The mischievous,playful and naughty little boy becomes a strong,tough and brave man one day.Men are not like women,they can bear anything and hide their own feelings to make their loved ones happy.Usually men leads in many father in a family.Men are born with leadership,bravery,toughness... but not all have improved them or used their natural skills.Even in movies,most of the time, the hero or the villain is a

Boys let's vote and make boys superior....

Stronger Tougher Head of the family and in most places Can bear pain and sorrow more than women

Girls,you'll have to list out the cons....



I like been a man

Well I love been a guy but it's not about just been tougher its also to use the voice of authority and to let people know what you are about. They say we evolved over the years and become a lot smarter and wiser. We are often pulled down by others saying men this men that , we are only human and it does actually work both ways. We are actually and can be really loving with a passion we see something we want and we don't stop till we get it . I have grown up in this world and seen a lot of things in life which as made me a much stronger guy and loving father and lover. We go through all walks of life and yeah we do make mistakes who doesn't. There is not one person in the world who is "Perfect" .
Posted by moneybags82 on 04-24-2017

Boy to Man Journey

All ways a boy to man or girl to women is always a life time remmeberness journey noth side.

As man i have many sweet and salty memories and love the part of happinness and love ones.

Posted by babbar86 on 04-24-2017

I am happy by staying as a man

Hello Everyone Have a wonderful day.

I am very much happy by staying as a man. Man and woman both are for each other. Only men world in this world will make a trouble or only women world will make trouble. Prophet Adam and Prophet Hawa has came together first in this world. Man have power to give child on women belly. Women have power to take care the child until come. Women have a power to give the child food until six months like breast feed. God have created this world half for man and half for woman. So here have no comparison from my side. Every body wants to become a father in this world by loving a girl and giving a child on the girls's belly.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 04-23-2017


I prefer myself as a boy /man because even if I have the opportunity to come again, I will still prefer to be a man. Men have so many things that bother them, they want to make ends meet, live a reasonable and comfortable life.

All the task men face are getting clearer to me by the day, so I will prefer what I am already used to. I cannot imagine myself being a woman because that will mean a new challenge to tackle.

Posted by Jeshurun on 04-26-2017

I am woman hear me roar

Being a woman is wonderful. We get to bring children into the world which is the most amazing experience. As a woman we fight for everything. There is no greater feeling then being a strong independent woman. I would trade it for anything.
Posted by Sue on 05-13-2017


I am a male. Males have stronger physique than females. Males have a gun, attached underneath their pants. With that gun, you can shoot just anywhere you like. The guns can become bigger version of it, too!!
Posted by dap1900 on 05-11-2017


I'm a make so I definitely choose this side. There are good things about becoming a man from a boy and that's how you become tough and be responsible for your woman at all times. We're the only person who can protect you, girls, from anything that you're afraid of. I do respect the female society and I will always be there for them in case of their needs.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-30-2017



Girls are beautiful,pretty and sweet from the birth.Girl is usually softer and gentle than a boy,and they can change a man's life completely......they can make a man successful or can make him a mad lunatic In most movies and TV series,it is the girl who encourage,motivate the hero to win....and the movie becomes more interesting with the presence of the A girl becomes a woman and she becomes a mother,a most respectable person in the society.

Girls,vote and make girls superior....

Beautiful Soft and gentle Becomes a mother one day Can change a man completely

Boys,you'll have to list out the cons....



Happy being a woman!

I am very happy being a woman. Women are very strong people and with that they are also very independent. I have been through a lot in my life and being brought up the way I was, as a strong, independent woman I have been able to get through things in my life I never thought I would get through. Times can be hard for anyone but if you don't have the independence you need you will only fail and keep giving up. I have had times where I have wanted to give up but I have kept going through strength. Being brought up the way I was has made me the woman I am today.
Posted by Shortie on 04-23-2017

I like being me

I have to go with women because I like being who I am but I also like men and we compliment each other. What a sad world it would be if it was made up of one sex and unless we could self pollenate it would be the end of the human race!

There is no best sex .. we are all special in our own way and need each other.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-16-2017

Both can be great

I think whatever someone is happy to be is the best for them. I am a woman, and I think it's great to be a woman. That being said, I don't hate men.
Posted by jmbrundige on 05-03-2017

Women unite!

I'm female and proud. Even though men have it easier in today's world and they always have throughout the past, I wouldn't change my gender.

We have one ability that men will never have and it's what makes us number one. The ability to give birth. It is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Being able to experience and give birth to another human being.

Us, women are fighters and we are powerful when we unite.

Posted by Mehano on 05-22-2017

Woman is the backbone

Behind every successful man there is a woman is an accepted fact the world over. Men smoke and drink as they cannot face the world but a woman can bear it all. Having said that a man woman combination compliment each other and that is called living
Posted by iamawriter on 05-16-2017
EJ Burg

femininity rules!

Well I'm transgender and have always seen myself as a woman. but other than my own gender I find woman to be strong and much more independent than men.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-12-2017


I think that both are equals and they both have advantages and disadvantages but they are not the same. They have many things that the other side won't have but in general I'd pick women just because I feel they add color to the world and I just like women's fashion and cosmetics in general so I'm a bit biased towards the women's side.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-16-2018


I think both the boy and the girl got something to contribute in life for, without one, the other would have a boring lifetime. This is just the reason I appreciate both the men and the women I have as friends and those I relate with. There are strengths in men which includes having stronger bones, stronger muscles, but there are ways in which the women have got their strength as well which is the reason we should appreciate everyone we come across in life.
Posted by Barida on 09-12-2017
I am a man and I like being a man. However, this does not mean I don't like women. I like women the way they are. Men and women have their own unique characters. They have their own gender roles to perform. A woman bears the child, however, it is the man who plants seeds. Reproduction is not possible without the union of a man and woman. I believe in egalitarian approach, men and women should have equal rights, they should be treated equally and paid equally for the same job.
Posted by vinaya on 09-20-2017
I am a woman so you can expect what I will choose. But to be fair, I don’t think that women can have a good life without the men and vice versa. In other words, man is the opposite of woman and we have to accept that we are made differently. To make it clearer, we were meant to be complements – man for the woman and woman for the man. Even in sports, it is understood that women is a different specie from men that’s why they rarely compete with each other especially for sports involving physical strength.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-11-2018
i thank God for being a man. God created men to be head in the family and we can bear different challenges and pain, also women are also useful to us in the unique way that God created them.
Posted by babyright on 07-06-2018