Audio Books

Audio Books
Since the storage problem for a personal computer has basically been solved in the last couple of years and now anyone ca access huge amounts of electronic storages for a very small price, audio books had really reached a peak in 2017.

More and more people are turning to this option when it comes to assimilating information. I personally think audio books are great, I can basically carry huge libraries on my own smartphone and I can listen to whatever I want on my way to work or even during work, no to mention my free time, audio books can be very relaxing.

  • You can have a large number of mp3 format audio books on your laptop, tablet or even on your smartphone, storing your books has been easier. When it comes to information anything in electronic format is the future.
  • Because someone else is reading the book for you, your mobility skyrockets, you can go anywhere as long as you have your headphones on, it's like listening to music.
  • Audio books can be very enjoyable, most of the times the people that are doing the reading have a very nice voice, giving more life to your characters while your imaginations do the rest.

  • You can quickly unfocus when it comes to audio books. It can be really easy to skip over large portions of a book without paying proper attention to what the audio narrator is saying.
  • Some people claim listening to audio books is not really the same as reading books and basically, information is not assimilated in the same way, claiming actual reading is way more effective that listening to someone else reading the book.



Audio is great

It all really depends on the narrator's voice and expressions. If it's a narrator that captures your attention with their words, you won't focus elsewhere. Also, what is this that I am reading about the audio being a distraction? If you were reading a book just as much if not all of your attention would be focused on reading the words since you can't read the book without looking at it. With audio books, you can shift your attention to other things and the book as you see fit. You'll only lose track of where you are from not paying attention to the book and if you're not paying attention then you really didn't find the book interesting in the first place.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-19-2017

Audio books is the preferred choice

I like reading paper back but I cover a lot of grounds with audio books and with minor loss in transmission or interpretation. For every written paper book that I choose to read, I can finish at least three or more audio books in the same time. Granted, it's not about finishing the book but there is little to no loss, for me in relating to the book's substance or exploration. With the benefits of the digital world having the ability to read or listen on the go and on multiple devices not having to worry about storage or luggage! Audio books are definitely the future even though paper backs will always have their respectable place on the book shelves in our minds eye.
Posted by Joteque on 07-06-2017



Reading books and reading, in general, has been around for a long time since man first started writing on tablet stones and papyrus.

In modern times and today's world, you can do the actual reading from multiple sources. Good old paper books, laptop monitors, tablets and even your smartphone. I actually have read an entire book (Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk) using only my smartphone's 4-inch screen I had at that moment. Things are it was pretty enjoyable and didn't mind the small screen even though the bigger the better when it comes to mobile devices.

  • Electronic format books are basically everywhere, you can find a lot of free books online in many formats, some of the most popular are in PDF format. I'm pretty sure every popular book out there has a digital version no matter how old the book is. Same as audio books you can save your digital books on your gadgets even more impressive quantities.
  • Paper books will never go out of fashion! Even though audio books and digital books seem to take over, I think good old paper books will never disappear. There is a certain feeling you get only when reading a paper book. Depending on what I'm reading sometimes I just prefer to read a real book close to the window on a cold winter evening.
  • No matter if you are reading digital books or real books you most definitely will assimilate the information you are reading much better than audio books. When you are the one doing the reading the information is actually processed in your head and much more will stick.

  • Classic paper books can take a huge amount of space so if you want to have any sort of book collection you need to have your own small library. In today's world space is really an issue and few people have the luxury of their own library.
  • Reading e-books from tablets and smartphones can really damage your eyes on the long term and even I have felt a bit of a headache when reading too many electronic books.



Old fashioned paper books are best!

I have in the past tried to use Audio when it comes to reading books but I find that I tend to lose concentration when I use that method and nothing really sticks. Reading a book works better for me, I find that I can get stuck into a book for a long time and just read away, taking in everything that I read without becoming distracted. I like to be able to fully understand what is going on in a story when I read a book, if I lose concentration even once I find that I give up.
Posted by Shortie on 03-27-2017


Reading demands direct involvement, you cannot just flip pages without meditating on the subject being read. It is easier to reflect on areas that are a bit obscure while reading, because you can just skim and scan across lines with great speed. Reading aids individuals in studying at their own pace, you can easily determine to be very fast or too slow. I love reading, my focus is at its peak when I do so. I can cover multiple pages in minutes, and I derive a lot of pleasure reading.
Posted by Trisha on 02-02-2017

voices of narrator can be too distracting

I prefer to read paper books that I can hold in my hands. I rarely use my Kindle unless there is a book available at a much better price and it's not available at my local library. When I have tried to listen to audio books, I always find the narrator's voice too distracting. Their inflections, accents, different character voices, etc. often do not match the tone of what I am imagining in my own mind. The only time I have enjoyed audio-books is on long car rides, and even then, if the narrator is too distracting I turn the book off.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 02-02-2017

Reading makes a full man... lol

There is a good old saying " Reading makes a full man " . But i don't think listening rather than reading would do the same job.... For me ,i remember stuff i read more than listening to audio books. When reading , our mind is focused to the book , but when listening our mind may not be focused to the reading. And reading is more enjoyable too....
Posted by achi007 on 04-04-2017

Love paper books!

I've tried both and I still prefer the old school classic paper book.

I don't know why but my brain is weird. Whenever I tried to listen to an audio book it wouldn't focus properly on it? like I would hear the things being read but it wouldn't stay in my memory longer than 2 minutes.

I love holding the book with my two hands and flipping the pages by myself. It's an authentic feeling that an audio book will never give. I guess audio is more convenient but still, not for me. I read a lot - at least a book a week, paper book that is.

Posted by Mehano on 05-27-2017

Reading FTW

I like to read on my own. I've tried listening to audio books before and I didn't enjoy it. It kind of ruined the experience for me. I also think it's harder for me to focus on the story when I'm listening to an audio book.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-16-2017


I am a visual person. By reading, I can understand and grasp the image easier. Sometimes I even like to read out loud, so the message gets to me easier. When I am listening to audio book, I really need to pay attention to it, otherwise I might lose focus easily. I always fall asleep easily too.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-18-2017


I do not particularly like audio books, I'd rather read a book than listen. When I have to listen to a book I can not pay much attention and I also think that listening to a book makes me sleepy. I prefer to read because I can concentrate on the book and also because reading a book is very relaxing for me.
Posted by Cauohashi on 06-22-2017

I don't like audio books

I have listened to audio books and I didn't quite like it. I can't concentrate when listening and at times I get lost. I also find it boring to listen to audio books. I have improved my written communication skills by reading books and this is something that I intend to continue.
Posted by Pixie on 08-19-2017


I prefer to read. The reason I state so is because I can fall asleep when listening to audio books. I like to read and imagine the scenes in the fiction books play out. I guess I am more of a thinker who analyses phrases used by the authors.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-15-2017

Zzz zzz zzz

Audiobooks always almost instanly puts me to sleep. This could just be the voices in the audiobooks I've read sounded so boring. I love Stephen King to death, but his voice is not one I am proud of as a fan. It's like a lullabye to me. Can't they hire, like Chris Rock or Kevin Hart instead? Tried James Earl Jones, man, what a challenge it is to try and stay up listening to him.
Posted by sonnyisabeast on 11-10-2018


I like reading because you feel like you are the narrator. It is very touching and connects you with the story if you are reading it. You also feel the characters in the story when you read it at your own pace and with your own emotions.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-13-2018

Reading books

I choose reading books. It is easier to do. It is economical.
Posted by achikeziah on 12-13-2018


I like traditional reading or reading on an ebook. I think audio books are good for long trips. However, if that is not the case, then reading regular books is the way to go. I think they are more enjoyable.
Posted by kgord on 07-06-2017
I have seen a person reading an audio book once but I guess it would be enjoyable if you are in a quiet place and you are alone. I know that you can use a headset for that purpose like you can also enjoy it while on a flight or on the train. But for me I would rather read because it is the traditional way not only of learning but also of getting ideas from the printed material. But now it is already digital but it’s still reading.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-19-2018
I have listened to audio books. However, listening is not my favorite way of being acquinted with a book. I prefer to read a book. I like to go back to the already read pages to have a better understanding, which seems to be very when I am listening to audio books.
Posted by vinaya on 08-10-2017
For me, it depends on the book. If it's educational, or biographical, I'd rather just listen to it on audio book, but if it's fiction then I prefer to read because seeing the words and have it generate images in my mind is much more satisfying that way compared to someone telling me a story via audio format. If I had to pick just one, I'd probably just go with reading since I feel that would give a much more pure experience either way, but from time to time, having the option to just listen can also be very beneficial, such as being able to listen while driving or doing chores, for example.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-24-2017
I prefer reading books, and since I walk a lot, I have some audio books in my phone to listen to while I'm in the road.
Posted by joey98 on 10-22-2017
Audiobooks are advantageous in that you can consume the information without necessarily having a book in your hands. That is, you can drive or do other things and at the same time listen to the audio of the book. On the other hand, I still prefer the traditional book because I can simply concentrate and absorb the information better.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-29-2018
I have tested that audio book before. And even using a headset, I had difficulty in fully understanding what the narrator was saying. But it’s a pretty device for those who are visually impaired because they can read a novel with their ears. And in fairness to the audio book, it looks good when you are traveling because you just have to listen particularly when you are driving in the highway. It is nice for listening to escape the boredom of the place you are in.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-08-2018
This is a hard choice for me because I honestly don’t think I prefer one over the other. I suppose it would depend on what my mood is that day or what I’m doing. Audio books are fantastic for when you’re exercising or doing anything that doesn’t involve much mindfulness. If you’re just running in place on a treadmill, it’s a great time to throw on an audio book and learn something while you’re mindlessly jogging away. On the other hand, if I’m just relaxing and not doing anything in particular, I find reading to be more effective than just listening to an audiobook and staring into empty space.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-09-2018
Reading is still the best, because you may know the things that you can read faster than listening to it, and you will understand it a lot better than listening.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-30-2018
Reading is still the best, because you may know the things that you can read faster than listening to it, and you will understand it a lot better than listening.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-30-2018
I love reading books. It is my choice. I can learn well in reading than listening to books.
Posted by achikeziah on 12-13-2018