Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter or BLM for short is originally a US social movement of the African American community that started in 2013 on twitter after Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman.

Since then the movement grew and developed into an international movement with protests being made in Canada or the UK.

Their main purpose and goal should be the protection of black lives and the overall awareness of the fact that a lot of black people are killed unjustifiably by cops in the US. But the methods used to make their voice heard had been very unorthodox and rather extream.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been heavily criticized over the years by a lot of people claiming them to be racists towards white people, anti-police and very aggressive towards anyone who doesn't agree with their personal beliefs.

  • BLM has indeed been pretty effective in making it visible that there is indeed a problem with excessive violence among cops in certain cases and that no cop should act outside the law when arresting any person.

  • Yes, black lives matter, but they don't matter any more than every other people on the planet. The IDEA of only black lives matter is racists. Just like any movement claiming "white lives matter" is racist so is BLM. All live matter, not black or blue or brown, all alive matter and complicating things further is just nonsense and insane.
  • BLM ignores and sees no issue with black on black crime and tends to focus ONLY on white cops killing blacks.
  • A lot of their protests are marked by violence and even riots. BLM protests occasionally blocked busy highways showing disrespect towards everyday folk that just wanted to see about their business.
  • Often during protests, they shouted phrases like "What do we want, Dead Cops. When do we want it, Now!" - This lead to a huge black slash against police all over the US and lead to a couple of murders of innocent cops.



Split vote 51/49

Being a black man of African descent this leads right up my alley. Martin Luther king is an icon for the African struggle all around the world, especially during the era of European domination over Africans which was barely 100 years ago. Whereas Martin fought for the black man in the environment they lived in then especially in the US, a time when the black man had no voice in the country, his was the best course of action. But now, we have to look at it the way it is, BLM are not saying our lives matter more they are pointing out that in this time it seems ours seem to matter less than that of those without colour.
Posted by Mambombaya on 04-12-2017

"Black Lives Matter" isn't exclusionary

I support the work of everybody who has put their neck on the line to help advance equality in our country and our world. I don't like the way this question is worded, as it makes me choose one over the other- as if they're contradictory. I think Martin Luther King Jr. would have been part of Black Lives Matter. So many people see BLM as a violent movement, but I think it's unfair to judge the movement by the actions of the troublemakers. This is especially true when you look at the accounts of agitators going to the protests to incite violence, possibly to undermine the movement. Additionally, the civil rights movement that MLK was involved in was ALSO seen as disruptive and anti-police. I really believe that history will tell a better story of BLM in the future. So many people take exception with the name "Black Lives Matter", claiming that it's racist or that it tries to say that Black lives are the only ones that matter. These people also love to say "Blue Lives Matter" as a counter to that. If we were to use that same flawed logic, we could argue that "Blue Lives Matter" is anti-military, since it only addresses police officers. I know "Blue Lives Matter" isn't anti-military, or anti-nurse, or anti-teacher, etc. I know that by saying "Blue Lives Matter", they mean that we shouldn't forget our police and that we should acknowledge that they live dangerous lives. I wish anti- Black Lives Matter people could see that it's very similar. BLM is a reminder that they do matter, not that they somehow matter more than anybody else.

I'll leave with a few quotes: "I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear?...It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity." “When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” "The fact is that capitalism was built on the exploitation and suffering of black slaves and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor – both black and white, both here and abroad.” “The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power.” These aren't quotes from a "radical" leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, but from the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself.

Posted by jmbrundige on 05-02-2017

MLK is dead, go with the times, it's BLM now.

For one, the cons listed of BLM are all lies. How do you suggest that BLM means that only black lives matter? It means black lives matter too not black lives matter more which therefore tells me you are a racist introducing your racist bias in a vote discussion that should not have any biases. Why should we vote on bias in fact that specific con is leading people to vote MLK. You can say it's all a matter of perspectives but with all due respect, ask before you jump into conclusions. Secondly you might say it's a racist movement because of the racist vibes against that cop. Let me ask you this? why should blacks be the ones not to say anything racist when the shooting was clearly a racist attack? I watched the video here in Kenya within 2 hours, millions of Africans had watched it before me. And what happens to the cop, a slap on the wrist, he's told to leave the force and that's it. Why? Because an American lawyer told me that it's not illegal in any state of the USA for an officer to kill and maim a black person. So quite frankly, we are supposed to shut up because you say so? HELL NO!!! THAT'S NOT OUR STYLE. WE DON'T KEEP QUIET AND STAY SUPPRESSED. SOME OF YOU EVEN COMPARE BLACKS TO THE IRISH WHO WERE ALSO ENSLAVED AND SUGGEST THAT THEY WERE TREATED WORSE MAYBE BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOUR YOU CAN RELATE!!! BUT NOOO!!! THESE BLACKS ARE TOO NOISY YOU SAY THAT WE DIDN'T GO THROUGH THE WORST!! WE WILL NOT KEEP QUIET WHEN SOME RACIST IDIOTS TRY TO ANNIHILATE US! THAT'S NOT OUR STYLE. IF THE IRISH ARE QUIET THAT'S THEIR PROBLEM. WE WILL PLAY LOUD MUSIC IN OUR CARS AND WHEN WE DRIVE BY YOUR WINDOWS VIBRATE BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO BE QUIET WHEN SUPPRESSED. IF YOU SHUT YOURSELVES UP WHEN SUPPRESSED, THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, THAT IS NOT US!! I'M VERY ANNOYED!!!
Posted by Lethal63 on 05-04-2017

Why Condemn Black Lives Matter (BLM)

There is nothing wrong with the way that Martin Luther chose to conduct his protests, but being peaceful and getting beaten up and thrown in jail just does not appeal to the now generation. Many people are condemning Black Lives Matter, saying that they are too aggressive and racist. I don't see many of them condemning the racist police that is deliberately killing black men and getting away with it. Some of them really believe that we are mere slaves so we could just continue accepting the whipping for our masters. We should just continue to be peacefully subordinate but after years of this type of action by Martin Luther King, not much has changed. White people are allowed to have their KKK but we should not be allowed to seek to end the oppression once and for all. Some talk about maintaining an aggressive stance against the police: What do they expect? The actions of the police are the major factor which brought about the existence of BLM. People are having a problem when we say black lives matter we don't have a problem if they say white lives matter. It's now a big problem if black people really stamp their foot down and demand equality. Some would want them to continue in the way in which they would continue to lay down and peacefully accept the whipping.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-17-2017
Kenya Friday-Clark

Black Lives Matter............TOO.

Black Lives Matter is needed and it isn't necessary to keep explaining why this was needed. Those that are guilty of not standing up for what's right and live in fear of consequences go against the BLM movement. It doesn't negate the importance of other people/races obviously but one puts forth that argument simply because it's easier to sit down and ignore it than going against the grain. That is selfish and anyone that thinks their life won't be affected negatively by this type of thinking can think again. Anyone with a brain and an eye can see the injustices done to blacks since the beginning and just because you don't want to deal with it doesn't mean it's going away. If there isn't a God, then all means keep resisting BLM as you see fit. If there is, there will be consequences to affect you and your children's children and I'm not speaking of hell either. I'm speaking of a defeated life here on earth. We are to LOVE each other and that's LAW.
Posted by Kenya Friday-Clark on 05-26-2017

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter these are the issues we are dealing with today.
Posted by tinkerlove on 05-30-2017

power is more spread out

I think they are both different and useful in their own way at their own times. I don't think BLM was possible at the time of MLK so I don't think there really is much to compare since they both serve different purposes. As an idea though, I favor BLM a little more just because the power of change and authority is placed more on the people rather than on just one person, and as we all know putting all reliance on one person can be very disappointing at times because people are flawed and relying on just one person can also lead to relying too much on an imperfect person that we might not know too much about in terms of events behind the scenes whereas when the movement is just reliant on the people and how they interpret it, the power is much more spread out and can mean more than just the ideas of one person.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-21-2018


Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the USA in 1929 and was a baptist preacher fighting for the civil rights for all black people of America.

He organized and lead demonstrations for the right to vote, end racial segregation and other basic human rights black folk in the US didn't have.

MLK was a fantastic speaker and orator giving his most famous speech that started with "I have a dream" on 28 August 1963 during a march in protest.

In 1964 he was the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Prize for Peace. Among others, he also militated against the war in Vietnam and eradicating poverty.

On the 4th of April 1968, MLK was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. This was a big loss for the whole planet but what MLK put in motion could not be stopped. He helped end racial segregation and gave black people equal rights.

  • In the March on Washington, he leads 200.000 people to the Lincoln Memorial, this march was the turning point which put discrimination outside the law for the first time.
  • MLK used his money from winning the Nobel prize to further help the cause he fought for.
  • This was a man of vision and guts, a fair man that only wanted equal opportunities for all people.
  • He achieved all this success but he never used violence as a form of protest. He believed in peace and understanding.
  • MLK will forever be a symbol for African Americans and oppressed people everywhere.

  • Apparently, MLK had a weakness for women and had extra-marital affairs, although these are mostly rumors and after all, he had a private life that nobody should care much about.



Martin Luther King!

From what I remember reading Martin Luther King was all about peaceful protests. He was about getting his word across in the most peaceful way possible which is why I feel so many people looked up to him and admired him. With Black Lives Matter they seem to be more about getting their views across by rioting and causing mass problems, all that will do is scare people into listening to you but make them agree with your views out of fear. I do not agree with that, I believe that people should have the right to make their own mind up and not be forced to believe something.
Posted by Shortie on 03-26-2017
Exactly! He understood the danger of things escallating to riots as well as the consequences it would bring about to any black person on the nation. If he had used the same methods as BLM does today, there's a big chance it would have been not only counterproductive, but downright dissastrous to them...effectively giving credence to the fear upon which discrimination was based.


BLM is a joke
Posted by Anonymous on 04-26-2017

Founder of BLM is no Martin Luther King

MLK wanted fairness, equality, peace, harmony and Christianity. This is not what BLM wants, at all. The mainstream media and past administrations have been instrumental in recreating racial tensions at various times. White people by and large are not wanting to hold other races back. Just as there are a minority of white people that still act with racial bias, so are there the same of other ethnicities.

Everyone has equal opportunity. Never will all be provided equal possessions. There is no way to do that without turning to socialism or communism, which would be to no one's advantage.

Posted by Anonymous on 05-20-2017

He did it better, hands down ..don't shoot!

Martin Luther King Jr did it better in his time. He held peaceful protest, when not provoked by the police during that time. He was a Christian so many of his views stemmed from his religious beliefs.

There is no Black Lives Matter day, but there is Martin Luther King Jr day so that is one thing that the Black Lives Matter movement does not have, and probably will never achieve.

Surely Black Lives Matter will go down in history, but it will not go down as a positive movement more so a negative movement due to all the violence that supporters have done.

Posted by Everett on 01-10-2017


MLK was all about peaceful protesting and changing the world. BLM seems to be about looting, burning, maiming and killing. I also think the premise behind their movement is flawed.
Posted by Lop on 12-22-2016

MLK would be ashamed

Martin Luther King would be ashamed of the black lives matters moments which encourages riots.
Posted by screechingbat on 12-30-2016

Peace vs violence.

This is a peace vs violence issue, on tackling discrimination against black people. Discrimination itself is founded in fear. Mainly fear of criminal behavior and assuming that black people are somehow animalistic, or something. Back then, if MLK were to fuel the riots that were already ready to sprout, the black people of the nation would have suffered a great blow on the eyes of America. Because whatever opinion their fellow citizens had of them, would plunge underground at the first riot. Violence gives credence to fear. Therefore a violent protest would have empowered discrimination rather than tackle it.
Posted by Dionysia on 04-29-2017

The original man

The Black Lives Matter moments is an abomination of a peaceful movement, whereas MLK was able to create unity from divided nations.
Posted by Atropia on 05-03-2017

He did it the right way

Martin Luther King did it the right way, peacefully and encouraged others to stand up for their rights. While BLM raises awareness there is prejudice and hostility brewing where blacks are encouraged to think them against us, where MLK wanted equality.

When there are prejudices due to color there will always be violence, and for some BLM is a way to reinforce those prejudices.

Posted by Alexa on 06-27-2017

I Can Never Support BLM.

I am going with Martin Luther King as Black lives matter has attracted loads of anti-white racists who claim some kind of “oppression” in order to justify that racism. This does not even go in to the fact that police killings of black people pretty much match the amount of crime they commit making the whole movement look like a bunch of hippocrates. I just want everyone to get along with each other without all of this race baiting BS.
Posted by Gaince on 05-04-2017

Martin Luther King for the win!

Martin Luther King was an awesome man full of good intentions. He only wanted to see peace between different races and people to be treated the same, independently of their creed or ethnicity. On the other hand, black lives matter has some pretty violent ways of passing the message. Sometimes the acts of black lives matter would leave Martin Luther King turning in his grave.
Posted by FatManX on 05-18-2017

Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a towering symbol of moral leadership and social change. His use of non violence mean of acquisition of things earn him many reward, in getting what we want we don't necessarily need to embark on violence protest because it would only increase the casualties. Many privileges enjoyed by African American today was through his hard work for a social change in the society. His speech "I Have A Dream" still inspire and motivate most movements today in America and all over the world.
Posted by EarlAlexander on 05-18-2017

Enough Violence

Martin Luther King Jr did not support violence and look how far he was able to go. There can be protest without violence and that is what we as Americans need to do.
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-03-2017

King's Impact is still felt

I'm going with King not because I think BLM is wrong, for me it's more about the impact he had on history. King and other Civil Rights leaders changed a nation at a very dark time in American history. Those leaders found a way to express their concerns and ideas in a way that shamed a nation into action. BLM has tried to do the same but they don't currently have the structure that Civil Rights had. So when things out of character happened there were people present to clear it up. With BLM there are a bunch of voices with few identifiable leaders. Thus when one rogue person shouts for the death of cops no one is there to inform the nation that those remarks don't represent the movement. In time BLM can make real change they just need to build a system to do so.
Posted by mattmattics on 06-05-2017

MLK hands down.

MLK was an inspirational solid point for the civil rights movement, BLM takes many forms and is skewed in harmful ways by far too many people and is even used to justify causing the same kinds of exclusionary acts its meant to stand against. I know that many will say that's not what BLM is about and maybe it's not that to you but to others it is a tool to be horrible people and MLK was definitely not like that at all.
Posted by thedadinomicon on 06-06-2017

Respect for every person.

I remember being a young white girl in elementary school and getting the chills being taught about MLK. He stood for the equality of every person, it didn't matter what color skin you had, he wanted equality for everyone. Black segregation was a horrid time in Americas history. He made the greatest dent and fought for what he believed in, in the most ethical and respectful matter.

BLM movement is violent and its not about the equality of everyone its about black people wanting to be superior to everyone else. Racism is still a problem everywhere, but the way its gone about is completely horrible. their protests on intersections are slowing down everyday lives, people are just trying to get to work and live their lives.

I do agree that it was positive to shine light on police brutality, but that doesn't mean that every police officer should be suppressed because a few of the officers on the police force were shitty human beings. There is such a thing as body cams that some states are making their officers wear so that police brutality will be stopped and this is a great push forward that the BLM movement has made.

Over all, I feel that the BLM movement is out of hand, violent, and fully racists toward any other race, or person with a different belief than them.

Posted by PB&Chelsey on 06-06-2017

Paving The Way For BLM

Martin Luther King paved the way for groups such as Black Lives Matter to be able to protest their cause. While I do not fully agree with some of the values and ideologies Black Lives Matter hold. The overall message is clear, blacks should not be penalized for the color of their skin unjustly. I believe that Martin Luther King led a movement that simply cannot be replicated. Martin Luther King protested peacefully and attempted to spread peace and equality among divided parties. Martin Luther Kings dream for peace and kindness spoke louder than violence demonstrated by BLM in todays society.
Posted by Mlady98 on 06-10-2017

racism between racism.

BLM promotes racism between african american people, if you don't want to be part of "the hood" you are a black man with white people mind (????) Martin Luther King was all about peace, not superior race, BLM is a complete joke.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-21-2017

He is best for me.

I really don't think that I have seen any like Martin Luther King, he is so real to the core and true to his words. His no violent means of getting things done is what thrills me most about him, although I happen to believe that he is a man of quality charismatic charms.

Martin Luther King Jr offered the world the best services a president could ever give it's people and up till today, the world is still greatful to him. He did well for the blacks and encouraged us to work and make our world a better place than just totally depending on the government because if we keep at it, that would only result in crashing down to the entire system.

His best quotes for me then was " Ask not what your nation would do for you but what you can do for your nation". If only we still have leaders like Martin Luther King today, I have good reasons to believe that the world would be a better place.

Posted by Heatman on 09-29-2017

Martin Luther King

I have heard a lot of good things about him and I can say that he is someone who is worth it. I appreciate his goal to make every oppotunities fair to everyone. He is like one of our heroes who never used any protest or violence to fight for justice.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-08-2018

Martin Luther King

I vote for Martin Luther King. He is very popular political figure. I think he is good.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-01-2018


Posted by Lethal63 on 05-04-2017
hpro hamed
not just black lifes but all lifes are matter. it's disappointing that after all that civilisation era this matters come back again and it's all because of the Trump, Barak Obama brought equality to the world after all and right now again it happen," black and white". we are human, we are more that black and white problems we build this world this much with good things let's not ruin it with such a pitty topics.
Posted by hpro hamed on 05-16-2017
Art Over Homework
MLK protested treatment of blacks in a nonviolent way. Back then treatment of blacks was way worse than it is today. But he still protested nonviolently. There may still be racism today, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was back then. Yet now some blacks think that violence is the answer. That math simply doesn't work. I think we shouldn't even be talking about racism. We shouldn't give anyone any reason to believe that racism ever was tolerated. If no one knew racism ever existed, if it was just accepted that everyone was equal becuase no knew it had ever been otherwise, would there be racism? I don't think there would.
Posted by Art Over Homework on 05-16-2017
People have the wrong idea about the Black Lives Matter organization. This group does not condone rioting or looting. If bad cops and douche bags like Zimmerman were sent to prison for killing unharmed citizens, BLM would not exist.
Posted by keasha0662 on 06-10-2017
Martin Luther King Sr was a genious, He fought it better than Black lives matter, What?? White lives don't?? Even the name is Idiocy for me!! if they adapted Martin's technics They could be better.
Posted by Clara1993 on 06-11-2017
Whether people like it admit it or not, there is massive racial profiling in crime. Therefore, the slogan, "Black Lives Matter", has justification. However, though, some right-wing voters possibly don't believe large-scale racial profiling exists. In that case, they might say this stuff is biased against white criminals - whom they think could possibly get shot, beaten, and arrested also.
Posted by jyy on 06-20-2017
Martin Luther King was a great leader, but he also promoted peace. I don't think he would approve of some of the tactics the BLM movement have used to get their message across. I understand that we have extremists but I believe it should be worked out in a peaceable and diplomatic manner. I do however can see how the BLM movement has a point that a black person is more likely to be killed by a police officer than a white person. I keep up with the news and I have been appalled at some instances where a black person has been unjustifiably killed and the officers go unpunished, now always but often times. The latest case is of the young black woman that was shot that had I think like three small children. It was a known fact that the woman was mentally unstable and the officers knew this. I think they could have wrestled a knife out of this small woman's hands without killing her. Her children now have to go without their mother and probably witnessed the ordeal. I can understand the BLM and sympathize with them but the situation should be dealt with in a civilized manner. Violence is never an answer to violence.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-25-2017
It's very hard to choose, simply because these two movements seek the same goal in different terms and different generations.

MLK was a leader, he was the visible head of a movement and he had the political smarts and the amazing morals to move forward with what he preached and defended. Likewise, his approach was ideal in a world where black voices were not being heard, and there was no figure that could try to reach out to the world and propose that black and white and latino and everything else are equals.

The BLM movement doesn't have a head, it's a campaign born spontaneously over completely justified social discomfort. They don't have a leader to guide their steps, but they simply move together as a mass in order to let the world know about their plights and their discontent. Blacks are no longer seen as sub-human, therefore a formal speech by a leader is not the ideal approach, and frankly won't get it either.

They are all the result of their time, and both movements are in the right side of history, too.
Posted by VintageRose on 07-04-2017
Do you really think that we should be active in an organization for the rights of the black people? Isn’t that racism against other colors? Pardon me for this comment but I am against racism and discrimination. In fact, even here in out country where color is not an issue, the discrimination comes in the educational background or even the company where you work for. Going back to the topic, that BLM is divisive and it’s like emphasizing that our skin have colors. In other words, it is stirring awareness on the issue or racism.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-21-2018
I choose Martin Luther King. He hates racism and discrimination. He is a good person.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-01-2018