Big Screen Phones are Better than Small Screen Phones

Big Screen Phones are Better than Small Screen Phones
In the late 90's to the early 2000's, I still remember the trend of making mobile phones as cute as can be. That's because mobile phones have transitioned from walkie-talkie looking type phones to compact phones. And people seemed to like the idea of having a very small phone. I had a Samsung Flip Phone once and I really liked it. I was into the notion that smaller was indeed better.

But once I grabbed hold of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the 5.5 inch monster of a phone by Samsung, I knew that there was no going back to small phones. A phone with a bigger screen is much better for watching movies and videos, playing games, viewing pictures, editing documents and browsing the web. It gives you a lot more space to operate on as compared to a phone with a small screen. And when I say big screen, these are phones that have a 5.3 inch screen size and up. I consider anything below that size to be a small screen already.

Big screen phones have some disadvantages like being bulky thus making it harder to pocket and such. But still, that isn't enough to convince me that small screen phones are better. What do you think?



Yeah. Its true.

I have been using mobile phone from 2001. There I had a girl friend where I was necessary to contact with her for her request. She had bought a beautiful set and I had bought a Sony Ericsson set.There screen was small. There I had been searching always for internet. But understand on the small screen this is not possible to use internet. Finally at 2008 I had bought a big screen symphony mobile where screen were 4 inches and had been started big screen mobile. Still now I have been using big screen mobile.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 08-17-2017

Bigger is better

In this case, I think bigger is better. I don't have the greatest vision ever, so a bigger screen just makes things easier for me. I'd probably do a lot more on my phone if I could see it better. It's just not fun to use when you can barely see anything.

I'm not worried about fitting it in a pocket, since I nearly always carry a purse anyway.

Having an option for a larger screen would be nice.

Posted by Zyni on 08-09-2017

Easier to see

I can't imagine going back to a small screened phone anymore. I am far too used to having a nice big screen where I can easily see everything.

I absolutely love the big screen phones because they are just better in every way. You don't have to strain your eyes to read anything. Also, bigger screen equals to bigger resolution and nicer overall picture.

Big all the way!

Posted by Mehano on 08-10-2017


I don't get why newer phones are often so tiny, so small, with screen that make you think, in a quote similar to the one of a famouse meme and movie, "What is this, a screen for ants?". It's not easy to use if it's small! A big (not too big, just.. big enough! A bit smaller than hands maybe) is perfect. You see everything and you don't need glasses just to read a simple message.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-09-2017

Yes! Bigger is better

I didn't know what I was missing until I upgraded to a phone with a bigger screen. I do so much on my phone that I need the bigger screen to see everything better. I will never go back to a phone with a smaller screen.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-09-2017

Better for my eyes

After upgrading to a larger phone, I feel so uncomfortable using a smaller phone now. I feel like it's better for my eyes and it's easier to see things on a larger phone. It's definitely better for me since I play games and watch videos on my phone which is easier if you have a bigger screen and I think my photos turn out clearer too, maybe because the resolution is better.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-11-2017

Clear and Precise

Indeed, bigger screen smartphone are better than small screen phones because for short sighted and far sighted people like me, I really needed a bigger screen so that I do not have to squint my eyes whenever I am trying to click the buttons on the screen.

It is comfortable to watch movies, take pictures, play online games and blog online with bigger screen smartphone because I do not have to enlarge the screen that sometimes turn blurry as the megapixels might exceed the original .

Games such as Hayday, finding the chicken and corns on the small screen is a headache when my fingertip is larger , constantly clicking the wrong items can be very frustrating and annoying.

Posted by peachpurple on 08-09-2017

Team Bigger Screen !

My first big screen phone was the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, then now I currently have an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. When I resort to smaller phones it is so hard to press the buttons. I would never go back. It is so convenient to use. I do not put my phones in my pocket so it is not a big issue for me. I put my phone in my purse or hold it in my hand.
Posted by simplym on 08-09-2017


Many big screen phones are replacing the tablet. And this can be good enough on many grounds. As you can see that there are some of the good options with big screen phones. I have found out that iphone getting bigger is going to remove the need of the ipad in many ways. So that's one thing to look at as well.
Posted by overcast on 08-10-2017

Big Screen Phones

I prefer big screen phones for many reasons. I normally use my phone for many of my online works and a bigger screen seems to be more convenient. I also watch some TV shows on my mobile phone and in this case a big screen phone is much better. My cousin has also been using my phone to make some videos for his school project. He decided to use my phone because of the big screen and the quality of video.
Posted by Pixie on 08-10-2017

The bigger, the better.

I personally think that the bigger is the screen, the better, why? Because of the options and advantages that a big screen can offer, more resolution being one of them.
Posted by StolenKid on 08-09-2017

Big screen

Back on my high school days it was popular to have little phones, of course with little screens, everyone had one (at that time the best phones were the Blackberries), we communicate by their own message application and it was really great. But right now I rather the big phones, the bigger is better in terms of screen, I can see everything, write and read easily (because I'm a bit blind), see good quality pictures, it's definitely something that we all should have.
Posted by luispas on 08-09-2017

Big Screen Phones by supply and demand wins.

The onset of smart phones has seen the transformation of phones into portable computers. From this view the smart phone is more useful with a convenient yet sizable display. As if the wheels of demand and supply ground this prospective into overview, it can be observed that the small phone variety is being marginalized even in design as they are not as technically enhanced with a rich feature set as it is with the larger screen size phones. Hence a typical customer is forced to somewhat accept a phone with a bigger screen size as a result of availability and price competition. However the big screen phones do establish themselves with a feature rich quality over most small screen size phones. This naturally will give preference to the phones with bigger screen size.
Posted by Joteque on 08-09-2017

Big screen is better

I remember how it was before - the smaller the phone is the better it was. Now, we need to have something with a decent sized screen with a decent resolution to see all the things clearly, enjoy videos, pictures and to have enough space for the texting part. This happens now because we do more things with our phones than just phone calls and texting. Most of people can't live without a phone now (including myself) as mobile devices have become an essential thing in our daily lives, which is a bit sad that we have to depend on a gadget but what can we do when technology is taking over everything? I guess we just have to adapt ourselves to the times.
Posted by felabruno on 08-17-2017

Of course!

We don't use phones as we used to years ago or, rather, phones have more uses than before. That's why they need bigger screens so they can satisfy all our needs. Right now a mobile phone works similarly as a laptop so, mobile phones have the need for bigger screens.
Posted by cubo on 03-28-2018


I will have to agree, as someone with astigmatism it is very difficult for me to view images and do other stuff with my phone if I were to have a small screen. Having a bigger one can be very helpful as will no longer shove the screen to my face just to see its contents.
Posted by MichaelSoriano15 on 08-16-2017

The bigger the better

Big screen phones are way much better, there is a lot you can do with it like reading books, they are almost similar to a tablet.
Posted by williamk on 08-28-2017

Big screen all the way!

I use to be anti smartphone for a long time. And now that I know I can browse the web, check the bank, use it as a notebook, watch tv, watch youtube, manage my website, manage my minecraft server, use it as a calculator, use it as a voice recorder, use it as gps, I can go on and on. And with all of the things a smartphone can do it just makes sense to have a bigger screen. I have a Galaxy S8+ and I love it. I will never get another small screen phone in my lifetime.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-21-2017

why not

I think as it is possible now to have a good sized screen in your pocket then I think it is impractical to refuse it or to not take advantage of it. There's too much benefit to having a larger screen to just ignore it. I guess the biggest hindrance would be the size and how well it fits in the pocket, but I think that's just a minor complaint compared to the benefits you are able to gain from it.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-27-2018


I prefer a big screen phones than a small one. I want to watch movies on my phone and I want to see it on the bigger screen. It's easy to navigate and do things on a bigger screen. I want a bigger screen with so little bezel so it won't compromise the feel on your hand whenever you hold it.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-20-2017

Easier to work on

Often I find myself doing work on the go on my smartphone, so having a larger screen is a lot easier on my eyes! It's definitely a consideration when it comes to the phone I purchase - and I think it is for many people who compose a lot of emails or do a lot of work via their phone.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-22-2018



keep it simple

phones are meant to be portable and capable. They are not suppose to replace desktop solutions
Posted by Lukevukovic on 08-15-2017

Hate to be a fence-sitter, but...

I'm not saying smaller screens ARE better, but we're definitely going out of control with bigger and bigger screens and phones. I want a practical device that I can carry in my pocket. If I wanted a bigger device, I'd buy a tablet. There has to be a limit. So I can't support big screens on this one.
Posted by Craap on 08-09-2017

To each their own ( =

I am not a fan of large screen mobile phones unless it is a tablet. But if it is a mobile phone, I would rather have something that would just fit on my palm and could actually use with one hand. Also, it is safer and you can just slide it in your pocket any time. I also find it weird or awkward to use a 7" phone for instance for calling specially if you forgot your earphones. :p
Posted by galegatling on 08-12-2017


There is a limit as to what you can do with small screen phones. Big screen phones offer a lot more flexibility. My phone has a small screen so it does have it's limitations. I would prefer a big screen phone to be able to do more with it. However, I am happy with just having a smart phone so that is really nice and functional.
Posted by kgord on 08-09-2017
I can confess am a big fun of big screen phones, small phones have always limits as to how flexible they can get. I like reading e-books on my phone you can imagine trying to do that on a small phone.
Posted by williamk on 08-28-2017
The metamorphosis of the cell phone over the years has been a rather fun thing to watch and indeed a topic of its own! Occasionally I see old TV shows or movies that portray those giant brick cell phones and I can't help but laugh. From there, everyone wanted smaller and smaller phones until the phone was so tiny that it barely held up to one's ear. It was practical for convenience of carrying it around, but not very practical for using. Then, with the smartphone came along the need to have larger and larger phones again. As you said, who wants to watch a movie on a teeny tiny screen? As phones have more and more daily uses (using the internet, keeping calendars, watching videos, taking photos and video) there is more and more need of having larger screens to create customer ease for these uses. My current phone is about half the size of most people I know, but since I don't use my phone for many of the things others do, it seems to work just fine for me. I also like that I can still easily tuck it into my pocket without it sticking halfway out the way other peoples' larger phones do. The next question now should be, how much larger will we continue making phones until we are essentially carrying around a tablet device as our phone?
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-09-2017
gata montes
I really can't say one way or the other - as to me this is more a mixture of personal preference and what the phone is being used for.

For example - much as I would agree that a bigger screen would be the better choice for those that do almost everything on their phone - rather than on a laptop - for those like me - who only use a phone for making/receiving calls and text messages - its not the size of the screen that is of importance here - as its the overall size and weight of the phone and whether or not its lightweight and compact enough to fit into a pocket when out and about - that will generally win in this instance.
Posted by gata montes on 08-09-2017
I like a phone with a big screen since they make it easier to see things on the phone. As I get older, things aren't so easy to see and the larger screen helps me to see more. Of course, if I used my phone primarily for making calls then I probably would opt for a different phone besides the smart phone. I like to do other things on my phone though so I choose to have the larger screen smart phone. It may be a little bit bulkier than other ones but it works for me.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-09-2017
It all depends on the user, how big is 'big' and the type of phone.

I do think bigger screens are better, but for someone with small hands screens that are 'too big' might be a complete handful (never better said!), not to mention that phones becoming too big may become more of a hassle than an actual advantage. At this rate we might go back to the early 90s size of phones!
Posted by VintageRose on 08-09-2017
Phones only ever get developed into having larger screens because it then featured the touch screen feature which really requires some space for easier keyboard typing. I really miss the compact and smaller phones that has keypads despite them having to type harder with. As long as it can be fitted to one's pocket, large phone screens are all right to me.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-09-2017
I think it depends on the preference of the user. For me, I am fine with phones with 5.5 inches screen size. Any larger than that and I will have problems to fit the phone into my pocket. I guess business people would want smaller phones so that the thing will not fall out of your pants.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-09-2017
This is a very particular question like many that have been presented here. Personally, I don't have a preference. The phone can be big or small as long as it fits in my pocket of course. There are certainly other factors to be taken into consideration like processing and RAM memory. We simply can't make a decision based only on the size of the screen.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-09-2017
I am a fan of the big screen phones. The picture size that they may provide would probably more desirable than what the smaller screen would. However aside from that, I don't see any other advantage over the smaller phones. It's somewhat strange to see people responding to a call on tablet size devices. These large sometimes phones also pose a handling challenge because unlike the more compact phones people may have to be walking around with them in hand because they are too big to fit into the pockets. The size makes the smaller more secure and easier to handle.
Posted by explorerx7 on 08-09-2017
Big phones are better because they allow you to do more on them. It's very strenuous to watch videos or play games on a small screen. If you have a smart phone with a large screen, you can about use it like a mini-computer. They're also harder to lose. I think cell phones are probably as big as they need to get though, because if they get any bigger, they are going to be hard to pack around comfortably.
Posted by freebird37 on 08-09-2017
Yes, to me too big phones are better if one is into watching movies from it, likes playing games and is into social media interaction. However, if you are a person who just needs it for calling and sending a message then a phone with a smaller screen but with nice features will already satisfy him. My contract with my phone service provider will soon be ending and I will be renewing it. So as early as now, I am scouting for the latest phone of Samsung so I can have it as my freebie with just a few amount to pay since it is not amongst the free ones from my contract bracket. Of course, it has to have the 5.5 screen size. :)
Posted by SimplyD on 08-10-2017
rose thornes
Bigger screen the better. I'm having trouble with the typing the letters using the small screen and bigger screen have bigger letters. I just want it to be big enough but can still fit in my pocket and I can grip it using one hand.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-10-2017
Bigger is better up to a point. Around 4-5inch screens is the sweet spot for me. Anything more that that and it typically becomes clunky to have to hold and carry. The bigger screens are great for watching videos and playing games. The extra size of the phone allows the manufacturers to put in bigger batteries that allow better battery life. It's all good as long as you can hold your phone in one hand and type comfortably. Oh and as long as it fits in your pocket easily too.
Posted by fireball916 on 08-10-2017
I have a smartphone with average TV and I like it. I honestly do not like smartphones with a big screen, because it disturbs me when it comes to carrying it in the pocket of my pants.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-10-2017
It's up to personal preference.

Big screens are good because you can see better, but having a big screen always comes with a cost. A phone with a bigger screen will cost more and the phones will usually be heavier. A smaller screen will be cheaper and lighter, but it might not be good for people with bad eyes. I personally don't mind either screen size, but if I had to pick, I'd pick the smaller screen. I like phones that aren't heavy.
Posted by kataomoi on 08-12-2017
From the olden Nokia, my first smart phone is a Chinese made small phone. But when I was gifted with a Samsung SIII, the landscape changed. Typing on the virtual keyboard was easier. When that phone developed a problem with charging, I bought another Samsung, this time a J7 with a larger screen. It is more comfortable and I am at home with the big screen.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-14-2017
Big screens is better nowadays as we used it everyday as mode of our transaction. The larger the screen the better resolution we could see and its much easier for us to maneuver. The only disadvantage is not comfortable to put in your pocket if don't bring it together inside of your sling bags.
Posted by rogel07 on 08-17-2017
I agree with you. It is especially hard to fit a large phone into my pocket when I wear jeans. I find 6 inch phones too be too large and will consider getting a tablet instead.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-18-2017
I prefer bigger screen for phone in my own standards, because I'm can't easily adjust with small screen phones. When I using small screen phones, my eyes easily irritated. Their are people prefer and like to have smaller screen phone that they usually put in pocket purpose. I have small phones before and it usually easy to crack. Many people think bigger phones are luxury purpose, and small ones are meant for necessity, but I really disagree with it, I don't know the rest of others opinion.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-24-2017
I do want a phone, a smart phone probably with bigger and wider screen, but not that big that you can't put it inside your pocket. Preferably some phones aligned with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which I'm currently using. Although most of the time, smart phones like these always have battery related problems if used and charged incorrectly as this is what I'm suffering right now. Yes you can do a lot of things, use a lot of applications simultaneously but the question is does it not fail you whenever you need it the most in somewhat critical and emergency situations like emergency phone calls and messages that should be replied quickly but it turns out you have already used your battery.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 08-27-2017
Most big things are way advantageous than small things and a phone screen is not an exception. A small screen phone comes with a lot of disadvantsges like showing most things very small,typing and editing document can be a hassle but for big screen,you can do most things with it like streaming videos effectively and every thing showing well.
Posted by lovely on 09-24-2017
I agree with you on this in the sense that big screen mobile phones give the users the opportunity to view the pictures and videos on a higher resolution unlike what we have with small screen phones. I have used both a big screen phone as well as a small screen phone and I must say that the difference is simply clear. You can't just compare both of them. I will always have a likeness for big screen phones.
Posted by Barida on 09-24-2017
Well stated big screen give users the opportunity of viewing things in the phone in a bigger way,one can readily have a bigger view of whatever it is on the phone and even game playing is better.A bigger screen helps add more values to the phone usage.
Posted by lovely on 04-06-2018
I agree, because you can see more what you are reading in full screen and it's not hard to view pictures or videos on your screen. It would be great too for people who doesn't have a great eyesight because they can be zoom more.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-18-2017
I totally agree that big screen phones are more better than small screen phones since the screen is wide and bigger you can be able to see pictures or videos more clearly and you will be able to view what you are browsing on the net more clearly and faster also.
Posted by babyright on 04-19-2018
As we grow older we would be wanting for a bigger screen because of the deteriorating eyesight. One senator here who is 90 years old can still read with the use of a magnifying lens so that the text will be zoomed in for his convenience. Reading text on a small screen strains the eyes of an older person that’s why I bought a tablet for my husband who has difficulty in using the small phone with the small fonts on the screen.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-12-2018
In our generation, the bigger the screen phones the better. Especially if you are the type of person who wants to watch videos and take pictures all day, of course, you would want to look at those things in better quality and bigger screen phones.
Posted by vivalavanda on 12-07-2018