Business owners should not pay any taxes

Business owners should not pay any taxes
Business owners should not pay any taxes because they are the ones that are creating new employment opportunities. They are the ones that take a huge risk investing their money into a business that might or might not work. This kind of courage should be rewarded, not punished with huge taxes. Imagine how many more people would start new business if taxes were not an issue any more. In the end, this would benefit everyone.


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I disagree

It's the duty of everyone, that is eligible and capable, to pay their taxes. The business runs to make a return on investment. He does to do it because he just wants to have a business for business sake. Yes, he creates jobs on opportunities for other in order to make a profit and in doing so, he uses the country's resources to help him to continue in business. Tax proceeds will have to be spent to maintain the roads that he and his revenue gathering vehicles. if someone is robbing or threatening the smooth flow of his business, who is he gonna call, the police of course, who are paid from taxes and the list could go on and on. Other no-business persons will have to pay their taxes but the businessman should be excluded. Why? He should pay his dues just as the others because he has benefitted just as the others.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-20-2017

Double Edged Sword

As a small business owner myself, I wholeheartedly disagree with this. People need to understand that our country and state infrastructure, transportation, education, welfare, and other programs that are needed to help our society run are funded by taxes. Business can be an incredible source of income for the country, which it needs to keep things running.

In my state of Kansas, governor Brownback wrote in hefty tax reform in 2012, and one of his provisions was that businesses registered as Limited Liability Corporations, or LLCs, pay heavily reduced taxes in the state. It also eliminated a tax bracket among the population here. A dream come true, right?

Not quite so. Slashing taxes on the LLCs showed a huge increase in businesses created in Kansas, which is a great thing, of course. The down side? Our state is currently on track to be in over a $400 million budgetary hole because cutting taxes eliminated the revenue the state brought in.

Needless to say, starting here soon, small businesses in Kansas will be paying taxes again. Yes it's a risk starting a business, but everyone has the civic duty of having to pay taxes in order to keep school open, libraries functioning, and roads repaired.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-19-2017

Yes, Businesses Should Pay Taxes!!

Of course businesses should contribute to the cost of running whatever community they find themselves in. I just don't agree with the amount. After all the businesses do pay wages and their employees pay federal taxes (sometimes state, depending on what state) and sometimes a sales tax so this sets up the great possibility of double taxation - first on the business' profits and then on the wages the business has paid to its employees.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-20-2017
Jonathan Solomon

They should, but it should be fair

It's funny, because generally speaking, people want to see improvements to their city infrastructure as a whole. Better public schooling conditions, fixing roads/bridges, mixed with social efforts like Welfare. But we forget the allocated funds it takes to put these services into action. This is where individual, and in particular business owner taxes are justified. In my mind, it doesn't seem right for a business to not pay taxes at all. They should play a part in supporting the community they have set up shop in. However, the actual amounts small business owners pay taxes isn't right. SImply put, yes, taxation is needed but to what degree.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-25-2017

Taxes are for everyone

I don't agree at all. Maybe they should even pay MORE taxes! They give jobs to lot of people, of course, they might be useful business, but they also make tons of money probably. The more money they make, the more taxes they should pay. If they have a business, they want to help society, and paying more taxes so poor people could pay less taxes is a good way to help.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 05-21-2017

I disagree

There is a multitude of things that would go wrong with this concept. One being, everyone would try to start a business to gain a tax shelter. This would create poor quality businesses and services. Besides, taxing businesses in your local area is how they are able to keep the cost down for your community and help the community thrive.
Posted by JeffHart on 05-20-2017

Bad idea

Business owners create new job opportunities but often they don't pay the employees well and cheat so them not paying taxes would make them even more powerful. We need to empower those employees so they can get better pay and insurance. I think that if a business is succesful it has the money to pay the required taxes.
Posted by felabruno on 08-27-2017

Business Owners Should Pay

I believe it's very wrong idea to let business owners not pay taxes, they should pay taxes and it's a must. Taxes are the primary source for our government's budget for country's development.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-09-2017

Why shouldn't they pay tax?

Being a business owner comes with privileges and as such it would also come with responsibilities and task it must perform. That someone is a business owner is not any reason why he or she wouldn't pay taxes as and at when due.

In fact in my opinion they should pay more tax because they are making tons of profit from selling their products and services. They make extra money when they decide to create artificial scarcity by hoarding goods and increasing the prices later when they bring it out.

So to me, I would recommend Pay As You Earn system of taxation for all the business owners in order to cut the gap of finance that exist between them as the masses.

Posted by Heatman on 09-23-2017


They should be the main source of a tax since business establishments are earning much more money that can easily pay all their taxes without a problem. Those regular employees are the one who shouldn't be paying any taxes since their salary is not enough to support their family.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-29-2017

We all have to contribute...

Paying taxes is how we build our country. The inclusion of business as taxpayer is essential because like people, businesses uses the benefits of the country which runs by the peoples taxes.
Posted by fishbate on 04-21-2018


You can't get away with not paying taxes as a business, it's part of the American way, I'm not saying I agree with paying Tax and we can debate weather Taxes are even legal or not, but guess what? the government is getting away with it.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-20-2017
Of course they should!! Why should invidual tax payers be burdened when businesses may be making millions. Yes, they should pay and need to pay. It is important that they do so, to support the economy and various social and economic programs. I say yes, they need to pay and they should!
Posted by kgord on 05-20-2017
In the first place, the business owner pays taxes because his/her bottom line is positive. This means that all the efforts, risks, and investment had been rewarded with a business income. The income tax is just a portion of the net income so he gets to enjoy what's left after taxes. Besides that, he has leeway to charge personal expenses as business expense. Contrast that with a plain employee who has no qualified deductible expense. Not imposing taxes on business owners does not mean that more people will go into business. After all, you'll need capital and take risks to start and run a business.
Posted by chatbox on 07-24-2017
Businesses should pay tax. The business owners who evades should be penalized. Tax is the income source for the state. The state charges tax and the money raised through tax is invested for the benefits of majority.
Posted by vinaya on 08-08-2017
Taxation is something everyone who is of age should pay except for those that are unemployed. I mean if businesses do not pay taxes, who then will have to pay tax, the government that created taxation? The only we should be clamouring for is for the taxes paid by business to be calculated well.
Posted by Barida on 09-28-2017
It wouldn't hurt if government stop taxing people who make real difference in the world just for a year, to see what will happen, we never new a world without tax, maybe it's time.
Posted by joey98 on 10-02-2017
I can understand your logic about the creation of employment. But it’s not all there is with the economy. The government operates by collecting taxes and if businesses will not pay taxes then more than half of the country’s budget will be lost so how can the government fulfill its obligations like the benefits for the people or constructing infrastructures? Since history began, there’s already the taxes on businesses so it can be considered time-tested measure.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-17-2017
This is a bit dicey going by your own assertions.I think if we are to look at it from your own perspective it sounds logical but critical thinking it not right.Businesses are making a profit, they're just to give a percentage to the government yearly,it not an everyday thing, so it shouldn't be a forceful thing because the businesses would also benefit from the social amenities that would be provided by the government.The only snag here is if the funds are diverted by corrupt government officials to their pocket but payment of tax is imminent.
Posted by lovely on 12-28-2017
I would say that low income business should have tax exemption but a big earning business should be taxable but not very huge that they won't like to pursue their business anymore because most of their income will only pay huge taxes.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-14-2018
I absolutely agree with you, like in my country an average person is scare of starting a business because of huge tax and one wonder why,that's why there's so much poverty in the land ,no business strives and jobs are not available. too bad for us
Posted by lovely on 03-27-2018
I think much more better things to do is, the business should pay the tax for their employees, The normal employees should not paying the tax, because they are just a normal workers for a big business or company. The government should not asking for tax for the normal employees, and instead, they should ask the owner of the company for that. It should include to the business tax.
Posted by ion on 03-09-2018
It will not be fair to exempt business owners from paying taxes because they also use some of the government resources to make their business to go on smoothly thereby making more profit, so it will be like cheating others that are paying.
Posted by babyright on 04-12-2018