Baked or Fried Potatoes

Potatoes are essential root vegetables in our lives. Americans eat them as the main course of the day while Asians eat potatoes as side dish. Baked potatoes are easier to prepare and healthier, use no oil but butter and herbs or seasoning.

Fried potatoes are favorite among the teens and younger children because they love the crispy and crunchy flavor especially French Fries or Potato Chips.

Which do you prefer?

Picture taken and belonged to @peachpurple- Baked Potato with herbs

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I like to make homemade fried potato chips. We season them with things like Ranch, Parmesan cheese etc. I like them homemade much better than the store bought bagged potato chips.
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-03-2017
You remind me of my brother who would make potato chips in his own style. He would ask my mother to buy big potatoes so he could make bigger chips. After peeling the potatoes, he would slice it in thin strips and would marinade in soy sauce. I don’t know where he learned that style of marinade but when cooked, the potato chips would taste like barbecue flavor. I don’t know if he still make that kind of potato chips now that any flavor is now available in the store.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-03-2018
I like fried potatoes such as hash browns, and while I do like baked ones, they have to have good jackets on them and done well so the skin is edible. Baked take a while to cook in the oven, as microwaved ones taste pretty bad. We call them crisps here in the UK and everyone eats them as snacks, and so most people eat potatoes that way or more commonly as a chip or what Americans call fries.
Posted by Alexa on 07-03-2017
Among these three, I actually like mashed potatoes the most and that's what I always make at home too. It's easy to prepare and better for health too. I eat French fries once in a while, but I find them too oily and they are not so good for health, so I try to stay away from them. I don't always eat baked potatoes, though I would like to learn more recipes to make it at home.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-03-2017
I actually like to bake potatoes and fry them the next mornings no for breakfast. Some of the best hash browns I've ever had in my life. Put some fried potatoes next to fresh waffles. Scrumptious!
Posted by Okaviator on 07-03-2017
I voted for fried potatoes, I love french fries and chips. I rarely eat baked potatoes, since it's not that recommended here in our country. But the fries and chips are the best snacks for me.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-03-2017
Fried potatoes. I mean potatoes that are diced up and fried in a bit of butter or oil. Season them as you wish- black pepper, salt, garlic powder, season salt, dill weed. They are so good. I love to eat mine with ketchup squirted on top of them.
Posted by angie828 on 07-03-2017
I love both baked potatoes and fried potatoes. Frankly, I just love potatoes any way they are cooked. I think it just depends on what else I am having for dinner how I will prepare the potatoes. If we grill out then I will bake potatoes on the grill. Potatoes are so versatile that you can cook them so many different ways to go with just about every meal you make.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-03-2017
I love potatoes in every presentation. I think is one of the greatest things on the Earth. Potatoes are just heaven for me lol.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-03-2017
I actually seldom eat potatoes in any form anymore. As a senior, I have issues with arthritis, and a potato can cause more problems for people with arthritis or other joint pain. Since a potato is a member of the nightshade family, they actually have toxins in them, especially if the potatoes has been in sunlight and turned greenish before it was harvested. Too much of the nightshade toxin can even kill a person. Of course, once it is peeled and processed, there is no way to see whether the potato has this nightshade toxin in it or not, and you have to have an actual raw potato to tell this for sure. Besides the nightshade issues, potatoes are also an inflammatory food because they have so much starch in them; so it makes eating a potato a problem any time you are suffering from any kind of joint pain like arthritis, or fibromyalgia. As far as liking a potato goes, I really love a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream, and I also enjoy French fries with ketchup,and even potato chips. I just do not eat them anymore, except now and then on special occasions.
Posted by Happyflowerlady on 07-03-2017
Potato is one of my favorite vegetables. I love eating all kinds of potato dishes, from boiled potato to fried potatoes. Roasted or baked potato is also my favorite potato dish. When I have to choose a healthy potato dish, I will choose roasted/baked potato and when I have to choose tasty potato dish i will choose fried potato.
Posted by vinaya on 07-03-2017
I actually like a nice roasted potato. You wash and peel your potatoes and then cut them into chucks. You add some oil or fat to a roasting pan and put the potatoes in the oven to roast until they are crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. I add a bit of salt and pepper and a little bit of rosemary and thyme if I'e got it. It's a little bit more healthy to deep frying like french fries, but still very flavorful.
Posted by Lizzyib on 07-03-2017
I honestly love every type of cooked potato out there, but my favorite is fried. Although I don't eat fries/chips/hash browns all that often, it is definitely a treat I enjoy from time to time whereas I rarely eat baked/mashed potatoes if I have the choice to eat fried potatoes. It's not the healthiest thing out there, but in my opinion it tastes the best and I love the texture of fried potatoes as well.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-04-2017
I like potatoes in each and every available form. But when it is a question of the preference then it is obviously the fried ones. But taking into consideration the weight issues I usually opt for the baked ones. They are good to my taste buds but not to that extent.

There are times when I go for plain boiled ones with just a pinch of salt and lemon added to it. I like them as well and at the same time I was have a less amount of guilt on eating such a carbohydrate rich food.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-04-2017
Has to be a baked potato for me. I absolutely love to have a baked potato with cheese and beans on top and maybe even some coleslaw. It's like having a cheat meal only it's not an overly unhealthy cheat meal and it really does hit the spot when it comes to craving something a little different. Fried is something I have tried in the past but to be honest, I never really was ever fond of fried potatoes and always went back to baked potatoes in the end.
Posted by Shortie on 07-04-2017
Okay, I will openly admit that flavor-wise it's hard to replace the good old french fry. It's a salty classic that just about everyone loves. However, it's also not exactly the most health conscious choice you can make. Being someone that has been trying to diligently watch what I eat, I'm going to have to go with the baked variation. But you don't have to settle for just a plain potato. One of my favorite ways of making them are twice baked potatoes. I like to add chives and onions into the mix. Add some soy milk for a creamier texture and a bit of nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor. It's super delicious and pretty health conscious.
Posted by Denis_P on 07-04-2017
For me potatoes are not recommended. Due to my weight gain. I think this is one more reason many people are not going to like it either way. When I wanted I usually tried to have the fried potatoes. And also sometimes the baked potatoes helped a lot too. You can see that some potatoes if properly fried can bring some tastes. And like asian culture you can cook them with the spices.
Posted by overcast on 07-04-2017
The potatoes are our favorite meal, but we should not abuse it mainly because we go out to McDonald's and KFC and we eat fries potato there as well, so, we tried to eat fries potatoes from time to time but not too much because we know they are not healthy!
Posted by wallet on 07-04-2017
I also agree with your point of view.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-04-2017
I particularly love potatoes of all kinds and this is a very difficult decision for me. However, I currently have been making healthier meals, so I prefer to eat boiled potatoes than chips. But anyway, I have a great passion for fries, especially those served on MC or BK.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-04-2017
Ah, nothing beats a nicely prepared potato. I honestly love every kind of potato. Mashed, baked, fried, I don't care, I will eat it!

Sadly, fried potatoes are probably the most unhealthy way to prepare the potatoes since it fries inside the oil for a longer period of time. That is why I don't really eat it very often.

I much prefer the baked potatoes. Especially if it has some herbs on top and then you bake it till its crunchy inside an oven. That with a nice steak - heavens.
Posted by Mehano on 07-04-2017
I am not a huge fan of potatoes , it is not an essential for me but if I had to pick between the two, I would like fried potatoes like french fries.
Posted by simplym on 07-04-2017
There is just something "fancy" about fried potatoes. What I like about fries is, you can cut into different forms and shapes, drizzle and garnish with what ever takes your fancy. You can have it fried very crispy or you can have it slightly done. With baked potatoes, it just a bit boring to look at. You have to really work at with to make it look "pretty" on the plate.
Posted by joegirl on 07-05-2017
Potatoes are like heaven for me. I prefer it in any possible way of cooking. Baked, fried, boiled, mashed... whatever!Though if to choose between fried and baked option I would go for the second one, because its more healthy and less hassle. Baking doesnt require a lot of oil. It also keeps your kitchen tiles clean. The taste of baked potato is more tender and like melting on the tongue. Very yummy!
Posted by RosieCheeks on 07-06-2017
This choice is quite tricky for anyone who is completely addicted to potatoes like me (my friends call me "potatomaniac", haha). I love potatoes and like virtually all kinds of recipes that are made with them. The exception is only because of something that has fish (because I hate it fish).
Posted by WildSpirit on 07-07-2017
There's so much more potato to enjoy if you bake the potato. I think it will be more favored among the older folks though. However, with most restaurants opting for frying potatoes over baking them, baked potatoes would be considered somewhat of a homemade dish. We are all aware of the dramatic fall off of homemade dishes due to everybody's busy schedule these days. Yet with all the stacks of dissuasive outlets that seem to choose which potato dish should reign supreme among the battle of the big potato standoff. There's still a few faithful connoisseurs who enjoy without hesitation a good baked or boiled, non-fat, non fast food sensational, stuffed or plain potato that gives me for sure that home grown good eating satisfaction.
Posted by Joteque on 07-07-2017
I prefer a baked potato over fried potatoes. I like baked potatoes when they are done in the oven and crispy on the outside but cooked good on the inside. I like them with butter and salt. I like to scoop the potatoes out and eat them separately from the skins. Potato skins are so good. I find fried potatoes to be too greasy for me but I do eat them sometimes as a change.
Posted by Sue on 07-09-2017
I love fried and mashed potatoes best. Fried potatoes win though as they are one of my favorite foods. I opt for oven fries though as much as possible.
Posted by sspi on 07-10-2017
rose thornes
I loved fried potato or french fries. I like to munch on them while watching TV. But if your health conscious baked potato is better, less fat and grease.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-12-2017
I would definitely have to go with fried potatoes here except under certain circumstances--if I am at a restaurant or buffet with a potato bar that has cheese, chives, bacon, broccoli, and all the fixings, then I will prefer the baked potato. I've even been known to put chili in my baked potato at one of these places, even though that might sound pretty awful to some.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-19-2017
Fried potatoes can not be compared with any other kind of potatoes, especially I like the French Fries.
Posted by Moaz on 07-21-2017
Out of the three Id choose baked potatoes because they are a bit more healthy, however if boiled potatoes were in this list I would go for that.
Posted by Inqogn1to on 07-26-2017
I prefer to choose baked potatoes and put flavorings on top like barbeque powder or sour cream. Then, dip it to mayonnaise to add flavor before you eat is one of my favorite hobby when I'm eating potato or sweet potatoes.
Posted by rogel on 08-29-2017
This is one of the toughest questions I have ever encountered here! I love potatoes in every form and shape and they are delicious. I love fries, baked potatoes and mashed potatoes but I think baked potatoes are the healthiest. There are so many ways to eat them, it is truly an amazing vegetable.
Posted by felabruno on 08-30-2017
I prefer the baked potatoes because they allow the creation of various recipes and the taste of them always gets better and more concentrated. French fries are great (I like it a lot), but I think the taste of them is always very limited (regardless of the accompaniments).
Posted by wiseagent on 09-02-2017
Fried potatoes are good for enjoying pap and it is one of the reasons I always enjoy preparing for school during my youthful days in the secondary school. I have not heard of mashed or baked potatoes here in Nigeria for we only take either fried potatoes or cooked one. I prefer the fried potatoes anyways.
Posted by Barida on 09-14-2017
I like both honestly and they both have their upsides. How I see it, baked potatoes are healthier and fried potatoes taste better. If you bake the potatoes long enough they more or less taste like they've been fried depending on how you cut them and if you cut them. Fried potatoes taste better generally and are a lot faster than baking a potato but you generally bake a whole potato but you don't fry a potato whole. They are both tasty and god bless I don't actually have to choose. :)
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-01-2017
It's a potato (and presumably not a sweet potato either; I do not like them). I will not argue with how the potato itself is cooked, because in general I just really love potatoes. As far as starchy foods go, they're one of my favorites and so I do not really care how the potato itself is cooked... so long as it's been seasoned well. I believe how well-seasoned the potato is, no matter the cooking method, is what would bring it out best. I have had bland-tasting potatoes of all types - even frying can only do so much for unsalted potatoes. I do admit that I tend to prefer cooking baked potatoes when I'm at home over frying them, though; baked potatoes are a nice food when you're just not feeling energetic or up to hovering over a stove or oven too long.
Posted by Linen on 12-06-2017
I don't just want them fried. I want them fried with melted cheddar cheese and crispy fried bacon. If I'm not going to pay attention to the calories might as well go for the gusto! LOL.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-29-2017
I'm okay with all forms because I do like potatoes but I have to say that anything fried makes the food tastes better in most cases and I think that is especially true with potatoes. I like chips and fries and although I would not necessarily pick it over mashed or baked everytime since that just depends on my mood, I would say that it has a higher chance of getting picked because it's just that good and it's not something I could replicate as easily at home because deep frying takes a lot of effort.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-30-2017
I love potatoes but given a choice among baked, fried, mashed, I will go for the baked. My favorite baked potato is from Wendy’s. It has cheese and butter inside the big potato that is cut in half. The taste is heavenly with that mix of potato and cheese. I used to have it for a mid afternoon snack or sometimes for a late lunch when we have a long meeting in the office. But there are no nearby outlet of Wendy’s now so it’s been a long time since I had eaten their baked potato.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-19-2018
I like mashed potatoes more than fried which I don't really like, I don't eat French fries also because of the oil content. Sweet Buttered Mash Potatoes with milk is my favorite side dish when I'm eating fried chicken, it's a very good substitute for rice also left over mashed potatoes can be formed into a sweet desert called potato balls when breaded and baked.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-07-2018
Mashed Potatoes is one of my most favorite side dishes, I like it with a lot of butter and some cheese. Also I'm fond of a local Spanish dish called "Croquettes", this is made from mashed potatoes which are formed into boat shaped bite-sized pieces, filled with a mixture of meats and vegetables, battered and baked or fried to perfection and it really tastes good. Another thing I like about Mashed Potatoes can be eaten as is or topped with a variety of toppings like gravy, cheeses and bacon bits.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-13-2018
I love eating potatoes and if I have to choose here then it will be baked potatoes for me. I like French fries but they are really unhealthy and if consumed regularly can cause serious health problems. Nowadays, there are many people who buy the frozen French fries from the grocery store and this is more detrimental. Baked potatoes are much healthier and tastier.
Posted by Pixie on 03-13-2018
I prefer it when the potatoes has been fried because it makes it easily to have appetite to eat it has a side dish with other foods.
Posted by babyright on 03-29-2018
Baked potatoes because it's healthier than being fried. Baked potatoes is soft too because it's not fried and sometimes when it's fried it has a tendency to burn. Eating burned food causes cancer.
Posted by Scarlet on 04-12-2018
I love oily food because I try to follow the low carb/keto way of eating. I actually only have potatoes on a cheat day or cheat week. When I have them I Love having chips which is fried potatoes. This is one of my best foods. I also however also like baked potatoes. I love how crisp they are especially when they are just out of the oven on the microwave. The best baked potatoe is a jacket potatoes where you sprinkle cheese and onions in the middle, absolutely to die for. So I vote baked potatoes.
Posted by jaymish on 10-18-2018
Actually, I love potatoes and I had a hard time choosing between those three but I'll go with mashed potatoes. It is because I love its texture and how it slowly melts in my tongue. I also like when it is incorporated with butter and gravy. But either of them three, I like all of them.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-11-2018