Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover

Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover
Every Thanksgiving table needs a great tablecloth to set the scene. Amazon is offering this Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover for $5.95. This is an add on item, so shipping will be free over $25. The tablecloth is also sold in a 3 pack for $17.95 and a 12 pack for $56.95. Each tablecloth is plastic and measures 54 inches by 108 inches.

This tablecloth is full of color. It can be used for any fall party or Thanksgiving. Adorable with other fall and Thanksgiving decorations.

  • affordable
  • colorful
  • great for jazzing up a plain table
  • inexpensive
  • beautiful
  • made from quality materials
  • vibrant
  • durable
  • tablecloth is thick enough
  • holds up well
  • festive
  • great size
  • arrived just as described
  • smooth transaction was made
  • colors are very rich

  • does not have a flannel backing
  • tablecloth had an odor to it
  • arrived damaged
  • too thin
  • poor quality
  • looks cheap
  • print faded away
  • dollar store quality



Great for Thanksgiving

I think that since this is specifically for the Thanksgiving the Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover is the clear winner.

What else represents and catches the spirit of autumn better than the fall leaves?? It truly looks great and would spark up any table.

Posted by Mehano on 04-13-2018

Leaves look better

I am actually a bit shocked that I am the only one choosing this option. I look at these things as disposable after the meal, so I never worry about spending tons of money on them. Plus, the variety of colors on this piece compliments the colors o the meal and gives you much more decorative leeway with different table settings and napkins, etc. Then, when you are done, and everything has been spilled upon and stained with gravy and wine, you don't have to feel guilty about the mess because the purchase was so cheap.
Posted by JoeMilford on 11-01-2017

$18 3pack

I like colorful table cloth and the other one seems a little off since it's colored white. This one is more colorful with its red tint and colored design trimmings. And the price is great, just under $6 per piece also I can save by getting 3 pieces at $18.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-13-2018

Cheery and colorful

I really like the colors on this one and that it looks so cheery. I think it would help in turning any table from drab to fab pretty quickly!
Posted by amelia88 on 12-09-2018


Benson Mills Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Benson Mills Thanksgiving Tablecloth
Amazon is the place to find all the best tablecloths for your holiday needs. This Benson Mills Thanksgiving Tablecloth retails for $12.75 with free shipping on orders over $25. This tablecloth measures 60 X 84 inches. This tablecloth also comes in different sizes, such as 52X70 inches and 60 X 104 inches.

The tablecloth is 100% polyester and features and elegant Thanksgiving themed design. It can be machine washed and dried.

  • elegant
  • many sizes available
  • festive
  • affordable
  • lovely
  • great quality
  • pretty fabric
  • can be machine washed
  • shipped quick
  • colorful design
  • gorgeous
  • makes a good gift
  • crisp design
  • true to size
  • nice pattern

  • cheaply made
  • fabric is too lightweight
  • thinner then expected
  • top of tablecloth is slippery
  • not easy to clean



I like this one!

I really like this one! I like the colors and the design in general. The other one looks a little bit cheap to me. This one actually remember me of the one my mother puts in christmas. It's pretty and elegant!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-31-2017


I like the Beistle tablecloth for 5.95. I would buy it if I could get it outright.I do actually have an orange tablecloth that I often use for Thanksgiving but it is showing some wear and tear. I should probably try to find another one for this year. The Amazon tablecloth sounds like a pretty good deal. It seems like something that would fit the season.
Posted by kgord on 10-30-2017
I liked the bright colors of Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover however, Benson Mills Thanksgiving Tablecloth looks decent. I compared both of these tablecloths and I decided to choose Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover . My choice is based on the price, size and offer. Beistle Fall Leaf Tablecover is cheaper in price, bigger in size and comes with a great offer.
Posted by vinaya on 10-31-2017
The Benson Mill tablecloth would be a nice buy.I love the vibrant color variety, it looks nice and attractive to the could be a nice gift to a loved affordable and free shipping offer.
Posted by lovely on 11-01-2017
I guess it depends what you are using it for. If it is just for Thanksgiving dinner then I would go with the Thanksgiving one. I think it is really beautiful and would be nice addition to the presentation of the feast. The Fall one would be good to use all fall long and not just for one day so you would get more use out of it for your money. The price is really good for the fall one considering that you can use it all season long. They are both very beautiful though.
Posted by Sue on 11-01-2017
The Benson mill one is good, but I like them both so I can't really vote here. I'd probably choose that, because of free shipping and the fact that it has a really cool design and reminds me of one of my old friends, that always used to put things like these in his house.
Posted by Tania997 on 11-01-2017
My husband would always exclaim when he sees a new table cloth because I change the table cloth for occasions only like Christmas, Valentines, Summer festival and even Halloween. He would say that there is a change in season and good food is in the offing. It is like the table cloth is the signal of the upcoming feast that we have for the occasion. Now that Valentine’s has just passed and what’s next is the summer events which are religious in nature.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-12-2018