Beistle 1-Pack Decorative Turkey Restroom Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-Feet

Beistle 1-Pack Decorative Turkey Restroom Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-Feet
It's autumn, and autumn means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means... turkey! Yes, I said that multiple times but you can't deny how turkey are the symbol of Thanksgiving, and therefore it make sense to have some decorations inspired by them. It could be literally anything, from classic small decoration to some more audacious and original like this restroom door cover. Just look at it and try to not smile! Probably you can't. This silly turkey cover is being sold on Amazon for 7,41 dollars. Made by Beistle, it measures 10 x 7,2 x 0,2 inches. And as you can see, it's very nice and well made! Covering the entire door (providing it's of the right size, of course) if features a big colorful turkey extremely cartoonish looking. A big brown round body, with some colorful feathers on his tail, a leg (the other one is not seen, on the other side) and a big red neck with a smiling face. Why is he smiling? Well, just look at what he is holding with his wings (that are very much colorful like the rest of the drawings): a magazine with some Thanksgiving recipes. Why would a turkey smile at that? Well after a closer look you'll notice how the recipes are base on pork! “Top 10 Pork Recipes”, “Pork on Thanksgiving? Yes!” and “Beef at its best!” are written all over the magazine and leaves no doubt on why the turkey is smiling, having avoided his fate. Of course there is also a background, set in a toilet: there is some toilet paper, a lamp on the ceiling, and a wall with some wooden boards and some autumnal leaf decorations. It's a very simple background, given that the turkey is the main focus of the entire item.

  • Funny
  • Colorful
  • Well made
  • Arrived quickly
  • Look like picture

  • You need the right door with the right size
  • Plastic not thick enough
  • Can be ripped off easily
  • Very thin
  • You might need to cut it for the door knob


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Fall Door Cover Party Accessory

Fall Door Cover Party Accessory
Spring, summer... and then autumn, or fall. The seasons are always the same, and each of them is good for very different reasons. In case of autumn, is good because it beautiful to look at! Its colours, its atmosphere, the whole autumnal feeling is something the other seasons can't really compete with. Sure Thanksgiving is also a big part of it, but sometimes you might just want a decoration that scream “autumn” without turkeys in the way! And this door cover is the right choice in that case, this beautiful items full of wonderfulcolors that is being sold on Amazon, for 5,85 dollars – but if you have more than one door that you want to decorate, you can also buy packs with three, six or twelve covers for a slighlty higher price. Easily installed as is easily removed, this door cover is sure to catch the eye of all your visitors! Just look at the image and tell me if it doesn't look gorgeous! First of all, the whole scene seems to be set at sunrise. As we know, sunrise colors are often the best: the orange sky, and the clouds that take the same color, with the sun in the distance, glowing with all his light. Praise the sun! Staying on the background, there are a few trees full of their leaves, and those leaves are absolutely autumnal with their wonderful orange colors! Around them, yellow grass and a path that lead directly to us, to the front, with the main focus of the whole drawings. There are some sunflowers – three of them, precisely, a cart with a few pumpkins on it (what is more autumnal than pumpkins? And finally, on the side opposite from the sunflowers, there is some corn – but it appears to have slightly less colors than the rest. Orange, yellow, a bit of green... this cover screams “it's autumn” all over the place, and it's for sure the perfect decoration to celebrate this wonderful season.

  • Wonderful colors
  • Unique autumnal feeling
  • Drawings rich of nice details
  • Looks like picture
  • Good for the whole autumn season
  • Easy to hang, easy to remove

  • Very tiny
  • You need a door of the right dimensions, otherwise it might look weird
  • A bit cheap
  • Just sturdy plastic, could have been better



that turkey is horrible!

That turkey door cover is absolutely horrible. I think it may be the ugliest turkey cartoon I've ever seen. It's not appealing at all and I would never hang that on my door. On the other hand, this beautiful door cover with sunflowers and pumpkins is a beautiful representation of the fall harvest season. It is bright, colorful, and cheery. It has warm tones and is beautifully designed.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-12-2017


The turkey one is adorable and perfect if you have children or grandchildren. They would love it because it is fun but when i look at it I find that it is strictly a Thansgiving door cover. You would not get much use of it. The other one could be used all fall long and would be a great autumn decoration. You could display it for months. It is not as fun as the other one though.
Posted by Sue on 11-11-2017
A door cover is not popular here although I have seen one last Christmas season. My sister has a cloth for the door cover with the image of the pointsettia, that is the flower of the Yuletide season. To be honest, I don’t use a door cover but I know that the door cover is a modern accessory that is invented for occasions only. Maybe in the years to come, the door cover will be common here.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018