsible, but I looks to me they're taking advantage of the event, otherwise there will be proof of the plan between them. Anyway for sure it wasn't Antifa, or at least it doesn't seem to me. The worst part is that these tragedies keep happening and no one takes a radical action. The solution is not to put more metal detectors and check luggage at the airport, but to stop giving guns to the people, how can someone have 14 machines guns? Disarm the people, we can't keep being victims of depressed, mental issues people.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-04-2017
I don’t know this Anifa and don’t know about this group. I think what happened in Las Vegas attack is just individual person that go insane in his life. Maybe the attacker has personal problem in his life and can’t control his behavior anymore. Maybe attacker wants to do really mess to other people and timing that there is a concert going on. Poor innocent people , hope police and security forces have stricter in carrying deadly weapon. Must check all individual person for the and implement more strict rules for the safety of innocent people.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-04-2017
There is a reason for the attack and the reason is mentally derange energy that flows through the brain of most people, so that man that carried out that attack was just a psycho who might have been hit with depression, and there fore feels like venting his anger or frustration on innocent people, he needs to have a special place i hell. And the society needs to be free of retarded folks, by at least keeping the guns off their reach.
Posted by Authord on 10-05-2017
I have difficulty understanding what the motive could have been for so much violence. In that case, I may end up changing my mind and say that anti-fas may have been orchestrating this. However, the implications of this are horrible. I mean, basically conservative people are now targets at all tourist attractions - and not all such attractions have massive security. In fact, few or none do. I suppose anti-fas is finally doing what Al-Queda wanted to do, but could not.
Posted by jyy on 10-09-2017
Your concern, speculation, opinion, view or perspective on the matter is legitemate. I refuse to judge you negatively on the basis of your freedom of expression. These black-hooded-black-masked group have proven violent in their protests against on just about everything conservative, Republican, patriotic, and peaceful discourse. But I refuse to stereotype these protesters as having connection to the vile shooting and murder of 59 innocent people and injuring several others during the conservative concert in Las Vegas. Although Steve Paddock was used in the carrying out of such evil act intended to harm and kill human lives. I'd like to see an anifa representive, though, or any one to step out and prove the suspicions and speculations wrong.

Justice will surely prevail. These murderers behind Steve Paddock's mental condition will surely be found out.
Posted by ZevJabo on 11-01-2017
Antifa had nothing to do with the Las Vegas attack. The attack was carried out by a sociopath who apparently had fallen on hard financial times and whose luck as a professional gambler was running out.
Posted by NickJ on 12-25-2017
You people and your labels and conspiracy theories! Left, right, apt right, antifa, etc... Always searching to connect dots that don't EXIST! Could it have maybe, just maybe, this guy was a NUT? This reminded me of one of the early leaders of the Civil Rights Movement response to the question was the movement controlled and funded by communists. He replied "I don't need someone in Moscow to tell me I'm being mistreated in my own country"! Translation: There's no ulterior motive. It is what it is!
Posted by Digicashceo on 01-18-2018
I think there are many theories when an anonymous terrorist attack occurs. Just like in the World Trade Center bombing, even if ISIS had already claimed responsibility, the media still came up with their own theories and speculation. Now the latest gory event is the shooting in a Florida school where 17 students were killed by a certain Nikolaus Cruz, a 19-year old former student. I’m sure there will be some theories that will arise from that even if the culprit Cruz is alive and arrested.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-17-2018
This theory makes no sense whatsoever. Why would they target everybody? Why not target a particular group? Also what is the use of carrying out the attack and not acknowledging it? Why not put out a message? Most of the attacks carried out by Americans are carried out by people who have mental illness in my opinion. They have no particular philosophy or beef with anyone. They just have a voice in their head telling them to go and do whatever. A good example is a bi-polar person who hears voices and has two personalities especially when they are not under medication.
Posted by jaymish on 04-17-2018