Baltic Birchwood Apple iPhone Docking Station

Baltic Birchwood Apple iPhone Docking Station
If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man, boyfriend or lover, or anyone that is a little unorganized and always misplacing their iPhone and keys and the like, then the Wooden iPhone Docking Station is what they'll need and will find useful.

The Wooden iPhone Docking Station can hold your iPhone, your wallet, your watch and your keys all in one place so that as long as you put them on it, you'll always know where they are not end up rushing around looking for them at the last minute!

Made from the highest quality Baltic birch plywood that is used in most high end wooden furniture and cabinetry. It's tough and durable and built to last! Just slide the two pieces together and it's ready to use, no glueing or screwing required.

Easily charge your mobile phone such as Apple iPhone, iPod etc or any mobile cell phone by just sliding through the charging cable in the small slot on the bottom side and sit your phone on the stand nice and convenient like.

Compatible with any sized mobile phone from Apple to Android phones. And also great for charging and holding tablets and or for holding up recipes that you're working from when you're cooking something in the kitchen as well as more practical uses.

The Wooden iPhone Docking Station will keep you tidy and organized and as long as you're using it, you'll always know where your mobile phone and keys are located which could potentially save you a lot of time in not having to hunt them down!

Plus thanks to its universal design, it will still be useful and go on to charge your mobile phone long after you've upgraded it to a newer, bigger sized model. For that reason, you could say it's future proof!

And although the color may vary a little from the picture due to the wood grain and any minor imperfections, it will be handcrafted by an expert so that each one is as unique as the person you're giving it to on Valentine's Day.

  • Excellent and perfect gift to give someone on Valentine's Day. Both for boys and girls, men and women alike.
  • Helps to keep you tidy and organized and can prevent misplacing of phone and watch and keys when you need them.
  • Made from a high quality Baltic birch plywood from the famous Palmetto Wood Shop known for their quality woodwork.
  • Compatible with all models and version of Apple iPhones and can even be used to charge/dock and stand any mobile phone.

  • It only measures 8"H x 9"W x 6.5"D which is quite small and the picture makes it look bigger than it is.
  • Some people say that its hard to assemble but you know what some people are like!


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Lumsing Rosewood Apple iPhone and Watch Stand

Lumsing Rosewood Apple iPhone and Watch Stand
This Lumsing Rosewood Apple Watch Stand is ideal for holding your Apple gear, both your Apple iPhone and/or iPad and your Apple smartwatch as well. It's a 4-in-1 docking station with a special cut out dedicated for holding your Apple watch.

It's also compatible with and for holding/docking other mobile phones as well like Samsung's, Sony's, Nokia's, Huawei etc etc. The Apple Watch stand is attachable/detachable with a magnet so it's easily moved or positioned to take up to 2 mobiles, a tablet and also has 3 pen holders as well.

The Lumsing Rosewood Apple Watch Stand is made from a high quality rosewood that has a beautiful and nice looking modern design and feel to it. Solid and rugged and made with no nails. Finished in a soft polished look with smooth to touch surface.

Useful for keeping all your Apple gear in one place so that you can always find it when you need to! There is silicone on the stand that prevents your mobile devices from slipping out easily and getting scratched and a round angle provides extra protection.

The Lumsing Rosewood Apple Watch Stand is a fantastic place to keep and store your Apple gear so that they are tidy and organized and you can always find them again so long as you actually put them all on the stand when not in use!

Made from a high quality rosewoood with a fashionable and high end look, it really would make for a charging dock and stand of choice for men of today's world. Especially all Apple fans and fanatics alike!

And with those extra pen holders, they can be used to hold your phones stylus, Parker pen or fountain pen, or even a Biro point pen! Whichever you prefer to use today for writing things down with.

This Lumsing Rosewood 4-in-1 docking station and Apple Watch stand would make a great Valentine's Day gift for anyone that is forever misplacing and loosing their Apple phone and smartwatch!

  • Really nice Valentine's Day gift to give to someone who probably has much need for it and is forever loosing their Apple iPhone or otherwise.
  • It has a detachable magnetic watch stand and also has those bonus pen holders for holding your stylus in if you use one.
  • It can be used to hold and charge any type of mobile phone not just Apple phones and gear.

  • It's not anything super fancy shmancy but it gets the job done!



Cool and safe

Baltic birchwood Dorking station is one of the state of the earth stands for safe keeping of valuable items such as phone , keys and wrist watches. The stand will be the most appropriate gift for my friend , a very hard working dude that easily forgets the place he dropped his car keys. That's one good thing about Valentine, so many things come up and you just don't know exactly what would make a perfect gift . I like the way this docking station is finished , I'll call it brilliant because of its uniqueness, each one is unique in its way.

I think my friend need to hear about this and make a firm resolve to key into the advantages of owning this Dorking station, many people need to hear about this because a lot has been lost as a result of mere carelessness.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017


The iPhone docking station is one great gift for any occasion. And although I don’t have an iPhone because my brand is Samsung, I guess that docking station will fill in my list of gifts for this coming Easter. We have a family reunion and it has become our tradition to give gifts so it is like exchanging of gifts for all the families present. The nephews and nieces will all be expecting a gift from me so maybe I have to order a couple of that iPhone docking station.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-20-2018