Chinese Goods / Products are Substandard

Chinese Goods / Products are Substandard
The Philippines is being flooded by Chinese manufactured products and most are substandard that only lasts a few days or weeks. People buy it because it has popular brands, people know that it's only a duplicate or a copy and it's fake but what could you expect? Masses can't afford high-end brands that's why buying a fake one satisfies them. Only to get a headache after a few days because it's broken. I can't understand why governments are having a hard time banning fake Chinese products.

Now it's getting alarming, China is making fake food like fake rice and fake eggs.



Indeed, there are lots of fake chinese products

Indeed, a lot of people can't afford to buy real luxury products so they buy a fake one to show off. For example, fake luxury branded handbags that look exactly the same as the real one. No one will know unless others thoroughly examine the handbag so they can show off to their friends and colleagues.

Things gets dangerous when Chinese producers produce fake food. Maybe not much harm can be done from fake handbags but if people eat fake food, they can get food poisoning or even worse consequences. For food, its always important to buy from a large supermarkets or shops to ensure the products aren't fake.

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