Big dogs

Big dogs
Let's say you want a dog, and eventually you manage to have one - and it's HUGE! Okay maybe if you took it as a puppy it won't be that massive, but as time pass by it will quickly become almost a giant. There are some dogs that are bigger than others, and other that are smaller, so the concept of "big" in itself is pretty elastic. Big dogs offer you a fairly amount of choice if you want a breeded dog, and dog pounds (or friends with dogs, etc) can offer you big dogs in any case. For example those big black giant known as Napolitan Mastiff: surely he looks nice and good, but he's massive but luckily he can be trained easily. Or think about Maremma Sheepdog! They look gorgeous with their beautiful white fur, but many of them are playful and won't be too happy closed in home. Of course there are also big dogs that are easier to mantain and live with even at home. Think about Great Danes! Those big dogs (with a sadly extremely short lifespan) are one of the laziest creatures on Earth. If you like walking your dog, don't get a Great Dane! Multiple choice, so. But remember, having a dog is a hard choice, and you must be sure of what you are getting into, and getting a big dog is expecially the case! You can't just take a big dog and roll with it, living as things go. The dog will need to be trained, it must be able to behave properly. They can get much stronger than you, and you can get yourself hurt (or even worse, other people... you might never know). Sure he might be a lazy one, but what if he's playful, he loves to run and play? What if he jumps on another person that is scared of dogs? If might happen anytime, and you don't need to be ready for that - you need to avoid that! With big dogs come great responsabilities, remember it.

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  • Many of them are gorgeous
  • They are strong and good guardians
  • Many of them are good with children
  • Some of them are lazy and chill

  • They are strong: you need them to be well trained!
  • Transportation might be a issue (both in your car and in public vehicles)
  • They need a lot of space
  • Shorter lifespan
  • They cost more (even just mantaining them)
  • Their maturity will take a while



Love large dogs

I do not have a dog but if I did, it would be a large one. I would love to have a Siberian Husky. I think that Siberian Huskies are simply gorgeous. And I feel that they would be a good protector of my family. If I did not have as many cats as I do, I would seriously look into getting a husky.
Posted by angie828 on 10-29-2017

Love dogs

I love dogs they're such great animals! It's no wonder we've domesticated them so much. They're so loyal and loving and ask very little in return for their companionship. Other than to be well looked after, walked and fed regularly. The only downside to having a dog is picking up their mess after them but it's the trade off we live with for having such a loving and loyal pet. Of course, not all dogs are loving and loyal. But it's all about their upbringing. Show a dog love from an early age and it will know how to show that back all through its life. Treat a dog bad from an early age, neglect it and that and it will likely go on to be a bad dog. But I prefer bigger dogs over little dogs. Not too big of course! Mind you, I've had Great Danes before and they were just massive! But also massive in heart as well as size! Where as little dogs can be too, but they just aren't as protective. Even though some little dogs have more balls than bigger dogs do!
Posted by idealmikey on 10-27-2017


I like big dogs, but only certain breeds. I like that big dogs can act as guardians and protectors. They generally have deeper vocals - I can't stand the high-pitched yelping from little dogs. They also, in my experience, are smarter and easier to train (probably because they have bigger brains and better genetics). Big dogs are definitely preferable to little dogs.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 10-26-2017

Scary but Good

If you want companion then big dogs is what you need. As you can see that they can be scary. Depending on their size. And taming them may not be easy. So for that I'd say it's reasonable to have big dog. And they can be really good for keeping around. I'd definitely prefer to have them.
Posted by overcast on 10-30-2017


Big dogs are best! They are so cool to play with and can also serve as guards to the house. I don't like small dogs they are too needy!
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-29-2017

Big ones!

The bigger the better! I love big dogs. Small dogs are a little weird and hysterical for me. My aunt got this little dog and he is super annoying. My big dog just look at him like "poor you! you are so small" it's funny because her little dog is always trying to pick a fight with my big dog and he won't even stand a chance. My big dog doesn't even bother to stand up when he is around!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-31-2017

The big ones.

The little dogs are cool, but I prefer the bigger dogs because I find them more fun. They can be more present - physically, as in the issue related to the affection towards their owners - and also more protective.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-08-2017

Big dogs are cool!

Dogs are man's bestfriend. Everybody knows that. But every people wants different kinds of dog. Some like big dogs and others like small dogs. In my case, I like big dogs specially if they are fluffy. I can now hug them and also they can protect me if I am in trouble. I am a dog lover and I am glad if I have dogs that cares for me. They are part of our family. And I didn't think them as a pet.
Posted by blank629 on 11-13-2017

Big Dogs

I like both as long as they are the right size that I would like, since not all big dogs appeal to me and not all small dogs appeal to me too. If the dog is too small then I don't find it all that fun to deal with them because they seem too fragile, and when the dog is not big enough it is not as fun to wrestle with them, which is why I like extremely big dogs like a Malmute. I find those very appealing and just by looking at them they look like they will be so fun to play with.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-19-2017

Big Dogs

I have always had a thing for large dogs. My favorite is the Alaskan Malamute. There are really cute for their size. Fast, Furry, Strong and Beautiful.
Posted by jeiss on 11-15-2017

Bigger the better.

I love big dogs that can scare people that won't do any good to anyone or to me. If I'm gonna have one, I would prefer to have a Tibetan Mastiff as they look ferocious but cuddly enough to hug. They're so huge and so expensive but I want the best for me. If I can't get that kind of breed, I can pet others like St. Bernard, Siberian Husky, or any kind of dog that is big.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-29-2017

I like big dogs more

First of all, I love dogs ! I prefer bigger dogs to smaller ones since they tend to look better ( German shepherd is my favorite breed of dog ). They could also protect me if the need arises., unlike smaller ones.
Posted by alexd on 01-17-2018


I like Big dogs because they are more suitable guard dogs than small one. They also look more intimidating which can frighten someone who want's to rob your house.
Posted by blackmist on 08-30-2018

Big dog rules since my dog is Big :)

Big does not mean that they are just fierce. Big dogs are sweet too. And there are some with nice fur and so warm to cuddle. Like my Chort :)
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-07-2018

large dogs

I like love dogs better because I feel more secure when they are around.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-07-2018


I feel more secured with large dogs than small ones.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-07-2018

You feel protected

Having the ability to have a big dog will really benefit because of how they look so scary and strong to other people. Big dogs also are very active and I just love when they jump all over you and act like children for you. This is what me and my girlfriend are planning on getting so that we can be able to enjoy the company of our kid which is our dog.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-11-2018


Small dogs

Small dogs
So, you still want a dog but having a big dog is out of the question for you. It can be for any reason: maybe you don't specifically want a big dog, or maybe you feel like you aren't ready for having a small giant in your home. Or maybe the home is the problem itself: maybe it's small, maybe you don't have a yard, or who know what else. It's perfectly normal wanting a small dog in those case - as it's normal wanting it just because you want it! There are a multitude of dog breeds of small size (or even medium, which are somewhere in the middle between small and big ones). For example one of the most famous is the Chihuaua, although is not really a popular one: many people find them a bit ugly (but they aren't, come on) and inside them they probably think they are huge, massive and ferocious. Have you ever heard one of them barking at a dog 10 times their size? Because it happens. A bit cuter are the beagles: they are probably one of the most intelligent, playful and loyal dogs to have. And they'll want to smell everything on their path, since their sense of smell is pretty powerful. Or a bassethound! They are one of my favorite breed, because they look funny and they are quiet, friendly and loyal. They always look so sad, but they aren't! And I could go on with a massive list about every small dog breed existing, but it would be pointless. Small dogs are as amazing as big ones, but they might be annoying. Their barks are more high-pitched, and they often walk between your legs in the house - you don't want to stumble on a dog! They might be small, but their love is way bigger than them.

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  • Their small size make them fit anywhere
  • They cost way less
  • Easier to carry and walk around
  • Longer lifespan
  • Cheaper to mantain

  • Might be annoying with their high pitched barks
  • Many of them don't look as cool as the bigger ones
  • Giving birth is a issue with some bread, due to head size
  • Some of them have a endless amount of energy, and won't care if you are tired




I have owned both big and small dogs before and I gotta go with the smaller breeds! I think that they're just easier to maintain and you can have them regardless of where you live.

Not everybody lives in a big house so owning a small dog is an advantage. If you are in an apartment, your neighbors and your landlord will definitely also prefer the smaller dogs. They aren't as destructive either.

I just love the ability to lift my dog up and cuddle it, carry it around and so on. A big dog is impossible to really lift unless you're very strong.

But either way, both kinds are amazing.

Posted by Mehano on 11-13-2017


i prefer small dogs. I am also small. I can only carry small dog.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-09-2018


Small or big, I love dogs as long as they get along well with people. I love dogs that are very friendly and nice to people. I also love fluffy dogs. My favorite dog is husky. I like it for being big, fluffy, and cuddly. I heard that huskies are working dogs. They are definitely a good match for my lifestyle. I can have a husky accompany me in my walks or other workouts, or perhaps in my future house where I can have a swimming pool. Huskies love swimming too since they can move a lot while the water makes them feel fresh. Since big dogs have a high maintenance, I will just make sure that I earn more than enough to maintain a dog like husky in the future.
Posted by Krisleen on 10-26-2017
I confess that I love dogs and I do not care about their size. I particularly like Basset Hound puppies and think their sizes are considered average. However, I also like other breeds of small and large dogs. For me it really is difficult to choose because the dogs are my favorite animals.
Posted by hermessantos on 10-29-2017
I remember our nearby society had one watchdog which was huge in size. And it never allowed anyone to get inside. And that is one more reason I think many people are afraid of the dogs of that size. I think for this type of the reason alone I can say they are working good enough to have large size dog. And that being said it's reasonable to have dogs of that size around as well.
Posted by overcast on 10-30-2017
It really depends on what the owner or receiver of the dog, is comfortable with. Some people have a preference. Others due to past experiences will choose one or the other. It's all about comfort level with either size of pooch really.
Posted by NickJ on 10-30-2017
I have always wanted to have big dogs, however, because of the cost involved in raising big dogs, I have never owned big dogs. I own a dog for security and companionship. Therefore, I need a dog that is fierce to stranger but friendly to the master. The small dogs are friendly to masters, but they are not fierce. Therefore, I have never kept small dogs. My dogs have always been of middle size.
Posted by vinaya on 11-01-2017
I like all dogs. I have had both big and small dogs and I loved them all. They are all very smart, loyal and make great companions. Some small dogs can be nippy and temperamental but not all little dogs are like that. Same as some large dogs are more easy going and laid back. A lab is one of those big dogs and is very good with kids. They are so laid back.
Posted by Sue on 11-02-2017
I have 2 small dogs – a pug and a pekingese. Our 3rd dog is a medium-sized mixed spitz. We don’t buy dogs, all of them ever since were gifts to us. Several times, I was offered a puppy of a big breed like a golden retriever but I always declined. By logic, big dogs eat a lot compared to small dogs. And I couldn’t carry a big dog so that would be a big problem since I have the penchant of bringing along my dogs when we go on vacation trips and sometimes even in the malls. I prefer small dogs all the time.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-05-2017
I don't think I can handle a big dog so I've always opted for smaller dogs. Sure, they may be hyperactive as puppies but they mature and settle down as they get older. They're also more controllable and consume less food than bigger dogs. It's easier to take the smaller ones to places, too, as the owner can just carry them and put diapers on them while strolling at malls and other public places.
Posted by chatbox on 11-18-2017
I have always prefer big dogs unless the puppies birthed by the big dog.I don't buy small dogs. Big dogs are. very good security to the home,they keep unwanted visitors away and protect the house when people are away. I think big dogs are more daring then smaller ones.
Posted by lovely on 12-15-2017
I really like the big dogs, It's cute and really looks masculine and strong compare to small dogs, I don't like the small dogs, they don't even know how to take care of our house. I think the only problem about the big dogs, are the owners, they want to have that kind of dogs, but they don't know how to handle them. Small dogs are cute also, but I don't know why, I just don't like them.
Posted by ion on 03-25-2018
I really like the big dogs, It's cute and really looks masculine and strong compare to small dogs, I don't like the small dogs, they don't even know how to take care of our house. I think the only problem about the big dogs, are the owners, they want to have that kind of dogs, but they don't know how to handle them. Small dogs are cute also, but I don't know why, I just don't like them.
Posted by ion on 03-25-2018
That’s the problem with big dogs that when the owner does not know how to handle then the dog would be abusive. I know of a dog owner who has a Golden Retriever. That breed of dog is usually tame. But since the dog owner didn’t know how to take care of his big dog, the GT had bitten some people. We suspect that the big dog was being neglected that’s why it was biting just to get attention.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-09-2018
That's right, and sometimes, these big dogs attack the small one, specially in the park. There are so many videos of this scenario when the pit bull attacks the shih tzu and the owner don't even know how to stop his dog. It's really hard to watch that kind of videos specially for the owners of shih tzu.
Posted by ion on 09-10-2018
I have a pet dog and she's a Pointer, she's my second Pointer, my first one died a few years back. Pointers are also called gun dogs a breed that is used in hunting. Pointers are very friendly, loyal and loving. Pointers are medium sized, they're not considered as a large breed nor a small breed. My dog loves to run and and stalk birds, she's really energetic and loves a good chase.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-28-2018
I like medium size dogs more than really big dogs or small toy dogs. A medium sized dog like a pointer is for me the best dog ever. Unlike bigger dogs which tends to eat a lot hence more expensive to maintain, a medium size dog saves me money on dog food and it fits my car quite good.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-02-2018
We currently have two dogs one big and one small so i think it's unfair to say or to pick one over the other. Regardless of size, dogs are really mans best friend. Both small and big have their advantages and disadvantages but the fact is both of them will not pick a big or small owner.
Posted by fishbate on 09-10-2018
Between Big and Small Dogs I would choose small ones because they're easier to maintain also it's cheaper to feed them. Well I guess it depends on my location and home. I mean right now I'm living in the city, in a landed and gated home that's why I have medium sized dogs but if I live in a condominium building or in an apartment building where there's not too much space then I'll probably opt for small dogs.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 09-30-2018
I love both kind of dogs, but largw dogs makes me feel secured and protected.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-07-2018
Small dogs are good for inside the house, while big dogs are good for guarding the house.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-07-2018
I have both small and big dog but I will go to big dogs because on common, they're calmer, much less neurotic and more good tempered. I hate the unpredictability, excitability, and ear-piercing yapping of many small dogs, together with the ones nasty squeaky toys. Large dogs are an excellent size for hugs and wild wrestling, their barks aren’t ugly, and that they scare terrible guys.
Posted by jetselle on 11-09-2018
I have big dogs. Dogs are very friendly animals and are very good company. I have never had a small dog but have always admired them. The biggest disadvantage of small dogs is that they bark at everything. My neighbor has a small dog and its very hard to get a good night sleep because it is always barking. I think also the mistake he makes is that he puts it outside. I think that small dogs are good companions and they should be inside your house. I think that they crave human company and when left alone they don't do well. When I move houses I am getting a small dog.
Posted by jaymish on 11-30-2018
I only have a small dog. Her name is blackie. I don't like big dogs. i am afraid to have them.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-09-2018
It's hard for me to choose. I used to only like small dogs before I had my Labrador Retriever. My husband wanted a big dog, and I think Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever sounds good, so we decided to get a Labrador. Ever since then I think big dogs are good too. They are not just like dolls or babies who need us to take care all the time, they are really good companions and protectors as well. If I am going to get a dog, perhaps I will choose a big dog too. But if it's for my kids to take care, perhaps a small dog is easier to them.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-11-2018