Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?
I've heard it said that most people when asked to keep a secret will usually tell at least one person and there are those who promise to keep it and then tell as many people as possible. I must admit I usually tell my partner because he is better than me at keeping them and I know he won't tell anyone at all.

Have you ever really kept a secret without telling anyone at all or do you normally tell someone like your nearest and dearest or maybe a best friend?


If honest, I tend to keep secrets been told to me cos I don't like deceiving people, most people, when they tell you a secret, it's because they confide in you and think they can tell you about their deepest thoughts, so I try to keep secrets in order not to disappoint them. Although there are many situations when I will want to feel like telling someone, I just try to control myself. If it's about me telling people MY secrets, I do but only to the very close ones
Posted by toshina on 06-17-2017
I keep secrets for many people because it's about trust. People expect trust and if they have confided in you then you must honor that trust. Now if it is a harmful secret then I will use my discretion if I feel it needs to be revealed for the right reasons.

On a personal level, I don't confide in many people because I do feel secrets are something no one should know.
Posted by Alexa on 06-17-2017
That is a nice point. If it's something that might need to be shared, I would share it. If my friend told me he is a big drug addict but wanted me to stay quiet about it, I don't think I would. If he was my friend, I would probably warn his family or somebody who is close to him. He might think bad of you at that moment, but one day he might be thankful you did what you did.
Posted by Makefort on 06-17-2017
You are right that keeping secrets is about trust and not just friendship. I have several close friends in high school who had entrusted me with their secrets that until now I haven’t told anyone about it except for my husband because my husband doesn’t know them anyway. I also have secrets that I had told my close friends and I am hoping that they will keep that secret to themselves.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-06-2018
Honestly, I can't always keep a secret. For example, if the secret involves the death of someone or holds somewhat of a huge weight on my shoulder I would end up spilling the beans very easily. Now if the secret is something not that troublesome to me or other people then I would mind not saying a thing. However, in the end, I will still make sure that I am doing the right thing and at least try to persuade the person telling me to keep the secret to confess without offending them.
Posted by AWPEK on 06-17-2017
It depends on the secret. Will this secret hurt my friend? In what respect will it hurt her? Will she find out eventually? Is it about work? All these questions must be evaluated before I could commit to a strong yes or no. I would like to say that I definitely would keep the secret but that is simply not totally true!
Posted by workingwoman2017 on 06-17-2017
Ok fine! You got it out of me. I can't keep a secret. The thing is, people know this about me. So I think people use the strategy of telling me something if they actually want it to be known and they don't want to go about telling people. There can be shame in some secrets, and while people have a hard time telling it, they sometimes find it easier to just tell one person who will be the voice for them.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-17-2017
If you can't keep a secret, you can't be trusted. If you disclose that secret to someone else, I think you're obliged to let the person know that you told somebody else.

That's what most people DON'T DO. They might tell someone else. But they never go back to the person and let them know that their secret is now known by another party whom they may or may not know.

If you have a secret you should probably just keep it to yourself. Just saying.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-17-2017
Yes, I can keep a secret. If someone tells me a secret, that means the person telling me has a lot of trust in me. The only exception is if the person's secret can possibly harm someone, then I would tell the secret. Most of the time when people tell me secrets I would forget about them quickly, especially if it doesn't involve me.
Posted by Jimmy38 on 06-17-2017
It depends. If the secret is mine, I can keep the secret, if the secret belongs to someone else I can hardly keep the secret. For example, if I have committed some wrongs, I will never reveal to another person. However. if someone shares me his secret I will share with other person and tell him not to reveal it.
Posted by vinaya on 06-17-2017
Under lock and key, my big fear is that I'm the one that let the car out of the bag. One way to keep people honest is to tell multiple people and make sure the others know that they know the secret. Fear of being the one to slip up is real and that's a major motivator for me, plus you're kind of a weak person if you can't just keep your mouth shut.
Posted by kooch on 06-17-2017
If someone has told me that it is a secret, then I will not reveal it. However, most people do not reveal that the gossips or discussions are secrets until another person knows about it. By that time it would be too late to explain. I can keep a secret if I intend to. It depends on whether the topic is important or just a casual talk. Important matters that are related to relationship, financial or trust should be kept a secret. Otherwise, if you let the cat out of the bag, nobody is willing to tell you any secrets again. My sister-in-law is good at leaking secrets. Everyone in the family knows that she cannot keep any secrets at all. Nothing is safe with her.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-17-2017
I will not reveal the secret if someone told me not to, not even to my husband, unless I ask for permission. My husband can keep secrets very well, and my friends who told me "secret" usually trust him as well, so they are fine with me telling it to my husband.

There was once I told my good friend something, but asked her not to tell others and she did, and still thought it's okay for her to tell, I do not simply tell others about my "secrets", as I learned once secret is told to someone else, it's not a secret anymore. But there are still things that we would like to tell someone else but just not everyone else know.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-17-2017
Personally, I can barely keep a secret. Usually, I can only hold a secret if it’s an extremely small secret or I just forget about it. If it’s something interesting and someone asks a question related to the secret, I have to spill the beans as there’s no point having just myself having the secret. But if it goes to the next level where it’s something extremely bad or important, I have no decision but to hold the secret.
Posted by timstargraal on 06-17-2017
It depends on the secret. I sometimes reveal it, but I sometimes keep the secret it.
Posted by simplym on 06-17-2017
Jonathan Solomon
It depends on what type of secret. If it's minor gossip that a friend tells me. Sure no problem. If I catch someone doing something that needs to be addressed but they ask me to keep secret, it's harder. Usually, if that person is doing something bad or lying to their family or significant other I try not to get involved, to begin with. Because usually when it's revealed, people who were in on the secret normally get caught up as well. Which ultimately just leads to more chaos and more drama
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-18-2017
Honestly, it is hard to keep a secret but if someone would tell me a secret, I would make it sure that no one will ever know it. A secret is a secret so it should not be made public no matter what, no matter how hard it is. I can say that I can keep a secret because I don't want someone to get mad or upset because I've told his or her secret.
Posted by rage35 on 06-18-2017
EJ Burg
Well yes I have kept secrets without telling anyone and have also shared secrets with someone I may trust a lot. I think to be able to keep secrets are not necessarily a good trate and have found that those who can't really keep secrets to themselves are sometimes more honest people and would rather share a secret if asked rather than lie.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-18-2017
This reminds me of my high school days. I studied in an exclusive school for girls so you can imagine the closeness of the students. I had so many bosom friends who would tell me their secrets in love and life. And I am proud to say that I have kept all those secrets that my friends have entrusted on me. My policy in that aspect of keeping secrets is the benefit that I get when I reveal it to other people. Nothing. And since I get nothing so I get hold of the trust of my friends.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-18-2017
I've always felt like I'm the type of guy who can keep secrets. But eventually I figured I might not be what I think I am at all, because there are times where I will tell secrets that other people have kept with me, to people that I know I can trust. There are secrets that I've kept for so long and I know no one else would ever know about, but if I based everything in ratio, I'd say I'm not a trustworthy person at all.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-18-2017
Well, it depends on what sort of a secret it is. If it's something that would conflict with my moral beliefs then I would tell others about it (for example - criminal activities and such). If it was a normal secret that everybody has then I don't have any problems keeping it to myself.

I like knowing that people trust me enough to even tell them their secrets. It js a sign of a respect for sure. My friends often share their secrets with me and I have never spilled the beans before. I think I am pretty trustworthy or at least I hope so, haha.
Posted by Mehano on 06-18-2017
I am known to have my lips sealed and so many pour their woes which they need to do to get it off their chest It would be a crime if what is told in secrecy is leaked out. But once that person is caught no one will tell them anything I may even break up with someone and even then their secrets will remain safe with me. I am proud of myself that I am of that calibre.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-18-2017
Hello Have a wonderful day.

When any one request to keep it secret than its my religion to keep the matter secret. If I publish the secrecy than it is the breakdown of the promise where religion will not forgive if I break the promise willingly.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 06-18-2017
I'm very good at keeping secrets. People trust me a lot because they can easily confide in me. I feel that if a person has shown trust on me and has shared something personal it is my duty to advice and guide him but never share their problems with my peers.

I believe that relationships is all about trust and a trust once broken can never be repaired. If I publicize someone's secret then I will be completely shattering his trust on me.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-18-2017
I think I can. But that depends on who told me something and what's it about.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-18-2017
I am very good at keeping secrets. If somebody tells me something in confidence then I would never deceive them or betray them by telling the secret to others. I would never want it to come back to the person knowing that it came from me.

I expect the same from others. I only share secrets with people that I know I can trust. If somebody went around behind my back and told my secret to another I would never share another secret with them.

It all comes down to trust. If you can't trust somebody then why tell them something you don't want others to know.
Posted by Sue on 06-18-2017
For me to keep the secret it depends on the secret. On average I don't usually tell because I'm not into gossip and I would probably forget what the secret was myself since I'm a clutz like that. If it is a matter of life and death for any other parties besides the ones hearing the secret I'd at least give the fatal concerned party a warning. If not then I don't really pay the subject any mind unless brought up by the person who entrusted me with the secret in the first place. TL: DR; I can keep a secret.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-18-2017
Yes, I can keep a lot of secrets within myself till any length of time. The ability to keep secrets requires some degree of maturity. I always accept that someone who is not mature enough can never keep secrets. If a friend keeps a piece of information so confidential with such a person, he won't be able to keep it confidential due to lack of maturity.
Posted by pioneerauthor on 06-18-2017
I can't keep a secret. I will tell it to someone else eventually but I'm making sure that the one I'm going to spill the story to, is not involve, didn't know the people involve and will never get a chance to meet them...
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-18-2017
If You have a secret, I am the right person to tell. I am no a talkative person, but I am a very good listener.I don`t praise myself, but in terms of secrets, I am very reliable. Be confident, Your secrets are safe behind shut doors of my mind.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 06-18-2017
I'm the person that can keep a secret, if you ask me to keep a secret for you, you can trust me that I won't tell anyone about it even if they force me to, I'll take your secret to my grave.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-19-2017
It would honestly depend on the secret, as sometimes one must put their morals in question when it comes to holding certain secrets, but for the most part I've never let a secret loose that someone trusted me with. To trust someone enough and tell them something that no one else in the world might know is something each person must deeply respect. However, if this is a secret which may result in the harm of this person or other people, I feel it is ones moral obligation to not hold on to it and do whatever is possible to prevent said harm.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-19-2017
Yes, I am good at keeping a secret. I love creating surprises for people, and I can be trusted with someone's personal information. I am not extremely talkative in general, so it's easy for me to keep to myself and keep my mouth shut! My mother-in-law, however, is the absolute worst at keeping a secret! She has spilled the beans with me on multiple occasions.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 06-19-2017
I can't keep a secret so is best not to tell me anything. I don't like secrets anyway. It literally burns me to hold things inside but I'm getting better. Before, I would tell someone else immediately but lately I've been waiting a lot longer to spill the beans. Either way, It'll come out. My sister always has these random things going on in her life that she wants me to shush about. I always end up telling my mom first. lol.
Posted by working3 on 06-20-2017
I consider myself an honest person and I certainly know how to keep it a secret. However, the secret should not compromise the life of another person in any way. In this case, I am required to reveal the secret to avoid problems.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-20-2017
I don't think you should promise to keep a secret if you intend to tell someone else about it. When I promise not to repeat something, I keep my word. It's lying not to do so.

I wouldn't want someone to share things I told them in confidence, so yeah, I don't want to do that to anyone else either. It's a betrayal.
Posted by Zyni on 06-20-2017
I am probably not the most trustworthy when it comes to secrets. I have been known to blab, but it really depends on the secret and how much I knew the person wanted to keep it secret. I told a secret once a few years ago..but to be honest I really wasn't told to keep it secret exactly, so I think I didn't do anything that bad. I think some people thought that I did however.
Posted by kgord on 06-21-2017
I do can keep secrets, I consider myself a very closed but trustworhy person, I have never revealed anything that my friends have told me.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-27-2017
I can actually. It is one of the factors that determines yourself if you can be trusted. I have a lot of secrets hidden mostly from my friends and family or relatives. As long as those secrets don't have an effect or consequences that will be harmful on the near future, I can always keep them.
Posted by galegatling on 07-13-2017
Of course I can keep a secret, I think that we all have to do it sometimes, and it is very important to make a relationship stay together. I believe that it depends on our values ??to be able to respect the trust of the people close to us. I know that some secrets are not good and should be revealed, but it depends on the case, for example, a pregnancy, it is practically impossible to hide it.
Posted by luispas on 07-30-2017
I've learnt, with time, that sometimes is much better to keep someone's secret instead of spilling the beans.

I was raised under the law that 'honesty it's always better', but that's not the case, and that's something we learn while growing up. There are some secrets that is better to keep, for the sake of the person confiding them to you, and it's important to learn how to distinguish between situations where honesty is key and/or occasions where discretion is needed.
Posted by VintageRose on 08-06-2017
If it's something very serious and I am specifically asked to not tell anyone then I will definitely keep it and not tell anyone anything. If someone doesn't specify that then I usually share it with my partner as I like to share everything with them and I don't consider it rude or weird - my partner is like a part of me so no wonder I tell them so much.
Posted by felabruno on 08-26-2017
I can keep a secret for as long as I can and also if that secret really has a valid reason to keep it. You should be honored that someone trusted you to keep their secret because there are people who need someone who can talk to and to share their secrets so they will feel relive for keeping it for so long and not sharing to other people. But of course, no secrets can be kept forever. XD
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-26-2017
Keeping a secret isn't easy especially if it has to do with the other person that is in danger unless it just a kind of gossip secret that nobody is in danger then I can keep it for a decade but I really like to keep my secret to myself because people would always disappoint but I can still secret anyways.
Posted by lovely on 01-02-2018
I'm very good at it. This is why a lot of my friends like to confide in me when they have something that is bothering them and they need to let it out but they don't want the whole world to know. At times it feels like a burden because not all of these types of stories and news really interest me all that much and sometimes I have to put up with some boring stories but I admittedly am a very gossipy type person at heart so I like hearing some of the more juicy secrets so I don't really complain because those make it worth it for me to sit through all the other boring ones.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-07-2018
Yes I can keep a secret and carry it to my grave. At this very moment I have lots of people who confide in me with their secrets and things that bother them and by God's grace, I haven't let anyone down by spilling their secret and breaking their trust. If I die today, a lot of secrets is going to the grave with me.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-18-2018
I’ve kept a secret a secret for years actually. I never told anyone. They found out eventually. Honestly secrets eat you up alive. It hard keeping secrets. I fell relieved after the found it out. It better actually another person to vent out and not keep it yourself. Actually it is even better not keeping any secrets.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-03-2018
Well yes, I can keep a secret with me for all my life if it is required. I usually do think a lot before committing or promising someone of keeping his secret. If keeping a secret is essential and not harming anyone then I will always keep a secret. However, if the secret has the potential of harming someone then I will not keep that secret.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-12-2018
I recognise many stuff about many people. I do not inform matters that people entrust to me. i'm a sincere buddy. People tell me things. It happens. Frequently. I do not, and might not , reveal a person’s private information except it posed a threat to a person else’s life or immediate well-being.
Posted by jetselle on 11-20-2018
In my interaction with people, I have been priviledged to have many people relate personal issues with me, and even personal secrets. They see me as someone who cares, as someone who could help if he's able; and I also want to think that another reason is because they think they can confide in me to keep their secrets. On my part, I'm quite good in keeping secrets, even if a secret someone relate will me requires me advicing the individual, and I see I need to seek a higher advice; I don't go on to tell the person with the higher vantage the other persons secret explicitly. Instead, I paint pictures and go hypothetical.

But I've failed few people few time, but there's never been any too big to cause a major chaos in relationships
Posted by mosesoscar on 12-01-2018
Secrets that are damaging and will do harm if being told to other people must be kept a secret at all cost. Being entrusted with sensitive information gives you the responsibilty that is very crucial to preserve its secrecy. It is sign that you are being trusted that your judgment as a person is of excellent status. However, there are many cases that even the secret you will harm to the people concern. That it will in the long run will serve them good if they have been told as early on.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 12-15-2018