Are forums getting replaced by social media?

Are forums getting replaced by social media?
Do you think that forums are getting replaced by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? I have been volunteering at forums as an administrator for many years and over the last few years I see a lot of forums getting less and less active and some forums even closed down. Some people claim that Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are attracting more users and people are not using forums as much anymore. A big advantage with forums is that you can ask questions but now a quick google search will give you answers to all the common questions. People prefer to socialise with friends on Facebook rather than discussing topics with random people on forums. Do you agree?



I Disagree

I think forums are running fine. Maybe social media does fine but I love forums better. After all they pay some cash.
Posted by stbrians on 02-03-2019


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If you ask me, I'd say that social media is being replaced by forums. I mean, who is not on social media these days?

Buy now people are looking beyond social media and looking into ways to earn money while using their phones, and forum posting is a huge part of it, and this is where people are heading to now
Posted by mosesoscar on 02-02-2019