Are you an early riser or late night worker?

Are you an early riser or late night worker?
This is a question for all online workers like us who do not have any fixed work timings. Some of us prefer to be awake till late at night whereas some like to get up early so as to complete the work. Each person has his own lifestyle and working preferences. Family and social responsibilities are a big determining factor.

As a mother and a house maker I always prefer to leave the bed early in the morning and complete most of my online work. This really helps me to complete my rest of the daily routine in a stress free manner. If I have a pending work load on my shoulders then carrying out my basic responsibilities become difficult for me. Moreover by the end of the day, I'm badly exhausted so it the morning time when I can focus on my work with a fresh new start.

What is your working preference?



I am agree with early rise

Hello Have a wonderful day.

I have been doing freelancing work and outsourcing work at the market place at USA day time (For my country its night time) for the last 4 years up to July 2016. Rarely I have been caught by doctor and the doctor has been said me that I am facing trouble with normal sleep. I have checked myself and found myself that I am facing a small problem about night time sleep. Now I have changed the decision. For the last 6 months I have been doing work at middle of the day. I am not doing late night work. I am a sleep lover and for that reason I sleep 10 hours minimum and than after getting fresh I start my online work. Now its all OK with me and I am feeling well. Night time sleep is very very much necessary for every online workers because this is the matter of body. MY parents says me every time that- if you do not sleep one night- you will never fill up that after 1 week sleep also. Every thing is silent on the mid night and at that time sleep is very much helpful.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-04-2017

Night Job

I have more clarity in total silence. The evening is when it's most peaceful and therefore provides more focus. There's more freedom in the evening, because nobody else is awake to disturb you in what you're doing. When I'm alone, that's the only time when I can think. Yes, it's lonely, but I wouldn't trade a stressful, and hot day for a blissful and meaningful evening.
Posted by missionreport on 06-03-2017

Night Owl

I'm a night owl. I can stay up late at night to work (or just for personal preferences), but I cannot get up early to save my life. Getting up early is the worst. You literally have to drag me out of bed because I'm attached to it. I'd never in a million years call myself an "early riser".
Posted by kataomoi on 06-14-2017
john franklin

Night Job worker

I am a writer and I think the night time is the best for a writer as there is no one to disturb at night and we don't have to do any other task related to our home works. We don't have to go to the market in the night even we don't have to pick and drop children. I love to work at night as it is to much silence and peace at that time.
Posted by john franklin on 06-03-2017
EJ Burg

Late worker and late sleeper

I work from home and live in South Africa. Now as most of the the work I do is freelancing work for clients in other countries, it's important for me to adapt my working schedule to fit international times. This usually turns into me working to about 2-3 am every morning.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-11-2017



I'm an early bird

I'm up at 6 am every day no matter what time I go to bed. I don't think I was like it as a teenager, it seems to have happened since I had children, probably because they were always up with the lark.

By the time I get to the evening I'm usually too tired to do much except sit in front of the tv so that's my relaxation time.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 06-03-2017
This is true. Things really change when we have kids. The same is the case with me. I prefer to get up early and finish my work. The rest of the day goes off in running behind the kid and catering to his needs only.

I like to be there to see the sun rise

I am an early riser as I feel I am ready for the day after a good sleep. I also get to sleep early,. As they say early to rise, early to bed makes the man healthy wealthy and wise. The only negative aspect of this is that most around me are opposites and so I am alone in this.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-04-2017

Early Worker

Working in the morning can sometimes be unpleasant, but waking up early is good for having a natural sleeping schedule. Being young, most people find it uncool to go to sleep early and what not but it is really great getting stuff done before anyone has a chance to throw more stuff at you. I also work during the morning because I find it is easier to learn things at that time of day. When I'm working at night I forget all of the little details that slip through the cracks. Jogging in the morning is also much more pleasant and less scary than jogging at night. That's always a plus in my book.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-11-2017

Early bird gets the worm

My day getting everything out of the way that has to be done so that way I can relax and enjoy myself in the evening
Posted by tinkerlove on 06-03-2017


I had always been a late night worker. I used to work until 2 in the morning. However , my schedule changed when I married. I stopped working late night and began to wake up in the morning. I woke up at 1 or 2 in the morning and worked all through morning. After three years of being married, I resorted to my original schedule. I now work until 3 in the morning.
Posted by vinaya on 06-03-2017
It looks like you are a certified night owl who couldn’t sleep well at an earlier bedtime. But I’m sure you work better at night because that is the peak hours of night owls when their minds are working very efficiently. I am an early riser so I sleep early. My bedtime is 9 pm but sometimes I am already asleep by 8:30. My waking hour is before 4 am and I leave for the office before 5 am.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-12-2018
I, myself have always been late night worker. Aside from the internet work, I prefer to let the day pass when I have to deal with certain real life situations, especially during the summer when its hot. I'd rather sleep off most of the heat and go deal with things in the evening. The only time I would wake up super early would be when I would have to go to certain places that don't work the entire day and I might need something there. This way you also avoid heat during summer and probably crowds as well
Posted by Makefort on 06-03-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I'm both, to be honest. Mainly due to the fact that I have parents on both ends of the spectrum. My mom is an early riser, and my dad is a late night worker. Growing up in my household, generally speaking, someone was always awake 24 hours a day. So I feel I possess the power to choose how I want my day to go. For example, if I know I have a late night of work coming, mentally I'm already programming my mind at noon that day to conserve my energy so I can stay up. I'm thankful to be able to do this because the life I live requires me to get up early and sometimes stay up late at night. Truly, I feel I'm versatile in this topic
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-03-2017
This is really great if you are comfortable with both. A person who can easily adjust with the need to time is a real successful man. It is really good on your part to be able to cope up with both the situations.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-03-2017
I have never been an early riser. Even when I wake up early in the morning, I don't do work. Instead, I exercise a bit, play games, and do things to release my stress. Then at night I do all of my works, staying up late until all of my works are done. I think I prefer doing my work at night just because I'm an introvert. I don't like the possibilities of people coming in to my room while I'm working and distract me from doing my work. While at night, everyone will either sleep or do things inside their own rooms so I can have some privacy on my own.
Posted by ValX on 06-04-2017
I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with early rising and things getting done ahead of time, but there are also those of us with types of work that require us to be both a early riser and a night owl. My preference would be early riser if i ever got the chance to choose between the two, but as for now i will continue to do both.
Posted by Clprice on 06-04-2017
Yes...the feeling of contentment that follows after every work is completed early morning is really great. I feel so relaxed the whole day long that all the efforts that have been put in getting up early get paid.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-04-2017
This is why I wake up early be an early riser, it helps me keep things on time and sometimes finish up before time.That feeling of accomplishment is heavenly it put one in a very happy mood.Working isn't easy that is why it always a good feeling when we have been able to accomplish some.
Posted by lovely on 01-03-2018
I can be both depending on what's required and when, I'm flexible with either timing. If I have to pull an all-nighter, I'm up for it. I've noticed the period after midnight has been the most peaceful for me, and I feel very motivated to get - as much as I can - done during that time. I guess it's only natural as most of the people around you are asleep or already in bed. It's a very serene atmosphere and there's not much that can disturb you. I find myself wanting to study even after I get in bed.

One thing's for sure though; waking up early gives the illusion that the day's longer. You can get so much done and still have so much free time, later on, you're so free you don't know what to do. But because I love the feeling of staying up at night, I have a bit of a hard time waking up in the mornings when I don't need to.
Posted by BlueFray on 06-07-2017
I usually prefer to be a night owl, and when I don't have a schedule (such as college classes), this is what I naturally revert to; both my late mother and aunt work(ed) night shifts and slept in either the morning or afternoon. I generally find it much easier to work late at night than during the day, simply BECAUSE it is much quieter than the daytime, and I generally feel much more inclined to work in the middle of the night than I am to work in the middle of the day. Working at night also leaves me time during the day to deal with appointments that I can only complete in daytime hours, such as doctor's appointments. If I'm able, I'll usually take two few-hour naps rather than a full night of rest (though the amount of time for those naps usually take up 6-8 hours of sleep anyway).
Posted by Linen on 06-12-2017
I used to be an early riser when I had a job outside of the home. Now that I work at home for myself, I am a somewhat early riser (8 or 9 AM) and a late night worker (until I get tired).
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-23-2017
I used to be an early riser but now I am up later and waking up later. I am trying to wake up earlier so I can have a more productive day though!
Posted by simplym on 06-23-2017
My typical workday is 15 hours, but it doesn't begin very early. I like working at night, so i always assumed my work habits were an aberration. Indeed, there is good historical precedent. Through the time of the agrarian society, workers had to rise early to catch as much daylight as possible. So much of the chores that had to be done could not be accomplished in the dark of evening.
Posted by Widad00 on 07-02-2017
I consider myself a late night worker more than an early riser. I have problems with sleeping for I'm nocturnal, so either I sleep very late or early in the morning is my option. So I prefer working late at night. This might be unhealthy but this is what my body is currently much comfortable so I really can't do anything about it. For even how much I wanted to sleep early, I just really can't.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-02-2017
I am both an early riser and a late night worker, i do online work a lot so i wake up early to work and sometimes i can stay late till the midnight to continue working so as to make ends meet.
Posted by babyright on 12-25-2017
I am an early riser and find it easier to concentrate in the morning. I get more ideas in the morning. I usually feel tired at night and find it difficult to focus. I like to wake up early as I get to exercise and complete my household chores.
Posted by Pixie on 12-28-2017
People who have insomnia like me don't have the best answer to give in this kind of topics, we hardly sleep except when we take drugs that handles it, or sometimes if we get too intoxicated. Even at that sleep takes a short process for us, we wake up early though we slept for few minutes and that's the only sleep we get, sometimes we go on for weeks without even shutting our eyes for up to an hour. It comes with it's own headaches too,everytime my eyes looks sleep and I get to have constant headaches too, if I was to choose I would prefer early to rise so to get the day started well enough.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-29-2017
Same here with me, I enjoy early morning work just like you.I sleep early because I'm an early riser.I wake up very early to continue and complete my online earning jobs,I feel strong and energetic then.The weather is always quite friendly then and everywhere is calm for more concentration,it always a great time for working comfortably.
Posted by lovely on 01-03-2018
I used to be a late night worker or night owl especially when I was a student. I would sleep at midnight regularly when there are classes and I only change my bedtime hours during summer vacation. But when I started working, my metabolism somewhat changed with my work schedule that I prefer to wake up unlike before when 6 am is already late. Now I sleep by 9 pm and I wake up at about 4 am or 4:30 am because I leave early for work to avoid the heavy traffic on the roads during the rush hour.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-17-2018
I am an early riser but I need to sleep earlier so I can achieve waking up early. I believe people should get a good night sleep so their brain can function well. I can also stay late at night but what I will gain is headache, red eyes and mood swings. I prefer to sleep earlier so I can relax and have enough energy to handle the next day.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-17-2018
I'm a late night worker. My offline working schedule right now is an office hour, so my online job or extra income is during my free time that is after work. But actually I really love to work at night, because it's hard for me to sleep early, so I need to make my self busy at night to find some possible clients to earn extra income, and I'm much more active at night compare during the day, and sometimes ideas always comes at night.
Posted by ion on 04-13-2018
I used to be a night owl before I had my children. It's just hard to stop when I got into working. Since my first child was born, as I wanted to let him sleep early, I also slept early together with him. At the time, I also learned that it's good to wake up early before the kids rise up, so we can prepare the day well and do more work when the kids are still sleeping. Since then I became an early riser. It does help me to focus on the work I want to do without distraction from the kids. Moreover, I really enjoy the fresh air in the morning, and sometimes I go to the nearby park and jog. MMy health has also improved due to sleeping early too. Perhaps it has become a habit to sleep early and get up early or I am aging, I can't stay up late at night anymore.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-06-2018