Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter or BLM for short is originally a US social movement of the African American community that started in 2013 on twitter after Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman.

Since then the movement grew and developed into an international movement with protests being made in Canada or the UK.

Their main purpose and goal should be the protection of black lives and the overall awareness of the fact that a lot of black people are killed unjustifiably by cops in the US. But the methods used to make their voice heard had been very unorthodox and rather extream.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been heavily criticized over the years by a lot of people claiming them to be racists towards white people, anti-police and very aggressive towards anyone who doesn't agree with their personal beliefs.

  • BLM has indeed been pretty effective in making it visible that there is indeed a problem with excessive violence among cops in certain cases and that no cop should act outside the law when arresting any person.

  • Yes, black lives matter, but they don't matter any more than every other people on the planet. The IDEA of only black lives matter is racists. Just like any movement claiming "white lives matter" is racist so is BLM. All live matter, not black or blue or brown, all alive matter and complicating things further is just nonsense and insane.
  • BLM ignores and sees no issue with black on black crime and tends to focus ONLY on white cops killing blacks.
  • A lot of their protests are marked by violence and even riots. BLM protests occasionally blocked busy highways showing disrespect towards everyday folk that just wanted to see about their business.
  • Often during protests, they shouted phrases like "What do we want, Dead Cops. When do we want it, Now!" - This lead to a huge black slash against police all over the US and lead to a couple of murders of innocent cops.


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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the USA in 1929 and was a baptist preacher fighting for the civil rights for all black people of America.

He organized and lead demonstrations for the right to vote, end racial segregation and other basic human rights black folk in the US didn't have.

MLK was a fantastic speaker and orator giving his most famous speech that started with "I have a dream" on 28 August 1963 during a march in protest.

In 1964 he was the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Prize for Peace. Among others, he also militated against the war in Vietnam and eradicating poverty.

On the 4th of April 1968, MLK was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. This was a big loss for the whole planet but what MLK put in motion could not be stopped. He helped end racial segregation and gave black people equal rights.

  • In the March on Washington, he leads 200.000 people to the Lincoln Memorial, this march was the turning point which put discrimination outside the law for the first time.
  • MLK used his money from winning the Nobel prize to further help the cause he fought for.
  • This was a man of vision and guts, a fair man that only wanted equal opportunities for all people.
  • He achieved all this success but he never used violence as a form of protest. He believed in peace and understanding.
  • MLK will forever be a symbol for African Americans and oppressed people everywhere.

  • Apparently, MLK had a weakness for women and had extra-marital affairs, although these are mostly rumors and after all, he had a private life that nobody should care much about.



He did it better, hands down ..don't shoot!

Martin Luther King Jr did it better in his time. He held peaceful protest, when not provoked by the police during that time. He was a Christian so many of his views stemmed from his religious beliefs.

There is no Black Lives Matter day, but there is Martin Luther King Jr day so that is one thing that the Black Lives Matter movement does not have, and probably will never achieve.

Surely Black Lives Matter will go down in history, but it will not go down as a positive movement more so a negative movement due to all the violence that supporters have done.

Posted by Everett on 01-10-2017


MLK was all about peaceful protesting and changing the world. BLM seems to be about looting, burning, maiming and killing. I also think the premise behind their movement is flawed.
Posted by Lop on 12-22-2016

Martin Luther King!

From what I remember reading Martin Luther King was all about peaceful protests. He was about getting his word across in the most peaceful way possible which is why I feel so many people looked up to him and admired him. With Black Lives Matter they seem to be more about getting their views across by rioting and causing mass problems, all that will do is scare people into listening to you but make them agree with your views out of fear. I do not agree with that, I believe that people should have the right to make their own mind up and not be forced to believe something.
Posted by Shortie on 03-26-2017

MLK would be ashamed

Martin Luther King would be ashamed of the black lives matters moments which encourages riots.
Posted by screechingbat on 12-30-2016


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