Are you addicted to smoking?

Are you addicted to smoking?
There are so many stuffs people smoke and all of them are said to be harmful to one's health but that's a serious problem for those addicted to smoking because even though they are well aware of the harms smoking causes, they simply find it very difficult to stop or quit smoking.

Some of the things people get into smoking are ; cigarette, Marijuana, Shisha etc.


Smoking does not run in my blood. I do not smoke anything except smoke from our smoky chicken. Smoking has never impressed me. It has too many dangers that it comes with. Health risks are too many.
Posted by stbrians on 10-29-2018
Exactly. It is totally risky in our health. That's why I never tried it even once, because I believe that when you tried it once out of curiosity it will drives you to try more until you can't control of yourself.
Posted by mitan143 on 11-01-2018
There are many people grappling with cigarette addiction. What might have started jokingly has become an obsession and a habit too hard to kick.

Cigarette smoke has many health risks including cancer, interference with haemoglobin and breathing problems. Thanks to its contents like nicotine, tar and Carbon monoxide.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-08-2018
I agree with you. Smoking has never been enticing to me, too. I don't want to ruin my health and I don't want to my family and I to suffer by the effects of it.
Posted by theresajane on 11-05-2018
You are one lucky person who was spared from the hazards of smoking. First issue with cigarettes is the cost that you spend money just to burn the cigarettes. Second issue is the effect on your health. It is a fact that many have died of lung cancer and that was mainly due to smoking. Third issue is the health of the people around you since it was already studied that second hand smoke can also affect the health of people especially those people who are not smokers.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-11-2018
Well, I have never ever smoked in my life. Smoking is very harmful to our health and also to the health of your loved ones. Once you get addicted to smoking it is very difficult to quit it. When you smoke in your home, you are risking the health of your loved ones. quitting smoking is difficult but not impossible if you take efforts. I think one should always make an effort to stay away from this addiction and if you are already addicted to it then start taking efforts to quit it as, as soon as possible
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-29-2018
I smoked before but did not really get hooked. I only smoked at the wee hours of the night whenever I needed to stay awake to finish my term paper. When that was done I decided to stop so I started to chew gum whenever I had the craving to smoke which really helped. I haven't smoked since.
Posted by iambeth on 10-29-2018
Good that you were able to snap out of it but I always believe we can't use a damaging thing to achieve success in life, while you were smoking to write your term paper may be to have good grades but in the process, you were harming your self. There are other good ways to stay awake than smoking which is a lot better.
Posted by lovely on 10-31-2018
I also didi a smilar evaluation where I looked at the long term effects on both sides of the equation. while smoking gave me a temporary high at the moment of doing it I ran the risk of being sick later on in life with numerous types of cancer being risked. This helped me to quickly snap out of the control that the ciggaretes were beginning to pile on me and made me better at self control.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I also participated in the habit but for only a limited time before I analysed the positive effects that it had vs the negative impacts and threats on my body. I gradually started to quit and after several months I was able to become a full non-smoker. It is a habit which I would hate to be addicted to.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
Realizing the cons against the pros of something is the first step in ridding yourself of a bad habit. You realized about this early before it had its toll on you. It is good you succeeded.
Posted by stbrians on 11-08-2018
Good for you. Smoking not regularly is good but it would be better if you stop it. But it all depends in you if you want to stop it immediately or not. Living healthy is better than living and preparing your body to suffer illness causes by smoking.
Posted by mark86 on 11-02-2018
You were prudent. Otherwise you will by now be hooked and desperate. Desperation is really the worst feeling anyone can have.
Posted by stbrians on 11-08-2018
I'm not addicted to smoking, and I don't want to be a smoker, because it has no good benefits to our body, it can only make our lungs destroyed.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-29-2018
I actually don't smoke. I have tried it when I was in college but after a few sticks I made up my mind that I will not indulge myself on smoking. I don't like the smell of the cigarette. And of course I don't want my body to suffer from the bad effects of smoking. Not only it will destroy health of the smoker but also the non-smoking people that could inhale the smoke when they are nearby to a smoking person.
Posted by vhinz on 10-29-2018
You sound like me. I tried smoking for fun when I was in college. I also smoked in parties. However, I never got hooked with smoking. My father did not smoked. However, my grandfather used a hookah. I never liked the reek of tobacco even when I smoked.
Posted by vinaya on 10-31-2018
It also happened to me when I was in college. Most of it was due to some peer pressure and partying but soon after I was able to calibrate my life properly and shape it the way I wanted. I only did it for a while and started using the things I knew were alligned with me and not what my friend wanted for themsleves. It can be a troubling time discovering yourself but one can do it if they trust their inner selves.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I can say that I am not addicted to it but I still smoke occasionally and not every day. Some people can't control it and some can. It's really a good thing and I am proud of the people who have tried it and decided not to smoke again. I really wish I never knew how to smoke. I hope that the time will come I could really put and end to it I mean I am not a heavy smoker or a chain smoker as they call it, but it's really fulfilling if one really can stop from smoking again. It's really bad for everyone.
Posted by Marako0406 on 10-29-2018
Yeah I heard that smokers complaining it that it cannot be controlled. Nobody will help you but yourself. Stay away from that habit and focus in the things that you will benefit good things. I know you can leave smoking. Believe in yourself and everything good will follow.
Posted by mark86 on 10-29-2018
What's stopping you. If you really want to quit smoking, you can easily do that. Since you say you smoke occasionally and are not a chain smoker, quitting will be a lot easier for you. If you want to quit, cold turkey is the best option. Cold Turkey is a method where the smoker quits smoking immediately with our going into transitional period like cutting the number of cigarettes every dat.
Posted by vinaya on 10-31-2018
I also agree. If you want to quit the best way to start is to have some goals and be conscious about keeping them. Say for instance you set a target of two ciggaretes per week for a start and then gradually reduce to one then only once in two weeks or so until the craving gradually collapses. within no time you will find yourslef free of the addiction wondering why it took so long.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
Its actaully great if you are able to control the habit each and every day such that it never gets out of hand. There are some people who start the habit just as a joke but soon it catches and becomes like a daily thing which they have little to no control over and this is like an addiction. Living and struggling with addictions is difficult and I thi nk that we should all try to avoid addictive staff.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I don't smoke and haven't smoked for the rest of my 19 years of experience here on earth. However, my father was a smoker before and I am really proud of him because he was able to quit after realizing that it was very harmful for his body. He told me he was able to quit slowly by eating candy (the ones made with milk) whenever he salivates.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-29-2018
Good for you that you actually have a person who can give you some life lessons and tell you about the dangers that you can face when you engage in the habit. It helps to know that the individual offering counsel has themselves been down that road and discovered for themselves the negativities and hence their advice is trustworthy. My parents have never smoked and so i guess the experimentation I did was for myself to teach my kids a lesson.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
No I'm not addicted to smoking. There's way too much coffee in this world! Besides being bad for your health, cigarettes are ridiculously expensive. No way I'm paying that kind of money for a bad habit. A bad habit has to be cheap or it ain't worth it! LOL.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-29-2018
You are right. There is coffee. One strong cup of coffee can take you higher than one cigarette and it still does not damages your health as much as the cigarette does. Smoking is expensive addiction. If you smoke, it is very likely that you sleep into weed.
Posted by vinaya on 10-31-2018
This is so true my friend. There are numeorus friends of mine who I know combine the two drugs and tehy only started with one. Infact a majority of the people that I know are occassional weed smokers started with only ciggarettes before their bodies started asking for more stimulations. They are deeply linked and the best way to totally avoid any is to stay clear of the other.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
ahhahahhahaha. So for you the battle is between tobacco and coffee which is largely won or taken by coffee. It is some evaluation I cn't deny but there are also better things in this world to put in the body. This however does not vindicate me from being a coffee addict since I take the beverage each and every day in the morning and when I do not I feel like my day cannot pass well.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I smoke so I would say I am addicted, although for the amount of time I've been a smoker, I am still kind of glad my consumption isn't as high as it should be or as high as many others who have smoked for the same period of time as I have. For now I am still able to limit myself to only a few sticks a day and I'm hoping that it will make it a bit easier for me to quit once I finally decide to.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-29-2018
Well, not judging you but you just have to snap out of it. It really a habit that it isn't good for the body.I know it never easy but you just have to try because of the harmful effect to the body. The popular slogan of smokers dying young isn't a joke so decide before its too late.
Posted by lovely on 10-31-2018
I do hope you decide to quit soon. It's hard at first I understand but the chemicals will negatively affect your lungs if you keep smoking. And I don't think the lungs can regenerate new tissues after it has been damaged. So I do hope you decide soon.
Posted by iambeth on 11-03-2018
You can get addicted to many things, and smoking and drinking are the hardest ones to stop. I have friends who are addicted, but you can stop if you really want to. One was ill and having surgery but still wanted to smoke. For some it's a habit they don't want to stop either because they are so used to it. I find people crave cigarettes and now that vaping is more popular I think it makes it harder to quit totally.
Posted by Alexa on 10-29-2018
Alcohol can be beneficial sometimes if you take in moderation. In Russia, people fight cold with vodka and that s good for them. In Europe and America, women generally believe that wine is good for their skin. However, cigarette does not have any benefit for the smokers. The only benefit is for those who are involved with manufacturing and selling business.
Posted by vinaya on 10-31-2018
The process of stopping is really long and in many instances it depends with your addiction. Nonetheless, It is stoppable and when you are highly dedicated and disciplined in your urge to stop you definitely will. I did stop although mine had not gotten to the level fo being an addiction and I think that it is equally possible for anyone to also quit completely. I am not a motivational speaker but I do beleive in the power of wanting to do or not do something.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I enjoy smokin a cigarrette or two, whenever I go drinking with my friends (which are very seldom nowadays). But I wouldn't consider myself addicted to it. I don't find myself longing to light one every now and then, nor do I feel the urge when I haven't have one.

I don't do drugs as well, never had and never will. especially now that our country is too keen on drugs (users and pushers alike).
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-29-2018
As much as I am against drugs I recognize when a person has self control and they know when they need something and when they really should not. There are people who are influenced positively by some of these drugs but there is need to have a level of control so as not to overdo and hence ruin the body. I also know that there are other alternatives you can opt for should you have the spirit to do so.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I dont smoke. I hate it because I know that it is harmful in our body. Many people suffered lung cancer and they realized in the end that smoking is really a bad habit. We should take care ourselves and protecting it from any dangerous things.
Posted by mark86 on 10-29-2018
Even if they knew that this thing will kill them they jsut ignore it and continue doing that bad habit. That is the weirdest thing I really can't get why do they be scare of that.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-30-2018
I'm not defending smoking, but anything can kill you. Crossing the street may kill you, yet you still do it because you have to, am I right? I'm kidding.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-31-2018
I've tried smoking before but no matter how I do it, I always end up gagging. Same with vapes. I don't like the taste of both but I don't think that's why I end up gagging. It's that I don't know how to smoke.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 10-29-2018
I am not addicted to smoking as I have gotten to realize the dangerous effects of being a smoker especially as it regards their health and lungs. One thing that is pertinent for us to know is that you are not going to get it right when you are a chain smoker and this is the reason anyone involved should cut ties from it.
Posted by Barida on 10-29-2018
I don't smoke because it really gives me a hard time breathing. I hate those strangers who will smoke in public like they don't care about other people's health if you want to die, die alone. I don't judge those people who are addicted to smoking, just use the proper etiquette on where to smoke because second-hand smoke is much dangerous than first. To all those smokers out there, I hope you can get out to your habit because it is really dangerous for your health.
Posted by vivalavanda on 10-30-2018
To be honest I am until now. You will realize you’re addicted to smoking when you want a cigarette. Increasingly activities turn out to be related to smoking. For instance, smoking is essential while you first get up in the morning, once you eat, while you cross on break, while you drive, Cravings arise. you may sense on edge if you need a cigarette and might’t have one. You smoke even in case you are unwell. You smoke while you should be doing some thing else.
Posted by jetselle on 10-30-2018
I don't smoke. Its not good for the health of the body. It can cause lung cancer and other health problems.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-30-2018
Luckily I live in a family where no one does smoking. I feel like that is the reason why I'm not into it. And for me, that habit really is the worst that will kill us. A lot of people can't stop smoking because there is this thing that they feel somthing weird when they don't smoke.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-30-2018
Same with me. Perhaps, smoking depends on the influence around you.
Posted by theresajane on 11-29-2018
I don’t smoke. I can’t tolerate the smell of smoke. Almost all of my uncles smoke. None of the females in my family smokes. It is addictive and can cause lung cancer to the smoker and the person around them.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 10-30-2018
I was blessed to have a set of parents who lead us in the right path. We grew up in place where almost everyone in our community do smoke. Whether a girl or a boy, adult or young, It is a normal thing. However our parents teach us as we grew up never to smoke nor drink alcohol. I think our love for our parents as well as our respect for them motivate us to stay away from any vices that can harm us. It is also a big help that they always bring us in a Bible study when we were young. I mold us to become a better children of God.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 10-30-2018
I used to smoke when I was younger, but not anymore. Now the smell makes me nauseous and I hate when people smoke around me...or even worse, my children. There's no question these days about the health impacts, so it's astounding to me that people still choose to smoke knowing the risks.
Posted by amelia88 on 10-30-2018
I am not a chain smoker, I only smoke when I am very stress and drunk. I know what harm it can do to my body so I tried my best not to smoke every time.
Posted by allyn2017 on 10-30-2018
I used to smoke a lot when I was younger, but I became sick and my doctor forbid me to smoke even a little, after a year my health became better than before.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-30-2018
I consider myself as a casual smoker, I've been smoking menthols for 25 years now but I'm not in any way a chain smoker. My daily consumption of cigarettes is 4 sticks a day. When I'm having a drink I usually smoke an additional 2-3 sticks. I started smoking when I was 20 and I have tried stopping dozens of times over the years but I can't seem to totally stop. I would start smoking again after a week, I really can't get it out of my system.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-30-2018
Same here. There is just something about it that makes it so addictive. Like if I do not have a cigarette on my hand, I feel awkward or weird. It also helps during stressful situations, the feeling of smoke coming out of my mouth makes me feel at ease.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-31-2018
No. I don't even smoke at all and haven't tried smoking. I also don't plan to. I believe that it really is addicting so I don't even plan on trying it.
Posted by hstinscdln on 10-30-2018
I have never smoked in my entire life let alone being addicted to it, not with all the array of cancer one can get from smoking out one's lungs from lungs cancer to mouth and stomach and even bladder cancer.I wonder why people even smoke in the first instance because I don't get it.
Posted by lovely on 10-30-2018
Well, no. Of course not. I don't even like secondhand smoke, and I especially don't like careless smokers. If people want to risk their health because they can't or won't stop, then that's their business; however, taking us along for that hellbound ride is just unforgivable. Fortunately, people are better informed these days, and public awareness as to the danger of smoking has gone up. People are more concerned with the environment and with their health. More laws have been put in place or enforced, and smokers just seem more considerate these days. Looks like mankind has taken a step forward after all.
Posted by clixer23 on 10-30-2018
The addiction is masked by enslaved behaviours as well. Everyone's journey is different to getting out of the fog that is nicotine addiction. And it is a fog. Reading the posts on this site has helped immensely- yours included. Somewhere, someone else gives you the strength to keep going. Ages ago, I read, I think it is gave some good physical notes on nicotine addiction. They were very good. I know that coming to this site has been my saviour - I have not yet given enough back. Debts for my life back will be repaid!
Posted by csk81 on 10-30-2018
I am what you would call , a social smoker. I tried a cigarette when I was about 17 and never really liked it since. I will smoke one cigarette per month if any. From what I've gathered there are two kinds of smokers, social smokers and those that are actually addicted. Social ones do it as a habit out of nervousness. Addicted smokers HAVE to smoke to balance their brain chemicals.
Posted by GeorgeDr on 10-30-2018
I don't smoke. My brother and the uncle used to smoke a lot. And they are now gone. So it can be said that those who are addicted to smoking it can be a bit hard in terms of the smoking habit for them. So I'd recommend that one should don't smoke at all to begin with.
Posted by overcast on 10-30-2018
I smoke, but I am well aware of its effects on my body. Anybody stupid enough to suck on something that has health warning labels and nobody knows exact ingredients deserve what they choose.? Just my two cents.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-05-2018
Thankfully I have never been addicted to smoking. I'm really lucky because it is really easy to get addicted to smoking. When I was in college I used to drink and smoke. I could have become easily addicted to smoking as some of my friends did. Fortunately I liked my drink more then I liked smoking. I have also heard that addiction to smoking can be genetic. So once you start you can become addicted to smoking if you are genetically pre-disposed.Smoking is a risky addiction. I think that many addicts die of lung cancer.
Posted by jaymish on 10-30-2018
I've played with smoking; back when I was a kid i remember I and my friends would fold a sheet of paper and light one end of it trying to mimick smokers. And honesty, the experience is distasteful, haven to get chocked severally by the smokes coming out from the burning paper made me wonder what exactly people gain when they smoke. I did not press further to find out, I was done.
Posted by mosesoscar on 10-30-2018
Well, I used to smoke. And I'm not sure how I got it started but might be because of my friends at work. I was smoking 6 months ago and I have no plans to do that again. Yes it's kind of addicting but when you think about it it's more like your choice to smoke, that's why I don't believe people who says that it's hard to stop. It's actually easy, I smoke for 4 years and when my partner said I should stop I did stop. Just think about your health and how much people around you will suffer once you body deteriorates because of it, there's already enough people who died because of smoking. I did not want to be one of them so I stopped, and if you don't wanna be one of them then please stop it now.
Posted by mftmadam on 10-30-2018
Quitting smoking is not easy it requires strong determination and influence from the surrounding. One does not need a rocket scientist to know inhaling the burnt tar, nicotine and hundred of other chemicals into the lung is harmful to health. But what makes so many people hooked to the habit is the nicotine, so one needs nicotine patch or gum to substitute smoking in the beginning stage of quitting. But this has to be combined with determination and strong will to quit. One can use the help from family members and try to stray away from smoking friends for at least a year to avoid relapse.
Posted by cks003 on 10-30-2018
I have tried smoking, my Mother is addicted to smoking but my father doesn't smoke. I don't get it why people get addicted to smoking, must have been a trait I inherited from my father. My friends from high school think it's cool to smoke but I never thought of it that way. The sensation of blowing smoke isn't enough to compensate for lung cancer.
Posted by DISTEFANO115 on 10-30-2018
Sometimes people decided to smoke because of the peers that he belong to. Some friends encouraging them to smoke which is not good. Smoking is one of the most deadliest habit that many people do. I actually wondering why people still patronizing that cigarettes even there are many commercials in the television telling the illness that might people get from smoking.
Posted by mark86 on 10-31-2018
I tried smoking but I never feel addicted to it, for some yes it's addictive but it has no effect on me, I used to drink alcohol but smoking is a no for me.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-31-2018
No. My parents will not allow us to do smoking. But when I was younger, I was so curious about smoking so I tried but I thought I will get addicted but not as its very awful for me. I am so thankful that my parents reminds us everytime that smoking is bad for our health.
Posted by nekonieden on 10-31-2018
I am guilty to this. I do smoke, a lot like a pack or 20 sticks a day. I can't help it. I tried to quit several times before, but still, here I am lighting another stick. I hope I can entirely be smoke-free one day. I guess all it takes is the proper motivation and dedication.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-31-2018
I cannot judge you my friend since I know the way in which addiction works. i have seen several of my friends struggle with the habit and some of them have still been able to give it up. This means that you should never lose hope as it is always there and you can get back in control when you start gradually.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I know, at this point I want to quit it entirely, but there are also times that I am longing for it. In my case, candies and gums didn't work, and the cold turkey method didn't work. I don't want to try out those e-cigarettes as there's an instance here where the device exploded in his mouth. I never want that to happen to me.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-03-2018
I thank God that I'm not addicted to smoking. No offense to smokers, but we all know that it will affect the health of a person both the smokers and those who happen to inhale the smoke of cigarettes. I actually have friends who are addicted to smoking and I don't have the right to stop them, it's their choice and they are in their right mindset to choose what they want to do. As for me, I always choose to keep distance when they smoke just so I could be safe from complications too.
Posted by theresajane on 10-31-2018
I use to smoke daily but not addicted.some time i will not smoke for weeks . when i am tensed I will smoke and it make me think better because the mind will get some relax.I thank god that i am not addicted to smoking. Its not about addiction , Its about to control yourself over addiction.
Posted by csk81 on 10-31-2018
I am not a smoker and I am not addicted to any smoking. My parents do not smoke, though some of my relatives smoke, I don't remember since when I have been told smoking is bad for health, then later heard that second-hand smokes are worse, then I classified "smoking" is a bad thing for me. Though I have friends who smoke as well and I know smokers are not bad, I just don't think I should smoke and I certainly don't want to get addicted to it as well.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-31-2018
While posting a comment, I have a cigarette between my lips. I haven't lighted it yet, my mind is processing. As soon as it meets a temporary block and I stop writing, I will light the filthy thing. I hate smoking and loathe the day I learned how to do it. But an addicition is just that, you cant stop even thoughe very cell in your body wants to. Even if they drive up the price to twice as it is now, I would still go out and buy a pack, that will last m a day and a half. If I'm writing a lot, oen pack will only last me a day. It is an addiciton, if you understand drug addicts, you should understand smokers, too. I have never tried quitting, because quitting smoking half-heartedly is something a smoker does for someone else. When I quit, it will be for good. But I don't see that happening in the near future, not yet. This disgusting habit is a bond between man and cigarette, if it does not click the first time, it will never work. but if it does, it is going to be next to impossible to quit it. It's the disgusting, fatal equivalent of love at first sight. Look at that, I managed to finish my post without lighting this dirty tobacco stick. But I will light it soon enough....
Posted by sonnyisabeast on 10-31-2018
I'm not addicted to it, and I don't even want to feel addicted to it, because it has no good benefits to our body, it can only make our body worsen.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-01-2018
Sure, smoking is bad for your health but I'm sure so too is living in a big city breathing in car exhaust fumes?.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-05-2018
I think that I'll be smoking cigarettes for the rest of my life, as they say "once s smoker, always a smoker. Besides I believe that if a person smokes for 20 years, it's best for him to just continue smoking, stopping would give the person some serious ailments.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-01-2018
I do not smoke but have tried it just out of curiosity. Even if my friends are smokers, I was not influenced by them to continue it after trying. I know that it is not good for the health in the long run. The nicotine that it contains is said to be the one causing the addiction. So if one can still control and stop smoking, better start it before you can consider yourself addicted. The longer you use it the harder it is for you to stop.
Posted by mdayrit on 11-01-2018
Good for those who don't even try one of those addicting things. Because it will be dangerous for them if they tried it. They may became addicted and got no way to escape from that bad habit. Curiosity is good but sometimes it can be a deadly trap.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 11-01-2018
I spent some time smoking three types of smoked drugs which are cigarettes, weed and shisha. Of the three the one that I really felt like doing was shisha since it waas only found at the periods that we went clubbing during my college days. the others could come easily by our residence and I soon realized that if I was not careful with the ha bit it could be come an addiction. I started the process of stopping and I was able to delink myself from the behavior completely.
Posted by Martin on 11-01-2018
I haven’t tried smoking and i don’t think i’ll try one. Smoking is a form of addiction. Once you start, you can’t stop. My brother and my father are smokers. It pisses me off upon inhaling the fumes of their cigarettes. They say that there is something enticing in smoking that makes them don’t want to quit.
Posted by conniemac on 11-01-2018
I have never tried smoking and I never will. It is a gross and horrible habit that leads to so many different health issues. I watched my grandma smoke herself to death and that for me was more than enough to keep me from ever wanting to smoke.
Posted by Jstreeter26 on 11-01-2018
Not me but my husband was but he got rid of it by reducing the quantity one at a time. No doubt one must have the will. And as they say if there is a will there is a way
Posted by iamawriter on 11-01-2018
It seems another effective way to quit is to have a close family member who will support you to stop. Like you, your husband decided to get rid of smoking because of you, and I think it helps a lot.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-03-2018
No, I'm definitely not addicted at smoking. I'm fully aware the bad effects of smoking to our health, so I've never tried even once. Luckily, my grandfather is the only person who got addicted at smoking though there are more men in my family but we always encourage my grandfather to lessen his consume of cigarettes. Even though there are new technologies in smoking nowadays which is the vape, no one in my family tried smoking already.
Posted by mitan143 on 11-01-2018
Luckily I never got addicted to smoking. I did smoke for a little bit when I was a teenager but luckily it didn't stick. I didn't want to smell like smoke, it was expensive and hard to maintain since I wasn't of age to buy them. I do sometime miss it though. There is a comfort to smoking and I really like the taste of a couple brands.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-02-2018
I never tasted a cigarette ever since I was born. I hate its smell and smoke. My parents never smoked, but my grandparents were. My parents taught us about the health consenquences of smoking and told us to never try it even once. My grandfather died because of lung disease and that is caused by smoking. Now, my grandmother stopped smoking to prevent having sickness because of it. I also put into my mind that smoking will never be an option for me to relieve stress or become a hobby.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-03-2018
We people have been fooled by this kind of thing, even we know the bad benefits of this thing we are still using it and even addicted to it. I'm not a smoker and I hate the smell of it.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-03-2018
I think the best way to be utterly smoke-free if you are a smoker is to decrease your consumption one at a time. Like only 15 sticks for today, then tomorrow 14, then 13 and so on so forth.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-03-2018
I have never smoked, and I will never smoke. Apart from smells associated with smoking, there are so many health concerns. Whenever I see someone smoking, I a see two things in one. Fire on one end of the cigarette or bhang, and a fool on the other end.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-03-2018
The psychological cost of quitting is very high from the perspective of the smokers. To them, they have to endure the difficulties associated with it, but the benefits of quitting smoking such as better lung condition and stamina are something that will materialise only years if not decades later. Moreover, those who died of lung cancer were not necessarily smokers. In other words, the benefits of quitting smoking are not vivid when compared to the costs of quitting smoking. That makes quitting so difficult.
Posted by cks003 on 11-04-2018
I hate the smell of smoking, and I don't even want to try to smoke at least one stick of it.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-04-2018
Same with me. I hate it when someone smokes near me. I also hate it when the smell lingers on the clothes and the breath of a person even after smoking. I had a co-officemate before and we were on the same table. I had to endure the smell because I don't want to offend him.
Posted by theresajane on 11-11-2018
No, and I have no plans of trying a single cigarette stick in my life. Cigarette smoking poses a lot of health hazards, including increased risk for respiratory tract infections, malignancies such as lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer, among others, exacerbation of asthma and allergic rhinitis, risk for cardiovascular diseases, and development of other lung pathologies such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema. Apart from that, cigarette smoking not only endangers the smoker but also the people around him/her. In fact, secondhand or passive smoking poses more health risks compared to firsthand smoking. I simply cannot find any good reason to try smoking, while I have a million reasons not to try one. For those who are currently addicted to smoking, I would like to politely ask you to consider your own health and your family's health and quit. It is not a good way to die. I do agree, however, that quitting is difficult - that's why it's important to get checked up by a doctor and be counselled regarding the strategies to quitting.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-04-2018
I got into to the habit of smoking back in my college days. Mainly because of peer influences. Fortunately I am now a non smoker and thankfully I did not continue the habit. I want to enjoy life being healthy so I quit smoking. This habit is really hard to break. Sometimes medical intervention is needed just to be able to be freed from this habit.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 11-04-2018
My dad used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day but that did not draw us to this bad habit. My siblings and I tried smoking his cigarette sticks when we were in college and I'm glad that we did because the taste and smell repelled us forever. We haven't even considered the health hazards then. We just didn't like the aftertaste and the stench. We were also turned off by the smoker's breath. Nowadays, the cost of cigarettes is another deterrent against the habit. When I was just starting to work, I met girls who acted like smoking makes them seem powerful, sophisticated, and part of the boys groups. That would have pressured less confident personalities but it thankfully did not influence me. I hated wasting my time to smoke a few puffs in the parking areas designated as smoking sections. That's where they meet and smoke together.

As for my dad's health, he never had cigarette-related ailments. He had very strong lungs and body in general owing to his genes. My siblings and I weren't as blessed though as my mom's genes appear to be more dominant in our physical make up. Hence, we need to care for our body more and avoid bad habits like cigarette smoking.
Posted by chatbox on 11-05-2018
I used to be addicted to the act of smoking, but for some reason I was never addicted to nicotine. I can honestly say that I never felt the effects of nicotine cravings, nor do I have a clue as to what the symptoms actually are. I used to smoke because the people around me smoked, and it became a habit as a result of that. I enjoyed the flavor of the cigarettes and just the act of inhaling and blowing out the smoke itself. When I started hanging out with other people who didn’t smoke, I quit entirely. I actually quit cold turkey and didn't feel any nicotine withdrawal whatsoever.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-05-2018
Smoking is not my thing. I'm well aware that there is no good result of smoking. In fact, there are many diseases or illnesses than I can acquire in smoking. Both smokers and non-smokers see this as difficult. For instance, if you had to attend a meeting for work at a restaurant. You might end up as a non-smoker sitting next to someone puffing away or feeling uncomfortable as a smoker sitting next to someone who condemns cigarette smoke. Even though both are at a disadvantage some smokers feel as if they are being punished by having to sit on opposite sides of the building.

In comparison, both smokers and non-smokers have to deal with stress. While living in this money-crazed and fast paced society, we will all get stressed out at one point. A full-blown smoker must deal with the stress of addiction. Addiction comes with an array of problems such as: money, health, family, etc… A non-smoker living with a smoker also has to deal with these problems. Whether it is that they are worried about the health of the individual or worried about the individual.
Posted by totoadrian on 11-05-2018
When I was a teenager, I thought my father has a history of smoking. I assumed because his lips are quite dark. So, I had this mentality that if I will try smoking, my parents will not be that angry because my dad has a history of smoking. I can use that against them. Later on, I tried smoking. When the secret was out my mother revealed to me that my Dad never tried smoking. I was wrong. However, eventhough I have tried smoking, I never got into a point where I am addicted. I was just curious why people would want to smoke.
Posted by anchoreztin on 11-05-2018
Best advice is never to get started smoking at all. If you smoke, your risk for major health problems increases dramatically including heart disease, heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, and death from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. It also causes cardiovascular diseases.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-05-2018
I have smoked several things, but I wouldn't say that I'm addicted or even do it regularly. Typically, the only times I find myself smoking is in social settings like at a party, celebration, etc. But because I put myself in this situation, I do know several friends and colleagues that are addicted and can't go more than 3-12 hours from a smoke; it's crazy how it plays into their lives and takes over.
Posted by EffectSix on 11-05-2018
I do hate the smell of a smoke from a cigarette, I don't know why there are a lot of people who are addicted to it.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-06-2018
Yeah you are right. Why do they love doing it. You can get no benefits from it. Only negative one.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 11-07-2018
I absolutely am not addicted to smoking. I'm really against this whole concept because to be honest I know people do this to release some stress and anger at times but seriously? There are many other ways to let something out like stress and emotions but smoking isn't the answer. But to those who just do it and enjoy smoking then you people are weird. I would agree for people who do smoke to just transfer to vaping. For me it's the same concept but vaping is quite more healthier for the lungs and it even has a scent to it. But that's just me and my opinion so once again I disagree and for sure I'm not touching a single cigar or vape in my life.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-07-2018
Smoking really burns what inside you and most of us know about that. That is why I am wondering why people love to do this habit still. Not to condemn them but they need to love theirselves.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 11-07-2018
I guess I'm addicted to it. Because I've been smoking daily for 25 years now. But I do take care of my health. I drink vitamins, eat healthy food, do cleansing yearly, exercise, sports, I live a healthy lifestyle except for moderate smoking and I do drink alcohol twice a week.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-08-2018
I have tried using cigarettes before even though that I know what will I get from using it. I know it really makes you feel relax when you are smoking, tho I still not consider it as my form of relaxation.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-10-2018
Luckily when I was a child and even now that I am an adult, my mom would't allow me to smoke. She always shouts and scolds me whenever I jokingly say that I wanted to try smoking. Personally, I really don't like the smell of smoke from cigarettes. Besides I am aware of the fact that cigarettes have negative effects to out body like nicotine being collected into our lungs and might even cause lung cancer.
Posted by Vinsanity on 11-10-2018
Thankfully, no I am not. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. Happy to say that also. My family doesn't have many smokers either which is a great thing.
Posted by NickJ on 11-10-2018
I'm not addicted to smoking. Although, I tried it before and been smoking a stick or two everytime I got dizzy from drinking alcohol. But I learned how to control myself and stop smoking when I realized it's not good not just for my health, including others, and for our nature. For now, I am against smoking, I hate people smoke in public places but I respect people's decision if they can't live without cigarette.
Posted by KIRZZ on 11-11-2018
I am not a smoker by my husband used to be a heavy smoker. It is a big wonder for everyone in his circle when he suddenly quit smoking in 2007 after more than 30 years of being addicted to cigarettes. The reason is religious because he said he struck a deal with God. That was the time when he experienced difficulty in breathing that he thought he was having a heart attack.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-14-2018
Are you addicted to smoking: I never ever try to smoke, and don't have a plan to. My father used to smoke cigarrete maybe he already addicted on it, he tried to stop using it before but he feel weak and get some sick so he used it again but not that much like before, he's trying to stop it slowly.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-18-2018
My uncle used to smoke and he even can finish 1 pack of cigarettes in a day and he is 78 years old. We told him to stop smoking because it can cause lung cancer but he wouldn't listen. Until he was admitted to the hospital because of his cough and he had difficulty in breathing. Good thing when the doctor run some test for him, he told us he is okay and there was nothing wrong with lung or his heart. But right stop smoking, that's what he said but sometimes he still consume 1-2 cigarettes in a day.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-20-2018
Addiction to smoking is a serious problem to one's health. Although the effect is well known, smokers still smoke as the long term effect (eg lung cancer etc) is not perceivable now when compared to the cost of quitting smoking (eg. the uncomfortableness brought by quitting smoking). This has in fact caused many failed attempts and medications which aimed to stop smoking. However, in the end it still depends on the personal determination.
Posted by cks003 on 11-21-2018
I've tried smoking once but im just not in to it. I never tried it again. I don't want to risk my health for just a stick. But other think that smoking makes them cool but really guys how does a stick in you mouth makes you look cooler. They say that it was a stress reliever. I say just sit and listen to a soft raindrops sound
Posted by Wenkx03 on 11-24-2018
I never tried smoking in my whole life and I will never do. Smoking is dangerous not just for your health but for others. I don't understand why some people say that smoking makes them feel better when in fact cigarettes are just ruining their health.
Posted by superlicca on 11-24-2018
I am proud to say that I haven't smoked in my life until now and will not do so in the future too. I am not one of those people who get influenced by friends or by situations and get into smoking. I am aware of all the ill effects of smoking and have stayed away from it for good. I have seen many people get affected by cancer/asthma and many other lung disorders and still do not want to stop smoking. Once you get into it, it will become really difficult to get rid of it.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-28-2018
I tried smoking when I was studying in uni. I can't say it's peer pressure just because all of my friends smoked but I just wanted to try what it is about smoking. Honestly it's not for me. I couldn't get why people wanted to smoke. I couldn't get what it's for.
Posted by knnon on 11-30-2018
I'm not and that's a good thing, but I have a friend who is so addicted to smoking. He's kind of crazy because he always posts on his facebook account that he will stop smoking, and not only once but he posted it a few times, I don't know what his point of doing that but it just make's him stupid because he never really stops smoking, like dude what's the point.
Posted by davedaot on 12-04-2018
No, I am not addicted to smoking and I am against smoking cigarettes. Smokin cigarettes can cause a lot of health risk that includes cancer. I have seen tons of proof that smoking is indeed bad for our health and I am not saying this thins blindly I have tried smoking before and I can't understand why other people are enjoying this activity. I prefer living healthy than to kill my self slowly by smoking cigarettes.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-13-2018