Black hat SEO is still alive and kicking

Black hat SEO is still alive and kicking
SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In short the optimization of website's code and content in such a way that search engines like Google will rank those site's page higher in results compared with other competitors.

In my opinion, there are three kinds of SEO techniques:

  • White Hat SEO - in which you do everything by the books, follow Google guidelines like the Bible itself and never go out of your way to gain an unearned advantage.

  • Grey Hat SEO - by doing grey hat SEO your are simply playing right on edge with the possibility of getting penalized IF Google finds out. Let's just say you aren't breaking any direct rules, but you aren't playing fair either.

  • Black Hat SEO - is simply doing everything search engines are telling you not to do. Using all sorts of ways and methods to cheat your way up to the top of the search results.
Black Hat SEO was hugely popular, especially ten years ago when it still had some effect, and you could reach the first three results if you did enough quality black hat. Since the old ways when Black Hat SEO was king and people used to abuse the system, Google and the other big search engines had published algorithm update after algorithm update, punishing and penalizing websites that had been doing black hat SEO and making sure we got clean search engine results free of spammers and cheaters.

But recent polls suggest Black Hat SEO isn't dead. In fact, most SEO specialists agree on the fact that Black Hat SEO is evolving, adapting and changing to find gaps and weaknesses in the algorithms.

  • 25 percent of SEO specialists believe black hat SEO is dead -25 percent of SEO specialists think black hat to be pretty much alive
  • 50 percent of SEO specialists say blackhat is currently evolving
I personally think black hat SEO is very much alive AND is constantly adapting. There are always gonna be people wanting an easy way to the top. What do you guys think? Is Black Hat SEO dead?




I agree with you that the black hat SEO is still alive... there are many people that use it right now as we speak and reach the desired results. Sure, it isn't as "popular" as it was because of the stricter rules and Google being better at detecting it but I don't think that the black hat SEO will go anywhere.

As you have said, it's simply evolving and it will stay alive in the SEO world. People only need to find new and better ways to manipulate the search engines.

Posted by Mehano on 11-03-2017


Black hat SEO is going to be there. No matter what Google or anyone can do. It's not going anywhere. People will buy link. They will manage negative and positive reputation with money. So yes it's possible to have it alive and running. As you can see it is not going to be easy though.
Posted by overcast on 11-03-2017



I think so - for the most part.

Not sure if black-hat is an in-thing anymore. I mean, there doesn't seem to be a way to get away with it. In that sense, it's sort of like click fraud. However, though, there are probably a good number of die-hard click fraudsters who keep at it. I suppose, it's because human nature tends to be evil.
Posted by jyy on 11-05-2017


I can't agree with your premise at all. All SEO is manipulated somehow even if it's to choose a click and bait header. The concept of SEO is purely to get a good ranking in the search engines and doesn't take note of any content. If you take Yahoo for example, if you applied your premise it would mean 90% of all their articles would be taken down as black hat as the articles are mainly sensational click and bait headers to gain SEO and then stuffed with keywords, and a few images of screenshots.

Who is going to punish the them? No one, because it just means they get clicks but people don't stay on the page. Plus how are they going to track them down? You can't police something that everyone is encouraged to do, and where it is shared on social media as well.
Posted by Alexa on 11-03-2017
Well people will always figure out ways to cheat the system. However, if they are found out by Google they may run the risk of their site being banned and if they have alot of money and time invested in it it could be a big loss. It is up to the individual as to how much risk they are wiling to endure to try to manipulate the system a bit.
Posted by kgord on 11-03-2017
There are no real rules with Google. In other words, someone doing what they dislike isn't going to jail - unless of course, it has to do with Adsense (click fraud). However, though, if you want to rank with Google, then you have to follow their rules. Nonetheless, a lot of companies are avoiding search engines, looking to social media and/or something else. Anyway, as far as black hat is concerned, if ranking with Google is what you want, then I'd avoid it cause I don't think you'd get away with it - and why even bother with grey hat either?
Posted by jyy on 11-03-2017
Although I do not like this method very much, I confess that yes, it is alive. There are a multitude of sites that are at the top of Google just using Black Hat techniques. It remains to know until when, because if Google releases new updates, many will suffer penalties.

I still prefer the good old SEO white hat, even though it's the hard way.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-03-2017
Black hat SEO is actually dying since google has finally caught up with their technic of deceiving google. So i advice people to go for the good SEO
Posted by babyright on 11-04-2017
Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO both are alive. This is because there are people who want to appear on the top results very quickly and there are people who want to make quick money by offering such service. If you have a website, it is very likely that you want to appear on the top result. Thus, when someone offers you a service that promises you to take your website to the top search results, you will definitely hire him. However, Black/Grey har SEO does not last long.
Posted by vinaya on 11-04-2017
I think black hat is just to speed things up. And it is always going to be there. You can see that some of the time SEO is not going to be effective with white hat stuff. And that's why the black Hat seo is going to be there. I think on that note I'd say that it'd be better if we learn from both and then build the plan which works for the SEO regardless of how it is executed.
Posted by overcast on 09-12-2018
Hey, I don't wanna vote because I haven't personally tried using black hat SEO, therefore I don't know if it works. I've heard some rumors though that black hat techniques are no longer as effective as they used to be in the past.

I have a question though.... Could some of you please give me examples of black hat SEO techniques? I think it's OK to give them out since the search engines already know about them right?
Posted by limberg on 11-04-2017
Keyword stuffing is one of the common black hat techniques. Keyword stuffing means you use a lot of keywords on your content. If you are using unrelated keywords that are also considered the black hat. clickbait is anothe rblack had SEO. Clickbait means you are using the misleading title to grab people's attention.
Posted by vinaya on 01-18-2018
In every sphere and areas of life people are our there always looking for the short way out, make easy money and cheat their way through success.I recently read about the Black hat SEO and I believe a lot of cheats and scammers are still using it to deceive search engine. But I think Search engine are also finding those sites and banning them
Posted by lovely on 11-05-2017
I was confused at first with that White Hat and Black Hat for SEO not knowing that White refers to following the rules and Black means you don’t do what you should not do. Anyway, my take on SEO is that it is not an exact science, so to speak, because no one can pinpoint what to do exactly and cannot even predict the results. Isn’t it an accepted fact that you cannot expect SEO results at once? It may take days or weeks or even months. So there, we are like groping when it comes to SEO.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-21-2018
Of course not, and it'll never die. It’s turning into more difficult with each Google algorithim update, however there'll continually be techniques to get a better rank within the search engines through breaching the regulations set up by Google, as a minimum within the short run. Ultimately, a black-hat search engine optimization will usually run the danger of getting penalized.
Posted by jetselle on 11-20-2018
I don't think Black hat SEO will ever die. These types of people will always know how to find a loophole in Google's or other search engines' criteria in picking the top search results. They are selling these services to people that would rather buy these types of services than make good quality websites and articles.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 11-22-2018
I think not. There will always be people who wants to have an easy path to everything. No matter how much you eradicate them and make it harder for them, they will always be there.
Posted by theresajane on 11-22-2018
I've been hearing a lot about black hat SEO and didn't know what it really means before. Now I know the meaning of this, I think people should using this technique because its a waste of time for those people who are actually looking for a real quality content about the topic they are looking for. Besides, nothing beats a true, reliable quality website where website developer or blogger should focus on creating rather wasting time making a trash website.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 11-22-2018