Can World suffer another Economic recession like of 2008 ?

Can World suffer another Economic recession like of 2008 ?
The Great recession of 2008 occurred when the US was caught in a huge financial crisis due to a large number of reasons. It’s often said that when the US sneezes, the world catches a Cold.This was why the US recession hit other countries as well e.g Spain’s unemployment rate increased to 18% in 2009. Now Moody’s predict that same sort of recession might hit China in the next decade because they are following the footsteps of Japan in terms of economy. The Japanese economy was like a bubble which burst in 90’s.The Beijing’s economic practice consists of promoting targeted industries and too many exports.China’s debt is also increasing but most of it is domestic which makes it less frightening though. Do you believe that Chinese economy is also bubble prone???




I don't just think it's possible, I think it's probable. Maybe not right away, but I see the writing on the wall with all the automation. I think it will hit harder than outsourcing. If people don't have jobs, they don't have money to spend, which puts even more people out of jobs. The cycle continues.
Posted by Zyni on 09-21-2017

Yes, and many educated people also agree.

For the US, Ron Paul, the populist activist, is predicting stagflation which is a combo of low economic growth, high unemployment. and a government continuously printing money. Also, several notable American economists are predicting a huge collapse to come at any moment, mainly because they say stocks are overvalued at 80 percent. Anyway, I totally believe them.
Posted by jyy on 09-28-2017


I must say that the way leftists are spending their money. And how the generations are being raised. I can tell you that there is going to be recession. And people who are going to save money and have better jobs are going to survive. So it's reasonable for you to have such recession there as well. I can tell you that economic recession is going to come and go if the people have regular jobs. This time that is going to cause the recession for sure.
Posted by overcast on 09-16-2017

yes and there will be another recession!

There is going to be another major recession because everything in this world is way overpriced. And the economy is going to collapse under its own weight. Everything is getting smaller and smaller and the price keeps going up and pretty soon people are not going to take it anymore and there going to stop buying and when they do the economy is going to tank!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 10-08-2017

Definitely yes, if care is not taken

Nobody would have believed that what happened to world in 2008 was ever going to unfold and it really hit the world real hard. Had there being anyone given any heads up such might have happened, I completely doubt such person would take it seriously.

But it did happened and everyone in any part of the suffered for it and I don't see the reason why one would say it's not possible to happen again. In my opinion, the world was caught off guard and if we aren't carefully enough again, it's definitely going to hit us once more and I'm certain that it would be more aggressive then the previous one.

Posted by Heatman on 09-19-2017

Yes, it is possible.

History repeats itself. I think wealthier countries especially in the west are more prone to recession than 3rd world countries. Outsourcing is a major contributor. Most businesses in wealthier countries are being outsourced to 3rd world countries in order to save a lot of money. This practice in return causes mass number of people losing jobs. In addition, most businesses from wealthier countries prefer hiring migrants as most of them are willing to work with lesser pay than what the locals are getting.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 09-16-2017

Yes. The keywords here are "Productivity"

Let's consider from small to big picture.

Starting with small picture. Imagine a group of 10 people where 9 of them are very productive. The productive guys/girls have great ideas to create goods and services that benefits everyone. The problem is they don't have enough cash to start the business. They go to a bank. The bank approves the loan. Good businesses are created, productive guys/girls become more wealthy, the bank is happy because the loan plus interest have been paid back, everything is great.

The productive guys/girls are now looking to buy a house (or any other assets). Since they have a lot of cash from their businesses, the price of a house start going up. The one unproductive guy sees the opportunity and bought a house to later sell at a higher price. The price of the houses actually going up. Now more people do not want to be left out and jumping to this investment without being productive. Eventually, the house becomes too expensive, the investors and the bank start losing money. Everything is bad.

Now bigger picture. Instead of a group of 10 people, it is now the entire population of a country. How many of them do you think are productive? How many of them do you think will join the investment when they see such opportunity?

Now even bigger picture. Money is flowing across nations. People, companies or even a country can lend, loan and invest the money. Again, how many of them do you think are productive? How many of them will do the investment?

From the fact that the productivity is approximately linear and human nature to make such investment is unchanged, I think, "yes", the world will suffer another recession sooner or later. Banks and investors might becoming more careful with their loans and investments but I think the greed is still there.

Posted by nongnurix on 12-14-2018




No can know for sure but I don't think if there was a recession in China that it would affect other countries as much as it did with the United States. Maybe I'm wrong but I just can't see how it would affect other countries badly.
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-17-2017

I don't think so.

We all know that the financial situation of the world is not really good, but I don't believe that we will reach a kind of economic collapse of this magnetude. There are many problems behind this problem and - unfortunately - it won't end anytime soon.

I may be wrong, but thinking that way only makes things worse.

Posted by wiseagent on 09-15-2017

Chinese Economics is still resilient

I think the discussion about China receding into recession or economic hardship is triggered by the recent trade war between China and US. It is true the exports to US will drop and cause high unemployment in the Chinese economy, but the trade war has facilitated or helped to foster closer economic ties between China and other neighbouring countries in East or South East Asia.
Posted by cks003 on 10-26-2018


The great recession of 2008 was a big problem for my country and I cannot say that we have fully recovered. Yes, I think that at any time the world it may suffer another Economic recession. It just depends on the big guys and the economic rules. We are just small people who struggle to keep things doing great, but the big companies have their own goal and sometimes this affects the entire world.
Posted by wallet on 09-15-2017
Any economy is vulnerable to failure at some point or another. With China, I don't think they could collapse on a scale that would affect all of the world's economies. I am not saying the Chinese economy could not cause ripples because if it truly fell it would indeed be a problem. I am just saying China is a bit too big to fail. I guess a chain reaction of China failing is they would call up their owed debt from the US which would indeed cause a crash to the world's economy. China has income coming through from every corner and is well invested in a variety of industries so I doubt anything could really affect their economy.
Posted by AlexHarris on 09-15-2017
I am not an economist but I work in a bank so I am aware of the economic conditions and directions not only of our country but other countries too. Any country can be hit by recession due to factors beyond its control. What happened to the US in 2008 was unpredictable. I guess it is China's turn now. Should they prop up the Yuan by infusing money in circulation, it may cause severe inflation. Recession can hit China before the year ends so they should do something now.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-15-2017
Yes any country can be hit by that recession crisis if ever China will be hit by that crisis I know China is a advance in everything they already plan what to do to stop it and control the damage has been done economically as a half Chinese I heard that they have reserve many golds for a big crisis and I think they will use it to circulate the money again.
Posted by tophew on 09-15-2017
China has made some smart moves to ensure that it has a global stakehold and perhaps a safety net should it suffer from an inevitable economic ripple. Any country can face economic issues and at time this serves as an eye opener for the country to assess what really works in terms of resource factors and targeted developmental projects. With so many countries depending on China for one resource or the other it may probably be of international interest to make sure that China stays afloat irrespective of the fact that China is a threat to existing countries that are currently classified as super powers.
Posted by Joteque on 09-15-2017
I think that it is possible yes. The world economy is growing to uncheck and still, our natural resources are dwindling. It's only a matte of time before the end. And then it will either be WW3 or another mean of production will need to rise.
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-15-2017
I think the world is always suspectible to recession. It doesn't matter when it happens. It is always a potential problem. Economic circumstances make it unsettling worldwide so it is never impossible for a recession to happen. Although circumstances are looking very good at the moment at least in the US, the world economy may be something different.
Posted by kgord on 09-15-2017
China is the fastest growing economy in the world, China's economy began growing tremendously after 1990 when China adopted the capitalist economic model. However, the country is politically a Communist country. I believe China is heading towards bubble burst, and the Communist political system will be one of the reasons for China's collapse.
Posted by vinaya on 09-15-2017
The basis of your argument is a bit weak according to me. Vinaya, a country controlled by the Communist political system doesn't take orders from the outside powers. When there is a communist party ruling the government then you don't fear to launch missiles in the air. You do what is best for the country and never takes help from outside powers to solve the debt situation. North Korea doesn't fear the dominant power groups.Similarly China neither fear nor take a loan from IMF, which puts them above board and above power than countries with little debt from IMF as well.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-17-2017
Maybe you are right. I am no economist, even though I studied economy in college. However, my opinion is based on the fact that a giant country like USSR collapsed economically during the 1990s. China's growth is uneven. Some Chinese are the richest person in Asia, where as majority of Chinese survive in less than $2 a day.
Posted by vinaya on 10-08-2017
the world can still suffer another economic recession if the way the economies of the advanced countries like USA and China are not well controlled. if the chinese and the Americans manage their economies very well then it will take a long time for it to affect economies of other countries to fall in recession.
Posted by babyright on 09-15-2017
It's certainly possible. I think regulation in some industries will decrease the likelihood but there have been financial crises in the past and I'm sure there will be some in the future.
Posted by anna on 09-15-2017
I think in 2008 the recession was really bad. And it hurt many people. And the amount of the things that changed over the period of time. It makes you wonder if this is going to happen again. I am speculating that such things may appear again in 2020. So on that basis I'd say there is going to be recession in near future. You just have to watch out for the financial decisions taken by you and the govt you voted for.
Posted by overcast on 09-16-2017
I think the recession that hit the entire world 2008 is still lingering in my country.In fact, it has even become worst because in authorities are even becoming helpless on the way forward for my dear country.Everyone is stuck with low-paying jobs and sometimes no paying job at all and those that worked are not paid.This becomes a ready big problem.I hope that other countries would not experience this again and we get off this very fast.
Posted by lovely on 09-17-2017
I think the world economy revolves around a cycle. That is, we will always have good and bad times. So we will certainly have crises like 2008, but we will certainly have good times as well. This is all just a matter of waiting for the cycle.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-26-2017
Obviously, I don't see that happening considering the fact that people have learnt their lessons from that great recession of 2008 and are now more equipped with ways to control the repeat of such economic disaster. I am just being hopeful that we won't have such a situation in the world anytime soon.
Posted by Barida on 09-28-2017
Unfortunately it will, governments bail out banks after every disaster they cause, even if they are not the cause, how could a government save a private company from bankruptcy. To prevent another recession, government should stay away from economics.
Posted by joey98 on 10-02-2017
I think it can suffer another economic recession but hopefully it won't happen soon. So far every country is developing and I think the banks and countries understood what was the cause of recession and they can control the market better. It is really terrible though that the recession has slowed down the rate of development everywhere.
Posted by felabruno on 10-07-2017
War and economic chaos seem to be on the horizon. There doesn't seem to be a way around it. Note, people have been trying to stop it, but I just don't see how their solutions will change anything. I mean, eventually, people run out of options.
Posted by jyy on 10-11-2017
With the look of things, the world is still going to suffer more terrible economic recession than that of 2008. Internationally, the economy has been sliding back, not forward anymore. There is no place in the world now where people are not suffering economic depressions. It's like that everywhere in the world, though it's worse in some areas than others. There is just no single country of the world today where perfect economy is celebrated.
Posted by potentialwriter on 11-05-2017
I think most parts of the world can recover from any economic crash but some countries cannot. All in all, while functionally economic crashes can be recovered from - the population (people) will become more and more divided over who's to blame. Ultimately, this might be what leads to the destruction of a country in the future.
Posted by NickJ on 01-17-2018
A recession is inevitable. I don't agree that it will come from China. China's leadership directs it's economy it's not purely market driven and I believe they have tools to stop a recession if need be. In 2008 when the rest of the world was sneezing, they were predictions that it would sneeze too, but it didn't! A recession in my opinion will come from America again because of the choice to elect Donald Trump. What a mess!
Posted by jaymish on 01-28-2018
President Donald Trump recently made a step towards his promise of making America great again. I am not an expert when it comes to this kind of subject but we can pretty much say or imagine that this step might have something to do to trigger another global economic recession. China is second behind the US in terms of economy, China will definitely do something to defend their interest and could retaliate. This is something everybody must monitor.
Posted by gavinci13 on 03-24-2018
Anything is possible but people learn so i think if it comes, there are contingency plans ready to avoid further damage. The last recession was devastating and a lot of people and business was highly affected because there was no preventive measures, its like a surprise attack.
Posted by fishbate on 04-18-2018
gata montes
To be fair although no one - unless they were capable of seeing into the future - could say for sure - I think that its highly likely that we will experience another recession similar to the one of 2008 sometime in the future - simply because - not only have recessions of varying degrees been experienced throughout history - but they appear to be continually revolving too!
Posted by gata montes on 04-18-2018
Recession, inflation, depression and some other problems with economy will always be with us because globalization clearly affects the country’s economy. I have nothing against China but its huge economy seems to have an influence in the world’s economy. When China stops buying then the market freezes. When recession comes again we will have another difficult time and I hope we can survive like before.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-19-2018
It doesn't look like it now. In fact, even though I don't like Trump and the alt-right, I have to say the pro-business policies are working! OK, I could be wrong. I mean, the American 1920s were pretty prosperous also!

OK, if the US economy is good, so is the world usually.
Posted by jyy on 09-19-2018
Many investors have started to turn to other countries to avoid the trade war. The trade war has helped to foster close relationship between China and other neighbouring countries. Thus the argument that the current trade war will harm Chinese economy more than US, does not hold water.
Posted by cks003 on 10-26-2018