Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII
Yes, COD has returned with an all new WWII FPS action shooter experience that puts boots on the ground and re-imagines & reignites the WWII experience!

COD WWII returns back to that WWII era but in an all new next gen gaming experience that's a far cry from all that futuristic running on walls madness!

COD WWII is set to be one of the biggest and most popular of all COD games released yet, and has got many players super stoked and excited to play it.

You'll experience that classic COD combat and everything that the unforgiving war throws at you as you campaign against an evil tyranny of domination.

With three different game modes to play from Campaign mode to Multiplayer and Co-Op Mode. All of which offer their own unique ways to play and enjoy COD.

Touch down in Normandy on D-Day and fight and battle your way across the battle grounds, hand, tooth and nail to destroy the evil dictator and win the war.

COD WWII recreates the most visceral WWII experience with stunning visuals in both campaign and multiplayer modes that are truly nothing but breathtaking.

You'll engage in a new COD story that takes place in the iconic WWII battle grounds and go back to that classic boots on the ground style of gameplay.

You'll be playing with real time weapons from that era and that classic, run and gun combat as you are thrown into a world of WWII themed locations.

With Co-Op mode there is a new exciting storyline that will unfold as you come across unexpected adrenaline surging pump action scenarios of life & death.

A Truly Definitive WWII Campaing Mode

COD WWII is based on the true story of a brotherhood of soldiers all fighting for one purpose - to save their freedom from an evil dictator of tyranny.

You'll be enlisted into a dirty and gritty, visceral journey of life and death as you fight your way through the dark and deadly battlegrounds of war.

The Campaign mode has the most authentic cinematic experiences and visuals that only COD can provide on your screen compared to any other game to date.

Boots-On-The-Ground Multiplayer Combat

Many people moaned and groaned at the far-too-futuristic path that COD was taken and Activision listened to this and based COD on WWII again.

Now with COD WWII multiplayer you'll be faced with much more realistic fast paced combat battles set in some of WWII's most memorable & iconic places.

Plus there are new ways that you can interact with and socialize with your friends and other players in the same lobby that you're playing in.

Fast Paced Action Packed Co-Op Mode

With an all new and original story never seen before, COD WWII's co-op mode will throw you into the deep end without a life preserver!

Play online co-op modes with your friends and work as a team to defeat all that the enemy can throw at you, grenades and all!

  • Call of Duty: WWII is the COD that players asked for and got! With that boots-on-the-ground style of gameplay we've craved for years.
  • A truly mind blowing campaign mode with awesome breathtaking cinematic visuals for a truly visceral experience like never before.
  • All new co-op mode with new ways to interact with other players and co-op game modes not seen before too.
  • Official Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies revealed! Enough said! (for my Zombitches).

  • Not released until November the 3rd which isn't long but means not many bad points raised about the game yet.



Love it

I haven't played the Far Cry 5 just yet so my vote goes to Call of Duty WW2.

I've played it since the release and I'm still loving it. It's one of my favorite CoD games because Activision finally went back to the roots. I hated those futuristic CoDs so this one is perfect for my taste.

Posted by Mehano on 04-09-2018

COD forsure!

I know COD has been beaten to death but COD WWII is going to refresh the game and everyone and their grandmother is going to buy the game to try it out. Myself I am not going to bother with it because I have played COD to death and back and I am just not into it anymore!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 11-27-2017

Totally in support

Only watching the advertisement of Call of Duty: WWII made me fall completely in love with the game and eagerly waiting for its release in November. The prospect of this game looks very interesting and exciting as well, definitely it's going to offer Call of Duty playing fans a great gaming experience.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-09-2018


Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 from Ubisoft also returns to America on the PS4 and is the latest version of this award winning game sure to a hit favorite among Far Cry fans.

Set within idyllic locations that are home to a community of people that love their freedom and are a doomsday cult that run the Project at Eden's Gate.

You'll be playing as the hero of the game, journeying around to discover new locations and locals that hit back just as hard as you hit them!

You'll ally up with your locals and set about shaping your own unique story in ways that you would never have been able to imagine or see coming.

Fight your best fight to free Hope County from the clutches of an evil and lethal cult set deep within the rolling hills of a small town America.

Watch out for Joseph Seed and his cunning band of men, not to mention the ferocious wildlife you'll come across all free roaming in a massive open world.

Build up your character and play your way across the lands as you make allies, forge friendships and enemies and change the world for the better as you go.

This is the Standard Edition of Far Cry 5 so doesn't come with all add-on content. For that you'll need to upgrade to the Gold Edition with the Season Pass.

Far Cry in America

Roam freely through the open world environment of America, see stunning locations, lands, rivers & waterfalls and more in Hope County, Montana.

Deadliest Enemies Ever

Lead the resistance against The Project at Eden's Gate using your charismatic character that is Joseph Seed.

All New Hire System

With the all new hire system you can take the enemy head on and come up against memorable town people and specialized animals that support your unique play style.

Dynamic Toys

Drive around and tear up the lands leaving nothing but skid marks and dead bodies in your wake with awesome all terrain vehicles and deadly weapons to boot.

Be Who You Want to Be

In Far Cry 5 there is an all new character customization system that lets you fully customize the look of your character however you want.

Co-Op Campaign Mode

Brave it out playing on your own in campaign mode or team up with friends in all new co-op modes as you work together to bring freedom to Hope County.

  • Far Cry 5 looks to be the biggest and baddest ever Far Cry game released by Ubisoft that should be a hit game by Far Cry fans worldwide.
  • Stunning visuals and breathtaking sceneries in a fully immersive dynamic open world map.
  • All new game modes and many more vehicles to drive and fly as you rain down death and destruction from the sky.
  • New character in the form of a mutt that helps you to retrieve weapons and other things that you'll need to progress.

  • Not released until February 27, 2018! So wont be in anyone's stocking this Christmas!
  • Lots of different version from standard to gold which costs $99.99 make it hard to choose which one to buy?



Far Cry is your best bet

For me, I do love both, but there is just far too many Call of duty games out there. They need to start spacing them out a little and waiting a while like they do with the Grand Theft Auto games. I love far cry also, not played Far cry 5 yet but can't wait to try it as love the other Far Cry games and always great to play them.
Posted by BestWriter on 11-02-2017

Far Cry

I actually haven't played any of the Far Cry titles but Far Cry 5 is definately going to be a game that I will be getting. It looks amazing and I love how the setting is in the US this time. I played the beta for Call of Duty World War 2 but it was just not for me. I guess after playing Rainbow Six and Battlefield, the controls for COD just feel too weird for me.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-29-2017

Far cry

Personally, I think that COD has given all that it could. Far cry has had some hiccups too but FC4 was ok and FC primal was great! So my money in of FC
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-29-2017


WWII call of duty game is very nice because you can be able to play it online at anytime it will be available, it will also not take long like Far cry before it is released to the public.
Posted by babyright on 10-27-2017
I believe far cry 5 will be the trending game on PlayStation 4 come next year gamers like me can't wait for this.I know it going to be one game that would explode and a talk on all gamer's lips .From your description of all the far cry games these might just be the best and the wait would be worthwhile. Hope this is not just an hype.
Posted by lovely on 10-29-2017
To be honest in truth, I haven't really heard about the game Far Cry before not to talk more of playing it. If I had come across the game before from its first version of Far Cry 1 before getting to the point of the version of Far Cry 5, I would definitely must have played the game. Having read the article made about the game Far Cry 5, it looks like an interesting game for someone to chase after.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-09-2018
In the guts of Far Cry 5 is something like "us against them," and Americans shooting at other Americans to defend themselves or attack the (real) United States government that seems to throw more firewood at a campfire in a divided country that fights in the social networks. Despite any evaluation of the quality of the gameplay, that's more or less what the creative director of the game, Dan Hay, is looking for.

"We are not making a story that wants to teach something specific about politics," he told IGN. "I think the game is strong enough and can get its own message when you play it, and you will have the experience of someone who is echoing the feeling that the present world is far from what some people believe. "
Posted by hermessantos on 03-17-2018
One thing that I have noticed in video games is the penchant of players for battles using weapons of all kinds. This Call of Duty WW2 is about war, the second world war that we expect guns and bombs to be used for fighting. Far Cry is an apocalyptic setting that is like a civil war that people use weapons for survival. I wonder how the players feel when they are playing the game as if they are the one fighting with the weapon. Isn’t it like espousing violence? Just asking, no offense meant.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-08-2018