Barbie Doll Doctor Play Set

Barbie Doll Doctor Play Set
One of my favorite pastimes as a child included playing Barbies. I could play for hours by myself or with my sisters or cousins. Sometimes we had the neighbor girl come over and play. Or we would go to family members that had girls my age and we would play Barbies. It did not matter where we played, it was just fun having different sets to go with the Barbies. I never had a doctor set but wish that I did. It would have been a lot of fun to play.

This Barbie Doll Doctor Play Set is inexpensively priced at just under $23 on Amazon. Free shipping can be gained if $25 or more is spent. This set includes a lot for the price tag. You get Barbie in blue scrubs and white sneakers, an exam table, two babies, a moving mobile for the babies, two tubs that fit on the exam table, a bottle, two baby towels, a stethoscope, and a medical chart.

Barbies are a great way to let little girls be creative and imagine. They also help little girls by showing them that they can do anything they have their hearts set on.

  • great value
  • lot of items in set
  • makes a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays
  • babies are very cute
  • creative play
  • fun
  • inexpensive
  • doll is pretty
  • holds up well
  • nice details
  • just as pictured
  • quick delivery
  • contains nice accessories
  • high quality
  • provides hours of entertainment

  • scrubs were hard to take off
  • exam table is lightweight, making it easy to tip over
  • small pieces can be a choking hazard
  • Barbie can not straighten her arms
  • bad quality
  • Barbie arrived with hole in pants
  • baby dolls are discolored
  • Barbie has huge bald spot in back of head
  • hair feels like fishing wire
  • babies are completely made of plastic, even the hair



sweet little babies!

Mostly little girls play with barbies, and almost all little girls love babies. This "doctor" kit with the two infant babies is really cute. My own children would enjoy playing with this and would pretend the doctor is caring for the newborns. It's a really cute set with lots of great accessories. This Barbie playset would definitely ensure hours of fun and imagination.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-14-2017

I like this one

I think that a child would be more interested in a doctor play set then a gym playset. They could relate more to the doctor and it would be more interesting. I dont think most kids have interest in working out at the gym.
Posted by Sue on 11-15-2017


I don't have a child yet but when I was a kid myself I remember how crazy I was about barbies. I owned over 20 different kinds. My favorite Barbie's were just like these two, representing a profession.

Both seem really fun and I am sure any child would love them but I'd personally choose the Doctor Play Set.

When we're young we all love to pretend that we're a doctor or a nurse and curing people. A really great playset with a lot of amazing details.

Posted by Mehano on 11-14-2017


I choose Barbie doctor play set. As early as possible we are teaching children to be doctors. To be people who helps their neighbors.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-13-2018


Barbie Gymnastics Doll Playset

Barbie Gymnastics Doll Playset
If your little girl loves Barbie, she is bound to love this Barbie Gymnastics Doll Playset. At only $16.11 with free shipping on orders over $25 on Amazon. This playset comes with Barbie dressed in a gymnastics outfit, gymnastic equipment, a little student, gym bag, whistle, water bottle, gold metal, towel, and a ribbon, plus more. Barbie's student's hands clip into the bars of the gymnastic equipment. Once she is clipped in, a lever may be turned and she will swing on the bars. Little girls will have so much fun with this. Hours of free play will be spent with Barbie and this playset.

I really like this playset just looking at it. I took gymnastics when I was a little girl and it was a lot of fun. While I never did the bars, I always wanted to. This set just reminds me of the good times that I had tumbling and doing the balance bar.

  • Barbie's outfit is stylish
  • inexpensive
  • makes a great gift for little girls that love Barbies
  • comes with a lot of pieces
  • student can spin on gymnastics bar
  • cute
  • creative play/ imagination
  • girls in gymnastics can “teach” student to do their routines they have learned
  • fun
  • arrived just as pictured
  • entertaining
  • high quality
  • better then expected
  • fast service
  • adorable
  • Barbie is a great role model for little girls
  • lots of play value
  • towel and other small parts fit into the bag

  • Barbie does not have bendable arms or legs
  • has small pieces not suited for younger children
  • arrived broken
  • box arrived smashed
  • cheaper quality
  • bar is a bit flimsy/ fragile




This set is just too adorable! I loved any Barbie play set growing up but know that this one would have been at the top of my list. I always loved making Barbie do flips and put on dance shows, so this really would have peaked my interest.
Posted by angie828 on 11-14-2017


I like this one more because I think the clothes are cuter and the overall activity also appeals to me more. Also, my niece was into gymnastics for a while so she would definitely be more into this if given the choice between the two. Not many in my family, including myself, are too interested in the medical field.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-13-2018


Barbie-Doll-Doctor play set is very nice since it contains all the required materials needed by babies to have have good play and fun all day long for themselves and it is also affordable.
Posted by babyright on 11-13-2017
My kids would prefer the Barbie gymnastics will be a delight for them,this will be cute for their pretty selves.I lice the accessories that comes with the set, there are very beautiful.I love the fact it cheap and lovely too.
Posted by lovely on 11-14-2017
I prefer the Barbie Doll Doctor Play Set. When I was still a kid my parent actually bought me a doctor's set. This was my favorite game. Moreover, this set of high quality and is inexpensive. I am sure that kids will prefer the Doctor play set. It is more fun.
Posted by Pixie on 11-14-2017
I want Barbie Doll Doctor Play Set for my 6 years old niece, however, I don't think she will like the barbie wearing green. I think she will like Barbie Gymnastics Doll Playset because the Barbie is wearing pink, but then my niece likes to play doctor and gymnastics is not to her liking.
Posted by vinaya on 11-14-2017
My sister is a nurse and that ambition was already with her since we were children. There was no Barbie doll yet during that time and I remember playing with an ordinary doll that served as the patient of my sister. I am thinking that the Barbie doll doctor play set is a nice gift to girls who wanted to be a doctor or nurse. And I’m sure there are a lot of children like that because a doctor and a nurse are common vocations.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-14-2018
I prefer doctor Barbie play set. We are teaching our kids to be health conscious. Also we are teaching kids how to be a helping hand to those who are sick.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-13-2018