Can snacking really make you fat?

Can snacking really make you fat?
When it comes to food, our culture is more colorful than other nations. Take the issue of snacking, we have our midmorning snack that is between breakfast and lunch. Then we have the midafternoon snack and some people have 2 midafternoon snacks when they take a later dinner at 9pm. That’s not to count the midnight snack for tv addicts. Snacking is the primary reason why people here are getting overweight including the children. And for the usual snack foods, we have our native snack items made of root crops, banana, and glutinous rice. There’s also the Chinese influence of dimsum. But in this modern times, burgers and pizza and also pasta are part of our snacks. Maybe I can say that my favorite snack item is banana cue – the plantain banana that is fried with sugar and inserted with a stick. Eating 2 pieces would make me full as to miss my dinner. Do you think snacking can make you fat?


For me, Yes. because taking snacks is also eating and if your snacks are primarily those high in saturated fats and carbohydrates, there's a big chance really that you will become fat.
Posted by rage35 on 07-07-2017
We are on the same boat. The doctor said that my condition of being overweight is mainly brought about by my snacking. It is my habit to eat something when I am busy with my work in the office in the mid morning or mid afternoon. Maybe I have to cut down on my snacking and change that habit of eating because it really makes me lose control of my weight.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-31-2018
Bobby Cole
There is no doubt that "unchecked" snacking can not only add inches to the beltline but can lead to other health hazards. Food with sugar, high carbs, and starch for instance should only be consumed during those times when a high energy push is needed and even then they need to be highly monitored.

Everything depends upon a person's health goals when it comes to good dietary habits. As for myself, I consume about 6-8 meals a day, some of which might resemble a snack but are goal driven. Before training I will take in some major carbs just for fueling my body but afterward I stay away from them. The closer to bed I get the more I lean toward those foods high in a slower absorbing protein like casein rich cottage cheese.

The bottom line is that if a snack were treated and monitored as an actual small meal it need not be fattening nor affect other organs in a negative way. The problem is that most people do NOT really watch their dietary habits but instead eat on impulse whatever seems to ring the dinner bell for them.
Posted by Bobby Cole on 07-07-2017
It's all about the calories in, and the calories out. Although I would say that junk foods would make you feel fatigued when you eat too much of it, despite having calorie intake that is just as the same as your regular meals. A 500 calorie junk food would make you feel terrible compared to a proper meal of 500 calories. If you exceed more than your maintenance calories in a day, you will get fat. It's simple math really if you want to lose then eat less.
Posted by arachnophobik on 07-07-2017
It really depends on what kind of snacks you're having. Some people like to have fruits or vegetables as a snack and that's actually good for your health.

Although to be fair, I think snacking is fine as long as you don't overdo it. The whole purpose of snacking is to have something to temporarily satisfy you. It's not meant to be a meal and it shouldn't fill you up. Don't gorge yourself with snacks because that's not what they're for. Treat a snack like a snack and it won't make you fat or affect your health.
Posted by kataomoi on 07-07-2017
Can snacking make you fat? The answer is yes, but I don't think that root crops, banana, and glutinous rice make us fat, the snacks that make us fat are burgers, hot dogs, and pizza and also pasta will make us fat and I didn't count the sweets! It depends on what snack you choose to eat!
Posted by wallet on 07-07-2017
It can definitely make you fat. Snack are supposed to be small amount and light meals. But now, some people would eat rice for snack, or some would eat snacks almest every 5 minutes. Snack can give you calories as much as what you have in a full course meal. Making that habit to give you extra pounds at any given day
Posted by Neiltarquin on 07-07-2017
Hmmm... Yummy! But seriously a snacking habit can make you fat when the snacks you are consuming consist of high calories ingredients, i would like to have a taste of that your native snack made of crop roots, banana and glutinous rice, i think it will taste real good and it will have a very low calories which will not make me fat.
Posted by Propen on 07-07-2017
Usually after dinner, I do not take at snack but a cup of oat milk instead. My son usually have midnight snack when he is still awake after past midnight. This continues for a month. His weight had increased and he became constipated. It is best not to have midnight snack, the heavy snack. Light snack such as bread or oatmeal is alright. Heavy snack might not digest easily as our digestive system slow down after 10pm.
Posted by peachpurple on 07-07-2017
Of course, it can. At least that is the scenario where I am concerned. When I snack I don't take it in as food. I mean mentally. Then later I still sit down to a dinner or lunch. It is better for me to eat my three small meals per day then I don't snack. If I snack in between meals then I'm not normally very hungry come dinner time so food can go to waste. This means that I would still have my dinner so not to waste the food.

I have overcome it by having a packet of crisps with my lunch as munching crisps makes me feel as though I'm snacking.
Posted by JMS on 07-07-2017
Yes, but so can overeating at meals. It is not so much when you are eating but what you are eating. Anytime you are eating more calories than your body needs you are subject to weight gain. It doesn't matter when you are eating the calories really...but if you are eating late at night and not burning them off they could lead to fat gain.
Posted by kgord on 07-07-2017
I feel that snacks are the culprit why most people put on weight. If one were to try to reduce snacks for every little craving he gets between meals, the caloric intake per day would go down dramatically and so will the need to burn those calories (which in many cases are not burned due to lack of exercise and so weight is increased).
Posted by sspi on 07-07-2017
Wow. Wish my country and our culture is the same as yours. :D Anyhow, I think it really does. But it also depends. Some people might call it a snack when in fact it's a meal if they haven't eaten one. In our country, we eat snacks but the content is like meal, but yeah we call it snacks because of the time of the day which we are eating it.
Posted by galegatling on 07-07-2017
Yes snacking and munching is not good and especially if we do not make the right choices of a snack. It can cause weight gain and addiction of eating those snacks repeatedly.
Posted by simplym on 07-07-2017
Yeah. Snacking can make you fat except fruits. You have to take fruit for avoiding fat. Its another person habit also to take some small food like bread or apple or orange or any other fruit. I take snack regular before mid lunch and getting fat day by day. 8 months ago I was 59 kg weight and now I am 84kg+. Getting fat day by day because I take snack huge times on the day.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 07-07-2017
Whether snacking contributes to an unhealthy BMI or not is all dependent on the types of foods you eat and the amounts. Many people have said it before; if you take in fewer calories than you're expending you will lose weight. And there is a "layer" of truth to this. But nutritional science is putting specific numbers onto phenomena that many of us have experienced first hand in that the type of food you eat matters a lot.

I have personally struggled with weight loss in my life and it took an awful lot of trial and error for me to reach my target weight. One thing I discovered was that while I could lose weight by eating a diet of 1800 calories a day that was loaded with highly processed simple carbohydrates, when I replaced those simple carbs with complex carbs that were heavy on whole grains, I could eat more calories but lose more weight! This flew right in the face of the calories in vs calories out argument. Sugar, and in particular fructose, is of special note, as well. Without getting technical, on the cellular level there are mechanisms which essentially put your body into a fat-storage mode when you have a diet high in fructose. Before any of you put down that piece of fruit, though, I'm going to muddy the waters a bit by pointing out that this seems to be a thing that happens with foods that are fortified artificially with fructose and not actual fruit. The fructose in your apple comes paired with a pretty high dose of fiber which inhibits the absorption of fructose in the intestines and is not linked to cellulite gains in people with healthy metabolisms.

The reason that is important is because that people have become culturally aware of how their snacking impacts their waist lines. Their solution to this problem has been to flood the market with lowfat meals and snacks. But the problem is that food without fat just tends to taste terrible. So what do companies do to fix this problem, since you obviously cannot sell food that no one likes? They pump it full of sugar, and specifically fructose. Our low fat snacking is actually sabotaging our efforts! It would be better to take in a few extra calories up front in the form of fats, and healthy mono-unsaturated fats would be better, than it is to eat calorie restricted snacks that also contain a heaping helping of sugar.

So, ultimately it's not snacking itself that is the problem more so than what we reach for when the urge hits.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-07-2017
Yes, I think so. Snacking will always give you extra calories, which will ultimately depost as fat cells in your body. Recently, a friend of mine posted on facebook about his dieting plan. he wrote: I avoided snacking for a month and lost 4 pounds. I just eat normal diet and did not do any workout, however, just by avoiding snacks, I was able to cut my weight.
Posted by vinaya on 07-07-2017
Snacking is very bad and do make us fat. I used to miss breakfast previously as a result of which I was snacking at regular intervals during the day. However, I started a diet a few months back and I try my best not to skip breakfast. I found out that having breakfast actually prevents me from snacking and this has helped me to lose some weight too. The snacks that I used to consume were in no way healthy.
Posted by Pixie on 07-07-2017
Snacking makes you fat if you eat more calories during the day than you should. As simple as that. If your snacks are small and they fit into your calorie limit, then it's okay. But if you eat over your limit you will get fatter. Also, the primary sources of calories should be the meals, not snacks and that's what people should be used to.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-07-2017
Depending on the type of snacks and the amount that is consumed regularly, I think it's perfectly possible to gain a few extra pounds and get fat. It's obvious that this is not going to happen so fast, but it would only be a matter of time before you change the number of your clothes, haha!
Posted by WildSpirit on 07-07-2017
You are right, we Filipinos are fond of snacks. As of me, I only have the mid afternoon snack, because in the morning during snacktime, i have my early lunch instead. My breakfast that's why is just bread and coffee. But nonetheless, I am able to save money for snacks, since at lunchtime at theoffice, I nap instead since I have eaten early lunch already. I think if snacks are heavy like burgers , pizzas and sodas one would really get fat. However, if they will not eat much for dinner and with no more rice, but just a fruit, they will not get fat. I am doing that and so far, i don't get fat. Though, I have a bit of a tummy from sitting in fron of the computer in the office, on weekdays.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-08-2017
The wrong kind of snacking can make you fat, such as eating cakes and sweet items versus nuts and healthier snacks. Snacking in between meals is frowned upon, but maybe necessary if you are out and haven't got time to eat. The dangerous snacking is when it's out of boredom and in front of the television because often you don't know how much you are eating for the sake of it. I try to keep snacks out of reach so I don't get tempted, and sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.
Posted by Alexa on 07-08-2017
I think the amount of calories burned and amount of calories intake affect a lot. People gain weight due to they eating more calorie and burning less. So it gets into that mode and makes it harder for your health to be on track. I can tell you that some of the time you have to push yourself harder for health to get it done. Snacking is known go get some calories so one has to be very careful while burning them.
Posted by overcast on 07-08-2017
Snacking can and will definitely make your fat unless you are eating really, really small portions, are extremely active or have a great metabolism.

My best friend gained so much weight just from snacking. She literally got obsessed with these salty snacks. She would always watch the television and snack on chips or similar things. Before she realized she gained like 5 kilos. Luckily for her though, she stopped when she saw what happened and she lost it all through exercise.

I very rarely snack. I know that it is not bad for you or your health so I try to avoid it... But of course, we all have our days where we just have to eat a snack or two.
Posted by Mehano on 07-08-2017
I think that snacking is one of the reasons people can become fat without noticing it. Many people eat snacks mindlessly and continuously throughout the day so they don't really notice just how much they are eating. Although a single snack might not be that many calories, if you eat several snacks throughout the day, it will add up to a lot in the end. Although I say this, I too am guilty of sometimes mindlessly eating snacks while watching a movie, working, etc. However, that doesn't mean that all snacking is bad because if you choose your snacks wisely and are able to control the portion sizes, then I think snacking is completely fine. In fact, it could help people lose weight if they eat healthy, filling snacks in between meals (such as fruits) so that they do not need to eat such big portions during meal times.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-08-2017
I don't agree entirely with the poster. I don't think it is snacking that is making the population obese, but rather the type of snack choices we are making as well as, the snack choices that are popular and widely available. If I were to consume snack of potato chips, cookies and soda of course I'm going to gain weight with all those extra calories, but if I were to choose healthy options like raw veggies, low fat rice cakes. and some fruit, it would probably be a different story.
Posted by Lizzyib on 07-08-2017
Eating a lot of snacks can make you fat if much of it is taken daily. Most of these snacks contain a lot of sugary ingredients. So, with the high level of cholesterol in those ingredients, there is a good tendency for anyone who takes snacks to become excessively fat. It's better and healthier taking fresh vegetables instead.
Posted by pioneerauthor on 07-10-2017
Americans are trying to be more health conscious than we were 40 or 50 years ago. Whereas a parent might give a child a bag of salty chips and a soda as a snack back in my day, these days many people think of healthy substitutes like carrots and fruit-infused water. Not all snacks contribute to weight gain. We were taught to eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between and a light snack before going to bed. Supposedly this was a proper diet and nutritious. But everybody has their own appetite. Me? I thought it was too much food to consume and didn't really like eating a lot of snacks.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-14-2017
Snacking will definitely sneak up on you. You might think you are just nibbling, but, at the end of the day, you have been grazing like a cow and suddenly you put on five pounds. There are many healthy snacks to eat, but when people snack, they tend to have cravings for salt and sugar, and these two elements bloat and fatten you. Be careful--snacking can kill you if you are not careful. It is a gradual poison to your health.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-16-2017
It all depends on the snack. Personally, I am a snacker myself but I don't gain weight. First, because I exercise every day and second because my metabolism is very accelerated. That said I always look for healthy snacks, like peanuts and healthy stuff full of protein.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-16-2017
I cannot really say that taking snacks can make someone fat considering that there are different types of the body and the types of the bodies make them react to different types of situations. However, there are persons that taking lots of snacks can make fat considering that their body burn less of fats and those ones are one that really needs to reduce hands in taking snacks, especially at night.
Posted by Barida on 09-27-2017
I do think this as a yes because, during snack time, I do eat much than just eating a regular meal. Snack is a junk food that can really make you fat and doesn't have all the complete nourishment that your body needs. Most of them are just sweets, carbohydrates and fats that can easily make you fat. But there are some snacks that are healthy for our body but most of us prefer to eat the snack that we want and those are junk foods.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-14-2017
I believe so because I have read about this, and I'm convinced it does makes us fat especially if our idea of snacks is fast food or junks that has so many calories in it.What makes one fast simply is when what we take in outweigh what we releases.One takes in 3500 calories a day and give out only a thousand of it in form of energy then the rest are stored, same circle occurs every day,one is bound to be fat with all those stored energies.
Posted by lovely on 12-07-2017
Is not only about snacking, but what you have for snack. Usually, we tend to eat chips, candy, sodas, and those are full of calories, fat, and chemicals. Instead, we should eat healthy snacks like yogurt, fruits, nuts, and veggie sticks. We also should have a regular schedule for meals and snacks, if we keep eating at any time and moment, then our metabolism doesn't get a proper order, and obviously we will gain weight.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-10-2017
Of course yes smacking would literally get one fat. Over here we call it depending on junk food and it has a very power in getting one all stuffed up and fatten from the excessive dependence on them. I had an experience when I was a banker, as we depend mostly on snacks and constantly being in one place for hours on daily basis. This is not a good feeding habit, I would encourage anyone who is into it to stop it.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-18-2018
Too much eating and depending on snacks can definitely make someone fat. I have seen several people who got so fat because of excessive eating of snacks, my colleague suffered this problem and now he is going to the gym on daily basis to control his body fat. It's better to eat good food and not depend on snacks because it's a healthier way to live.
Posted by Emmaz on 03-11-2018
I think everything in moderation can make something okay to do, even though it may ultimately be technically considered bad for you. In this case, I think if you snack too much it can make you fat but I have also seen many people be able to maintain their weight even though they routinely snack in the middle of meals daily. I am guessing that as long as you eat within your recommended allocation of daily calories then the act of snacking itself is really not all that of a risk in terms of making you fat.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-02-2018