Are You Decorating a “Halloween Tree'?

Are You Decorating a “Halloween Tree'?

I know the majority of traditions are manmade, especially when it comes to the celebrations of various holidays. Since they are often the result of our vivid imagination that means we can sometimes change our traditions and customs, as time goes on, and begin doing things that are new and different from anything our honorable ancestors would have ever done.

When I was growing up the idea of combining Halloween and Christmas was unheard of. But by the time I was married with children, thanks to Tim Burton's “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, people started getting crazy ideas. They took the idea of combining Halloween and Christmas traditions a step further and now Halloween trees are becoming a trend. Some say it's very practical because you don't have to take the tree down. Just put it up in October and keep it up until after the Christmas holiday season is over. I provided a reference for some additional information if you're interested.

For me, this is where you have to draw a clear dividing line. You are either for Halloween trees or against them. Which side are you on? Do you celebrate Halloween by decorating a tree?

I am totally against this change of tradition! However, I will make an exception if you throw in Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters as ornaments.

Reference: Robertson, Lindsey. “People Are Decorating with ‘Halloween Trees,’ and It’s the Perfect Excuse to Never Take Down Your Christmas Tree.” TheBERRY, Resignation Media, LLC, 2 Oct. 2017,

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No way

I have to agree with, I am totally against the idea of a Halloween tree. I don't know anyone that has actually even thought of doing this. I have never even heard of a Halloween tree so I didn't even think that it was a problem that we need to discuss.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-11-2017

Halloween Tree? Nani?

No? I honestly feel innovation can only go so far. Christmas is Christmas and Halloween is Halloween and there is no reason to have something in between. The decorative trees is a Christmas gig and it is one of the things that makes Christmas enjoyable. Applying that to Halloween is pretty cringe in a way and while it could possibly look okay it isn't actually okay. Just no.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-15-2017

Just too much

I heard about this trend on the radio when I was driving to work the other day and I can honestly say I think it's just too much. When I think of Halloween and decor, I think scarecrows, Jack o'lanterns, cobwebs and spiders. I don't think of a tree with junk on it. Save that for Christmas.
Posted by Lizzyib on 10-13-2017


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Yes during Halloween we decorate Halloween tree with some small pumpkins , bat, scary skull , apple decay , lights color red etc. we decorate it as a design inside our house during the Halloween party. me and my cousins are the one who decorate it. but we never put any meaning in the Halloween tree just a design nothing else.
Posted by tophew on 10-11-2017
To be honest this is something that I have never done. It seems to be really fun though and maybe this is something that I must try to do this year. My nephew will definitely be happy to decorate a tree for Halloween.
Posted by Pixie on 10-11-2017
gata montes
Much as I like the idea of decorating both a Halloween tree and Christmas tree - unfortunately I'm doing neither - as not only do we not celebrate Halloween where I live - but as Christmas here is extremely low key and celebrated in a totally different way from many other countries - decorating our homes with Christmas trees or any other decoration is not something that we do either.

That said - I'm not altogether sure that I would like the idea of having a Halloween Tree that then becomes a Christmas Tree - as for me - the more each celebration merges into another - the more the fun, anticipation and enjoyment aspect decreases - in much the same way - as the lead up to Christmas in some countries does - especially as I've noticed - its not at all unusual to see Christmas items on sale from the beginning of August right through to the end of January!
Posted by gata montes on 10-11-2017
I can't vote for this one because this looks strange and I've never heard about it. I don't really think it makes sense.. We have a Christmas tree and that's part of a tradition that has existed for a long time, but a Halloween tree? I don't really like this idea, it has nothing to do with Halloween.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-11-2017
No, we have never decorated a Halloween tree. I have never even heard of such a thing or tradition. My country has only started celebrating the Halloween in the last 15 or so years but still. I think that the tree should be left alone and only done during Christmas. But of course, that's my own opinion.
Posted by Mehano on 10-11-2017
As much as I would desire to take up the task of Decorating a “Halloween Tree", but after looking at the tedious work it does come with, I'm seriously having a second doubt if I really wanted to do decorate a Halloween tree before.

But if you managed to put one in place, it's just like setting up a Christmas tree, once you have it done, it would definitely be something good to watch. But I definitely don't see myself doing it, at least for now but maybe in the future, I might.
Posted by Heatman on 10-11-2017
First time to here there is Halloween tree although we celebrate Halloween like costumes and trick or treats we don’t make Halloween tree. It is not a tradition in our country to be extravagant when Halloween season simple Halloween party is enough. We do Christmas tree of course and at the start of “ ber “ months September to December we are all excited and starting to prepare but Halloween we don’t give that much important.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-11-2017
Eh, I don't really think that this is something I would do. I mean I can understand that appeal behind it, and I'm up for integrating new holiday traditions into old ones, but sometimes it just feels like a cash grab to me. Companies are constantly trying to come up with new stuff to sell, and a "Halloween Tree" just feels like another one of those cash grabs. I certainly decorate for Halloween but no trees involved. I'll keep my trees for Christmas.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-12-2017
I have never decorated a Haloween tree, we are decorating the Christmas tree every year. We do not celebrate Haloween here in my country, it is simple for us we dress our kid in a special costume for school because they celebrate Haloween there, but that is all we do not buy candies, kids do not come to our door to ask for sweets as I have seen on television.
Posted by wallet on 10-12-2017
I do not decorate a Halloween tree. Decorating a Christmas tree is enough for me. I do however think that it is very cool when people decorate trees for the different holidays. A Halloween tree looks really cool though. I just don't really have anybody that comes around for Halloween so decorating a Halloween tree would be a complete waste of time for me. Nobody would really get to see it. I always look forward to Christmas time though because decorating the tree is one of my favorite things to do. They are much nicer and you can be so creative when it comes to that so to each there own when it comes to Halloween and how much decorating you do.
Posted by Sue on 10-12-2017
I am not a Christian and I don't celebrate Halloween. Therefore, I am not very familiar with Halloween decoration. I don't know anything about Halloween except scary decorations. I don't know about the origin of Halloween, I don't know how it is celebrated.
Posted by vinaya on 10-13-2017
I didn't know Halloween trees existed or there were people who use to decorate little tress with Halloween items. I thought that decorated trees were just for Christmass, well, in my country, people don't decorate trees in Halloween because we don't celebrate that day. We just decorate the stores to attract more clients and change the routine.
Posted by cubo on 10-13-2017
I associate decorating trees with christmas. Why use the same tradition for a holiday that is close to christmas anyway? There are many other decorations for Halloween you can use. I see no point of having a Halloween tree, it doesn't even look good.
Posted by felabruno on 10-14-2017
No, I'm not decorating my house for halloween because it's not a holiday we celebrate in my country, some people decorate but just a little bit and just for the fact they are going to give a party or something like that. I would decorate it if it was a tradition in my home country. On the other hand if I did decorate for halloween I wouldn' t put a halloween tree, trees are for christmas!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-14-2017
No, I'm not decorating any tree for Halloween, I don;t even buy trees for Halloween, in this part of the world we don;t take Halloween serious, we just trash most of the stuffs people do for Halloween, we don;t do that here. But my friend do make Halloween trees my himself, so he keeps it outside our house, which make sit serve the purpose for almost every body. If it ain't Christmas I ain't buying trees.
Posted by Authord on 10-24-2017
We don’t really have Halloween here, it’s not in our culture so we never decorated our home. However, in the recent years, my husband had been putting some scary objects in our terrace like the small plastic buckets that look like skulls. He said that the trick-or-treaters are looking for such decorations. Halloween is slowly creeping here with the trick-or-treaters that started coming about 5 years ago. I guess Halloween will be a bigger celebration as years go by.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018