Beistle Decorative Thanksgiving Playmates

Beistle Decorative Thanksgiving Playmates
Most people look at these decorations and think that they look cheap. However when I look at them, it brings back a flood of memories. I remember growing up, at holidays, we always had a few of these ornaments to put up. Sure they look a bit cheesy. But that just adds to the memories.

Now on Amazon, you can get these Beistle Decorative Thanksgiving Playmates in a 4 pack. They are 4 inches by 5 inches. A 4 pack sells for $4.35 with free shipping over $25. One may also get a 3 pack of 4( for a total of 12) and other quantities.

This 4 pack features a turkey, a Pilgrim, and Indian, and a cornucopia. Each of them are brightly colored and stand on their own. They are fun and festive and add a bit of holiday cheer to any room that you place them in. They are easy to put together. They would look fabulous as a centerpiece on a table, or look great sitting on a mantle. They could be used on a side table or coffee table as well.

  • cute and adorable
  • colorful
  • cheerful
  • festive
  • just as described
  • inexpensive
  • easy to use
  • brings back memories
  • fun
  • hold up well
  • arrived on time
  • big enough to be seen but do not take up a great deal of room
  • makes a great display

  • did not stand up well
  • not worth the money
  • needs more clips
  • cheaply made
  • price is ridiculous
  • very small
  • flimsy
  • arrived too late
  • did not sit flat on the table



This one

I like this one much better. The Beistle Decorative Thanksgiving Playmates is cheaper than the Beistle Tissue Turkey Centerpiece and the fact that it also looks a lot better makes it the better choice. I also think that kids would love this much more than the other option. I wouldn't really consider that it arriving late would be a con. That is more to do with the seller than the product.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-31-2017


I really like this pack, it's cheaper and super cute. I really like the colors in it, they seem pretty bright , which is excellent for the festivity. I don't like the other turkey that much. I found it a little bit weird decorate everything with turkeys, at least this one got different figures.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-30-2017


Beistle Tissue Turkey Centerpiece

Beistle Tissue Turkey Centerpiece
For only $5.95, one can purchase this tissue turkey centerpiece. Free shipping is offered on orders over $25. Other quantities are available for purchase as well, such as a 3 pack for $14.94. The Beistle Tissue Turkey Centerpiece is high quality and a great Thanksgiving decoration. It is very colorful, reusable from year to year, and so easy to set up.

These decorations remind me of old time decorating when people did not have a lot of money to decorate. Yet they are still very festive and add charm to any display in which they are added to.

  • cute
  • very affordable
  • will last for years if taken care of
  • colorful
  • small enough for a table display
  • looks just like paper turkeys from childhood
  • arrived quickly
  • looks great on a kids table for Thanksgiving dinner
  • perfect size
  • received many compliments
  • sturdy enough
  • arrived just as described

  • smaller then expected
  • could not get it to stand very well
  • cheaply made
  • has a dollar store quality to it



This one

I do like this one a lot. It is very simply with just one turkey. There is just too many of the playmates and it would look cluttered if you didn't have the right place to display them. The turkey is colorful and vibrant and the perfect centerpiece for any holiday feast. I like everything about it. Definitely something I would consider purchasing.
Posted by Sue on 11-01-2017

I like the turkey

I think the turkey is very colorful and looks like something I would be happy to have on my table at Thanksgiving. Many people would probably like and enjoy this turkey and I will choose it. You can get similar things at the dollar store though.
Posted by kgord on 10-31-2017


I will go for the Beistle Tissue centrepiece for will make a home warm after some decoration. it affordable too and amount worth the centrepiece. I love the fact that it reusable which shows it can be durable and the materials used are long lasting.This piece looks so cute and it be lovely if it arrived in one piece as seen in the image.
Posted by lovely on 11-01-2017
I know that some people are so enamored with the occasion that they will do everything that can enhance the atmosphere. I was also guilty of that crime because I have the table cloth and the pillow cases for the throw pillows in the living room not to mention the other decorations in the dining room and even in the kitchen. My reason for such decorative items is the lively atmosphere that they create. So even if those decorative items are added expense, it’s just fine with me.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-14-2018