Break a Guinness World Record

Break a Guinness World Record
Some people have very hidden and deep desires in their life, that maybe they don't share with everybody but are really strong, really unusual maybe, and in many case unreachable. For example, many people dream of glory! To become famou, to be recognized for who know what! And while there are plenty of ways to become famous, it's not really that easy or something that happen from one day to another. One could become a singer or a actor, but that requires talent. What doesn't require any particular talent, except for maybe a specific skill, is break a Guinness World Record. Every year the famous book is released, and many successes for many people around the world are registered in there. You don't get paid, sure, but you are in a book now, and if no one else break your record your probably will be there also for the future editions!

But, sadly, breaking a record is not something that easy, there are no quick tutorials on Internet to how to do that and it can be a hard task. Forget physical record: unless you already are that, you can't be the tallest man in the world, the smallest one, or something like that. Maybe you could grow your beard, hairs or nails to make them the longest ever, but the record breakers worked on that on years and you maybe wont' have that much time. You could rely on some simple records like the amount of steaks eaten in a hour or so, or something similar. It's something really bad for your health in many cases, so if you don't want problems you should avoid that. Maybe you like videogames? Then you could try the speedrunning route, and finish a game in just minutes - while a normal playthrough would require hours! Youtube is full of this kind of videos, however the competition can be really strong.

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget the many rules of the Guinness World Record, as that it must be proven, it must be universal, and it must breakable. And this is a major point, because even if you actually manage to break one and become famous, everyone might forget you in less than a year.

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  • You will be featured in a book
  • A great sense of accomplishment will come for it
  • Some fame will come from it
  • Breaking a record can actually be fun, sometimes
  • A good challenge is always good for your motivation

  • It might be dangerous
  • Many records are almost impossible to break
  • As soon as someone else break your record, you will be forgotten
  • People that don't care about records won't care about you anyway
  • Might be hard to get the record approved



Break a record!

Most people that win the lottery are broke in 2~5 years and end up in bankruptcy. But if you break a record your name goes down in history forever and even if someone else breaks your record your still in the history books.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 12-30-2017


To me, I would be cool with having my name written in the Guinness World Record for reference purposes of those that will be looking at breaking the record. I understand that winning money is fine, but I would prefer history to any material thing.
Posted by Barida on 12-28-2017


Win the lottery

Win the lottery
The TV is announcing the number! The first one.. you got it, nice. Oh, well, three numbers of five is not that bad, right? Wait... five on five? Did the TV just repeated the number on your lottery ticket? Well, congratulations then! While jumping around in the room screaming with all the air in your lungs, you'll realize that you have won the lottery and will just imagine how good will come to that! Life will never be the same as before! Forget this tiny little house with the walls ready to fall down one moment to another, forget that slow car and prepare yourself to get a fancy luxury one, forget your job, and start buying all sort of stupid stuff! You don't even need all of that, but you can buy them! You will live happily in your house with your big pool, your Ferrari and your lucky partner, counting money day after another. And avoiding people.

You might not want to tell everyone that you won, but trying to keep that hidden might prove itself to be hard. A endless line of long lost friends, and forgotten relatives, will be at your door. That one needs a new refridgerator, that other one have a cool business idea that need some money to start, the other one just want money because he's been such a good friend... even if you didn't saw him at all in the last three years. And of course you won't feel safe: thieves will have you as a target if the news get spreaded, and your money won't help you sleep well. There are alarms and similar stuff, sure, but you'll always have at least one eye open. Winning the lottery is a dream of many people, but it comes with a extremely high price - a price that not even the money you won will be able to pay.

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  • You get tons of money
  • You can buy whatever you want, whenever you want
  • You might abandon your job if you don't like it
  • You can have a fancy life full of luxury stuff

  • It requires a lot of luck
  • A lot of people will be asking you for money
  • You will be a target for thieves
  • Taxes will go way up




I rather win the lottery than to be in the Guiness World Record book. I honestly could care less about beating any records. However, if you put money in front of me and if I am to win it via a lottery you can best believe I would be so ecstatic! If I were to win the lottery life would instantly become easier. Now, I am not sure if money brings happiness but I will be happy that I could live comfortably. I would probably re-invest my money into stocks or invest into some start-ups. I would probably try to get richer and richer. Rich only get richer why the poor stay poor. I would probably be so consume by getting more money that I will probably think to myself "why did i win the lottery". But hey at this moment in time I need all the money I can possibly get! Everyone needs money to survive, unless you live in the forest with all the magical beings (kidding).
Posted by Everett on 12-28-2017


Could this become one of the most one-sided versus' on this site? I just can't see why anyone in the world would want to break a Guinness world record over winning the lottery. It's a no-brainer really, why would someone not want a large amount of money that could help them out for a long time!
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-27-2017

Easy choice

Damn, who cares about the Guinness World Record? There's so many that you can do that nobody will even know who you are... it's pointless in my opinion if you compare it to something like winning the lottery.

Just imagine hitting the jackpot and winning all the money you could ever dream of. The possibilities would be endless. You could spend it on yourself, your family, friends and other people in need.

Posted by Mehano on 12-27-2017

Good Grief No contest there

I would much rather win the lottery! I could care less about making a Guiness record..most of them are stupid, and who cares how many hot dogs you can eat at one sitting or whatever. Give me the cash any day!
Posted by kgord on 12-27-2017

Not Comparable.

The two are not comparable in my mind. Of course, I would prefer to win the lottery and the jackpot at that. I don't think that breaking a world record will get you millions of dollars even if it does make you slightly famous for a month or so. All it would do is get your name in print whereas winning the lottery would help to give you a great life. As well as you would be able to help out your friends and family and charities.
Posted by JMS on 01-28-2018


It seems to be much better to hold one lottery instead of anything that is out there. I have found out that lottery makes more sense in many ways. You can see that people prefer the lottery if they want to settle. That seems to be best way to improve the lifestyle too.
Posted by overcast on 12-28-2017
gata montes

No contest

Much as I’m not entirely sure that these two options are even comparable - especially as one is based on many months or years of hard training and the other purely on luck - the choice is obvious - winning the lottery of course !

In fact - although I could be totally wrong here - I highly doubt that there would be many people - regardless of their wealth status - who would prefer to have their name recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for some obscure feat - rather than win the lottery.

Posted by gata montes on 12-30-2017

Lottery, Of Course!

This was possibly the easiest Versus question I've ever had to answer! I would hope to win the lottery! It's great to be known for a personal record or international record in the Book of World Records, and that would be historic, of course, but I am in such dire financial turmoil right now that winning the lottery would really save me and my finances. I could get further ahead in life and have much more financial security. That, at least for now, is more important to me than being known for eating the most hot dogs or holding my breath the longest, lol.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-29-2017

Money is important

I don't really think there's anything productive that can happen from breaking a world record other than the initial breaking of the world record. If I won the lottery, I could play off my debt, buy a house, and once I satisfy my basic financial needs and wants could contribute to charities and help others around me. I don't see that happening if I won a Guinness World Record.
Posted by anna on 12-28-2017

Win the lottery for me!

If you want to be famous and and be the best of all, breaking a Guinness World Records are the best to do. But if you want to change your life in just a second, you must win a lottery. In this two, I want to win the lottery than breaking a Guinness World Record. I am not obsessed in money. I am just practical in life. Everybody needs money and they want to change their present life. So I am very happy if I will win the lottery.
Posted by blank629 on 12-28-2017

No money in records

I don't find much value in glory or at least not as much as I do in monetary compensation so I would just choose winning the lottery because then even if I don't feel like I accomplished something great I would still be rich whereas even if I broke a record it still wouldn't guarantee that I will get paid well and I would still have to risk my time and effort continually until I get old.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-30-2017


I do wish that I can be an instant millionaire by winning a lottery so I can experience a lavish lifestyle and go travel around the world without worrying about the expenses. If I won the lottery, I will also invest it in business, real estates and more so I will never worried about losing money ever again. I don't think that it's worth it to be in a Guinness World Record because not all of the people are being recognized and popular once they achieve that kind of record and that won't feed your family either. Hope to win a lottery, once I start betting one. :D
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-12-2018

Win the lottery

While winning the lottery has its own pitfalls (people you know and strangers asking you for money, some people scheming to rob and possibly murder you, unwanted fame and attention, major taxes to the government) - at least you will walk away from it with possibly enough money to live on for the rest of your life.

Whereas in the case of breaking a Guinness World Record - all you really get is 15 minutes of fame that at best - will land you on a VH1 reality show for a season or two. With no real windfall of profits.

Posted by NickJ on 12-27-2017

Winning money is way better

Who cares about breaking records? The truth is that even with the record one breaks, another person is going to break your own record sooner or later. So it's actually of no use to me worrying over break one record over making millions by winning a lottery.

The feeling one gets from winning a million dollar lottery is something you don't get to experience everyday, so I would jump on the chance to winning big over a useless record.

Posted by Martinsx on 01-06-2018
JB Fernandez

Help others to be recognized

I know some of the people who chooses to break a guiness world record is after of the fame and the recognition all over the world. But I can also be recognized after winning in the lottery. I will fund a lot of charity, Do pro-poor projects and a lot more.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 02-05-2018

Break records after winning

Well breaking records for me need funds and training, but winning a lottery is one in a million. I want to win the lottery first and maybe think about breaking a record.
Posted by fishbate on 04-10-2018

Win the Lottery

This is such an easy question for me tho. For me, winning the Lottery is better because money is more important for me than fame and recognition. After all, we live to survive than to be recognized.
Posted by jaybee19 on 11-04-2018

Better option

For me, money is more important than being in the record. Winning the lottery is like fulfilling my dreams. We can build our dream house, have my own business, and help my relatives. I would have a secured future as long as I will take care of what I won. Being on the Guinness World Record is also good but let us face the truth that not everyone is interested to know the people who are on the record. People won't remember you for the longest time.
Posted by superlicca on 11-21-2018


I don't really care about breaking a Guinness World Record. I am not concerned about fame. However, I would love to win the lottery. There are so many things that I actually want to achieve. If I get to win the lottery I will be able to achieve all dreams. I can stop working and try to invest some of the money and earn from that. However, it is very difficult to win the lottery. This is dependent on luck.
Posted by Pixie on 12-27-2017
Breaking the world's record is commendable but winning the lottery would be sweeter, so I wi go for winning the lottery.With the money I can still be famous.most of the richest people that we know about wasn't because they broke a record but the business they had money,so having tons of money through winning the lottery is better.
Posted by lovely on 12-27-2017
World record is not going to earn anyone any good money. So for that reason I'd say that lottery winning is lot better option. Here you are going to make some serious money. And it can make you enough earning in due process. I have also found out that some of the really good options for those who want to financially settle. That's what I have noticed.
Posted by overcast on 12-28-2017
Aiming to break a Guinness world record could mean hard work, training, persistence, and dedication. Once you have break Guinness world record it means you have something in yourself that has been developed. Winning the lottery has very small possibility of winning. You'll never know when that's going to happen or is it going to happen.
Posted by vhinz on 12-28-2017
Although I know breaking a world record will be out of this world, still nothing can compares to winning the lottery. Seriously, in my case, I would be jumping and running all around, because that would mean some economical base that I´m needing right now. With both my parents sick, my sister going to college, and living on freelancing, honestly that would be sent from heaven, too much bills to pay and holidays on my neck too.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-28-2017
I don't want to become famous, I want to be rich. If you are rich, fame will follow you. Look at the rich people, they are all famous. What would I do by breaking Guinness World Record? Therefore, I want to win the lottery and become rich. I can use this money to buy properties, clear debts and invest in income generation programs and make my life easier.
Posted by vinaya on 12-30-2017
For me, winning the lotto jackpot is the answer to 99% of my prayers, ambitions and dreams. And it’s not only for me but also for the people in my circle. Can you imagine how many people I can make happy with that lotto winnings? However, I have to be honest that I only buy lotto tickets once in a blue moon. With the Guinness world record, it can only give me satisfaction and maybe a little fame but no wealth, not much anyway.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-30-2017
I think winning the lottery would be nice because it would solve a lot of money problems and set me up quite nicely. Also I could share my winnings with my family members and make them happy too. I wouldn't want to win a whole lot because that can cause a lot of problems with people seeking you out only because you are now a million heir. I do think however being part of breaking a world record would be very cool. It would be a sense of accomplishment. I participated in the attempting to break a world record before but we had to call it off before it was done due to bad weather conditions. It was fun to participate though.
Posted by Sue on 01-05-2018
Win the lottery! Winning the Guinness World Record just puts your name in some book, that has a record of ridiculous stunts but doesn't put food on the table. Does the person that can hold his breathe the longest under water , get a career or a regular paycheck out of it? Winning the lottery can bring many benefits if the money is used properly. The money if invested properly can ensure you and your family and generations to come are financially independent.
Posted by jaymish on 01-28-2018
I'll go for winning the lottery because winning the jackpot is like making some sort of history. There are far less people who won the jackpot than those who are featured in the Guinness World Record. If I have the money, I can have my biography written and published. With the lottery prize, I can be a blessing to a lot more people, including my family. Taxes aren't such a problem because I'll only pay it once and hey, the prize is just a windfall. I can sleep more soundly because I'll never have to worry about putting the food on the table for the years to come. With sound financial knowledge, I can grow the money even more.
Posted by chatbox on 03-06-2018
You are right in making history but I guess the money counts more than the history record. And when you say you can grow your money, it would depend on the amount of jackpot you had hit and the financial savvy that you have. Some people are not just lucky with business that’s why it is not advisable to invest the money in business. If the money is substantial as to last your lifetime then it is best to just keep the money in the bank and spend it wisely so it will last longer.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-23-2018
Winning the lottery will make you to be rich and comfortable for a long time and you can start a business with your money and buy houses and live well with your family but when you break a record you are only appreciated but it does not have any financial reward.
Posted by babyright on 04-27-2018
Of course I would really choose winning a lottery. Featured in Guinness book of record is awesome but I am a practical person so winning a lottery is much better for me. It does not only help me but also people I love. Winning a lottery can help a lot of problems like credits and financial problems like tuition fee or house bills. This would be much more ideal for me as I can also save this and invest money.
Posted by nekonieden on 10-31-2018
The choice is very easy for me, I will always want to win a lottery over getting my name in the Guinness Book of World records. Well if you have some very extraordinary talent then eventually you can get your name in the Guinness book on account of your work. However, I don't like it when people do crazy things just in order to get there names in the Guinness book. It's better to win a lottery and enjoy your life with the extra money you will get.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-16-2018