Cameras should be installed in some school areas

Cameras should be installed in some school areas
If cameras were installed in schools, like the cafeteria, halls, classrooms, etc. The amount of bullying, illegal activities and so on, could potentially be reduced by a large margin. Yes, I do realize that by stating this, it means that the lack of freedom that students have right now will be taken from them, but at the end of the day, school is a place to learn.

How many reports have we read about indecent acts taking place in the classroom, a place for learning? How many times have we read reports on intense bullying, some which eventually lead to suicide? What about students selling illegal substances? Students vandalizing school property because they can? It's common knowledge that school hooliganism continues to rise yearly and with a lot of laws protecting minors from the law and adults, they just do whatever they want.

However, my main problem isn't just with students. The teachers, who are supposed to be "role-models", seem to think it's okay to prey on the trust and devotion of some of their favorite students. I've lost count of the number of reports I've read this year regarding teachers taking advantage of their students. It doesn't just stop there. There have been increasing reports of teachers victimizing their students and it's getting worse every year.

Cameras may not be a miracle cure for this current predicament, but at least it's something.



I agree with this

I agree that there should be cameras in schools. As you said there are so many things that need to be checked in schools, both when it comes to students and teachers. Unfortunately there are cases of bullying in every school, and it is not always possible to be aware of them. This is one problem which might be resolved if there are cameras installed. Cameras could offer evidence of cases where kids are abusing others physically. Moreover, if there are cases of sexual abuse, cameras might be indispensable. This is where students are involved, but then there is the conduct of the teachers which can be put under scrutiny with cameras. Yes, unfortunately there are teachers who abuse of their power and mistreat their students. There are also others who are not doing their job properly as they may not be delivering lessons throughout the school day. So cameras could act as a deterrent and help to reduce these unfortunate and negative situations and cases. All in all I believe that with cameras students can benefit greatly.
Posted by EliteWriter on 01-15-2016

Cameras in some places at school - agreed

I agree with the statement that cameras should be installed in SOME places in schools, such as the areas where kids play and interact together during lunch time. However I strongly disagree that they should be installed in classrooms. Teachers are professional people and it is not fair to have them put under the stress and scrutiny of being watched and filmed while they are teaching. I think that they would be invading on privacy and hindering the learning process and delivery of the lesson were they to be installed in classrooms.
Posted by sspi on 01-16-2016


I do feel that cameras would be a nice addition to have at schools. Put them in the busiest places at the school to have a measure to check up on the kids and anyone that enters the building. This is a nice way to protect anyone that goes to school there.
Posted by angie828 on 01-17-2016


Cameras are a great way at keeping tabs on everyone at all moments of the day. It will not prevent all bullying, but it will surely help out. Students may feel safer if they know that there are cameras and it may also ward off those that feel a need to bully others.
Posted by BrowniePoints on 04-06-2016

Hell Yes!

I actually had cameras in all the hallways and police in the school at all times to stop altercations. I didn't go to the best school in the world, but I didn't see anything wrong with it.

Everyone knew we had cameras and it cut down on the fights tremendously. Now there were a few fights here and there, mainly girls fighting over a guy, but that's inevitable.

People would schedule fights with one another since we had the cameras and if they did it in school they would either be caught by the police who were there or the cameras recording their actions.

Put cameras in every hallway and classroom please!

Posted by Razzy on 06-29-2016

Choose life!

Yes I couldn't agree with you more. Yes cameras should be used in schools. Especially schools where serious crime happens like stabbings and shootings, robberies etc as it can help to identify the individual that committed the actual crime. It can also be useful for preventing those sorts of crimes as well as a deterrent like because nobody wants to get caught doing something illegal so it sort of puts people off from doing it from that perspective. But it probably wouldn't and doesn't stop all crimes and illegalities from happening. And these shouldn't just be there to spy on them constantly. I mean there doesn't need to be someone monitoring all the screens for all the cameras although in some big schools I believe they do have security rooms and camera rooms where they do monitor them or in the staff room at least obviously. But provided they are recording that is what matters so they can be checked if the event of something happening like a crime in one of the hallways or in one of the classrooms, outside or near the school property. And this has proven to be successful in reducing crime from happening on schools as well which will go on to improve peoples education as well. Man, if you can make it out of school without getting involved in any form of crime you're one of the lucky ones. Don't do it kids! Just keep your head down and your nose clean and stay in school and learn about what you want to be when you leave school . That way you'll probably get the job you want and get the career you want and the life you want. Choose life!
Posted by idealmikey on 07-21-2016

Cameras should be placed at schools

A lot of our day care centers here (South Africa) have cameras, Not for bullying but more for monitoring what is happening with child care.

I don't know if we have any cameras in the primary schools or high schools here.

I think it is a great idea and can monitor exactly what is going on, not just bullying. There are a lot of drugs going down in schools too, it can possibly lower this problem too.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-28-2016

Yes In SOME Places

I think that in schools there should be some areas which have cameras, they should be installed in popular areas to smoke and commit crimes, but definitely not installed in areas such as changing rooms, toilets or individual classrooms. If they where installed in those areas there would be a torrent of problems associated with that and I can see it going drastically wrong. The key to this being a successful scheme is to use the cameras in moderation and only for serious incidents such as fighting or drug abuse or drug dealing of any kind.
Posted by Natty on 08-02-2016

Yes please

I couldn't agree more! My high school actually already had a few cameras installed back when I was still going. It's extremely good because as soon as the students know that there are cameras, they act better and don't misbehave - they are afraid of getting caught. So it's really good for crime prevention.

But if the incident does occur and it gets taped on camera, it is far easier to deal with the situation. You know who exactly did what and how it all happened. Cameras would improve many schools!

Posted by Mehano on 08-21-2017


Yes, I agree with this idea. I think this will help to lower down the number of bully cases, as the bullies will be more aware if they know there are cameras installed. Moreover, if the cameras are installed, there are also proofs to show the teachers and parents how the bullying cases are going on, and hence the arguments will be lesser. I also agree that some teachers are quite problematic as well. It'd be good that those teachers would also behave well if the cameras are installed as they definitely won't want to be captured if they are doing something not nicely, like abusing the students.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-06-2018

Put up visible cameras and hidden cameras.

With all the mass shootings that have happened in our American schools, I'm perfectly fine with installing cameras. Cameras may not be a miracle cure. But they might be able to prevent a crime before it happens OR identify a criminal and catch them. Imagine if there were security cameras at those schools and the security guard saw the person when they entered the building with a firearm? They could have sounded an alarm, got on the Public Announcement system and tell teachers to LOCK their doors, etc. Yes. Put up visible cameras and hidden cameras.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-06-2018

This is very indicated

I agree with you, we already have installed some video cameras in my son school and I must say that this action worth the money, because on the hallways kids act normally they do not fight or run or do crazy stuff because there are video cameras and they are afraid they will be seen. We have video cameras in almost all classes and until the end of the year, I hope all classes will have video cameras.
Posted by wallet on 09-23-2017

I agree

They should be placed in the halls where children spend the time outside of classes. Many bullying or fights happen there so installing cameras there can make them safer. Cameras can also help inspect people who enter the school. It is important to make schools as safe as possible.
Posted by felabruno on 09-07-2017


I think it's good to have some cameras in some places but just not all. If they are available in some key areas then there are some benefits to it like preventing crime or bullying or if something did occur then it would be helpful in reviewing the incident too. The cameras should be carefully placed though and should only be controlled by someone trustworthy.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-12-2017


I am totally in support of this because it is definitely going to help in security measures to protect the students and also help in curtailing the excesses of bullies in the school. Once they are aware that cameras are in place monitoring all their actions and activities, they will tend to fall in line and behave properly within the school premises.
Posted by Heatman on 10-03-2017

Yes, definitely!

All school should have cameras in each section except public restrooms so we can always monitor the behavior of every student especially those who bully other students. That way, we can avoid causing trouble in your school and cameras should be monitored by a personnel so when they see someone doing bad things, they can easily call their name and bring them to principal's office. We should avoid students getting bullied so they can concentrate on their studies and not worry other things.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-20-2017

More benefits

Cameras really help in protecting students from violence, bullying, cheating, and other things that have no place in the school.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-27-2018



Not in all places

I think installing cameras in all places is not good because students will think that the school doesn't trust them. Cameras should be limited in number, covering only the important places like the entrance and exit points as well as the hallways. But classrooms should be camera free.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-28-2018


Actually i am not agree with you i think if kids knows that you camera in school then they becomes silent ala time so its not good for kids because that's the right age for doing some fun activity and all so i don't thinks so its a good idea.
Posted by jeffmccoy on 03-15-2016
What is wrong with having cameras in school? The children can still have some fun and even do their mischief although the camera can catch what they are doing. It is better if the kids are monitored especially when they are in the school cafeteria so you would know if your child has been eating properly. In the campus the children can play and you will also know what kind of games they play. That is very good for the parents.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-07-2018
I think these days it is a necessity as it helps keep the proof. I have seen some of the bullying cases being solved this way. I can't tell you how the schools have managed to keep the proof and often punished the culprit. So this does sound like a good idea. So I am in favor. Though where to install the cameras and where not to. That sort of judgement is upto the people. And that's not the place where I can suggest you about anything.
Posted by overcast on 06-23-2017
I bwelieve installing CC camera inside classrooms is a good idea. It will help the administrators and educators monitor students activities. It will also help the administration to chek the bullies happening in the school. Camera will also help to adminiztration to monitor unryly students.
Posted by vinaya on 08-10-2017
Putting or installing CCTV's in school can help some students that they are secure from others with bad intention or being bullied. At the same time they can monitor each and every actions of students if what they are doing or they can respond immediately in case of emergency.
Posted by rogel on 08-21-2017
Millions of students have finished their studies just fine without cameras over their heads, sometimes, a little behavior our of the school rules needs not be documented and hunt the student all his life, installing a camera would suggest that we don't trust our children or our each other for that matter.
Posted by joey98 on 08-26-2017
I agree partially. I think some strategic locations (Where there are valuables inside) should indeed be monitored. Other places like cafeteria and classrooms should basically because that would be a major breach of privacy. We can't simple film people without their consent. Even children.
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-07-2017
This is really a good idea. And for me it would also be better if there is also speaker installed that can be used from the monitor room to relay message if their is bad activity that is currently happening like bullying a student. And of course a security personnel that can respond immediately.
Posted by vhinz on 10-15-2017
IT will be a very good idea for cameras to be placed at strategic places to help monitor and capture pupils or student who do all such of evil like bullying their fellow ones or bringing knife or gun to school to harass or kill innocent ones , so the cameras will help to reduce or stop such acts.
Posted by babyright on 12-12-2017
This is a very practical proposal because the cctv is already a part of our lives. When something happens in an office or even in the street, the cctv recording is always consulted especially for major crimes. If schools will be monitored by cctv cameras then the students will somehow toe the line simply because they know that they are being watched by Big Brother, so to speak. And what more? Any incidents that will occur will be recorded so there will be proof in the event of investigations.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-25-2018
Definitely yes! Security cameras are critical for student safety and monitoring. They help identify offenders, as well as improve safety control in and out of school. I really do opt for the use of cameras at certain school sites. I think this is very valid these days.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-29-2018
A better choice is to have the cameras in most of the school premises for that is a good way to ensure that there is top security in most of the school areas. I've heard lot of ugly stories that when I want to argue on the need to have secret cameras in schools, I do so with my whole heart. There is no need to put the students under some form of dangers whatsoever.
Posted by Barida on 03-27-2018
I think that this is a wise decision. My nephew was bullied before and he suffered in silence for quite a long time. He started showing depressive behavior and my cousin took him to a psychologist. It is then that we came to know that he was being bullied at school. It took him more than 6 months to be normal again. The headmaster issued a warning to the bullies. Had there been a camera at my nephew's school we would have learned about that earlier on and this wouldn't have been the situation.
Posted by Pixie on 03-27-2018
This is a tricky one. I am the biggest proponent of cameras. I think that they provide alot of security especially if you are not home. The act as the biggest deterrent especially if you put up a sign that you have installed them. For children I think they still deserve their privacy and the chance to be children. We went through all the bad things that happen in school but we turned out just fine. I think we should let children be.
Posted by jaymish on 12-15-2018